Cold, colder, coldest

A day which I spent trying to get warm!


4 degrees came as a shock this morning after two weeks in Arizona! I got my butt out of bed and headed out for my group run. Most were walking, but Dennis and I took off for a loop of the river. I started off running with Dennis and we were going fast, but of course I had forgotten to start my Runkeeper app:( After I stopped to start it, I was running much slower. Grrrrrrrr! I made it all the way around, but I sure noticed that I’m still congested! Sorry there’s no picture today but it was raining too hard to get one:( I got soaked!!!

Coffee afterwards was loads of fun and it was nice we had a new woman join us- Joanne. I didn’t get to talk to her, but she seemed nice:)


I finished Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck.

This is the story of Suzanne Hart who owns Donut Hearts. She has the body of one of her customers dropped on her doorstep one morning. She decides to combine her donut making with sleuthing to find the killer.

I liked how the story revolves around her friendships with Grace, Emma and George. I also liked how there was a touch of romance with the state police investigator. I also liked how there were recipes included.

I didn’t love how the recipes weren’t really connected to the story; they seemed kind of random. I also didn’t love how the murderer seemed to come out of the blue at the end. There was almost no discussion of him throughout the book and then wham in the last chapter, Suzanne and the state investigator both suddenly decide it’s him! Unh unh!

It was a cute cosy mystery, but I would recommend a Joanne Fluke book before this one.

On the reading front I am thinking that I should avoid going to the library this month and try to get some of the books read that I have around the house! My place is starting to feel a little cluttered and this could help!


I went grocery shopping and got some food into the house. I bought nothing packaged and stuck to fruits, veggies and protein. I got my food ready for the week- oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for recess, stir fry for lunch, and cinnamon Chex for after school snack. I also bought hummus and veggies for my dinners! Yay I accomplished two things- I cooked an actual dish- stir fry and I got my food ready so I’ll eat better:)


I was just picking up the phone to text Lyndsay when she texted to find out if I wanted to go for coffee. I am thankful for Lyndsay every day! She kicks my butt in workouts, she encourages me, she hangs out with me- she’s just a great friend! We met up at Cafe Divano and had tea:) I must have been having a great time as I didn’t even think of taking pictures!!! I just had tea, but I did buy three gf/df treats to split up and have a little each day. I know I have a sweet tooth and if I have a little something occasionally I will happily stick to a healthy eating plan. Hopefully the mini brownie, peanut butter cookie and Orchard cookie will do the trick! I split them all in half so I can have a bite each day. I’ll be trying to wean myself down to once a week, but wanted to start slowly. It’s going to be tough enough to get back to reality!

I also finally tried the almond baileys I had bought before my holiday. I didn’t find it very sweet and I’m thinking it will find a new home at my brother’s place. It just wasn’t worth the calories to me! I’m glad I tried it though so now I know and have an informed opinion.


I wanted to complete the Quidditch match in HPKCHC so I cleaned up the pile of yarn I’ve been creating during this past busy month. I got it all put where it belongs and only my next few projects left out.I also started the actual knitting of my year in temperature scarf.I love the idea of this scarf, but so far I’m not loving how it’s looking. I think it loses its impact because there are no clear rows. I had decided to do just one row for each day as otherwise it was going to be too long for me, but I think this is the problem:(. I would suggest to anyone doing this to do the two rows per day! I’m considering making this sweater instead.I’m having a tough time giving up on the scarf, but I bought expensive, beautiful yarn for it so I’m thinking I should make something I’ll love. Anyone’s thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I also ripped out a Cowl that had somehow gotten a hole in it and which I never wore because it curled. Now I just have to figure out what to do with 246 yards of DK yarn!!!

Well that’s the sum total of my day and I’m off to bed in the hopes of getting up early for a run:)

Have fun!


Happy New Year!

It’s been a pretty good start to the New Year:)


I started the day by going to a yoga class in Ajo. I used to do yoga three times a week and was super flexible, however, it’s been about fifteen years. I was a little worried about how it would go. I needn’t have worried! There were about fifteen women there for this “gentle” yoga class. It felt great to do yoga again, though I obviously need to do it more as boy are my hamstrings tight! I’m going to try to set up the yoga channel for my mom before I leave and I will definitely be looking forward to the athletic yoga I’ll be starting with a friend in January.

I got a quick walk in where I did a 100 yards of high knees skipping.

I also got a 25 minute workout in this afternoon during my parent’s happy hour. I didn’t feel as though this one was as tough, but I was able to do more abs work than previously:). I did: 50 front kicks, 50 side kicks, 50 back kicks, 50 curtsy lunges, 50 plié squats, 50 squats, 50 push-ups, 25 dips, 25 overhead press, 50 bicep curls, 50 leg drops, 50 oblique crunches, 25 crunches.

It’s amazing that I’ve been feeling flabby all day since I didn’t go for a run today. It doesn’t help that there’s chips in this household! I have great self control as long as it’s not tested🤣


Other than the chips I am back to eating much healthier. I’ve been enjoying my salads and veggies:)
Tomorrow I hope to make the sticky buns for my dad!


I started Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck, but haven’t gotten far enough to discuss it.

I was asked last night by a lovely lady from Wisconsin to make her a toque like mine. I measured her head and casted on, but haven’t gotten far.

I heard about knitmeter from a fellow blogger and rushed to the site to sign up as it sounds so cool to be able to know how many miles of yarn I have knitted. I signed up but it hasn’t sent me an activation code yet:(. I hope I get it soon!

So what have I done with my day? A jigsaw puzzle! It’s my family’s tradition to do a puzzle on New Year’s Eve but this year it got pushed to New Years Day. It’s a tough Alfred Hitchcock puzzle that does not come with a picture😫😳. I have learned that I am a very visual person! This is definitely not accomplishing anything!! If anyone is wondering where I get this need to be busy all the time- here’s a clue:) My dad is retired and in the middle of nowhere and he’s still making chairs, tables, etc out of things he finds in the desert. I definitely get this honestly🤣 though I’m not nearly as creative as he is!


I did remember to go looking for the Murder She Baked movies. . I have enjoyed three of these now. The Chocolate Chip Murder, the Plum Pudding Mystery, the Peach Cobbler Murder and I am on the Deadly Recipe movie now. I would recommend these movies to anyone who enjoys cosy mysteries. I’ve read all of these books by Joanne Fluke because my dad loves the recipes, and the movies have been just as good!


I’ve been reading lots of blog posts on goals for 2018 and for the first time I am not going to make any resolutions. I will try to live life to the fullest and do the things I love to do. This blog already gets me to do a lot more things than I used to do:). I wish everyone else luck with their goals though!

Have fun!


Everything Crafty

A lovely day with my mom:)


I slept in this morning right to the 7:40 alarm!!! Wow!! Good thing I had set it so that I wouldn’t be late. I really felt non-energetic, but I had arranged to work out so off I went! We did a speed interval workout and then a hill interval workout on the treadmill. I wasn’t as fast as I usually am, but it will do. We then hit the floor work which was interspersed with elliptical minutes. I was definitely sweating by the end and the fact it kept changing actually made it seem to go faster:) I love working out with Lyndsay as she inspires me to challenge myself! I will never be where she is, but I definitely up the weights!!!

That is the only exercise I got to today, though I realized that the running I do with Lyndsay isn’t recorded on my runkeeper app:( I do all these extra kilometres that end up not counting towards my monthly goal:( Oh well…

One of my readers ( I still can’t believe I actually have readers🤣!) asked what the story is behind my commitment to running. It’s a long story, but the short version is that I spent my childhood overweight, lethargic, continuously feeling sick, with rheumatism and bad eczema. (Who knew it was all from food allergies that I would finally get diagnosed at the age of thirty!) I started running a bit in junior high. I’d go out really early in the morning and run out Back lane so that I wouldn’t meet anyone. That was going pretty good until one day I decided to do my run on the school track. A grade ten idiot boy walked beside me and jeered at me that he could walk as fast as I ran. Now I know I should have told my brothers, or at least not listened to him, but at the time I quit and didn’t run again for about ten years.  I really wish I had stuck with it and gotten i to running earlier! When I started to lose weight,I conquered  walking and then moved into running. I joined a local running group, hoping to meet new people, and ended up taking a learn to run clinic, several trail clinics, and two half marathon clinics as well as going back to lead the learn to run clinic. I joke that running gave me exercise and a life🤣. Today I can’t imagine not running! I love the high I get from it, the sense of accomplishment, the sporty way I feel, the awesome feeling of being able to wear anything I want, the feeling I’ve done something good for myself, and ensuring that I never go back to where I was!  There you have it- my running life in a nutshell:)


I got my food organized for this week. The scale has been creeping up a bit after all the good people made for us last week so I’m hoping to be super careful this week. Be warned, this will probably make me grumpy or hangry as I call it. I got all my food ready today. I have some friends who hate doing this but I find it saves me so much time during the week and then I don’t come in and eat a meal while I prepare my meal! I have toast and pub for breakfast, an apple for recess, yogurt, oatmeal and blueberries for lunch, carrots and peanut butter or hummus for after school snack and then chicken pasta bake for dinner.  Thank goodness I don’t mind eating the same thing everyday:) The toughest thing is going to be breaking my sweets habit I have right now, especially as I need to bake a birthday cake this week to try it and then make it again on Sunday.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I tried out a new tea today. It is a Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea I had bought at the same time as the gingerbread spice tea I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. 

My mom was sharing it with me so you’ll get two opinions. We both noticed that the tea stayed very light even though it was left to steep for at least five minutes. My mom’s comment was that it seemed weird that it was that light and that it really didn’t taste like much. I have to agree- if you’re looking for a tea that is very unflavourful, this will be perfect. The taste isn’t off- putting in any way- there’s just not a lot of taste there:( I also spent the whole time I was drinking it trying to figure out what I was smelling from it. I never did figure it out.  Overall I was very disappointed as I was really looking forward to sugar cookie tea!


I spent the day with my mom. ( I’m already dreading her leaving😔🙁). She tackled my seat cover again and I got ALL of my fourteen tea mug cosies finished for Christmas. Yay🎉🎊. This is rather late for me as I am usually done my presents in the summer, but I feel much better now that they are done. My house smells strongly of the essential oils I dabbed on them (I ended up using up three vials I had been given by a student last year- citrus bliss, lemongrass and lavender) and I can only hope they’ll retain that scent until I give them at Christmas!! I have them in plastic ziploc bags but if you have other advice for keeping the smell, please let me know!

This evening I watched Never Been Kissed, yes I am a rom com addict, while I worked on my toque. I think the fourth try might be a winner!! I’m loving how the colouring is working out! I’ll take a picture when it’s finished.


My mom realized this afternoon that she needed bias tape for the slipcover edges so we went over to the mall. We were hoping Walmart would have the bias tape, but they didn’t:( I did get my new earbuds returned, my three gift certificates transferred into one and some tea sachets bought to include with the tea mug cosy. My gifts are always homemade Christmas items, but they can include store bought items too. Maybe I’ll also make some cookies to put with them. Hmmm I’ll have to think about this!

I’m very disappointed about the earbuds as my run tomorrow morning is going to be very long without music! If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know:)


I have to ask if anyone knows how to solve this problem. I accidentally followed someone whose posts are in a different language, but when I press the ellipsis, and “unfollow site”, it says that I can’t:( Anyone know how to unfollow this blog???

Well I’m desperate to get some reading done so I’m going to go enjoy the last hour of my four day weekend (every weekend should be at least three days!) cuddled in bed with my book!

Have fun!


Awesome Beginning and Ending:)

A day with an awesome beginning and an awesome ending:)

I had a great thirty minute run this morning along my normal route. Passed a new guy in addition to my usual ones, I’ll have to get used to him I guess.  I would like to figure out a way to extend my running route as I’m finding I’m slowing down at the end as I know I’m running out of path before I hit home. I think tomorrow I’ll try a one minute on, one minute off, running up the hill and see how that works.

I also got a bootcamp workout in after school with the women from work. We had a teacher from another school join us who I have worked with previously, but I was immediately intimidated because she looks so strong and fit (kind of resembles a Barbie). I was ok after the first few stations when I noticed she was slowing and didn’t have perfect form. I have to remember not to let people intimidate me based on looks, I’m now fit too!!!! It was a great workout though, we did: burpees, v sit ups, donkey kicks, weighted punches, rows, tricep extension, suicides, side plank leg lifts, high knees, skipping, reverse lunge with a hop, plank hops, single leg squat, and planks. I should feel some of that tomorrow! It was funny that we all decided to start at the station we find the most difficult and we all picked a different station!😂. I do love the tabata workout structure though as it’s always changing so I don’t get bored and mentally I always feel like I can survive anything for twenty seconds:) Even with missing my walk today, I feel like today was a successful exercise day:)


The little girl managed to not cry and earn herself a sticker😀. It was amazing what a difference it made to the feeling in the classroom to not have that crying episode first thing. I noticed everyone was more sociable and seemed more positive and we got a lot more done this morning. She did cry after lunch when she got in trouble for hitting someone, but it didn’t seem so bad then.

I started the day on a high note with unpacking the new supplies I had picked up at the dollar store. Some things I use every day and yet I’m using items that I’ve found or am making do with. When I saw some cute stationary supplies at the dollar store, I decided I was worth the theee dollars it would cost to give me a smile every time I saw them. I even shared my cute new binder clips with the colleagues in my wing so we’ll all smile now:)

It was picture day so it’s always cute to see the children dressed up. We managed to have our photos taken before recess break so I didn’t even have the struggle of keeping them clean and tidy until after:)

We played an awesome game in PE today called Tails. Each child had a scarf/pint tucked into their waistband and then the taffeta run around trying to steal as many tails as they can. If your tail is gone you can steal from someone else and if you keep your tail, you’re running around trying to maintain that. The children started even before we yelled go and ran continuously for about twenty five minutes. It was the best part of the day for a lot of them:)


I ran out to my brother’s place to see him and my parents and this cutie, as my parents are leaving in the morning for a month or so.  (They refuse to plan, so we’re never quite sure lol).  It was nice to see everyone, but it always highlights how different my brothers and I are. I really don’t think my parents could have raised three more different children if they had tried! Thankfully we all love each other and get along reasonably well for being so dissimilar ( or maybe that’s really well when I hear stories of other families). I wish I had taken a picture of the smoker my brother has built! It’s amazing and beautiful!!!


Tonight was the first night of “Knit night” with my friend Brenda. We’ve both wanted to be part of a knitting circle and have t found one in the area so we decided to start our own.

I began by blocking my razor cami that I finished last night. 

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be too big for me now that I’ve blocked it:(.

The pattern:

I made the smallest size available and the pattern was very simple. It starts with a 3:1 ribbing which was new for me, but I really like the looks of it. The pattern then consists of a two row repeat, neither of which was difficult. I read on Ravelry that some people were confused by the final K1, but I had just ignored it and ended on the yo and had no problems maintaining the stitch count or pattern. I just had to make sure that I always did an even number of rows so I didn’t leave my knitting at a yo. The only glitch I ran into was for the top after you divide at the armpits. It said to use half your stitches, but that wasn’t a good place to stop in the pattern so I stopped one early, but then my stitch count kept changing:( It all worked out fine, but it was annoying. I didn’t do the edging as I didn’t think it was necessary.

The Yarn:

I used Indigo Moon Merino Wool Superwash in Paradise Blue. This is the second project I have made with Indigo Moon wool and I was as happy this time as I was the first time. The yarn is soft to work with, doesn’t split and knits up beautifully, though I did forget how slow knitting goes with fingering weight yarn!  This yarn is variegated and I absolutely love the variegation. There is nothing extreme in it, just slight differences that make it so pretty. The colouring is probably my favourite part of this project!

This project is blocking right now and will hopefully be ready to be worn soon!

I started a toque for my nephew tonight in Smith & Ewe’s Maryanne’s Team Socks yarn in Vancouver Canucks colourway. The hat is knitting up fast, but I may need to pull it out and make a size bigger. I got to use my new Flock Harry Potter stitch markers tonight and it gave me a smile every time I got to Hogwarts:)

Oh and my friend brought me some yarn she was given. A friend was helping to clean out a house and was given yarn but she doesn’t like mohair and neither does my friend, so it made its way to me:). It was like Christmas!!😀😀😀o

Well, I’m off to sleep so that I’ll feel like running in the morning.

Have fun!



A lovely Fall day with equal parts fun and work.


My run this morning was fabulous! We were out at Hyde Creek which starts with a forest trail by the Rec Centre and then continues onto the dykes in Port Coquitlam. It was a gorgeous Fall morning and I had a gorgeous run! My running buddies have become walkers so after agreeing to a 45 minute time limit, I set off by myself. I didn’t feel like I was going fast but it felt great! I was floating along. I got back to the news that it was my fastest 6-8km run ever. Yay🎊🎉. I even felt stylish with my black tights, gray jacket and melon runners 🤣 My only disappointment was that I had forgotten to try running to a podcast rather than my music. Oh well, there’s always next week!

Over coffee, I added up my September mileage as I suddenly realized it was October 1st and for the first time I had made a mileage goal. My goal had been 80km for the month and I surpassed that by going 89.33km in September:) I think my running goal for October will be 90km. I know it’s not much of a stretch, but I don’t know how my morning running is going to go with the mornings being so dark now. We’ll see how I go:)

On my way home from my run I drove along David Avenue again and noticed one section of trees that were gorgeous. I knew I wanted to try and capture them in a photo but couldn’t play with my phone while driving, so this afternoon I walked up and got some photos. It was a great walk up the hill and I’m thinking that hill might be put into my running rotation for one morning a week.  I got only a couple of shots before my phone died, but here they are:

Unfortunately the photo really doesn’t do the sight justice:(

I didn’t workout today as I didn’t wasn’t to be sore for my tough workout with Lyndsay in the morning, but I haven’t heard from her so perhaps we aren’t working out and I should have gotten one in today. Oh well, two out of three activities isn’t too bad:)


I got all my food made for the week today. I haven’t been happy with the scale lately, but it’s my own fault as I know I’ve been eating more than what is necessary. I decided to nip that in the bud and got everything ready today! Cinnamon raisin oatmeal for breakfast, fruit salad for recess snack, spaghetti for lunch, veggie sticks and beet hummus for after school snack and veggies with chickpea salad for dinner. The chickpea salad is one of my favourite recipes from Angela  Liddon of Oh She Glows blog. It is super yummy and so easy to make!  You can find the recipe here:


I didn’t do as much as I wanted to as I was busy conquering the pile of laminating I had to cut out (I won the battle!), but I got some done. I speed read the Magician’s Nephew as that is the book this month for the kids book club at school. I read the whole Narnia series several years ago and loved it so I figured I just needed to reacquaint myself with it. It’s a great book for any 9-11 year olds and would make a good read aloud too!

I also started my adult book club book today. I figured out I need to read 21 pages of The Shadow of the Wind in order to be done by book club. The first 21 pages went quit quickly:)


I managed to get a bit more done on my razor cami today. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to make it the 17″ I’m supposed to as my ball of yarn is getting pretty small😳

I also managed to get all the yarn I had bought at Knit City yesterday entered into my stash on Ravelry. Now I just need to figure out how to use the queue feature! I woke up this morning wanting to put all of my yarn in the middle of my living room floor and sort it out so I’d have a better idea of what I have. I’ll have to do this big sort at some point and hopefully enter it all into the Ravelry stash as I go.

The only other thing I managed to do craft wise today to alter a sports bra so it fit me better. Now let’s hope I got it right!

Well I’m going to crawl into bed with a fun book:)

Have Fun!



Not an exciting day, but a few surprises.


I had a good run this morning of my usual morning loop. I again felt like I did this summer and I really hope this feeling continues. It’s so much easier to run when you’re having a good run! I’m worried that this is going to get boring really quickly, but I don’t seem to have a lot of choices for lit areas in my neighbourhood.  Actually, now that I think about it there are other lit areas, but they’re very hilly or short.  When I finished my run and was stretching I looked over and saw people in the gym running on the treadmill and I just know I can’t do that! Every time I try to run on the treadmill I end up bored out of my mind and quitting after twenty minutes. If anyone has ideas on how to make an old runner by toute feel new again, I’d love to hear them!

I walked to and from school so I got my walk in, and my proudest moment for the day was when I came home late from work (7pm so an 11 hour work day) and worked out!!  I did the Super sweaty tabata workout which alternates between a tabata and 3 minutes of weights. I did burpees, walking lunges, push-ups, high knees, skaters, squat jumps, planks, reverse lunges,  squat with overhead press, bent over dumbbell rows, mountain climbers… pretty good for the end of the day and I was super sweaty!

A successful exercise day😀


I didn’t actually teach today. I met my students at the door as I knew some of my anxious ones would be upset if I wasn’t there as I’d forgotten to warn them yesterday, but then I went into a meeting and spent the rest of the day planning and prepping two training sessions on the new report card for our teaching staff. There were some hair pulling moments, but the exercise definitely helped me to better understand this new report card.  I was just so thankful I was working with my co- department head who is super organized, a joy to work with as we’re similar, and a friend. It definitely made the best of what could have been a torturous day!

We even had an hour at the end when I got to plan the next assembly I have to run, which turns out to be next Thursday!!!! That came as a major shock this morning, and not a good one!!!  Thankfully, with help, I now have a plan:)

I wasn’t planning on quite that long a day ( I do t think I even make minimum wage after eleven hours), but it did feel good to make some progress on a few projects. Unfortunately, I yet again have a pile of laminating to cut out:(  The long day was definitely made better by watching a Hallmark movie while I cut, pasted, organized, prepped, planned, explained and generally went crazy. 😜


Thankfully I got two rows done before I went to work this morning as I haven’t had any more time today since we had a meeting at lunch as well:( I’m thinking I should find a small, simple project to leave in the staff room that I could work on just at lunchtime. My school has a Holiday Market that I usually try to contribute some knit goods to, so perhaps it could be for that.  🤔 I’ll have to try to find an appropriate pattern- something simple do I can still visit.


With my crazy day of meetings I have to admit I didn’t get the chance to look at WordPress until just now. Boy did I get a great surprise- a lot more views today! Seems like a positive note to go to end the day on:)

Well after that work day  I’m ready for bed!!

The couch I wish I was falling asleep on right now! Some friends broke my couch at book club this summer so I’m on the hunt for a new one. Unfortunately at $4700 this one is still living at the store!😳

Have fun!


Well it was supposed to be busy…

When I looked at my phone calendar yesterday for what was happening today, it was so chock-a-block full it made me tired just looking at it, but it sure didn’t turn out that way.


I got over to the gym for a workout with my friend Lyndsay this morning. I love working out with her because she is in better shape than I am, but she always just assumes I can do any exercise she can. I don’t want to tell her I can’t so I end up pushing and challenging myself:) I could feel the swing lines holding a ten pound weight in each hand by lunch today!It’s a fabulous way to start the week!

It was the only exercise for the day however because I had a massage after school. I always try not to workout on the days I have a massage so that I get to enjoy my loose body for at least 24 hours🤣


Well we had tears again this morning, but at least I didn’t have to physically move anyone! My little boy with high anxiety is progressing so well! I think tomorrow he will actually be able to just line up with the class outside, like everyone else:)

I got my FreshGrade up and running today which makes me super happy. I’ve used this app the past two years but have never given parents access before. I just hope I don’t end up regretting that!!😳. I recorded the children at the end of the day saying what the best part of their day was. I hope parents want to see this stuff and don’t just find it annoying. In the past I’ve used it mainly just for assessment, but I want to provide information that parents can use to have a conversation with their children too! Wish me luck, technology is not always my friend😫


A colleague gave me her breadmaker today and I couldn’t resist trying it out. It is an older machine so it doesn’t have a gluten free setting, but I found a recipe online that didn’t seem to require that so we’ll see if it works. I will either have a loaf of bread or I’ll have the start of bread pudding and my mom will have a breadmachine for each one of her homes 🤣

It came out ok, can’t wait to try it!


I missed knitting at lunch today. All I managed to do was print off the marketplace map for Knit City that is happening this weekend. I absolutely can’t wait!! The friend I am going with was supposed to come over tonight so we could plan but she has a cold so she’s home resting to ensure she’ll be better by Sunday!! Instead I have managed to wind my Indigo Moon yarn ( yay me as last time it took me and my parents to untangle the mess I made. I decided to try out the Razor Cami pattern that a couple of people have used Indigo Moon to make. I didn’t want socks this colour and I don’t think I need another shawl right now so hopefully this will work! I’m just at the ribbing so I’ll take a photo when it’s more interesting.

My mom came up with a great idea for my New Hampshire yarn- a v-neck, sleeveless, front buttoning vest. Now I just need to find a pattern, anyone know of one?????


For me, September is more a time for goal setting than January. My job influences so much of my life that a new school year seems like the time to set some goals. I’ve talked about a few, Such as getting up early to exercise and trying to work just 8am to 4pm this year. Well another goal I had was to try to wear something I’ve made at least once a week. So far, four weeks and I’ve worn four of my handmade items. It makes me happy and piques the interest of the children so that when I start knitting club as the weather gets nasty, they’ll be interested. I figured I should share with you what I’ve worn as well:) Most things are slightly big on me now, but I’m just not willing to rip out yet!

Well, I’m off to try my bread and finish the ribbing on the razor cami.

Have fun!



The saying if it rains it pours was true for me today.


My run this morning was awful:( I felt nauseous the whole time and then the route I picked turned out to only take 24 minutes and had too many stop lights. Both of these were good today, but wouldn’t be usually! I sure hope tomorrow’s run is better!

I walked to and from work and then also walked up the crunch after work with a friend. We needed it after our day. Fresh air and exercise seems to solve all manner of problems:)

I didn’t get the chance to stretch though:( Since I got knocked over by an SUV several years ago, recovery has become a big part of my life. I was always battling stretching and rolling because it seemed to take so much time! Lately I have been stopping at a picnic bench on my way home and doing four simple stretches and it’s been working amazingly well! I’ve noticed that not only do I stretch further, but I’m not in as much pain or becoming a “rusty robot” as often:)

I wish I had gotten an actual workout in, but maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.


I’ve been so discouraged lately as my scale hasn’t been as nice a number as I want it to be, but then I realized tonight that I’ve been eating way too much. The school ordered in Indian food for lunch. I got lamb curry with no naan bread. Paying $12 and then being sick didn’t seem like the best value:( I was stuffed all afternoon and I didn’t even eat all the rice, but when I ate all the lamb, I realized at one point that would have been three meals for me. I need to go back to that! I wasn’t planning on having anything more, but then my parents called and invited me to meet them at St. James Well for dinner. It’s always great food there and I try to see my parents as much as possible when they’re in town ( so I’m tired of them and don’t miss them as much when they leave again), so I met up with them. I shared the nachos ( with no cheese or sour cream for me) and had a glass of sangria. Both were excellent as the chips were homemade and were like potato chips, but I still feel stuffed and sick:( I just seem to do better when I stick to homemade food.

I did stop at the grocery store to get food in case my brother gets hungry. He’s staying here tonight as he’s at his 20 year high school reunion. It wasn’t the healthiest food, but hopefully it will give me the chance to eat less!


It was a ProD day today and while it’s great to learn new things, I prefer having students over having ProD! Both presenters overwhelmed me as they gave too much detail and didn’t really give it in small, easy to digest steps. I think ProD would be more successful for me if a presenter was incredibly explicit about their lessons and timing and then gave the materials so I’d be able to implement it immediately. I need some spoon feeding, but while these ladies were doing amazing things, by the time I figure out how to apply it to my age group and gather all the materials, the year will be over and it will be forgotten:(   We did some very cool activities in both seminars, but none were really appropriate for my grade ones:( A friend I work with probably gave me the best ProD today when she was telling me about and showed me these STEM (it’s called ADST here) boxes the children use. I want to make them immediately as they are just using dollar store materials and she has all the components necessary to get started!  Even if my ProD had just been one presenter and then getting the afternoon to implement what I had learned, it probably would have been more valuable. Instead I come home overwhelmed and discouraged:(


I made up a packaged brownie mix this evening. Mostly just to make my place smell good for my brother, but of course this time it turned out well! I’ll need to find somewhere to take it so that I don’t eat it! The mix was from Xena’s Gluten Free Bakery in Maple Ridge. It was incredibly easy to make up and it turned out great! I’m not even sure I can call it baking as all I had to do was add fake butter and warm water, stir and put it in the pan to bake.  I’ll distribute it among the family tomorrow or maybe take it to the family gathering on Sunday.


I have spent this evening looking at patterns. I had bought Madeline Tosh Merino light in Granite State when I was in New Hampshire this summer along with two deer horn buttons and I had thought I would make slippers out of it, but it turns out I have way too much yarn for slippers. I will need to come up with a different plan for this yarn so instead I am using some random stash wool to try a pair of slippers, called Rapunzel by Drops.  I’ve never made slippers before so  we’ll see how it goes:)

Well I’m exhausted and am still hoping to run tomorrow even with my brother here so I’m heading to bed ( at a completely pathetic time for a Friday night)!

Have fun!



I feel like today was productive, but not as productive as it should have been.


I knew I wanted to go to run clinic tonight at the Runner’s Den so I decided I would do a workout when I got up at six instead of a run. My friend’s workouts are awesome, but all include jumping so I went and hauled out my old Bikini Body Bootcamp workout in Shape magazine. At one point I did this workout religiously and amazingly I still enjoyed it today. I had all five months out so I could find lots of exercises that didn’t require jumping (I really don’t want to meet my neighbour that way!). I ended up doing exercises from three months, 18 exercises and I did each 12 times. It was only about twenty minutes long, but that was enough this morning when I was feeling yesterday’s workout in my arms and abs still!! Ouch! It was just nice to workout without feeling like I was disturbing anyone. I think this will become my regular Tuesday morning workout as it is all weights.

I walked to and from work and got out for Run Clinic. Tonight it was long intervals. We ran over to a neighbourhood loop and ran the 700m loop three times. It seemed like a shorter and easier workout than last week, though I was at the back of the 10min group. I just didn’t seem to have a lot of energy tonight😞It might have been my disappointment when I found out that my 7 minute kilometre that I was feeling so good about is still a 10:30 mile😞😞😥 I was really hoping that I had become faster, but I guess not. Hopefully the run clinic will help with this!

Definitely a successful exercise day!


I only had my students for the morning as I had department head duties to take care of in the afternoon.  It was cute this morning. I have a “soft start” to my day where children get their supplies organized and can then read, draw or extra book (puzzle and colouring sheets) with a partner for the first fifteen minutes. A few years ago I realized I don’t leap straight into work when I arrive as I want to catch up with my colleagues, so I now give my students the same opportunity. It makes for a very peaceful start as I can get all the admin tasks done during this time.   It has also allowed me to learn a lot about my students as I overhear their conversations. This morning two students did not have their planners on their desks. I spoke to them and then kept going. The next thing I hear is, “hey it slept over”, definitely a new way of expressing that she had forgotten her planner in her desk overnight 😂

I spent the afternoon preparing  for the assembly that I will lead tomorrow morning. I haven’t done this before and frankly was surprised to be asked as I thought the principal would want to run the first assembly to set up routines and expectations, but it has become my responsibility. As I wrote out my four pages of exactly what I was going to say, I realized that while it took me two hours to prepare, the whole assembly will probably only take twenty minutes 😞😫 I feel like this prep should have taken half an hour, not two hours!!! I could have gotten so much more done.  I hope I get some feedback after this assembly as its tough to prepare something if you don’t know what is wanted!!!  I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.


I met up with one of my closest friends after work for a coffee at Starbucks. (I am proud I stopped at home and got a healthy dinner rather than buying something there.) She is also a department head at her school this year and we’ve both been feeling overwhelmed so it was nice to vent! We’ve been friends for twenty years and I can definitely see us being friends for another sixty. She is just one of those people who always makes me feel great again, no matter what’s happening in life. I just hope I do the same for her!


Well I was supposed to be casting on my New Hampshire slippers today but I have yet to decide on a pattern. If anyone has a good slipper pattern, I’d love to hear about it!  My mom had requested a tea cozy for the new teapot she bought for the boat, so I decided to start this. I sent her fifteen Ravelry options and she picked “David the Basketweave Tea Cozy”. It doesn’t look hard and in fact in ten minutes, I’be already made good progress. Just hope it fits as the pattern is written for bulky yarn and I’m using worsted. I love the yarn though. It just is a scrap from my blue yearn box, but it has a real pretty sheen to it.  It does seem odd to be knitting on something so small after that afghan!

Well I’m determined to accomplish something today so I think I’ll go make some coleslaw for lunch tomorrow.

Have fun!


I am done!!!

A quiet day, but with great results!


I managed to drag myself out of bed ( felt like I’d been slightly awake most of the night) and get a good workout in with my friend. 12 minutes on the treadmill alternating fast and slow and then floor work. My arms and abs were the target today and they are good targets! Our workout was cut short by her husband having to leave for work. We’re considering moving our Monday morning workout to Friday night, but we’ll see:)

I also got a walk in with one of my regular running buddies. She makes an equally good walking buddy as I had to hustle to keep up! It was a gorgeous day and it felt great to be outside.

I count this as all three types of exercise covered, so the day was a fitness success:)


I was home today for an appt so I worked a lot on my afghan this afternoon, and….

I’m done 🎉🎊🎉

I just finished at nine and I am very happy with it!

The pattern is called Exquisite and it’s from the Leisure Arts: Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans. I have made several from this book and have been happy with them all. It was definitely worth buying the book!!

All patterns in this book are supposed to be worked holding two strands of worsted weight wool, but this time I rebelled and I worked the afghan with a chunky wool, Bernat Softee Chunky, to be precise. I really love how it turned out!  It is super soft and thick and warm and cozy!! I think I’ll use chunky wool from now on. I also changed the needle size to an 8mm as that is what was recommended on the yarn label. The afghan still turned out large enough.

I am happy with the feel of the wool, however, it did drive me crazy that I could never easily find the centre pull of the ball. I bought this yarn from two different stores (thankfully there was no noticeable difference in colour) and both had this problem:( Its my only beef with this Bernat yarn!The burgundy colour is gorgeous and the yarn stayed together well and didn’t split. It was soft enough to be a pleasure to work with.

My family is tall and unfortunately they like to have both their shoulders and their feet to be tucked under their afghans so I ended up having to do ten pattern repeats along with the border at both ends.   They could have more afghans if they were shorter!!🤣 it took me until the sixth pattern repeat to really get to know the pattern and be able to do a row without looking at every instruction. The pattern has twenty four rows and there is enough going on that it took me a while to wrap my head around it. Once I got used to it though, I would be knitting and I’d be fine until I thought about what I was doing! It is a very intuitive pattern once you get it.

I’m refusing to block this afghan however, as I just don’t know where I would do it!  My parents are getting it just as it is!

Well, my day was quiet but productive! I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can decide on my next project!!😀

Have fun!