A Great Start

Well my day started a little earlier than expected when my co teacher texted to say she had become an auntie, but what an awesome way to start the long weekend!


I got my butt out the door first thing this morning for a run. I had found on my Runkeeper that there was an ASICS Pace Academy workout called surges. I decided to give it a try. It made the time go pretty fast and I was definitely tired by the end of the workout. It was a warm up and then thirty second sprint intervals with two minute recovery breaks afterwards. It had identified the pace I was supposed to do both intervals at so I was hoping it would tell me if I was making those paces, but it didn’t:( Turned out I was going faster than both.

I also got started on charging up the Polar Loop a friend gave me:). There is nothing like tech gadgets to make me feel completely dumb! I hope I can figure this out!

Shopping/Socializing/ Eating:

I drove downtown to spend the day with one of my closest friends. I had a couple of restaurants in mind that I wanted to try out, but unfortunately they were in the opposite direction from the store I really wanted to visit. We decided to just wander and see what we came across and that worked out well for us:). We came across a cool wall mural.We also tried a new place to both of us for lunch. It got super busy after we were seated so we knew it must be good!

Once done eating, it was time for some retail therapy! We crossed the street and made our way up the opposite sidewalk, popping into any cute little store that took our fancy:). That’s the great thing about this Street is that it is full of cute boutiques. It was mostly just window shopping as there are a lot of boutique prices too, but we both found a couple of gifts.

At the far end of the street, we popped into Lucky Doughnuts which is also Parallel 49 Coffee and partook of a hot chocolate as part of the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. I could only do the Classic Hot Chocolate with cashew milk, but it was pretty good:) My friend tried a fancier one and enjoyed a doughnut. It looked really good:)

We then crossed the road and made our way down the other side. I was disappointed that so many of the stores where I used to be able to buy shoes have gone out of kids shoes:( The store we had gone to that area for was thankfully at the end and still there. I’ve been getting short on workout gear, even with just one workout a day so I knew I needed to get more. Ivivva is the kids version of Lululemon and fits me much better, unfortunately they have closed all but one of their store locations:( I really like to try things on so every once in a while I make the long trek to go check out what they have. I limited myself to just sale items and I have to say, my friend has amazing patience as I tried on a lot of things! I only shop with this friend or my mom as they are both completely honest with me:).

It was a really tough decision but I found some new running tights, and two new jackets, one of which actually comes with a liner that can be worn on its own, so I guess that’s really three new jackets. I’m happy with them all and okay about the stuff I left there, so a successful shopping trip and a lovely day:)

They had cool decals on the street for Valentine’s Day. I need to remember to post them on Instagram as if I do money will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The drive home in rush hour traffic was actually nicer than the drive out there. I think it’s because I listened to Wives and Daughters on my Librivox app. It completely took my mind off traffic and I was kind of wishing for more time in the car.


I had stopped at Choices market with my friend- boy is that place dangerous for me! I picked up the ingredients for a sort of Mexican bowl for dinner. I cut up romaine lettuce and then added corn and black beans along with avocado and salsa with a small amount of fake jalapeƱo cheese grated on top. It was awesome!! I’m glad I have enough left over for tomorrow:)

Product Review:

I tried a new cookie tonight that I picked up at the Choices Market.

I have to say that while they smell very good, they are also very dense. Thankfully at 55 calories each they will make a nice treat to go with my tea this week:)

I have to remember to go looking for a gf/df sugar cookie recipe tomorrow and try it out as I have to take two dozen cookies for a fundraiser on Tuesday.

Well I’m off to knit, read and try to figure the Polar Loop out.

Have fun!


A Great Day:)

Today started off great! I laid in bed with my breakfast and watched a hallmark movie and I weighed in at 98.2, definitely a step in the right direction!

It continued to be great with a run around Sasamat Lake with an old running buddy who has just moved back into the area after a year. This lake run is not super long, just a half hour if you take your time and it is interesting with some ups and downs and some technical details. I wasn’t expecting to, but we ran the whole thing:) The hill at the end is just enough to make you feel like you really worked.

I then got a tour of my running buddy’s new townhouse and we took her dog for a walk and got coffee.

I had been wanting to try this new coffee place, The Beanery on Panorama Drive in Port Moody. I always thought a coffee shop was needed in the area so was super happy when I saw one go in. I hate to say it, but my iced chai latte with soy milk wasn’t very good:( First, it was slightly warm so nothing iced about it, and secondly it tasted powdery. I’m hoping that the place will improve with age. The breakfast pizzas definitely sounded good! There was also no gluten free options:(

A quick stop at home and then I picked up my Cookie Lady friend for a shopping trip to Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver. This has been my favourite shopping centre for a while because it has Ivivva ( kids lululemon), J Crew,  and The Shoe  Company which has a great selection of kids shoes. Today a few things annoyed me though:( Ivivva is closing their store and will only be available on West 4th in Vancouver or online. I’m an adult shopping in a kids store so obviously I’m not typical; how do they expect me to shop online without being able to try things on???? I think they’ve lost me as a customer:( Secondly, I’ve always liked J Crew as their clothes fit my style, but it drives me nuts that they advertise a teacher discount and then every time they find a reason not to honour it:(  Not at this location, not on that item, not when we have this promotion, etc. The khaki pants I bought for work that don’t have to be shortened are great, but they would have been better if I had gotten my teacher discount!Finally the hour and forty five minute drive home ( when it only took thirty to get there) did me in.  I have no idea how people drive in that every day! It was fun, but I think next time I’d rather drive to the airport!

I managed to get my three exercise times in, but it was doubtful for a while. My run this morning, a quick 15/12/10 workout and then a walk around the inlet trail this evening. At least something got done and hopefully it was enough to keep the scale number going down and the muscle building up!

I didn’t get much done on my list today, but I don’t really think it’s my fault as my phone turned off around 2:30 and then only turned back on around 6:45. I’m wondering if this is because my memory is so low. I wish I knew more about iPhones, maybe I wouldn’t find it so frustrating then!

Well it was a busy but fun day with the good outweighing the bad, so a success!

Have fun!