Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing


The day went okay, but my kids were quite rude this afternoon and so got 15 minutes of centres rather 45.

We got a couple of pages of our mini book on Christmas done, and wrote about singing at the Christmas concert.


After work I went off to the doctor. He told me that he would refer me to an internist and it would take 1-2 months to see him and get order for iron infusions. He told me togo to ER, so I did. Spent the evening getting iron pumped into me.

It’s funny, when I went for my blood tests the lab techs said I need a new doctor. This evening at the hospital, the nurses and doctors said I need a new doctor. The people at work say I need a new doctor. Guess I’d better get on this as I was left tonight with two sore arms, no idea what I’m supposed to do next, and …still tired.

I’m going to bed!

Have fun!


Fall Sparkle

After so much rain lately, I looked out the classroom window and everything was sparkling in the sunshine- so pretty!


Today was a busy day with a lesson this morning using the book What Does Peace Feel Like? This is definitely a book I need to buy- it was great! The children had a worksheet to fill out with their own ideas afterwards. They found the ideas came easily, but answering in a complete sentence did not.

We did some skip counting, practices our poem for the assembly on Thursday and worked on our Poppy wreath for the assembly. Nothing too exciting, except the fact I now have thirteen kids working on sight word booklets. It’s going to make for some very busy mornings as they come to read them to me!


I tried a new masseuse today who was a guy. It’s a first for me, but so far I don’t hurt. I’m hoping it stays this way as he is just across the street from me so would be super convenient!


I finally managed to get my sheets changed and my new duvet cover on. I bought the wrong size:(. The duvet is a king and my duvet is a queen. It’s a final sale so hopefully it won’t bug me too much!

The pattern isn’t quite as strong as I would have liked. I’ll have to do my best to be neat and tidy and not get stains from my morning tea on it!


I received a free copy of Kait Nolan’s newest Wishful novella, Once Upon a Rescue

This story of Brooke and Hayden is a sweet introduction to the winter season. Hayden is the sweetheart that helps Brooke out of a tough spot at her animal rescue centre. It turns out he’s sweet all the way through.

The story is short, but the characters are well developed and the reader isn’t left with questions, but is instead left with a satisfyingly sweet feeling. Definitely a worth reading novella!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

I have also started and finished my next NetGalley book, Christmas in Cape Cod. It was a lovely book about a man and his best friend. Maddie has had feelings for Asa for a long time, but he finally realizes his feelings during the Christmas season. It’s a sweet friend’s to more short novel. I liked how the characters were portrayed and the plot had a good pacing to it. The only thing I didn’t love was that there wasn’t enough explanation of the back story. I still have questions. It is a good read for the holiday season however.

See this is what I get like when I have a goal- single minded. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. This time, it’s definitely not good for my knitting!

Clean November Challenge:

Not a perfect day, but not too bad either. I had an extra apple and two rice crackers.

I’m going back to my reading now!

Have fun!


Surprisingly Wonderful

Well for a day that started out with the disappointment of my running buddy cancelling, it has turned out to be quite great!

With being on my own for my run, I suddenly got the idea to do a ten km run as I haven’t done so for a few months.  I started off great, but had my tracking program giving the time every ten minutes. It got tough to keep going when I realized that I was going to be slower than I had been last time. I seriously contemplated stopping at just over 6km when I got back to my place, but managed to push myself to keep going with the thought that the time didn’t matter as long as I finished it. I would love to know what my pace is in miles!

It was definitely harder to accomplish the run this time and I think it’s due to the lack of weight workouts lately. I managed to keep up my running in Boston, but not my usual workout.  If nothing else, my tough run inspired me to do the Burpee Killer workout I’ve been avoiding. It turned out not to be as horrible as it looked:) I also got a walk in this evening so I’m three for three for exercise today 🎉

Since it was cloudy and much cooler today, I took that as a sign that I could do some baking:) I had chosen the Skillet Apple Pie from my Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I love almond flour but buy it sparingly because of its cost.  This recipe didn’t turn out perfectly, but I think it was my fault, not the recipes!  First I would suggest getting all the parts put together in advance so you just need to mix together. None of them are difficult, just the timing is quick. Secondly, the recipe said to add the liquid mixture to the apples after you removed it from the heat, but I would actually put it in for there last minute or so, to help it thicken as it was still quite runny.  Thirdly, I may just put the skillet into the middle of the oven, not the top as it browned REALLY quickly!!! I also realized after I started that I no longer had a cast iron skillet which I think a 10″ one would be perfect for this recipe.  It would actually be quite a gorgeous dessert for company if you had that size. Mine turned out more like a crumble,IMG_8680.JPG but I’d definitely make it again because it tastes divine!  It was especially yummy with my apple pie ice cream from yesterday on top.  Thankfully, I quickly got it portioned out and frozen so I didn’t eat the whole thing today!

I got a few chores done around the house- laundry, tidying, little more on my Montreal album. I also surprisingly got my bathroom cleaned. I had bought a new shower curtain liner yesterday and I wanted to hang it but then decided if I was going to do that I should wash the shower curtain and then figured I’d clean the tub and by the time you clean the tub you might as well do the rest of the bathroom so now I have a nice, clean bathroom lol😀Never a bad thing!

I have been knitting furiously all day hoping that I’d be able to share a finished Nubby knit turtleneck, but I’ve come to the realization it won’t be done today. I’m so close! One sleeve and a collar to go! Just one question, does anyone have a better way of keeping track of rows than tally marks on a piece of paper ?

Well I’m back to knitting so I’ll be able to share a completed sweater soon!!

Have fun!