Just Off

I had a lovely day planned and it went according to plan, but something was just off:(


My day actually started at 3:30 when I was wide awake and booked tickets to visit my parents in the middle of nowhere this winter holiday. For the deal I got, I can afford to go to the middle of nowhere and do nothing for a week, though I am going to try and talk them into doing one thing while I’m there. We could go look around a nearby town or city, park, monument, trail, etc, just something so people don’t look at me weird when I go back home.

I decided to book this because I kept looking at tickets so I figured that meant I wanted to go. Hopefully my dad doesn’t drive me too crazy in seven days- maybe a miracle will occur. I just worry too much about what other people think of my decisions and I know I shouldn’t! I just have to focus on how restful and warm I will be there and I’ll get a little dose of my mom:)


After grabbing a few hours of sleep, I got up for my regular Sunday morning group run. It was a shorter one today as coffee and tea definitely seemed to be more important. Brenda wasn’t awake yet and Dennis has a chest cold so the forty minute run was just fine with all of us!


After a lovely cup of tea, I did make myself stop in and pick up a few things for the week. I decided to not buy much as I couldn’t remember what I had in the freezer and thought it would be better to just go back if I needed to!


I had decided today was the day to get ahead on some of the projects I have piled up. I started with sewing up Brady’s pants. Boy that kid can destroy a pant knee!! I hope the seaming doesn’t bother him too much as without using a patch, I didn’t really have any other options. I also got the rest of the curtains done for Liane’s camper. I’m really glad both of these things are out of my house! The only project I have left for other people are pillows for Brenda. I’ll have to get to them before Christmas.


I also got back to being organized and spent some time in the kitchen getting ready for the week. I made up a hash that I can cook an egg on top of each morning and be feeling very spoiled for my breakfasts. I also got my cereal portioned out for recess snack, and soup taken out of the freezer for lunches. Thankfully I also got the kitchen cleaned up after myself as that will also improve my week!


I also got a ton of laundry done and all of my new clothes entered into my clothing app. I have a cleaned off bed, and a clean hallway which was lovely to walk into! Now I just need to go through my sweater cupboard and get it tidied up too! I swear the sweaters rearrange themselves!


I finished my latest ARC that had to be done by November 30th. A Lot Like Christmas by Kait Nolan.

This is the story of the waitress Hannah Wheeler whom we have met in previous books. She is ready to re-enter life and fortuitously meets Ryan Malone, an army medic home on leave, at that very time!

I really enjoyed this book. I liked that Ryan developed over the course of the book. He starts out a man who has seen too much horror in his life and moves towards a man who remembers the good things he is fighting for.

I also like Hannah. She is multifaceted which made her much more realistic. When we start the book she is portrayed as a merry elf of a woman, but as we come to know her through the book, we find she has a backbone and has had her fair share of hardship. Her positivity is a choice, not naivety.

The story does go by very quickly! I didn’t want to do anything but read, and the quick timeline of a few weeks didn’t negatively affect the story. I liked how the ending was realistically portrayed as happening a year later.

This book also offers some humor in the form of the great uncle Percy. His timing is horrible, but led me to giggle several times:)

Finally, this book also communicated a great message. When Ryan is upset about something, Hannah encourages him to see that he was meant to be where he was. We can’t carry all the burdens or take all the blame for events.

I thank Kait Nolan for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book definitely keeps up the excellent Wishful series.


I also got some knitting done this evening, once I sat down. The bag I started last night is finished, except I’m blocking the handle so it hasn’t been attached yet. I will hopefully have a picture tomorrow, but surprisingly I’m really happy with it. It is the second project I’ve made from the knitting bags book I bought earlier this year:)


I have to admit, I rewatched Christmas movies as I was knitting. I watched A Very Merry Mix Up with Alicia Witt. I enjoy her as an actress, but every movie seems to show her running and she looks really weird when she runs! I like this movie because it shows a family that is seriously into Christmas and making it fun!

I’m thinking I should come up with a list of Fun Christmas things to do for the month of December so I don’t become a Scrooge! It will have to wait until tomorrow though as I’m exhausted. Maybe that’s what threw off my day?

Have fun!


Something New

I got a lot accomplished today, but it was way too busy!


First thing this morning I was out the door for my regular Sunday morning run. We were out by the river which is a beautiful place to run

But today we saw none of this because it was so foggy I couldn’t even see my running buddy in front of me! When we started running I knew I wasn’t doing the 15km full mission as it was absolutely freezing and I had somewhere to be at 10am! My running buddy said 15 out and 15 back as he was feeling lazy and this was fine with me. Well we ended up doing 7km which just goes to prove you can always do more than you think you can!

This evening I got to try a new form of exercise. Lyndsay invited me to a Deep Stretching class at Oxygen yoga. I had never been before, but I would definitely go back! It reminded me of my old Hatha yoga class and was an excellent stretch. That’s what I need from yoga- not a workout, but a stretch. The icing on the cake was being warm for a change:)


My friend Kathryn was supposed to spend next Sunday with me but she texted yesterday to say it had to be this weekend or not until December holidays. I moved a few things around and managed to spend 10-2 with her:) It actually worked out great because I needed a place to bake normal brownies as I didn’t want to contaminate my kitchen. Kathryn and I have been baking together for years and it was what I needed today! Just some relaxed fun in the kitchen. We made my brownies and. “Better than Salt Dough ornaments for her class. It was great!!!

This evening I decided that one little brownie piece wasn’t enough for each staff member so I quickly made some peanut butter cookies too.


When I got home from Kathryn’s I had to hang around for my food delivery so I decided that I needed to tackle my house. I got rooms tidied, laundry done, new clothes entered into my app, my Christmas cacti checked and repotted, and my dishes done. My house is almost liveable again.

My food was delivered from 2 Guys With Knives and it looks good. I got four dinners out of the Pumpkin Chili and three lunches out of the sausage, kale and bean soup. I like that my collection of Tupperware containers is also growing with this meal delivery service so on the weeks I don’t order, I have containers for the food I make. With getting seven meals out of it, it works out to a decent price per meal for me. I’m not sure it would be economically feasible if I was bigger and couldn’t split them so many ways.

Well I’ve started a new book because I still can’t decide about my chunky yarn knitting. Can anyone suggest a project they like making with chunky wool- maybe it will get me excited!

Have fun!


Family Dinner

Sorry for no post tomorrow. I was so tired I went straight to bed at 8:51pm!


I met up with my running buddies yesterday morning at a local Park.

The walkers only wanted to do 40 minutes so I did one loop with them and then after tea, I came home and did another 24 minutes to finish my mission. It was a beautiful morning for a run, but extremely cold!


After a quick shower I picked up my mom and we went shopping.

We started with a local nursery that has lots of other things too, including cute clothing and Christmas decorations and gifts. Shucks just now I realize I should have found some gifts for friends. I usually make all my gifts, but I just don’t know what to make this year:(

I did find a down jacket here in black. I have the same jacket in purple but sometimes I’d like to look a little more adultish!

We then carried on and I went a little crazy getting some new Fall/Winter clothes. It will be nice to have new things though I will have to decide what I’m getting rid of as I don’t want my wardrobe to get too big! I have recently found I like having a smaller wardrobe but as I wear my clothes more often I need to replace them more often as I get tired of them!

Family Dinner:

Last night we had family dinner st my brother’s place. We weren’t all there but my parents, one brother and his family and myself. My brother did an amazing job doing a beef tenderloin on the rotisserie on his BBQ! It was so good!! The mashed potatoes looked good but weren’t allergy friendly, neither was the green salad though I tried to eat around the cheese and paid for it:(

I had brought apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I also brought fruit with a dip. The dip was a definite hit and was so easy! It was from Iowa Girl Eats and was just lemon curd mixed with coco whip! My sister in law and I both said we could just have eaten it with a spoon! I do wonder how it would’ve if a little non dairy cream cheese was added to give it some tang as it was super sweet!

I learned my mom is doing clean November challenge too with one goal. I’m super proud of her as it’s tough to do that kind of thing!

It was nice to visit with everyone, though my dad was annoying. Thinking ahead to Christmas I know I would love to see my mom, but I’ll have to figure out if I can take my dad for a visit. Something to consider.

Well I’m off to Remembrance Day!

Have fun!


Curriculum Day

We have had a new curriculum to implement this past year and so have had a few days added to work with it.


I spent the morning exploring assessment with my staff colleagues. It was fine, but if the government thinks a couple of days are going to make me proficient with this new curriculum- they are crazy! I feel like I need a good month to just read it and try to understand it. Of course we don’t get that, we got to implement it before we even got to read it:(

At least we got the afternoon to start writing our report cards, which, surprise, surprise, are also brand new! 😫😖


Needless to say, I had plenty of energy to work off in a session with my friend L! I grabbed the bike to warm up to give my legs a break from pounding the pavement running. We then did three sets of sit ups, military press with squat and rows. Then we got to do three sets of knee tucks, deadlifts and sumo squats with military press. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. I’m really noticing how fast I lost the strength in my arms:(


I have family dinner tomorrow. My nephew wanted fruit so I’ve picked up a fruit tray and am going to try a new dip. My brother wanted the cake my grandma always made, but I thought it was going to be way too big but I just heard he’s invited two more people so maybe I’ll make it up tomorrow morning. I did get an apple crumble made. I used the Oh She Glows recipe that can be found Here. It is super easy and very yummy though I did end up doing it in two dishes so I could save my big rectangular pan in case I get to the white cake in the morning.

I wanted to do the brownies I had made this past summer, but I was missing too many of the ingredients. We will see if I also get to them tomorrow.


I finally finished my next NetGalley book, My One and Only Duke.

This book actually contains the full novel by Grace Burrowes and a short story by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Grace Burrowes introduces a new series to us which features the Wentworth Family. This first story is of Quinn who we meet while he is in prison. He marries Jane, a poor minister’s pregnant daughter, thinking that he will be dead in a matter of days.

I loved how this plot line was quite different from the normal romance novel. The start had me in tears as I definitely didn’t know what was coming.

The characters were great! The Wentworth Family is full of crazy characters and Burrowes definitely has me intrigued about what will happen to them all. I loved how Jane was not a doormat, but rather challenged Quinn and yet was also his equal partner when the need arose. She saves him a few times which is a nice change from the usual.

This novel is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see what more comes of it.

Thank you to Grace Burrowes, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Now I desperately need to get to bed as all that sitting today wore me out!

Have fun!


Ready For The Weekend

Today was just another day in life. I’m ready for the weekend!


The children were still off today. Halloween in the middle of the week should be outlawed! We managed to get our Friday journals done. It was interesting that both I and the kids had to look at the schedule to remember that we had charged pumpkins. The good old costume parade seemed to be the most popular.

We had a lot of writing to do today as we had forgotten to write about our hip hop performance so we also got that done. We did a little practice of skip counting and then ended the day with buddies and some outside play time as it was actually sunny this afternoon.

I have four children I read with every day as they are close to being at grade level but aren’t quite there yet. It was neat to hear one of the girls read today and realize that she is improving by the day:) It gets me so excited!!!!


I was a little worried after school as I was feeling exhausted and hungry. I did have a few pieces of melon and grapes from the staffroom, but mainly I drank water. It is amazing what water can do for you. I suddenly perked right up and I went and got a workout in with L. It felt really good to get back to it, though I may not be able to move any part of my body tomorrow!

We did one person on the treadmill while the other person did an an exercise. The first was 100 repetitions, then we switched. This carried on with the 90,80 reps, switch, then 70,60,50, switch and finally 40,30,20 and 10. I don’t think my abs have done that much in months. Of course L decided that wasn’t enough so then the person on the treadmill ran 0.15 miles and the other person had to hold a plank for that long. We worked through front, side, side and reverse planks. L had to hold the planks much longer than me as I’m a slower runner than her. I figure it’s appropriate though as I’m a former obese person and she’s a former athlete.🤣

We had a quick sauna and then I headed home.


After immediately putting my jammies on, I finished Be With Me by Jules Bennett.

This is the second time we get to return to Haven, Georgia with Jules Bennett. This book tells the story of Melanie and Tanner. He’s the cop who pulled her over as she arrived in town and she’s the blogger who came to support her friend. Life has given them more than they were expecting.

I really enjoyed this second Haven book. I love how the supporting cast of friends is so intertwined in the books. They are there for all the action, rather than just being an add on.

I also loved the characters of Melanie and Tanner. She is a woman who has suffered the worst and has come out of it determined to inspire women. While he is the silent cop who has been through more than most and yet works unfailingly to rescue others. I thought they were different enough to bring that opposites attract angle while still having enough similar experiences to bond them. I also liked how Melanie understood Tanner’s actions as a result of his past and didn’t hold them against him.

The inspirational quotes at the start of each chapter were a great addition.

I also appreciated that the book didn’t rely on miscommunication, but rather simply told of people having to work through their issues to be able to come together.

Great work Jules Bennett, and I can’t wait for the story of Cash and Jade!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


Of course I wasn’t capable of just laying on the couch all night so I finally got the pumpkin seeds roasted. I simply mix them with olive oil and salt, and bake them at 350 for 30 minutes. They came out perfect.

I also got some chips made from the tortillas I bought the other week that kept breaking into pieces. Again, a little olive oil and some garlic and salt and baked at 350 for 20 minutes made them come out perfect!

I guess these will be my snacks for this weekend.

Clean November Challenge:

I am going to count today as another success. I only had a few pieces of melon that weren’t on my plan. I had an excellent workout where I pushed myself right to the end, and I drank my two water bottles of water, plus more. I have added drinking two water bottles of water a day to my challenge as that is also a positive habit I need to get back to!

Well amazingly, that’s all I’ve managed to do today.

Have fun!


A Quick Note

This has to be quick as I need as much sleep as possible to deal with tomorrow!


My students are getting crazier by the hour because of Halloween. Today we did a new poem – Skeleton Parade, in many spooky voices and we wrote about our favourite candy.

We looked at the Scholastic Book Fair and had computers. This afternoon we played Halloween games in gym and did some more of our pumpkin investigation. Tomorrow is the big day for counting seeds and carving faces.


On my breaks, I finished up watching Love at First Dance. I really liked this movie. I liked how at the start the female lead stands up for herself and makes the arrogant hero follow the same rules as everyone else! I wish I was better at this. I liked how the characters help each other grow. I also liked how they got to know each other in a non-romantic way for 90% of the movie. The ending was also super cute! I watched it three times!


After work I made pumpkin muffins to use up my leftover pumpkin, once I separated all the seeds out of the school pumpkin guts. I must have been on s pumpkin roll! I used this Recipe and the one I tried hot was really good plain, with vegan butter and with vegan cream cheese. The rest have all been frozen!


Tonight was knit night and I managed to get partially casted off for the shawl/scarf. Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow and able to share it.


I’m looking into blogging plans, but for $60 I only get 6g of storage- doesn’t that mean I’m going to be having the same problem in a year?☹️

Well I’m off to get some sleep so I am patient tomorrow.

Have fun!


She’s Back

My co teacher is back after having been off sick for two weeks and boy was it ever nice!!!


I started the day getting three rows done on the afghan pattern and managed to finish that one up later this evening. I am on my second to last call of yarn, so we’ll see if I’m going to have enough or have to go buy more. It seems unbelievable that I am so close to being done this big project too:)

I’m starting to daydream about what I will make next.


The day went pretty well! We finished our seasons mini book and the children all practiced reading it. I changed math to a 100 chart picture of a turkey. It was very interesting to see who knew the numbers well and who didn’t and got frustrated.

This afternoon I was the one frustrated as we tried to cram too large a project in the afternoon space. It got done and turned out well, but I just felt that I was always after the children to hurry and worried about running out of time. That’s what I’m trying to avoid this year!

The directed drawing turkeys did turn out super cute, even though I did the steps in the wrong order. And yes I did say this was one time they didn’t have to colour realistically:)


I got home to beautiful sunshine and just felt like baking. I have a super easy granola bar recipe that turns out great no matter what you put in it, so I whipped up some of those:)

The recipe comes from Lunch Box: Creative Recipes for Everyday Lunches which I have had forever.

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar ( I use less)

1 tbsp canola oil

1 tbsp flour ( I used millet)

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

1.5 cups oats

1/3 cup raisins

1/3 cup dried fruit

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup chopped nuts or seeds

This time I used oats, raisins, craisins, dried blueberries and chopped pecans. I have done all different mix-ins though and it’s always turned out great!


This evening I went back to athletic yoga with my friend Corianne. It was still a great workout, but I did like that there seemed to be a bit more stretching in it this time:)

Well I’m off to sleep so I can survive Friday tomorrow:)

Have fun!



I read blogs that set yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals, but do I do that….😝


Well the spider in my bathtub got my heart beating this morning- nothing like seeing movement out of the corner of your eye! Thankfully they aren’t a big problem to me and my shoe took care of it. My running buddies kept my heart racing! I really do have the best running buddies though! I showed up to a planned 5km run and casually mentioned I needed to do 7km today. They said nothing, just changed the route and kept me company.❤️

We ran the river which meant it was awesome going out as it’s a slight downhill most of the way:) we ran from bridge to bridge which is not usual for me, but was fun. The way back was another matter as it was now slight uphill the whole way and actually some of those uphills weren’t so slight!

My average was a 6:38/km pace and I feel like I slowed down at least a whole minute per kilometer coming back! I must have been flying going down!

I also did a walk this afternoon, again in the pouring rain, to get the Monday Squad Runner mission. It was bucketing down and I could tell because I passed very few people which is rare.

I’ve already surpassed my running miles from last year and managed a nice 100km this month. I am thinking I would like to try for 1000km this year which means I need 101km more. It shouldn’t be a problem. Actually I may need to reassess that goal.

The other thought I had today was about running on Thanksgiving. Chelsea of The Dancing Runner was talking about how she runs before eating turkey and that seems like a good idea to me. I started thinking I’d like to try and do two loops of Burnaby Lake to see what kind of time I could get on a 20km. (I haven’t done a half marathon in 8 years and I’m a little worried I would be as slow as I used to be😏☹️). I routinely do about 12km here. This would be a great goal if I had eight weeks, but Thanksgiving is next weekend! Why do I always wait until the last minute to set a goal??? I haven’t decided if this is doable. If you have an opinion, please share it.


After a yummy tea, I had to take care of my adult chores. I got my groceries bought, laundry done, food prepared for the week, plants watered and some tidying done. I didn’t get to my teaching work, but decided I’d done enough adulting for the day!


I got my new stash put into Ravelry as I am slowly trying to get all of my stash on there. I also got caught up on entering my projects.

This is the headband I made last night and the cowl I finished the other day. I really like how the cowl turned out. I had made up the pattern and can’t decide if I should put it on Ravelry or not? I’m sure there’s probably tons on there already just like it, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. Again let me know if you have an opinion.

I also picked up the boat Afghan again today, and here comes the second crazy challenge I have set for myself today. My mom had said that they would be home for the week and I am thinking I should get this Afghan done this week so they can take it with them. This is the time of the year they really need it on the boat, so it makes the most sense, however, it also means I need to get three or four more pattern repeats done by Friday! I am crazy! I should have thought of this s month ago, not a week out! It means 31 rows a night and I’d be done in three or four nights. That’s quite the time challenge when each row has 230 stitches!

I think it will be top priority this week, but we shall see! Maybe I can talk my parents into staying a couple of extra days…

Ok, well I need sleep as there was no nap in my life this weekend:(

Have fun!


Back to Routine

I am almost back to routine.


I dragged myself out of bed for my Sunday morning run. I don’t know why I was so tired, but I really was. I gave myself permission to run even slower than normal, but I had to go as I was meeting people.

I ended up doing 6.5km along the river. I was super slow and it decided to pour rain the whole time we were out there, but oh well, I’d better get used to it again and we definitely need the rain!

My running buddies were awesome as I was 600m short of my distance when we got back to the car and they carried on with me:)

This evening I decided there was no time like the present to get back to routine so I found a workout to do and did it. I often screenshot workouts and then don’t know where I got them. So I apologize to whoever created this great workout. If it was you, please let me know so I can give you credit!!!

20 Around the world lunges

12 stability ball hamstring curls

12 SL Bridges

12 sumo squat calf raises

12 SL deadlifts

12 deadlifts

10 curtsy lunges

10 medicine ball jump squats

10 knee tucks

10 pikes

10 side plank knee tucks

10 banded fire hydrants

10 banded aide leg raises

10 clams

10 plank leg lifts

I love the fact that I was sweaty by the time I got to the end. It felt good to be moving again!


I finished another Susan Mallery library book (it’s due back tomorrow!) called Second Chance Girl. It is part of the Happily Inc series and was quite enjoyable. I think Matthias is my favourite brother so far in this series as he’s more upbeat and personable. I liked that the book featured both of the Lund sisters, but I truly think they both could have had their own books as it felt quite surface for both relationships.

I of course have started another book already which I am really enjoying!


Around my long nap, I have also done some knitting today. I had knit a scarf for my friend while I was away, but it was too short, so I picked up more yarn and have started a new one! The yarn I picked is Loops and Threads Charisma Heather. This friend is not a knitter so I wanted something that wasn’t delicate. I have a week to get it done, and thankfully finally made some progress today while watching some old Hallmark movies.


I spent some more time in the kitchen today. I was amazed to learn that all of my running buddies, past and present have a lovely brunch once they get home from our run on Sunday morning! Why have I never done this??? Today I did. I love breakfast hash and so made up my own. I heated cubed sweet potato, added celery, garlic, purple pepper and onion, then chorizo sausage, mushrooms and spinach. I topped it with some mozzarella cheese and an egg. It was so good I could eat it everyday!

My egg wasn’t pretty so you get a picture pre-egg.

I also tried another recipe from my Ella Woodward cookbook

Today I tried the carrot muffins. They are edible, but I find them too heavy and dense for my taste. I’ve done a lot of gf/df baking and there is better baking out there! I will try a few of the other recipes before I decide whether to keep the book.

Well I’m back to my book, knitting and movie:)

Have fun!


It Finally Rained

I was so happy to get up this morning and hear rain! It didn’t change my plans but was definitely needed!


I have to admit to feeling pudgy lately. Some is due to the dairy attack, but a lot is due to my time in Robert’s Creek. This morning started off on a good note to change that feeling- a nice hike with my friend Sarah and Kula.

He did spend a lot of time waiting for us at the top of hills and at the bottom of hills. It really does look like he is saying, “geez can’t you two keep up?”

It was a great 5.8km walk and is definitely how I like to spend my days off!

This evening, I really didn’t want to go out, but knew I had to in order to make progress on the 15km mission. I gave myself permission to take it easy and slow and just do a short run as it’s been over a week since I ran. The rain had stopped and I enjoyed my 3.35km run.

This is a start back into my healthy lifestyle. I figure I had better get back into my habits this week so that they are established before we add in kids and work!


I finished my NetGalley book today, Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery.

This is the third story in the Happily Inc series. I greatly enjoyed it.

Natalie is the main heroine and I lover her optimism. She brings fun and positivity to every situation and yet she’s not an unrealistic Pollyanna. She has confidence in herself and I love her self-assured statement. Yet she has hidden depths as you can see she sometimes doubts she can be loved as it hasn’t worked out for her in the past.

Ronan is the Moody artist. I have to admit this isn’t my ideal man and much of his struggle just annoyed me. I very much agreed with Natalie that he was still incredibly lucky with his life and why he was pouting, was beyond me.

I enjoyed how Ronan became closer to his brothers and that brought the rest of the family into the book.

I also liked how the book didn’t go as I thought it would. At one point I thought I knew what was going to happen and I was completely wrong. I am so happy that I was!

The book celebrates art which is great and would be of interest to anyone who is artistic or enjoys art. It definitely gave me inspiration to create!

Thank you to NetGalley, Susan Mallery and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I of course have started another book that has to be returned Monday instead of doing any of the projects that I really need to get done:(


With the rain, it felt like the perfect day to do some cooking and it would help with getting me back on track to healthy!

I started with making the pesto pasta salad. It was super easy as I just cooked up some shell pasta, added quartered cherry tomatoes, minced garlic and pesto. I had it for lunch and am very happy with the results. Even better I have four servings in my fridge and whatever doesn’t get eaten will get frozen:)

I also cooked up some chicken and made up some chicken Caesar salads as there was Earth Island Parmesan cheese (fake) on sale this week. I had this for dinner and was super happy with it too! I don’t normally like Daiya anything, but I don’t mind the Caesar dressing.

Finally I tried a recipe from me newest cookbook, Deliciously Ella Everyday by Ella Woodward.

I made the Zucchini Banana Bread and am not very happy with it. I have high expectations for my baking now and this is very dense and heavy and didn’t cook nicely at all:(. I will give the book a few more chances, but so far I’m not impressed:(

Well I’m off to do more reading.

Have fun!