Just Another Day in Paradise

Another lovely day just like the previous, except I didn’t accomplish anything:(


I did a half hour run this morning where I managed to get every dog in town barking. Remind me not to go that way again! It was just a half hour and yet again the splits didn’t align to what it was telling me as I was running. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the turning as I loop back to my mom?? Oh well, I figure any running I do on my holiday is good:)


I am on chapter 34 of Jane Eyre so I should manage to finish tomorrow. It has been such a good book. It makes me wonder if any book in my generation will withstand the test of time as this one has??


I thought I would have something finished to show you, but as usual I have had to rip it out multiple times, so there’s no FO tonight:(. I often wonder if there are knitters out there who don’t rip out projects multiple times??

I counted today and I have done 28 projects as recorded in Ravelry this year. Of course, being me, I was disappointed that they were mostly small projects. Oh well, at least I accomplished 28 things this year and maybe I’ll have 29 before the end of the year!😀

Oh my one bit of exciting news today was that I got sorted into Gryffindor House in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry. I’m happy that I got sorted though I would have participated again even if I wasn’t! I love how it helps me decide what to make! I can’t wait to see what challenges January brings!


I watched Rocky Mountain Christmas today. It is a hallmark movie and was okay, though the ending was completely unrealistic!! The interior designer gives up her job in New York to run a dude ranch!?!?! I like them to have at least a hint of realism!!! I suppose my expectations are too high!

It made me think that I should look and see if I can find the movies based on Joanne Fluke’s books while I’m down here. Maybe I can watch them and perhaps my dad wouldn’t whine quite so much if I was watching a mystery movie😂

Well I think that is my entire day!

Have fun!



A quiet, relaxing day with a nap in the middle. It must be holidays:)


My amazing mother came up with a plan for how I could go running:) She set out for a walk and I ran along the BLM fence line. This put me away from the busy highway and yet gave me something to follow so I wasn’t just randomly running through the desert. It worked well enough that I’ll be repeating it each morning that I’m here. The bonus is that it gets my mom out for a walk too:). The footing is uneven and my calves definitely got a workout too, just like if I had been running on the beach. I found my breathing was out today, but that may be because I’m 1800 feet higher than I usually am! It also might have something to do with going out too fast🤣. My slowest kilometre was a 6:39 and my fastest was a 6:08. I only ran for twenty two minutes as we came across my dad out for his morning walk and I am actually here to spend time with them:)

It was a cloudy morning, but still beautiful! I’ve come to think that the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen in Arizona is the sky!

I laughed when the sun went away and I got cold in my tank top and shorts while reading outside today. This is home:


We headed into Ajo today for some shopping. Mostly we just needed ice and water, though that didn’t stop us from coming home with five bags. I had fun wandering through the IGA here. I always like to wander the grocery store when I’m somewhere new to see what gluten free and dairy free products they have. I was super excited to find the Bob’s Red Mill Muesli I had this summer in Boston! It is super yummy with yogurt and fruit! I may live off this for the next few days:)


My mom had googled knitting stores (there appears to be none😫) and instead a coffee shop came up. We stopped by the Heritage Rail building and tried out Harris and Smith Coffee Shop. We had read online that they had gluten free and vegan and I had visions of cinnamon buns dancing in my head. My parents got to enjoy a cinnamon bun and quite enjoyed it:) Unfortunately they only had a blueberry or double chocolate muffin. I was slightly disappointed in the selection, but the muffin was good. Very light, but slightly dry.


I made oatmeal raisin cookies for my parents today. I used the recipe Here and they turned out okay. I would suggest doubling the cinnamon, as though they smell great, they don’t have a lot of taste!It was neat to make them though as I used my parents microwave which is a convection oven. The cookies were baked perfectly:)


I found out that I trotted home five books from the give and take that I had already read:( I started reading one of these today and even though I don’t have it marked read on Goodreads, I have definitely read it. I have instead made six chapters of progress on listening to Jane Eyre on Librivox (though my ears are now sore from my headphones- back to looking for another pair). I am determined to be done with this book by the end of this year!


I was planning to finish my toque before I posted tonight, however, I have now had to pull it out three times, so I decided to post and then go back to knitting. Hopefully I will have a finished product to show you tomorrow:) As I use this black and white combination again, I wish I had enough for a vest or sweater! I think it would be a very useful garment with both the black and white.


I am giggling in my head this evening as I think about how often people complain about kids being on electronic devices. I think my parents may be worse than any children!!!🤣 All I see are the tops of their heads and all I hear are the noises of my dad’s game! Of course I am just as bad with my ear buds in listening to my book.

Well I’m off to knit and hopefully it goes smoothly this time!

Have fun!