Run To Rapid City Update #4

Exercise Update for the Month:

I ran a total of 21 times in June for a total of 107.23km. I am slightly disappointed in this total, but as my mom reminded me, June was quite the month for me at work, so I guess I should be happy I got the 107km in. I also worked out on 17 days, and rode my bike once. Hopefully everything will increase during the summer!


So at the start of the year I was having a very difficult time motivating myself to get out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had done a pace goal two years ago and had done a mileage goal last year and just really didn’t know what to do this year. That’s when the amazing and wonderful Kathy of Sewing,etc on WordPress offered an awesome suggestion. She suggested that I virtually run to visit her. Now Kathy always offers so many interesting suggestions and I would dearly love to see her garden, bunnies and all her sewing and knitting projects, so this seemed a great idea. I immediately set off for Rapid City.

So far I have ran 674km and am in the Spokane Valley. This is the largest suburb of Spokane. It is a larger city of 99,000 people.

This is one of their tourism pictures. Unfortunately it’s not that colourful right now.

I am 17 kilometers from the Idaho state line and can’t stop wait to start working on a new state.

SAL Update

Wow three weeks can go fast!


This is a picture of the project that has set on my shelf for the past eleven years). This year I am determined and it at least sits on my coffee table now. This is where I was at three weeks ago.

I’m sorry for the poor lighting!

This is what it looks like now:

I changed how I did it this time. I didn’t keep track of my stitches but just made the goal to finish the basket before this update. I am counting this as success because the brown basket is actually finished- it is cut off by fabric, which I haven’t quite finished yet.

I have not yet made a goal for next time as it will either be to do some back stitching (my Leary favourite so I better not leave it all for the end) or to finish the curtain. This is another part I avoid as the colours are all so similar!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress! Welcome to our new member of the SAL- Sherrie!There are some amazing projects! If you’re interested in joining, just click on Avis’ link.


















Mary Margaret










Run to Rapid City Update

At the start of this year I was having a difficult time getting myself out the door for runs. I just didn’t know what kind of goal I wanted this year and without a goal, I wasn’t getting the miles in.

Well then an awesome woman named Kathy helped me out. She gave me a goal. I am running from my house in British Columbia to her house in South Dakota. It is a very long way!! It may actually take me years to get there, but it does the trick and gets me out the door:)

At the start of March I was in Arlington, Washington and I have now made my way to Olallie State Park.

This Park is day use only and know for its waterfalls and rock climbing. It has lots of hiking trails and thankfully some are short as I just want to rest my feet!

Happy New Year!

It has been a relatively quiet day, which isn’t a bad way to end off the year and the decade.

I spent a lot of time today getting all of my new clothes entered into my Stylebook app. I appreciate this app as it lets me keep tabs on what I wear in my wardrobe and what I should let go. Lots of my friends tease me about it, but it has definitely helped me step up and buy good clothing when I see how little cost per wear they end up being.


I grabbed my mom and then did a few boring errands. I bought a ton of treats for tonight and now feel like I have eaten way too much!


I ended up watching two Hallmark Christmas movies so ended up exercising twice. I did:

36 reverse lunges

30 crunches

10 pushups

40 jacks

20 squats

20 plié squats

25 curtsy lunges

10 burpees

10 dips

20 high knees

60 squats with side leg lift

20 reverse crunches

20 side kicks

26 front kicks

50 mountain climbers

10 supermen

16 shoulder taps

10 side shuffles (both ways is 1)

10 knee raises

16 lateral lunges per side


I have watched Picture a Perfect Christmas and Mistletoe and Menorahs. They were both fun.

I am now trying to identify elements that are in lots of non seasonal hallmark movies so I can keep the exercise regimen going.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Going for a walk or run

Getting coffee

Eating a meal together

Playing with a dog

Conversation with mom or dad


Going shopping

Arguing or bantering

Laughing together

Baking or cooking together

Town scene or montage

If anyone has any other elements, I’d love to hear them!


I wanted to save the last day of Abbey’s Blogmas until today since it’s about New Year’s Eve.

Oh and if you haven’t visited Abbey’s site, you really should! She has an awesome post about what she thought her year would be like. It’s so neat!

New Year’s Eve has never really been a huge event in my life. As a kid we did a jigsaw puzzle and banged pots and pans at midnight. As a teenager/20 year old, I went to parties with my brother and his friends. Now I mostly just spend a quiet night at home doing my usual movies, books and knitting. One thing I do think about are my goals.

Goals for 2020:

I am very goal oriented and can become obsessed with accomplishing so I try not to make too many set in stone goals. Some things I want to keep in mind this year are:

Eat to fuel my running and be healthy.

Run consistently.

Do a workout every time I watch a hallmark movie.

Knit sweaters, hats and scarves for myself.

Knit from my stash

Keep track of my exercise and finances the old fashioned way.

Read more non-fiction.

Well I’m sure there are lots of other things I’ll come up with along the way, but this is good for a start:)

Happy New Year everyone and have fun!


Crafting 2019

It was a pretty good year of crafting for me. I reached and surpassed my goal of 40 projects this year and only a few were super small.

The stash is still way too big as I went a little crazy visiting all the yarn shops on the island while I was away on holidays, but it is nice to have some new yarn! Knitting from the stash will have to remain a goal for 2020 I think.

So what did I make?

I made:

10 market bags

7 cowls

7 sweaters

5 baby sweaters

3 hats

2 headbands

2 shawls

2 scarves

1 pair of handwarmers

I am pretty happy with everything I have made this year:)

My goals:

I want to continue to knit from my stash. I’m going to need to come up with some big projects to use up some of this yarn in a hurry!

I want to make more TinCanKnits patterns. I always love their patterns and bought myself five of them at KnitCity so want to get those made up. I’m actually already working on a new TinCanKnits project right now:)

I want to make sweaters, hats and scarves for myself so that I have a variety of colors to choose from!

Well that should be enough to keep me busy for the year!

Have fun!


My Year of Running

Well I made my running goal of 1200km yesterday morning so it was time to sit down and figure out the stats. I have to say I was not happy with RunKeeper as first there was no celebration of my making my goal and secondly I had to go through and figure out my monthly stats myself as I couldn’t find them anywhere on the app:(

For the Year:

I ran 1,201.7km.

I ran 282 times

I burned 56,075 calories.

I climbed 7,559.3 meters

I spent 146 hours 17 minutes and 13 seconds running.

I ran the most times and spent the most time running in July.

I am perfectly split between running most in the morning or in the evening.

I have gotten faster over the year, but I definitely slowed down from September on.

Now to break it down monthly…


21 activities


4.64km was my average run length.

I spent 12 hours,27 minutes and 85 seconds running.

I was out an average of 35:08 for each run.

My slowest pace was: 10:01.

My fastest pace was: 6:41

And my average pace was: 7:49

Saturday was my most common run day.

I did most runs after 4pm.




Average kms: 4.51

Total time: 10:13:68

Average time out: 34:18

Slowest pace: 9:47

Fastest pace: 6:38

Average pace: 7:41

Most common day: Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Most common time: after 4pm


Activities: 29


Avg kms: 4.31

Total time: 15:14:16

Avg time out: 30:50

Slowest pace: 9:20

Fastest pace: 6:25

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: morning




Avg kms: 4.32

Total time: 10:05:01

Avg time out: 33:50

Slowest pace: 10:46

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:25

Most common day: Saturday and Sunday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms:4.35

Total time: 12:42:33

Avg time out: 32:41

Slowest pace: 10:15

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Monday

Most common time: evening




Avg kms: 3.84

Total time: 12:41:11

Avg time out: 29:03

Slowest pace: 10:24

Fastest pace: 6:35

Avg pace: 7:15

Most common day: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Most common time: morning



Kms: 119.7

Avg kms: 3.86

Total time: 16:07:21

Avg time out: 30:33

Slowest pace: 11:51

Fastest pace: 6:42

Avg pace: 7:26

Most common day: Wednesday and Thursday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 25

Kms: 104.85

Avg kms: 4.19

Total time: 12:10:83

Avg time out: 29:06

Slowest pace: 9:25

Fastest pace: 6:29

Avg pace: 7:19

Most common day: Thursday and Friday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 26

Kms: 103.03

Avg kms: 3.96

Total time: 12:24:38

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Achieved pace: 7:31

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: morning


Activities: 24

Kms: 103.15

Avg kms: 4.3

Total time: 12:14:40

Avg time out: 28:26

Slowest pace: 8:54

Fastest pace: 6:22

Avg pace: 7:31

Most common day: Thursday

Most common time: evening



Kms: 103.86

Avg kms: 4.5

Total time: 11:34:80

Avg time out: 30.00

Slowest pace: 8:00

Fastest pace: 6:12

Avg pace: 7:11

Most common day: Sunday

Most common time: evening


Activities: 18


Avg kms: 4.74

Total time: 10:24:45

Avg time out: 33:21

Slowest pace: 7:53

Fastest pace: 6:30

Average pace: 7:11

Most common day: Friday

Most common time: morning

Well now I just have to set up a. Ok to track all of this stuff all year so I don’t have to spend a day figuring it all out at the end!

I also need to figure out what my goal for next year is going to be. I’ve done a speed goal, I’ve done a mileage goal. Anyone have any good ideas?

Have fun!


Month in Review

i can hardly believe that today is the last day of February!! How is it possible to be through two months already?


Ugh a child said something cute today and I don’t even remember what it was:(

We had an Aboriginal Education speaker come in and discuss community with out grade 1/2 classes today and I learned a lot! I liked how the lady had the children brainstorm parts of the community and then tied them to what existed in historical aboriginal communities. I like having AbEd come in for this type of lesson as I’m always worried about messing up all the Aboriginal content we now have in our curriculum.

We actually got to math today and practiced our doubles facts. The grade 2s loved that I referred to their work as level 2. It also helped that I had two new games for the children to play when done to practice their doubles facts.

This afternoon we brainstormed places and people in the community. It went pretty well and the children came up with a lot.

We also got to visit the K/1 class to see their science museum where they were displaying what they had learned about sound and light. It was a bit of a zoo, but my class learned a few things:)

My co- teacher and I were very efficient this morning and got our last report card written this morning along with our planning and the prep was done during the day so all we had to do after school was help set up gymnastics equipment. It’s annoying that a few teachers didn’t even bother to show up to help:(


I finally got out in daylight for a run. It felt like it’s been forever since I ran, though I suppose it was just Sunday. I think I do better when I run every day than when I take a break as today felt tough. It ended up being a fast pace though.

The park where I ran tonight, but on a nicer day:)

I just looked at my February calendar and I managed to exercise 93% of the days. I’m happy with that as I exercises 26 out of 28 days.

This month I have ran 81.2km, so I yet again didn’t make the 100km goal I had:(

I have done:

2km- 1 run

3km- 3 runs

4km- 7 runs

5km- 3 runs

6km- 2 runs

7km- 1 run

My goal was to not have any 2km runs this month, but last Sunday when I ran to coffee did that goal in, though I did find that I pushed myself a couple of times to get to 3km rather than stopping with a 2km run, so I guess it helped a bit. I think my goal for March will be to actually get to 100km as I haven’t made it yet!


This evening I finished my current NetGalley book, One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan. I am slowly getting through all the books that came in at once:)

This book tells the story of Grace and Audrey and all the people their lives touch in one summer. While Grace is a mature 47 and Audrey is only 18, they share a lot in common. Their paths merge for one summer and they are able to help each other immensely to become the women they were meant to be.

This book was lovely! It is all about love and all the emotions that surround it.

I love how both Grace and Audrey need to find out who they truly are. It’s neat that Sarah Morgan explores the concept that this self discovery comes at different times for different people.

I think this would be a good book club book as it explores so many relationships and the idea that we help each other as we need it and friendship is a lot of give and take and propping each other up. Audrey at one point says the friend with the greater crisis takes precedence. What an awesome way to look at friendship.

The book is well worth a read! Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

In February I have read 10 books with 4 romances, 2 chick lit, 1 general fiction, 2 historical fiction and 1 children’s novel. While I rue the fact there’s no non-fiction in here, I think it’s a better distribution than normal🤣

Well I think I’ll now tackle the next library book.

Have fun!


Need To Learn

Every day I seem to find something else I need to learn to do!


My day started with a couple of rows on my afghan pattern. I got the pattern finished and a new one started late this evening. I now have until Saturday at least to get it done:)


The children were a little off this morning, but then again, so was I. My student services time was cancelled due to meetings. This happened way too often last year so this year, I’ve decided to ask questions. I sent an email, but got the usual spun answer😖. Our two student services teachers “work closely together” meaning they both go to every meeting. Unfortunately that means our students get half the service they should get. Ugh I wonder if these two teachers truly don’t get it or if they pretend to not get it as they know it’s wrong? All I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating! I’ve decided that this year I will keep track and call them on it when my service is cancelled.

Otherwise, the cutest thing was when my students surprised me after lunch by being absolutely silent and ready to do planners. I surprised them back by taking them outside to play before we did planners. For all the hugs I got you’d think I’d sprung them from jail🤣


I have added shopping to my mom list as it became clear on my way to work that I need to do some! I couldn’t figure out why my feet were getting wet, until I got to work and inspected my boots.

I don’t think these are doing the job anymore!


I had a ten kilometer run to do for Squad Runner and it was a beautiful day so I got out. It was colder than I expected so I ended up doing just over 4km and calling it a day. Just means I’ll have to do more tomorrow!


I finished the book After All (Ever After in Sapphire Falls). I have enjoyed many Erin Nicholas books and this one didn’t disappoint.

This book tells of party girl Peyton and small town cop Scott. They have been circling each other for a while, but want the opposite thing from each other right now.

I really enjoyed this book. Normally I avoid books that have a lot of thinking and self-talk in them as I prefer a faster plot line, but this book was excellent. The characters are super realistic and complex and aren’t stereotypical.

The plot goes fast and is very satisfying. I would definitely recommend this book for a light, fun read:)

Well I have to get to sleep as it’s photo day tomorrow and I don’t want bags under my eyes!

Have fun!



I read blogs that set yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals, but do I do that….😝


Well the spider in my bathtub got my heart beating this morning- nothing like seeing movement out of the corner of your eye! Thankfully they aren’t a big problem to me and my shoe took care of it. My running buddies kept my heart racing! I really do have the best running buddies though! I showed up to a planned 5km run and casually mentioned I needed to do 7km today. They said nothing, just changed the route and kept me company.❤️

We ran the river which meant it was awesome going out as it’s a slight downhill most of the way:) we ran from bridge to bridge which is not usual for me, but was fun. The way back was another matter as it was now slight uphill the whole way and actually some of those uphills weren’t so slight!

My average was a 6:38/km pace and I feel like I slowed down at least a whole minute per kilometer coming back! I must have been flying going down!

I also did a walk this afternoon, again in the pouring rain, to get the Monday Squad Runner mission. It was bucketing down and I could tell because I passed very few people which is rare.

I’ve already surpassed my running miles from last year and managed a nice 100km this month. I am thinking I would like to try for 1000km this year which means I need 101km more. It shouldn’t be a problem. Actually I may need to reassess that goal.

The other thought I had today was about running on Thanksgiving. Chelsea of The Dancing Runner was talking about how she runs before eating turkey and that seems like a good idea to me. I started thinking I’d like to try and do two loops of Burnaby Lake to see what kind of time I could get on a 20km. (I haven’t done a half marathon in 8 years and I’m a little worried I would be as slow as I used to be😏☹️). I routinely do about 12km here. This would be a great goal if I had eight weeks, but Thanksgiving is next weekend! Why do I always wait until the last minute to set a goal??? I haven’t decided if this is doable. If you have an opinion, please share it.


After a yummy tea, I had to take care of my adult chores. I got my groceries bought, laundry done, food prepared for the week, plants watered and some tidying done. I didn’t get to my teaching work, but decided I’d done enough adulting for the day!


I got my new stash put into Ravelry as I am slowly trying to get all of my stash on there. I also got caught up on entering my projects.

This is the headband I made last night and the cowl I finished the other day. I really like how the cowl turned out. I had made up the pattern and can’t decide if I should put it on Ravelry or not? I’m sure there’s probably tons on there already just like it, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. Again let me know if you have an opinion.

I also picked up the boat Afghan again today, and here comes the second crazy challenge I have set for myself today. My mom had said that they would be home for the week and I am thinking I should get this Afghan done this week so they can take it with them. This is the time of the year they really need it on the boat, so it makes the most sense, however, it also means I need to get three or four more pattern repeats done by Friday! I am crazy! I should have thought of this s month ago, not a week out! It means 31 rows a night and I’d be done in three or four nights. That’s quite the time challenge when each row has 230 stitches!

I think it will be top priority this week, but we shall see! Maybe I can talk my parents into staying a couple of extra days…

Ok, well I need sleep as there was no nap in my life this weekend:(

Have fun!



A day full of family visits.


My mom noticed that I have been saying that my runs aren’t great a lot lately…well today, I can say I had an amazing run!!! I was back to my pre-summer speed and actually managed to knock five seconds off of my 5km time. I have a goal of running a 5km in 30 minutes. I realize this is slow for a lot of people, but it’s a goal for me. I have taken 12 minutes off my time and have 2 minutes left to get rid of. I think these last two might be the most difficult!

Family Visits:

I picked up my mom and we went in to have tea with my aunt, uncle and cousin. It was nice to catch up with them and my mom got some great hand-me-downs from my cousin. Thankfully they are about the same size and have similar taste! It saves me from seeing my mom in the same shirt continuously as she hates shopping for herself.

From there, we picked up my dad and headed out to visit my brother, sister in law and nephew. It was so great to see them!! We don’t do anything exciting, but it’s nice to catch up. I definitely have Gus withdrawal after a while. It can be quite funny though as my dad, brother and nephew are super similar and can get into trouble just sitting down. Today they did this and talked my mom into it too!

I won’t be surprised if my parents have scooters soon!


My parents and I hit the Meridian Arms pub afterwards. Now my brother and sister in law love this place, but I don’t think any of us were all that impressed with it today. I ended up with just a side green salad as the waitress looked aghast when I asked if there was a gluten free menu. My dad sent his fish and chips back as he said it was too chewy to eat and ended up getting bacon and eggs instead. My mom said the cheeseburger was pretty good and I have to admit the Orange Breezer drink I had was good.


After lunch we hit Costco to outfit my dad for the trip. He got a vest, two long sleeve shirts, a heavy sweater and underwear so he’s good to go:). I wish I found it this simple to get ready for a trip!

We also managed a stop at Art Knapp’s so I could finally get my herb plants and dirt. I even got them all planted today! I can’t wait to do some cooking so I can use them! I just realized I didn’t take photos of the plants so I’ll do that tomorrow.


Finally I added just under two more feet to the scarf for my friend and am much happier with it. It may even be too long now 🤣

I have also been working on my rug and should be able to finish this square tomorrow!

Well I’m off to bed as it looks to be another busy day tomorrow.

Have fun!