Trivia Tuesday #15

It was an unplanned day that turned out to have fun in it.


My run this morning was a struggle. I had decided to try walking over to Murray Street before starting to see if that helped my pace, but I don’t know if it helped, hurt or just messed with me mentally. I definitely didn’t like that I only clocked 4.2km, rather than the 5.1km I should have gotten! I think I’ll go back to just starting slow as I go across the street.

I also got a workout in this afternoon. It was a countdown workout.

50 jacks, 50 crunches

45 jacks, 45 squats

40 jacks, 40 lunges

35 jacks, 35 pushups

30 jacks, 30 high knees

25 jacks, 25 crunches

20 jacks, 20 squats

15 jacks, 15 lunges

10 jacks, 10 pushups

5 jacks, 5 burpees

I was definitely a hot, sweaty mess by the end. I’m really thinking I want to find a good weights workout though.


This past week when it was pouring, I found out that my Helly Hanson rain jacket had torn along the seam on the inside. I know I’m not tough on my clothing, so this morning I drove it back to the HH store where I bought it. They have sent it in to be repaired and it will be delivered to my home so I don’t have to make the 45 minute drive again. Yay!


I have gotten another three pattern repeats done on the blanket today. I really wish I hadn’t casted on so many stitches so it would go faster!!!


My nephew texted today to see if we could go for ice cream. I’m always happy to spend any time I can with that kid, so off I went. He actually bought me the ice cream this time. He’s growing up so much!! He also kept me company at Costco and helped me carry stuff. Of course it cost me a slice of Costco pizza, but it was a price I was happy to pay for spending time with him!


I finished Intercepted by Alexa Martin today. It was so good! I was captured from the first page! The characters were interesting, the plot had a good pace, and the drama was appropriate for the professional sports world. I would recommend this as another good beach read! I also immediately started on the next book in the series, Fumbled.


Rice cake with peanut butter and jam

Greek salad

Ice cream

salmon bowl over greens and some nachos (I’m way too full!)


Tonight trivia was a theme night about The Office. It was just my co-teacher Liane, her husband Eli and myself. I know absolutely nothing about this show, but managed to get two questions right.

In which state does The Office take place?


Who did they initially want to play the character that Rainn Wilson plays?

Seth Rogen

I have no idea how I knew those two things, but I did. Thankfully Liane had amazing knowledge and we sat at 4th for a while:)

I contributed my neat printing and Eli contributed knowledge of the show and the idea that I should go on a date between each Hallmark movie I watch🤣🤣🤣

Well, I’m back to reading.

Have fun!


Running, Reading and Relaxing

It was a day of R activities, but all good:)


I had arranged to meet a friend for my run this morning. She would be walking, but it would allow me to run on the dyke, rather than just doing the usual.

I was aiming for seven kilometers, but we got to talking and I started running late. I was feeling strong and got 4.32km in under the blazing sun. I need to remember to get out at 6 in this heat as 9:30 was way too hot!

I also got a walk in this evening for an hour and a half and 100 reps of core exercises. I’m thinking I’ll do a tough workout every other day so that my legs don’t suffer so much, but on the other days I need to do core and stretching.

I got a quick stop for more gray yarn and some other essentials and then headed home.


I’ve only gotten one pattern repeat done today which is disappointing as I want to get this blanket done so I can get onto a cute summer top I keep picturing.

I have always organized my yarn by colour, but I’ve run into a problem. I bought yarns in two different colours this past weekend and don’t want to separate them. Anyone have an organization solution for me?


I finished Playing House by Ruby Lang today, my latest NetGalley book.

The story of Fay and Oliver. They work in the same industry so have known each other for a long time, but one Saturday at a house tour changes their relationship. It moves fast, but it’s really not until they slow down that it becomes real.

These characters were very interesting. Fay is a partner in a urban planning firm while, Oliver is a freelance planner specializing in historical preservation. They are both driven in their own way, but also with many doubts about their failures in life.

The plot moves very quickly, but it does not read unrealistically. It keeps you moving through the book and wanting to know what happens next.

There is humor and introspection in good balance.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a light read or enjoys architecture or home renovations along with their romance.

Thanks to NetGalley and the author and publisher for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I have since started the book, Intercepted by Alexa Martin and am loving it so far!

My not one, but two naps today are the relaxing part of my day. I just couldn’t seem to stay awake!

Well there you have it- my running, reading and relaxing.

Have fun!