I got home late last night and just went straight to bed, but it was a good day!


I went to meet up with the Sunday morning run group and it was just Brenda and I. She was limping so I cancelled the run and we went for coffee instead. I did come home and get 4.28km in. I’m trying to balance meeting my goals with not killing myself while I have this cold!


I went back to my local yarn store and they definitely don’t have the yarn I want for my next project so I will need to go further afield.

Instead I spent lots of time working on my current project and am 1/3 of the way through the yoke. It’s fun now that I’m at the pattern! I will hopefully be done and sharing it soon!


For a friend’s birthday we went to dinner and the hockey game downtown. It was fun even though our hockey team played horribly!!!

That was my entire day and I guess I better get started on today!

Have fun!