Busy Little B

Wow, what a day!


My brother stayed the night at my place (Well from 3:30am on) since he was in town for his twenty year reunion. I had been worried u wouldn’t get my crunch run in, but I figured I’d be able to when he got in so late:) I had a worse time which bugged me until I realized I stopped for traffic at one of the road crossings and I tried going up the hill beside the stairs.  At least I did it, especially since it turned out to be my only exercise today:(


I was a super duper nice sister and stopped at Starbucks for black coffee and a greasy egg, bacon and cheese on croissant sandwich for my brother on the way home. I don’t think I’ve ever bought this much at Starbucks at one time before!! It was nice to get to visit with him a bit before the day got busy. I enjoyed my tea and cinnamon bun during this time:)

The rest of the day I spent with my mom which was a lovely treat! I actually just got home now and we’ve been gone since 10am this morning. I think I’ll do this on list form.

1) Fabricland for fabric and batting to make the mug rests which will be my friend gifts this Christmas.

2) Lee Valley- for a look, got a new locksac for my phone as we’re coming into the rainy season and a mini liquid measure

3) Gilnetter Pub- shared a super yummy seafood clubhouse sandwich and fries, still ate too much!

4) Home Depot- had no lighting fixtures I liked for my kitchen and the woman told me I couldn’t use dimmavle LED light bulbs in a non dimmer fixture. Need to go home and investigate. I’ve been waiting for my mom to come home as I have six light bulbs burned out in my kitchen, but I can’t reach them even on a ladder:( One of the prices my mom pays for wanting a petite daughter🤣

5) Costco – for flowers for my Grandma’s celebration of life tomorrow and a shrimp salad- didn’t find either:(

6) My brother’s house to see him and his wife and son. I’m having Gus withdrawal. I got a cool globe light for my classroom at his neighbour’s garage sale. My ten year old nephew Gus bought it for me as I had no change. He’s getting so grown up. I’ll have to make sure to pay him back:)

7) Port Moody Flowers- finally found right beautiful flowers for tomorrow. The woman was extremely helpful!

8) Runner’s Den- picked up the running shoes that I had ordered and then forgotten about. It will be great to have new shoes, but I think I’ll wait until October 1st to break them out.

9) Mom’s apartment to drop off flowers

10) My apartment for tea and to have a look at lighting fixture and my broken kitchen shelf. Also helped me move furniture around. I put my desk in my kitchen so I could see what it’s like to have a counter at the end of my kitchen as I’m thinking of putting an island there. It puts my table and chairs in my brighter living room which may be nice for eating my breakfast! (Also unfortunately puts more stores “junk” in my spare room:()

11)Rona for light bulbs and shelf pins- got some light bulbs but not the LEDs still:(

12) Samz Neighbourhood Pub in Port Coquitlam for dinner. Shared a seafood sandwich- my mom ate the fries and I ate half the sandwich. We weren’t impressed:(. I was all ready to eat very little today and start the crackdown so I’ll lose these four pounds, but I don’t think my eating today is going to help with that goal at all:(

13) Matteo’s Gelato- I swear it was my mom’s idea! I had the dairy free chocolate hazelnut and the vegan salted caramel which we’re both wonderful!

14) Home Depot- to buy the dimmable LED light bulbs because just as I suspected, it will be fine to use them!

15) My house to replace light bulbs and pick up my mom’s phone and glasses which she forgot on my coffee table. It’s definitely time to start deciding on new kitchen lighting. The bulbs were difficult to replace, grrr!

16) My mom’s apartment to drop her off.

17) Home again and into bed! My eyes do not want to stay open anymore as 6:15 was a very long time ago!

It was a super busy day, but also wonderful as I got to spend it with my mom. We never do anything very exciting, but always manage to have a good time no matter what. I guess good company is just like that:)

Have fun!