Friday Eve

It was a tough day as the mid-week snow day really threw off the kids and the teachers.


I seemed to spend a lot of today talking about following directions right away! We got through our hip hop lesson this morning, then calendar. We wrote about our snow day yesterday. I was disappointed with how little they wrote. I need to find a way to inspire them to write more.

This afternoon we had a lesson on deciding strategies and then I gave them some centre time after silent reading and buddy reading.

All in all, not a bad day for a Thursday!


I left school quickly to get my eyebrows and eyelashes done, but I had noticed that the sidewalk looked cleared so I immediately headed out for a run. I figured anything was better than nothing! I actually got 4.25km as it was cleared right over to the park. I was happy with an average 6:33/km pace as I was trying to be cautious because of the snowy slushy, wet, slippery ground under me.

This evening I also got a hallmark workout done. I jogged for a minute between these exercises: squats, reverse lunges, Bridges, pushups, plié squats, crunches, reverse crunches, curtsy lunges, burpees, and dips.

I’m thinking maybe I had better add some weights to this soon!


Tonight’s Hallmark movie was Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday. It was super cute and I enjoyed the movie overall:)


The toque for Liane is completely done! This is the Thistle Seed Beanie knitted in Loops and Threads Charisma.

She went with the original chunky toque and now I need to reknit the second one I did as one of our EAs wants it.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Lazy Snow

We had quite the accumulation of snow last night and it lazily continued spitting snow all day today. The kids loved it!


I only had fourteen children today so it was difficult to really get anything done as I knew anything I taught today would need to be re-taught tomorrow. We started with a gym block as we were supposed to have our first hip hop lesson but the instructor was late. The students did pretty good at learning a few moves in the fifteen minutes we ended up having.

I decided to go ahead and teach the friends of 10 strategy for addition. The children seemed to get it quite well, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

This afternoon we started our polar bear unit by brainstorming our questions about polar bears. There were no earth shattering questions, but there was also only one silly question, so I’ll take it:)

Finally this afternoon we took the children outside so they could play in the snow. We don’t get dry, fluffy snow very often so felt they deserved the chance to just play. It was gorgeous, but very cold out.


We all got out of work quickly after school as everyone wanted to get off the hill in case it snowed me. So far it hasn’t and it had better stay that way!

I finished Liane’s toque, but I’m not sure it is going to be what she wants. She wanted a slouchy toque, but picked a bulky yarn and the two don’t seem to go together very well. I haven’t attached the Pom Pom yet until she tries it on. If anyone can shed light on this problem, please do!

This evening, I have started a knitted backpack that I had bought the yarn and pattern for this last summer. I really liked having both the yarn and pattern ready and together. Maybe I should always buy supplies and patterns this way.


Tonight I watched the movie Christmas Town. It was cute but so unrealistic that I found it tough to watch. The Christmas cafe was my favourite part of the movie.


Since I watched a hallmark movie I had to do a workout. I did a minute of jogging in between: squats, reverse lunges, burpees, pushups, crunches, jacks, froggers, plié squats, mountain climbers, reverse crunches, curtsy lunges, dips, and high knees.


Not a bad eating day until I ate six cookies after school! I think I was just trying to give myself energy.

I think now I’ll give myself energy by going to bed!

Have fun!


Sunday Quandary

Everyone in my family knows I collect opinions and then make my own decision and I’ve decided to use you guys for some opinions:)


We had a dusting of snow and a whole ton of rain overnight where I live. Everything above me got a lot of snow. We had a bit of a problem when text messages didn’t go through this morning, but did finally meet up for a wet, quick walk at the river this morning. We decided it was a much better idea just to go for breakfast.

This evening I got a quick Hallmark workout in, though I must admit I wasn’t feeling very energetic. I did a minute of skaters in between: crunches, pushups, squats, plié squats, burpees, mountain climbers, dips, froggers, high knees, curtsy lunges, and lateral lunges.


I have been working on a toque for a co-worker. She picked the thistle beanie off of Ravelry and I have knit it twice today. The first time I had gone down to a size 5mm needle to get gauge, but didn’t like how stiff the knitted product was turning out. The second time I have gone back to a size 6mm needle and will hopefully get a slouching hat. Thankfully she figures her head is bigger than mine so the extra in gauge will hopefully not matter too much.


I visited my friend C today along with Lyndsay. C lost her dad on Thursday night. Here is my conundrum.

C sent three of us text messages telling us that the prayers were this coming Friday night and the funeral is at 12pm on Saturday. Today I learned the prayers are open casket and then on Saturday there is the mass at 12, followed by the internment at 1:45 and then a wake that goes until 6:30.

The other two ladies at work don’t think they want to go to any of it. I don’t particularly want to (who WANTS to go to a funeral) but kind of feel like I should go to show support for my friend. I have known C for three years- we worked together for one year and have worked out once a week for a year and socialized a bit. I had never met her father.

So please tell me what you all would do. I would appreciate any opinions:)


I listened to a new to me podcast today called Yarniacs. It was quite cute! I bookmarked a few patterns on Ravelry from their suggestions and I liked how simple their show was to follow.

I also watched the Hallmark movie Grounded for Christmas. It was quite cute and displayed a lot of traditional Christmas elements.

I wonder when I will stop watching Christmas movies for the year. Not yet as I’m off to watch another.

Have fun!


Finally an FO

I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done today, but unfortunately the energy level just wasn’t there for all of it.


Of course I couldn’t sleep in this morning, but after lazing in bed and having a lovely 1/2 of a fried egg sandwich, I got out for a run. Later in the day, I wished I had waited as it was pretty grey when I was out there. I ran slowly as I needed to get 45 minutes in for the Squad Runner mission. I didn’t run that long (used some walking to make up the time), but got a nice 5.24km though it went downhill quickly at the end when my stomach started talking.

After recovering for the rest of the day I got a short hallmark movie workout done this evening. I did a minute of jogging between each of these: crunches, reverse lunges, squats, reverse crunches, burpees, plié squats, dips, froggers, mountain climbers, and high knees. Not many of each, but something.

I’ve been keeping track of my workouts this year and am thinking my goal might be to keep my number of runs and number of workouts equal.


I will have an update at the end of the month, but I actually did some stitching today. It was so nice and bright and sunny that it seemed like the perfect time and I did a lovely calm hour of stitching.


I went to the knitting store today and got a Pom Pom for my friend’s toque that she wants me to make her. I got that and the Gramps pattern from Tin Can Knits with the gift card I got from a student this Christmas.

I also got busy and got my baby blanket done. I used all five balls of yarn I had, but it still didn’t turn out to be as big as I wanted. I still really like the pattern, but also would have liked it if I had done the full 18 rows of border on both ends instead of shortening it to 9.

I tried to have ice cream after the yarn store, but Vashti Rose wasn’t open yet. I guess I was saved.


Tonight I watched Homecoming For Christmas which was very cute.

Well that was it for my quiet day!

First Snow Day

It was our first snowfall of the winter though it only amounted to a skiff on the grass in my area. Sometimes I love living in a “banana belt” area!


The kids were so incredibly excited about our tiny bit of snow. I was less than excited about the ten minutes it took before and after each break to get the kids in and out of their snow gear😖

We had music today, completed a worksheet on the counting on strategy for addition. It was so weird that the children did great counting on using a number line but got really confused when using their fingers. I’ve never had that happen before!

This afternoon we had buddy time with our grade four buddies and then the children had centre time. All in all, a pretty good day!


This morning I really wanted to look for more yarn but figured that was dangerous, so I only let myself look when I got home. I had one more skein of sport weight white in the box, but I think this is going to be it. I’ve done two pattern repeats tonight and am kind of hoping to finish this blanket tomorrow. The pattern called for 18 pattern repeats and I’m only at 12 so I don’t think it’s going to make 18, but maybe two more.


Tonight I watched Our Christmas Love Song. It was a very cute Hallmark movie with Alicia Witt. I liked the family aspect and the fact she didn’t hid her problems from her family. It is also very Christmassy so it led to a good workout.


It has been miserably wet here all day and I really didn’t want to go out in that, but also didn’t want to have a no exercise day, so I did a hallmark workout. I did a minute of jogging in between each of these moves:

60 reverse lunges, 90 squats, 15 jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 10 burpees, 60 plié squats, 20 dips, 15 pushups, 25 crunches, 5 froggers, 15 reverse crunches, 20 curtsy lunges.

I can’t wait until I’m feeling more energetic and can up the intensity of what I do for these workouts and add weights.

I definitely missed my workout with L this morning but figured I shouldn’t stress my body that much yet.

Well I’m off to bed as I’m exhausted.

Have fun!


Still Going But Not To The Same Extent

I just realized tonight that while I’m still trying to do everything I’ve always done, nothing is done as well as it usually is.


After resetting the alarm twice and getting up 45 minutes later than normal, I got my butt to work. We had music this morning and then we tackled addition after recess. It went really well and the children were able to show me they could use manipulative to add, so we moved on to using the number line and counting on. They loved the game turkey trot and seemed to be getting it.

This afternoon we started making snowmen. I love art like this because while I gave them a tracer and some items they had to include, everything else is up to them. I like seeing how creative they can be! I also enjoyed having the very cute TOC come and work with me during this time:)


I dragged myself out for a run this evening. It wasn’t raining so I went to the park and around the park. I got in 4.33km, but it was slow as molasses compared to normal. I’m really missing running faster and being able to run longer. There were actually several times that I thought about stopping and walking, but then it would have taken longer to get home.

After several hours of sitting on the couch I did a hallmark movie workout tonight too. In between each move I did about a minute of a shuffle on the spot. I did: squats, crunches, reverse crunches, pushups, jacks, dips, reverse lunges, burpees, plié squats, curtsy lunges, lateral lunges, mountain climbers, high knees and froggers.

I find it really tough to think about the fact that now I do 20 high knees when usually I would be doing a minute of them and my workout would include a lot more demanding moves, power and speed. I find it tough to not workout because it seems like a slippery slope to what I used to be, but it’s also tough to see my workouts be so easy because I can’t do more. 😖😖


I’m still working on the baby blanket, but am really loving the snowflake pattern. I am hoping I have more sport weight yarn so I can make it bigger! It’s also nice to think I’ve already used up four balls from my stash:)

Movie: my movie tonight was the Two Turtle Doves again. It was just as cute and Christmassy tonight as it was two nights ago. I really liked the line that all traditions were once new. They were new ornaments that are now put on the tree very year, it was a new baked loaf that is now made and eaten every year. I think that’s an awesome thought to keep in mind to get through the holidays healthily:)

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Bye Bye

Well even though I got more days than I expected, I still don’t like it when my mom goes home and I have to become an adult again:(


I had arranged to meet up with my Sunday morning running group for a New Years Day run. It ended up just being Dennis, Sarah and I, but we got 5.27km done. We got to take a new trail at Colony Farm and it was a lovely path, though it will be even nicer when we can do a loop instead of having to backtrack.

I also got a Hallmark Christmas movie workout done this evening. I did a minute of high knees between these exercises: reverse lunges, crunches, squats. Plié squats, pushups, burpees, dips, curtsy lunges, jacks and high knees.


Most of the day was super quiet and relaxing. I finished my first book of the year which I heard about on the Not Your Mom’s Bookclub podcast. It’s called Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It was a sweet historical romance and I really enjoyed it. It had a touch of mystery to it and the emotions were written so well that the reader feels them too. A great first read for the year:)


I spent most of last night and today knitting a Barley hat out of Mohair, but when I went to visit my mom tonight to say goodbye I tried it on her head. My mom has the biggest head of anyone I know and it was too big for her so I ended up frogging it and I am just knitting a simple garter stitch scarf with this cool Mohair.


Relentless Knitting had a new podcast out so I listened to it as I knitted today and really enjoyed their merriment and hearing how their lives have been going.


Tonight I watched Holiday Date. It was super cute! It was the familiar trope of a fake relationship but was well done. I really loved the dad’s character. He was so into Christmas and yet really gruff with the men in his daughter’s lives 🤣

Well the first day is the year is done:)

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday

It was a really good day and so nice to be home I’m familiar ground again. I didn’t realize how tense I was just driving when I had no idea where I was going and was in an unfamiliar car.

Grateful: For the opportunity and resources to be able to have a family Christmas vacation and all that family time.

Grateful: for a comfortable home that makes me happy and safe.


I finally got back to normal! I met up with my regular running buddies Brenda, Sarah and Dennis. James couldn’t join us as he dell off his roof and hurt himself. I can’t wait to hear this story!

We did a run of the river and it was great that Sarah came along so I had someone to run with and yet Dennis got a good run in:). It wasn’t super busy and it didn’t rain so definitely a win win!

The river on a Fall day.

I did meet my goal today so there will be a running review up tomorrow, but I was disappointed that RunKeeper doesn’t celebrate meeting a goal at all- the goal just disappears:(

Grateful: For all my awesome running buddies.

Grateful: For the animals in my life that provide me with lots of cuddles. Kula was a smuggler today:)

Friendship/ Eating:

I ran home and cleaned up and then met up with a couple of friends for brunch. It was Allison’s last day in town so I was happy to get one more meetup. We went to Wendel’s in Fort Langley. This place is always super busy! I got there early and had a few minutes to peruse the bookstore part of the establishment. Lots of cool knitting books, but all too expensive:(

I had three choices for brunch and went with the avocado Benny which as my mom says was just avocado and eggs on gf toast along with some tomatoes. It was still super yummy though!

We then wandered the Main Street and through the grocery store where I picked up a few gf/df treats.

Grateful: for friends who are easy to be with no matter how long it’s been:)

Grateful: to live in a place where there are options for me when I go out:)


I grabbed my mom and hot Costco for gas and food. My dad has given me the idea of buying steak at Costco and just freezing it for my regular Sunday lunch as this way I would be able to afford better steak. I ended up with steak, shrimp, yogurt and cucumbers. It’s going to be interesting meals, but I never know if I should bother shopping when I’m on holidays as it always seems like I’m out a lot. We shall see, but hopefully I didn’t waste my money.

We carried on to the clothing store where I immediately found the red winter wool jacket I had wanted. It must have been my day for red as i also found a red and white striped shirt and a red sweater. Now I just have to get rid of a few things from my wardrobe to make room for this new stuff! One of my goals on this week off is to get all my closets tidied and everything entered into my app.

Grateful: to have my mom for company as I was running errands. It makes the tedious time go so much quicker.

Grateful: to have made peace with my body so that I can feel comfortable wearing bright colours. I know I’m not perfect at this, but I’m a whole lot better than I used to be!

Reading/ Listening:

I listened to another episode of the Not Your Mom’s aromanxw book club podcast and found another book I want to read. I’ve decided that I’m still going to read lots of romance next year, but I will try for one non fiction book a month.

Grateful: for this podcast that keeps me entertained while I knit tedious sections.

Grateful: for the variety and number of books I have available to me!


I rewatched Write Vefore Christmas as I hadn’t managed to do a workout to this movie the first time i watched it. I really enjoyed this book and it reminded me of Love Actually with its multiple story lines.

I ended up doing a 17:30 workout with a minute of jogging between moves. I did: 30 reverse lunges, 37 crunches, 37 reverse crunches, 5 pushups, 20 jacks, 5 burpees, 25 curtsy lunges, 10 high knees, 25 squats, 15 plié squats.

I know it’s not a ton, but I figure it has to be better than nothing! I’m thinking that I’d like to come up with a similar workout for non Christmas hallmark movies that I could do throughout the next year. If anyone has ideas of elements that are in lots of Hallmark movies, please let me know:)

Grateful: for hallmark that produces feel good movies

Grateful: for the clever person that came up with the hallmark workout so I can combine two of my favourite things and not feel guilty about sitting watching a movie.


Not fabulous, but not as horrible as lately. I think I will still give myself a couple of days before I get on the scale.

I had: half a tortilla with peanut butter, the avocado and egg on toast, shrimp plate,1/3 of ginger cookie, 1/3 of chocolate chip cookie ( neither were very good) and 1/2 of peanut butter bar ( delicious)!

Well I’m off to start a new book.

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday

It was a nice day though I know ya just the calm before the storm.


I did show up for my run this morning. My running partner Dennis was amazing and stayed close the whole way. If you knew how fast he is, you’d know what a big sacrifice this was for him. I figure he was probably running backwards at times. I hit about four km and struggled from there, but another run got done and I only have 39.1km left to do before I make my yearly mileage goal.

I also did a small, easy Hallmark movie workout this evening. I did:

60 reverse lunges

52 crunches, 53 reverse crunches

10 pushups

20 jacks

15 burpees

35 squats

10 plié squats

5 dips

5 rows

10 curtsy lunges

40 front kicks/ side kicks

15 bicep curls

Thankfully I have had multiple naps today and have spent all my other time on the carpet.

I am grateful for having reliable, supportive running buddies in Brenda and Dennis. They listen to me make goals for next year, but remind me I have to get healthy first.


I have spent a lot of today knitting a market bag. It is the last one I need for tomorrow so I am glad I got it done tonight and can get all three gifts wrapped up tonight. I did the market bag/ produce bag free pattern off Ravelry and it was a quick, easy knit that looks great! I used Indigo by Berrocco and I think it will be a great bag!

I’m thankful my grandma and mom taught me to knit so I can accomplish something even when I’m on the couch and that I can use my hobby to make gifts for others. I am also thankful for Ravelry that gives me access to so many awesome patterns that I may otherwise not know about.


I watched the Hallmark movie, Road to Christmas. This was a very cute movie and I remember last year it inspired my around the world Santa study with my class. The movie does a great job of highlighting the Christmas traditions and the importance of family at this time.

As I’m only allowing myself one Christmas movie a night, my second movie of the day was Valentine in the Vineyard. This is the continuation of the story of Nate and Frankie. I really do love how Hallmark has started doing sequel movies so you get to see what happens to couples after they initially get together.

I’m thankful for good entertainment that leaves me feeling happy.


Thanks again to Abbey for hosting this Christmas Blogmas. It’s been great thinking about items that I probably take for granted too much.

As a child we opened presents on Christmas morning. My next oldest brother would wake me up early to open our stockings which had an orange, some life savers and usually hair accessories and something little to do. We then had to wait for my grandma to arrive to open the presents under the tree. I remember always wanting to put off opening presents as long as possible as I like the anticipation so much!

For the past ten years or so, my family has not done presents. It was tough to get used to, but now I love it. First, I am one of the few of my social group who is not in debt in January. Second, it has given me a lot more time to just enjoy the season. I can go to the mall and just enjoy the atmosphere without going crazy trying to find the perfect gift. It has given me the time to make gingerbread houses with my niece and nephews. I get to make cookies and look at lights. It has taken the stress out of the holidays. Thirdly, I love not having a whole bunch of “stuff” to dispose of come January. You always have the one gift you’re excited to give and then you run around trying to find something to give everyone else. It’s pretty nice eliminating this from life:)

I’m grateful for getting to enjoy the important parts of the season- friends and family.

Well other than some food prep and napping, that is my whole day!

Have fun!


Super Saturday

It was a lovely day but I am exhausted!


I had an advent calendar most years that I was growing up. It definitely wasn’t like the advent calendars that my students have these days- chocolate, lego and hot wheels seem to be very popular. My advent calendars were put together by mom and grandma and set me up with an amazing collection of Christmas ornaments. I just loved opening a little gift each morning and I don’t think it would have mattered what was in them, though I love having all of these ornaments now.

I also have to mention my actual advent calendars as I love them as well. My personal advent calendar was created by mom and featured two little mice that she had cross stitched and then sewed red ric-rac pockets for the numbers.😍😍😍. However, I also got to put the numbers up on my grandma’s advent calendar which was a tree and featured cardboard numbers. I still do both of these advent calendars and love them just as much today!

On a different note, I am very intrigued by the many advent calendars offered now. I have actually tried a tea advent calendar twice and it was lovely both times. I have thought of a yarn advent calendar, but just haven’t found the right one for me yet:(. I have also thought of creating my own advent calendar by buying stuff on Boxing Day so I won’t even remember what I’m getting by the next Christmas, but it hasn’t happened yet.


I am busily knitting on another market bag which I need to finish tomorrow for Monday. I am doing Farmer’s Market/Produce Bag which is a free pattern on Ravelry. So far it’s an easy pattern to follow and hopefully will go quickly!


I went out with three friends from work. We started with a couple of errand stops at MEC, Starbucks and a spa. I managed to only buy a slap reflective band at MEC.

We then hit Fort Langley which is a lovely little township. I had suggested this outing as I had heard about a vegan charcuterie board at Bench Snack Bar, so we headed there first. What a mistake! We ordered four cups of tea, a normal charcuterie board and a vegan one and it took AN HOUR to get our food:(. And unfortunately we were all very underwhelmed by the boards that finally came out. I had two small pieces of vegan cheese, 8 small crackers, a tiny dish of hummus and about five pieces of pickled vegetables. And it cost $25!!! I was not impressed! The normal board was slightly better as it had some condiments, meat, egg and bread but the ladies said it definitely needed more. It also wouldn’t have taken any of us an hour to make these boards:(

We then wandered the Main Street shops. Liane had the longest list, but I probably spent the most money. Sue bought a present for her daughter and her boyfriend, Robyn bought a cute book and a placemat, Liane bought a hostess gift of a centerpiece, a necklace for her mother and chips and dip for her party tonight. I went crazy and bought a pair of Blundstone boots, the same cute book as Robyn and some groceries as there were several places that sold gluten free, dairy free treats ( which have all been frozen!)

It was such a lovely day with great friends:)


I watched Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses. It was not the best Hallmark Christmas movie I have seen. It just didn’t seem very Christmassy to me:(


I did do a short Hallmark workout. I ended up doing:

25 reverse lunges

5 crunches, reverse crunches

20 pushups

10 jacks, 10 cross jacks

5 burpees

55 squats

10 plié squats

10 moguls

15 upright rows

20 high knees

30 curtsy lunges

15 front kicks, 15 side kicks

20 bicep curls

I at least did something, but I’m so tired now that I’m going straight to bed!

Have fun!