T-3 Days

The end is almost here and everything just keeps speeding up!


Today we glued the last six art projects into our portfolios and designed the cover. I spent my recess break gluing the covers on as I’ve learned not to have the grade ones do that. This is a year long project where every art project the students do gets glued into a big coil bound book. It’s tough, it’s frustrating, but when I heard a parent after school say it’s her favorite memento, it’s worth it!

The rest of the day was taken up with the grade five leaving ceremony. I have mixed feelings about this as to me, this is not a graduation, but simply an expectation. I don’t mind highlighting students and I’m glad we don’t do awards or anything, but I guess what bugs me the most is that they have the processional music playing, etc. I think it should be a bit more fun because they are just leaving a school, not graduating. This class today was neat though as they were he first grade ones I taught at this school:). I’m going to miss some of these kids!

I am already being given some year end gifts at school. I think the first one I was given today may be my favorite gift ever!

I am called Miss B at work so this is perfect and even cuter as it is made with my student’s thumb prints:). I love the parent knows me well enough to give me a succulent that is tough to kill.

I also got given a chocolate flower. It came in this giant box

But only had this inside.

I thought about returning them to the store as the gift receipt was attached but ended up just putting them in the staff room instead. These chocolates did come with this super cute side gift though which I will enjoy:)


The only other thing I got done today was a run because I fell asleep on the couch after school. I met Dennis for a run out at the dykes. I didn’t plan it, but I did my fastest 5km to date! He had me doing a 9.4kms/ hour speed for the first 2.5km!!! As someone who usually happily runs between an 8.4 and a 9.1, this was fast!!

What I really noticed on my run was that I need to get back to doing more weight training as I am definitely not as strong as I was. Thankfully, I should have time for that, starting in three days!😀


I only did a tiny bit on my rug tonight so that I could tell Kathy that I did work on it, but I would also have time to work on my knitting as that has a timeline.


With only a few days left of the month, I am trying to get my regular four classes submitted for HPKCHC. It’s going to be a bit of a stretch, but I may just make it. Tonight I finished another yellow and white baby cap. This one was made using just one strand of Cherub baby DK in white and yellow. I casted on 54 stitches and did 9 row stripes for 6 inches. I then began to decrease by knitting two together at the start of each needle. The cap went really fast and I’m happy with how it looks. Even better it used up the ends of two skeins so I am definitely in a new number for my stash🎉🎊

It is now way later than I planned to be up, so I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Uh oh

The last words you want to hear when you come into your classroom after lunch!


We again didn’t get much work done today:( We watched a play this morning called Not So Dumb by Green-thumb Theatre.

I had really high hopes for this play as it was supposed to be about the fact that everyone is smart in some way, even people with a learning disability. Unfortunately the non examples, cruel teasing, physical fighting and mean names, was emphasized a lot more than the good message and how we should treat each other wasn’t touched on at all:(. It also was definitely more appropriate for the older children than for my little ones:(

We wrote about this presentation in the afternoon, our one piece of work today, but the children didn’t really have a lot to say about it.

We had an awesome time with our buddies today! We started in the gym with the big buddies guiding us through the ABC Fit Test and a couple of dances. Boy we’re there red cheeks by the end! We wanted to do a valentines project, but the supplies weren’t quite ready so that will be next week!

I returned from lunch to a closed door which I thought was very odd! It turned out that one of the boys, while depositing his toys back into toy storage, tripped and managed to knock a tray off the counter and break my teapot and spoon rest, both gifts from previous students:( Thankfully nobody was hurt, but I’m going to miss having those things at school!


I left the pie on my colleagues desk this morning. She thanked me and then brought the pie in for everyone to enjoy at recess break. Everyone liked it so I can recommend the recipe Raspberry Pie 1 on Allrecipes.com. It was super good!!!😀

Photo Project:

I got home very late because we had an interminable staff meeting tonight. I wanted to get “finish labelling trip photos” off my to-do list so I sat down and did the 111 photos I had left. Now I just have to decide if I’m going to let that fulfill my goal or if I’m going to print the rest of my Boston pictures and get those labelled and deleted this month too.


I finished my first project of the month today. It fulfills a HPKCHC class and will be a gift for my friend’s new baby. It was a very simple baby sweater made with bulky yarn.

It uses the pattern Chunky Alpaca Baby Jacket which is free on Ravelry or can be found here.

I followed the instructions for the most part though I made the sleeves longer and put actual buttons (cute frogs) for closure rather than just ties. I thought these two changes were warranted by the dark colour and warmth of the yarn I was using. It was a very quick project and probably didn’t take more than two hours:)

I also have managed to stay up to date on my temperature scarf:)


I got a workout in this evening which was definitely necessary to relieve the frustration of the staff meeting. I had to do three sets of each of three circuits.

1) 20 squats, 15 squat jumps, 10 burpees

2) 20 mountain climbers, 15 push-ups, 10 hip bridges

3) 20 alternating lunges, 15 plié squats, 10 calf raises

It finished with a minute each of the following: Russian twists, bicycles, plank and superman.

I finished off with a little more cardio just to round up the time. I definitely liked the last circuit best:)


I got another couple of chapters of Wives and Daughters listened to on Librivox as I knitted and did cardio. I also have picked up a chick lit novel to read next. I hope it’s good!

Well I’m going to try and get to sleep now to make up for the lack of sleep Saturday night!

Have fun!


A Little of Everything

A quite lovely day with a little of everything:)


I woke up this morning and it was lovely to be able to stay in bed for a bit and continue reading Ready Player One. It sure seems to be taking me a long time to get this book read, though I think it may speed up now that it’s getting more interesting:)

Photo Project:

I got another 100 pictures from my Boston trip labelled and deleted off of my phone🎊🎉

I also got my dishes done during this time so I’m not a complete slob 🤣


I met up with Lyndsay for a workout at 11am. It was busy in the gym so we had to modify. Started with a five minute warm up on the treadmill and then we traded off- one person running on the treadmill and one person either rowing and riding the spin bike. I actually enjoyed this cardio because with all the changing of equipment it went very fast, plus the bike and rowing machine seem to use slightly different muscles:)

We then hit the floor for a deadly combo! It looked easy, but was actually tough. One person held a position and the other had to do reps. We did push-ups, knee tucks, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, and crunches. We then finished off with three sets of twelve reps of goblet squats, swing squats and supermen. Ugh! I was tired! The best part was the sauna after, we definitely need to do that again!


I tried out a new product I saw at Costco this last week. It was sweet potato and zucchini noodles already prepared. I made up a quick spaghetti sauce and had this for dinner. It was pretty good, though I think I’ll just stick with making my own!I am in need of a raspberry pie recipe if anyone has a good one:)


I met up with Michelle for a coffee as it had been forever! It was so great to see her and learn about what’s happening in her life! I had to laugh at myself that I have become one of those people who carry their agenda with them everywhere! It was actually because I had a whole list of what I needed to do while I had wifi (it’s the end of my month and I’m almost out of data, which explains why I’m so quiet on here this weekend). I stayed after Michelle left and got some stuff done.


I tried the Kusmi: St. Petersburg tea again today. I allowed it to only steep for about a minute and I added some milk to it. I actually like it this way so I’ll finish off the container.

I tried a tip I had read on Patricia’s blog about storing my tea bags in a big glass jar. I emptied all my packaged teas into a big glass jar and an hour later I put them all back into their individual containers😂. I liked how it looked and the fact it took up less space, but I came to realize that I really like finishing off a container of tea and getting to recycle the container. With the glass jar, I had doubts it would ever be empty:(


I was pretty productive in this area today. I read through the HPKCHC classes for February and have chosen some yarns to use for projects to fulfill a few of them.
doing it properly. Unfortunately I got completely caught up to present day when I had a brain flash that it would be so much better if I did it another way:(. 😞🙄😏. Maybe tomorrow I will look into this more!

I have to share the yarn organizer I created for this project. I realize I am probably late to the party and everyone already does this, but I was pretty happy with myself. 🤣 Well I am off to pack up my spaghetti and curl up with my book!

Have fun!


Need to Get More Done!

I’ve been loving my new agenda, but I feel like I need to write even more notes as I had some time today when I could have gotten things done and didn’t:(


We had a lot of start of month jobs this morning that took up a large chunk of our morning time. We got started on printing D but most will have to finish it up on ketchup day.

Math went so well today! I was teaching the commutative law- the children love saying that- it’s really just turn around facts. Everyone got the concept!!😀

I love my Thursday afternoons as I have prep, then gym and then silent reading and planners. I was aggravated when I released the children and then remembered I was suppose to FreshGrade record them talking about hibernation:(. I have just written myself a note for tomorrow, but what a waste of a good opportunity today!!

I had a parent meeting after school today which means that tomorrow I need to have a discussion with my class about manners, again. The difference between saying “get out of my way” and “excuse me”! I feel some role playing coming on😜


My tea today was by Kusmi and was called St. Petersburg. I didn’t care for it, but I have a whole ton of it to use so I may try it tomorrow with some almond milk and see if that improves it.


I fit in six rows to finish off my Cowl that I started tomorrow. I did the cast off and have had to retry twice as I keep running out of yarn:( I finally left it for the night and I’ll tackle it in the morning. Grrrr!


I listened to Wives and Daughters on Librivox while I was knitting today. Why did I choose such a long book? It would be nice to be making progress!

I also had our school book club after school today. There were twelve children there and nine of them were boys!!! Definitely the opposite of the usual bookclub, but it’s so cool to hear them discussing books! It’s a good bookclub as there is always dissension in whether people like the book or not, makes for a good discussion!


I went toAthletic yoga tonight. I had asked the instructor before class if she could perhaps include a stretch for the muscle just worked within the class as I’ve been finding I’m really tight. She said she would, but then she also made it really clear I was the one who asked for it during the class. I hope the rest of the class doesn’t lynch me!


I made no resolutions this year, but when I received my new agenda, it is goal centred so I made some for January. I am trying my best to spread my goals out between my interests, to make some more difficult and lengthier than others, and to not beat myself up if I don’t achieve them (definitely tough for me!). I succeeded at meeting half of my goals for January:) Yay🎉🎊. I have made some more for February so we’ll see how it goes since I’ll have right from the start of the month, rather than halfway through.

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Happy New Year!

It’s been a pretty good start to the New Year:)


I started the day by going to a yoga class in Ajo. I used to do yoga three times a week and was super flexible, however, it’s been about fifteen years. I was a little worried about how it would go. I needn’t have worried! There were about fifteen women there for this “gentle” yoga class. It felt great to do yoga again, though I obviously need to do it more as boy are my hamstrings tight! I’m going to try to set up the yoga channel for my mom before I leave and I will definitely be looking forward to the athletic yoga I’ll be starting with a friend in January.

I got a quick walk in where I did a 100 yards of high knees skipping.

I also got a 25 minute workout in this afternoon during my parent’s happy hour. I didn’t feel as though this one was as tough, but I was able to do more abs work than previously:). I did: 50 front kicks, 50 side kicks, 50 back kicks, 50 curtsy lunges, 50 plié squats, 50 squats, 50 push-ups, 25 dips, 25 overhead press, 50 bicep curls, 50 leg drops, 50 oblique crunches, 25 crunches.

It’s amazing that I’ve been feeling flabby all day since I didn’t go for a run today. It doesn’t help that there’s chips in this household! I have great self control as long as it’s not tested🤣


Other than the chips I am back to eating much healthier. I’ve been enjoying my salads and veggies:)
Tomorrow I hope to make the sticky buns for my dad!


I started Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck, but haven’t gotten far enough to discuss it.

I was asked last night by a lovely lady from Wisconsin to make her a toque like mine. I measured her head and casted on, but haven’t gotten far.

I heard about knitmeter from a fellow blogger and rushed to the site to sign up as it sounds so cool to be able to know how many miles of yarn I have knitted. I signed up but it hasn’t sent me an activation code yet:(. I hope I get it soon!

So what have I done with my day? A jigsaw puzzle! It’s my family’s tradition to do a puzzle on New Year’s Eve but this year it got pushed to New Years Day. It’s a tough Alfred Hitchcock puzzle that does not come with a picture😫😳. I have learned that I am a very visual person! This is definitely not accomplishing anything!! If anyone is wondering where I get this need to be busy all the time- here’s a clue:) My dad is retired and in the middle of nowhere and he’s still making chairs, tables, etc out of things he finds in the desert. I definitely get this honestly🤣 though I’m not nearly as creative as he is!


I did remember to go looking for the Murder She Baked movies. . I have enjoyed three of these now. The Chocolate Chip Murder, the Plum Pudding Mystery, the Peach Cobbler Murder and I am on the Deadly Recipe movie now. I would recommend these movies to anyone who enjoys cosy mysteries. I’ve read all of these books by Joanne Fluke because my dad loves the recipes, and the movies have been just as good!


I’ve been reading lots of blog posts on goals for 2018 and for the first time I am not going to make any resolutions. I will try to live life to the fullest and do the things I love to do. This blog already gets me to do a lot more things than I used to do:). I wish everyone else luck with their goals though!

Have fun!


A Fun Day

It was a fun day at school and a fun evening so a win-win:)


I got a workout in with Lyndsay after school today. We did the 12 days of Christmas. It was a ladder workout of a plank, burpees, push-ups, star jumps, dips, double crunches, squat jumps, punches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, superwomen, high knees.  It was quick, but intense. There was a lot of planking in there!

Unfortunately no run for me and probably realistically not another one until Saturday:(


When I came out this morning to get the children, there were only seven in my lineup! Boy would that be a quiet day!  I got up to sixteen eventually, but there were a lot of stories about frozen car doors😂

We took the opportunity of the snowy scenery to go for a nature walk in the forest. It was very cool! We talked about how we know it’s winter, why snow doesn’t melt in some places, and though we didn’t see any birds, we heard a Northern Flicker! The children all seemed to enjoy it:)

We did a lot of reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today to get ready for watching the movie tomorrow. We only have five pages left do we’ll get there:)

This afternoon we decorated gingerbread cookies. We had a ton of parent volunteers so it went really well! We did it in the multipurpose room by laying roll paper out on the floor and have kids across from each other. It was so neat to see the different ways children decorated. Some spread icing and then literally dumped every candy they could on top, while others went much more minimalist and carefully. It definitely highlighted the children’s personalities:)

My class gave me a group gift today that was so perfect! I got a David’s Tea classic teas set, a colour changing mug with an included strainer, a beautiful warm scarf in my favourite colour and a gift card!! I was so spoiled!!!! 


I’ve been putting off going to the mall for weeks now, but tonight I went with Lyndsay and it was way more fun to have company! We got Wal Mart, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, London Drugs, Lululemon, and Chapters in two hours!  I got everything I needed to so I’m happy:)


It was carrot cupcake tea in my David’s Tea advent calendar today. It is the first tea ever, I think, that I couldn’t drink. It did not taste good to me:(


This evening I have gotten a few of my gifts wrapped up. I’m not giving anything big. It’s a tea hot pad that I sewed along with a couple of tea bsgs and a chocolate. Just a little treat for the people I care about:) I saw the tea hot pads in Maine this summer and thought they were such a good idea. They look like a hot pad, but they have essential oils in them so when you put a hot tea mug on them, they smell good:). I hope everyone can enjoy at least one relaxing moment over the holidays.


I’ve been getting a bit more of The Nagic Strings of Frankie Presto read over the last couple of days as I would like to get that and Jane Eyre finished this year!

Well that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


Good, but I Guess Tiring

It was a good day, but why am I so tired tonight?


I decided this morning to do a couple of laps around the nearby neighbourhood again. On my run over there I passed two women running. I thought in my head of asking them if I could join them and then thought how weird that would seem to them!! Lol bettercto not scare the people. I actually ended up passing thirteen people this morning, most just walking to the bus stop, but also three runners! Can I stalk them?🤣. I thought I would do a loop around the block between my place and this neighbourhood, but my legs were definitely tired today so I just ran home and ended my run at 27 minutes. My average pace was 7min, so I was obviously slower.

I walked to and from work. I really do enjoy this as it gives me some distance between work and home. To drive only takes two minutes, but to walk I have those ten to fifteen minutes to change into or out of work mode. It lets me not being work home with me mentally:)

We had our bootcamp workout after school today. It included a few “tricks” where we had only one exercise for the entire tabata! Of course these were burpees and lunges😫 We also did pop squats, bench hop overs, star jumps, squat jumps, rows, bicep curls, Spider-Man planks, slider leg curls, running, and plank leg raises. I was definitely sweaty by the end!!

Lol I laughed at myself as when I was walking home (late😖) I was thinking that I sure was tired to have to go home and workout. I had already completely forgotten that I had just done bootcamp an hour earlier! Anyone else have moments like this???

Now I’m just waiting to hear if I’m working out with Lyndsay tomorrow morning as she has a wrestling tournament on Friday evening. Part of me says this is great for me and the other part just wants to sleep!


I didn’t spend much time with my students today. My principal was away so I was principal. I took advantage of the time to get all the new sensory and ADST items labelled and organized. You should never show a knack for organizing items in a school cause you end up doing all of this stuff🤣. I am glad it is finally dealt with and stored!!! By Monday night I’ll be able to rid my mind of this project, except to use the materials in my room:)

One little boy brought me candy this morning. His mom told me that he said he wanted to bring Miss B candy but didn’t know which kind she could eat because she has allergies. Wow! My students really do pay attention! I guess I better watch what I say lol, though in this case I talked about that on purpose so I didn’t end up with a lot of stuff I couldn’t eat!

My co teacher and I planned after school today as I have a commitment after school tomorrow and her before school. I love being able to bounce ideas off another teacher! We definitely try things I would never try alone!!!


I’ve done nothing interesting in this realm.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be home early enough to get to the store to buy the ingredients for my pumpkin chili:)


I enjoyed listening to Librivox as I was crafting away. I am halfway through The Time Machine by HG Wells and it’s been super interesting. The narrator of this version 3 is also wonderful! If you’re looking for a classic to read, I would recommend this one:)

Maybe I will get a few pages in my book done too though I’m wondering if I need a different chick lit book as this one doesn’t seem to be holding my interest that well:(


I got two threads done on the “rued rug”. My new name for that project since I rue the day I started it!  I’m getting closer to finishing this square at least and moving on.

I also got a little further on my convertible handwarmers. I’m absolutely loving the variegation in the yarn! It’s so pretty!!

With November starting today I went to the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup to see what the new classes are. Not sure what class my handwarmers will count for:( Ill have to study each assignment closely to see where I can put it in.

From womeninspiring.com

Well since November has arrived, I feel like I should make some goals. I’ve never been a huge formal goal setter, but I always have a couple in mind because once I set a goal for myself I become fierce in making sure I attain it.  So, this month I want to…

  1. Run 100km. I only upped it by ten km as I’m not sure how running is going to go with the time change when I’ll be in darkness both morning and night:(
  2. Finish one Rued Rug square.✅
  3. Finish at least one class for the HPKCHC
  4. Get my Christmas gifts completed.
  5. I didn’t run for seven days this month and I would like to get that down to four days missed.
  6. I want to finish listening to the Time Machine.✅
  7. I want to read more than six books as I could swear I normally do!

I think six is enough though I’m sure there’s plenty of other things I’d like to do.


It was a great day all around:)


I got up this morning and did a deck of cards workout. I did squats, push ups, crunches and reverse flies.  It went quickly and I like how I covered all of my body,  it just one area.  I wish I could have included cardio but I figure I’d get a visit from my downstairs neighbour if I did that😳

I also got home today in time to go for a run. It felt so great to be running in the sunshine with the leaves crunching under my feet!! It was a fabulous Fall day for a run and actually the perfect temperature too:)

I love how tall my Shadow looks in this picture🤣

This run brought my total for the month to:

I was about to beat myself up for not making 110km when I remembered that my goal had only been 90km so yay me for surpassing that goal:) I am blaming that slower pace on the fact that I did a lot more hill workouts this month! Now I’m going to have to think about what my goal for next month will be. I have a night to sleep on it:)

The other great thing that happened with this run was this:

My goal is to consistently be under 7min which I haven’t done. This is actually the very first time I have managed to attain this. Now I just have to try to do it more often!

I have come to the decision that I will workout before school on Mondays and Tuesdays and then do a run after work. This will be reversed on Wednesday and Thursday with the run before and the workout after. Friday I can sleep in a bit if I’m working out with Lyndsay because that always includes a run and workout. I feel relieved that I finally got that straight in my brain and have a plan:)

I also signed up for an email group that should apprise me of local runs. I found three contenders for December so now I’ll just have to figure out which one would work best. A task best left for another day:)


Today wasn’t as crazy as people might expect. I’m actually thinking tomorrow will be worse because the children will be tired and full of sugar. This morning I had a student being me a coffee crisp mini chocolate bar. It was so sweet and I trick or treated my nephew and gave it to him. I suppose that’s actually a reverse trick or treat:). I had another student who brought me this:

It’s a skull cake pan. I’ve never had a student being me a gift for Halloween before!! Obviously he’s been paying closer attention than I thought if he realized I like baking. I love how the pan is a Wilton but the mom included a gift receipt and I may look to see if I can exchange it for s pan I would get more use out of.

This morning we did a pumpkin investigation where we compared a big orange pumpkin to a smaller peach pumpkin.

It was so cute and so fresh! I was impressed for $3.64. The kids were calm and fully engaged and it was actually a lot of fun! The smaller pumpkin actually had more seeds!

We then spent the rest of the day watching Monsters Inc. and having a parade around the gym in the afternoon when we were all dressed up. 

I was unable to take my costume bag down so I just took the first costume I could reach. I ended up like this (please excuse the bad photo):

The dress used to fit better, but it did the trick:) I even carried my wool and needles with me in the parade. Too bad I can’t knit and walk or I could have been accomplishing something!!

I happily got all the Halloween decorations down and them and my costume put away and the room set up for a new month while the children were watching the movie.  It was probably the best and calmest Halloween I’ve ever had at school:)


My sister in law had texted that she didn’t need me to babysit this weekend, so I decided to go trick or treat my nephew after school. I’ve done this every year and wanted to keep the tradition, besides I was really missing him and needed a Gussy fix! He showed me his costume and pumpkin:

Gave me a hug and I gave him a treat, so I count the visit as a success:)


Brenda and I had knit night tonight as I can’t hand out candy as I live in a locked building and brenda didn’t want to. It was quite productive as we started working out some of the logistics for our weather scarf next year. I also finally chose a pattern for my Granite State wool and have decided on convertible handwarmers. I only got the cuff done so no sense showing you s picture yet. I also got quite a bit fine on my rug as Brenda was working on a tea towel she’s not enjoying so I joined her in misery and worked on my rug. I realized I don’t love working on the rug because the material is rough and scrapes up my skin:(. I’m going to have to put this on my goal list so it gets done!


I had brought the pumpkin seeds home to roast. Unfortunately Brenda showed up just as I was getting them ready for the oven and somehow I forgot to douse them with oil:( I ended up throwing out 334 pumpkin seeds:(. I just hope my co teacher had more luck than me!

I at least got the pumpkin roasted properly:) I really want to make a recipe for pumpkin chili that I saw on here recently, but now I can’t find it:( If anyone else has seen it and remembers who posted it, could you please let me know:)


I haven’t had much chance yet today:( I just looked at my Goodreads and I e only read six books this month. That seems low to me, but then again I’ve never looked before. It will be interesting to see how many I read this month.

Well I’m off to bed so that I’ll be calm and patient in the face of sugared children tomorrow🤣

Have fun!


One Foot in Front of the Other

It’s been a good day, just wish I felt better to enjoy it!


I was almost glad to wake up with a sore throat this morning as it explains my lack of energy and vigor lately. I did Bea Free‘a Tuesday workout. This was another deck of cards workout that was all ab exercises. I don’t think my abs have ever had twenty five minutes spent just on them. I’ll make sure they do again though! This week’s exercises by Bea Free are perfect for when you can’t be noisy!

I also got out for an easy going thirty minute run after work today. I was going to go to clinic and do hills tonight but I’ve had this sore throat all day and I can’t miss work tomorrow so I decided not to do a gruelling workout tonight, but I didn’t want to do nothing! It was a great afternoon for a run as I caught a break when the sun was actually out. Glad for my wool though as it’s cold already!

I need to remember how well self- massage works to relieve pain and tightness in my legs during the weeks I don’t go for a massage. I’m finding my legs are feeling tired everyday, so I had better dig out the lotion (something I always have too much of) and dig in to loosen up those tight muscles! I don’t do anything special, but it really seems to help, just try to cover each major muscle group in the leg- quads, hamstrings, shins and calves. I obviously can’t dig my elbow in like my RMT does, but my thumbs are pretty good at digging in 😀


Miss crier had a great day. I’ve noticed that she’s smiling more these days which is good. I’ll take whatever I can get!

I had one little guy who went home after he started crying for the third time and complaining that his throat hurt. He’s not going to learn anything when he’s laying on the floor crying so he might as well go home. If I lay on the floor crying multiple times, will they let me go home, cause my throat hurts too!!??

I got my bottom desk drawer tidied and organized on my prep today. I know this is not exciting for anyone else, but this drawer has been driving me nuts and has been on my to-do list since the beginning of school in September so to have it done feels wonderful!😀

We even managed to get outside for some play time this afternoon as the sun came out. It’s been super windy here yesterday and today. When I opened the door to let the children out the sound of the wind rushing through the trees was amazing! It was so cute to see the children running around trying to catch leaves that the wind was tossing around!

I played a “game” with my anxious little guy first thing this morning. Flip an alphabet card and the first to say the letter name gets the card. I gave him a five second head start each time. He managed to get ten cards which is an improvement from the five letters he knew at the start of the year:) Im hoping that by Christmas we are playing using the sounds, as he’ll know the letter names!

Some of the leaf rubbings I’ve been talking about. Definitely turned out better than the other class’. I should have taken photographic evidence to submit, but didn’t think about it until just now:(


I mainly stick to the plan so I’m happy with myself:). Feel so much better!

Family & Friends:

I picked my friend Lyndsay and her son up this morning as her car was broken and she got in with a Starbucks drink for me.  It was totally not necessary, but oh so sweet of her. I don’t know what she got me, but boy did it taste good! Or maybe the taste was enhanced by the kind act!

I also went to let Wilson and Kula out for my friends who were working tonight. Wilson heard the wind and refused to step a paw out the door, but Kula happily played in the yard for a bit before collapsing on my lap.   Awwwww!

I also dropped by to visit my aunt and uncle quickly to get them to take my birthday gift to my nephew over to the Island for me. It was great to see them as it seems like it’s been forever! My uncle of course, asked if I was dating anyone. Sorry to disappoint you uncle, but no one in this town wants to date me, lol. He says I’m too strong and I intimidate guys. I really don’t think that’s possible at 4’7″!🤣

I read about so many good books and ideas and I don’t want to come across as someone who doesn’t follow through so today I started a page for two of the reading challenges that Abbey at Three Cats and a Girl has started. I’ve had to alter the classics challenge a bit as fifty classics in five years was just overwhelming to me when added to all the other reading I do, so I’m aiming for ten:) I know, with my personality, I’ll try to do all ten right away to get the job done. Lol. I did download the Librivox app today which Abbey had suggested. It’s free classic audiobooks. I think I might try listening to them on my longer runs. I’ve been listening to Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott as I knitted today. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to follow it and would lose track of what was happening, but so far so good:)


I am still making my way through The Shadow of the Wind. I have twenty more chapters to go before Sunday, but I think I’ll make it as it’s more interesting now. That’s only four chapters a day:) I can do that!


I have finally finished the doll blanket I am making for my secretary’s granddaughter. It is just blocking, but will hopefully be dry by morning! It really is a pretty cream colour, it’s just the lights in my condo that make it look yellow:( Now I need to figure out what to do next. The last class on Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup that I’m interested in this month is learning a new technique. Maybe I’ll look for an entrelac pattern.  Oh as I write this I realize I should cast on the 98-33 handwarmers pattern so that I have them to keep me warm at work!

Well I’m going back to knitting, reading and drinking hot tea with lemon. If anyone has a way to cure a cold (I’ve been taking ColdFX and Emergen-C), I’d love to hear it as I really don’t have time for this right now!

Have fun!


I Did It!

I started the day off doing something I didn’t think I could:)


I had plans to run Bert Flynn Park with my running buddy at 8:30 this morning. Normally though I run the Coquitlam Crunch on Saturday mornings. Yesterday I hemmed and hawed about whether I should skip the crunch? When I said something about this to Chelsea (dancingrunner) she said to go for it. I thought that if she could do 100 miles, I could do this and the worst that would happen is that I’d have to stop running and walk.  So I set off this morning to walk over to the crunch. Now just the other day I added “run the crunch in less than 25 minutes” to my fitness goals. Maybe I should have done that a while ago! I don’t know if it was because I had some honeystinger chews before I left or because I’ve ran some other hills lately or because I’ve been so consistent with my exercise lately, but…

I did it!!!🎉🎊(cue the band!) I felt awesome! It was hard at spots and I realized it’s the third section that’s slowing me down as it’s the longest and is just a continuous uphill so it’s tough to run it after doing the 437 stairs in section 2, but I’ll work on that:). I was ahead of schedule the whole way up and it felt great!!!

I ended up running down the top two sections and then diverting onto David Avenue to run over to Bert Flynn Park. Of course I got to David Ave just in time for the hills and I didn’t even get a break at the stop lights as they were all in my favour. At least there is gorgeous Fall colour to distract me! I really wanted to walk, but I didn’t! I probably could have ran down the whole crunch and then over to the Park as I arrived 25 minutes early and I got cold waiting😞😖. Thankfully my running buddy showed up early! She also brought our newest running buddy with her. It made our run through the park (also uphill) a little slower and winding, but he’s cute! 

Unfortunately my phone died as we got back to the car, but I then carried on to run down the hill to home. My app says I ran one hour and sixteen minutes, but I think it’s more like an hour and a half. That was really exciting for me as I haven’t run for that long in a lot of years. It wasn’t fast, but now that I know I can do it, I can plan lots more interesting runs!

I also worked out this evening. (You all are good for me- I wanted to skip it, but then didn’t want to have to admit that to you all!). I did the cardio fix workout which included crossover jacks, high knees, lunges, burpees, around the world planks, plank jacks, dips, plie squats, side lunges, skaters, mountain climbers and up downs. It was a good workout as I was dripping sweat at the end😀.


I have spent most of the day making my dishes for my Luncheon with my friend tomorrow, but I’ll wait to tell you about them until I can comment on how they taste.


I got my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed and waxed today. A few years ago I started doing this as my eyebrows and eyelashes are incredibly blonde! It looks like I don’t have any if I don’t wear mascara. I was forever stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara wand; I really am a menace with that thing so I moved to getting them dyed. It takes about twenty minutes to do both and is good for about six weeks. I’ve decided the expense is definitely worth it to not have bloodshot eyes any more from that mascara wand attacking me. The girl who does them for me has become a friend too which always makes the appointment fun and I don’t have to worry about making small talk!


I sent a Happy Birthday text to my oldest brother this morning as he turns 41 today. I saw him earlier in the week, but I’ll have to get his present over to him (once I buy it). I was thinking of getting him a few different bottles of Guinness to try, (I know he likes Guinness),but I don’t know if there are different varieties. I’ll have to check out the liquor store.


In between all the cooking I have managed to finish a pair of handwarmers for my nephew to match his toque.  I had forgotten how quickly handwarmers can be made! I’m thinking I should make them for my friends in Boston for Christmas as they should be cheap to mail.


I’ve made up several patterns for handwarmers over the years. This one was: on circular needles,  K2P1 ribbing for ten rows, Knit for 28 rows. Row 39: Knit 5, cast off 4, knit to the end of the row. Row 40: Knit 5, cast on 4, Knit to the end of the row. Knit for 11 rounds. K2P1 ribbing for 10 rounds. Cast off. Do exactly the same thing for the other hand. For this present I only had 27 stitches on the needle. It’s great that my nephew is about the same size as me so since the handwarmers fit me, they should fit him:)

Yarn: Maryanne’s Team Socks in Vancouver Canucks. I was just as happy with this yarn today as I was yesterday! Soft, light, smooth, and reliable!  I will definitely buy from Smith & Ewe again! I love that they’re a BC company too:)

I will be entering these handwarmers as a class on the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. That will give me two classes complete and it’s only the 7th of the month and I’m only required to do one per month😀.

Now I just have to decide if I have enough yarn left for a scarf or not!

Well, I have two dishes left to make for lunch tomorrow so I had better get cracking!

Have fun!