It Was Time

I can’t believe it’s almost December!


I got to sleep in this morning but then had to drag myself out for a run. I was 10.8km short of 100km for the month and figured I could do a ten k. At 2.5km I seriously thought about turning around and just calling it a day at 5km, but I had set it up that I was doing 8 and 1s today since my brain wasn’t in it. It really seemed to help today to only have to think about doing 8 minutes because the next thing i knew I was at 10.22km. I still won’t quite hit 100km for the month, but I’m happy enough with 99.4.


I’ve had my rice cake with Pb & j, a piece of lemon cheesecake and 2/3 of a veggie wrap.

I had a coupon for a free piece of cheesecake from Green Mustache. I tried to go on Thursday night but they only had turmeric ginger cheesecake- not what I wanted! Today I did get a veggie wrap and lemon cheesecake, but it was painful trying to purchase it and they told me my gift card had no money on it. Grrrr!


When I first got my smartphone I planned to use it as my running watch. This plan hasn’t quite gone as planned as sometimes it’s annoying to have to carry a phone when I don’t have pockets, or like today, my phone starts acting weird and the tracking ends early:( (did it really happen if it’s not recorded???)

So I did some research yesterday as my SIL loves her Fitbit Versa, but after reading that they weren’t always accurate for runs, I decided to go for a sports watch as my primary reason for having it was to track runs. I saw the running watches were on sale at my local Runner’s Den so I went looking after my run. I ended up with a Garmin Forerunner 35 as it’s the smallest sports watch they offer. What is even better is that with the two gift cards I got last year form my class, I got it for free:) I actually even have $8 leftover:). I just hope it works well!


I am working on the run if my mommy daughter hat and am so close to being done. It should happen tonight! It’s been a much easier knit since I got to move to knitting in the round.


I met up with our secretary today to see the movie, Last Christmas. This movie so didn’t go how I was expecting! I can’t say much as it would give way too many spoilers, but it didn’t go as I planned. It was a nice movie I would recommend, but it won’t make it into my top ten rom coms. I did like this line from it though:

“Take good care of my heart It was meant to be yours somehow”

I also watched some Hallmark movies today. I haven’t let myself start the Christmas movies so yesterday day I watched From Friend to Fiancé . It was cute and I liked how no one got hurt in the movie. I thought it was going to follow the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but I actually like how this one ends better!

Today I watched Love Under the Rainbow which was also satisfying. I really want that teacher’s class though!


I finally finished Neanderthal Marries Human by Penny Reid. This book took me a long time to get through! I really want to read book five in this series, but I think I might break my own rule and just read that one.

Well I wish I was staying up later, but that is just not happening.

Have fun!