Monday Again

I don’t know how Monday arrives so quickly every week!


We got through a journal, the kids had music class, we played line soccer in gym. We did another addition drill and I introduced the concept of solving word problems. This afternoon we had silent reading and then went outside to brainstorm natural environment elements. I had the idea after school to have the kids do STEM to create an environmental feature. I’ll have to see if I can work out the details as I think they would really like it!

We had our first staff meeting after school and it went well. I did peel off all of my nails though:(. I guess keeping them for a week at work was pretty good and I will see if I can regrow them. For the very first time, this new principal wanted our cameras on so she could see us without masks, but I don’t think I liked that. We also had a tense moment when one teacher passively aggressively complained about all the rest of us taking our kids out to the playground which is outside his classroom. Ugh we have noise to put up with- it’s an elementary school!!! I doubt we’ve heard the end of it though:(


I came home and had dinner as I was super hungry, but then made sure that I got my FitOn workout in. I was happy to see that today was a Strong Yoga Sculpt. I am trying to work out and do yoga more consistently than I did last year and so far I am meeting that goal.

I have to say I would recommend the FitOn app as it has tons of different types of workouts, including stretching and yoga and you can choose which ones to do. I just do the daily workout as I don’t want to choose.


I told my friend Brenda yesterday that I had to accomplish something soon in my knitting as it feels like I haven’t finished anything forever! I am so close with the Bentley Cardigan! I bound off one sleeve tonight and only have seven rows left of the cuff in the second sleeve. This is a knit a long that doesn’t end until May 31st, but I am quite proud of myself for making it last almost an entire month! I am definitely a product knitter🤣

At least I wear my products! Today I wore my Paris socks and my temperature cowl. My students commented on my cowl so I was explaining it to them and they think I should do one based on weather- cloudy, rainy, sunny and snowy are the types they came up with. It’s actually an interesting idea. 🤔


I was supposed to bring my new wet jet home and pick up the cleaner and I completely forgot! I did not let myself off the hook though and at least got my carpet vacuumed. I always feel so much better when I at least do one small thing in the house.

Well time for bed, have fun!