Knit Night

It was so nice to have knit night to look forward to!


It wasn’t a bad day until my students embarrassed me at the end of the day. We had music this morning and I got next week planned during this time.

Quiet time was awesome as I read with all seven kids and my lowest girl read a new book all the way through with no mistakes!!🎉🎊. So exciting!

We tackled two math drills and just got started writing about gymnastics when lunch rolled around.

After lunch we had gymnastics where one of my students fell off the bar – my worst nightmare! He went home as he wasn’t feeling good, though I’m not sure how much I buy that.

After gymnastics we had a fire fighter come talk to the class. First off my class was super loud and talkative and weren’t listening respectfully, then when he showed a picture of his two boys- one of the girls said (loud enough for everyone to hear)- “oh too bad- I thought you could date miss B”. OMG!!!!! Please just let me sink into the floor!

I was happy to get out of there and into the sunshine!


I was sore, tired, hungry and didn’t feel like running, but still made myself go. I got 3.07km in and kept my average below 7min/km so I’m counting it as a success. I really should be running further than that though!


I finished a little black headband at lunch and so got to take another skein off my stash list🎊🎉. Other than that I have been knitting on my sweater and tonight I separated out the sleeves and went beyond that. I always love when I get less stitches on the needles!

My sweater so far. Two more days and I get to go to a knitting show!😀

Well I need sleep as yet again I didn’t want to get up this morning.

Have fun!


Knit Night

It was a different type of knit night, but still fun!


We got through calendar, two poems, a math game and the art cards. Whew!

The poems were cute! The one we will be saying this week is:

Turkey in the barnyard

What does he say?

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Gobble all day.

Turkey on the table

What do you say?

Yummy, yummy, yummy

Yummy all day.

Turkey in my tummy

What do I say?

I ate too much turkey

On Thanksgiving Day!

Hearing the children say this is so cute!

I then had them write a poem and there were a lot of neat responses, but here’s one.

I can do a flip, but a turkey can’t.

I can wear underwear but a turkey can’t

I can play soccer but a turkey can’t

I can eat turkey but a turkey can’t

But a turkey can grow feathers and I can’t

The student had a lot of fun with this one!

The art cards were a variety of products and some went home not finished. I do wonder how many parents will fix up their children’s art?!?!


I walked Lyndsay’s son home and then headed out for my run. Once again, I really didn’t want to go! I felt really slow but I was consistently under 7min/km so not as bad as I thought. I got another 3.17km done and hopefully I get a bit more tomorrow.


I tried the recipe for apple bread that Kathy Reeves included in her blog a few weeks ago. By the way, you should totally check out her blog as she is so inspirational with how much she accomplishes!!! The bread was super easy to put together, and I’ll let you know tomorrow how it was as I am stuffed tonight. It did feel great to spend a little time in the kitchen though!


Tavia and Cori came down so Tavia could finish off her projects. She has completed a dishcloth that we are blocking right now. It was so neat to see her so carefully separating all the holes and lining everything up. She also finished a cape for her stuffie. It will be interesting to see what she chooses next!


No colouring today:(

Breakfast: oatmeal

Recess: mini kind bar

Lunch: leftover hash from last night, a handful of smoky barbecue seeds from the staffroom table

Snack: tbsp of peanut butter

Dinner: salmon poke bowl and a cider

I really hope I haven’t undone all of my hard work in one day:(

Well, I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Knit Night Resumes

It was awesome to have knit night to look forward to today.


It was another good day with my class which was a nice treat. We didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but I need to lower my expectations in that area, I think.

We had calendar, finished out five senses sheet about Fall, and started some leaf art.

I managed to work with one little guy on his sounds. I laid out all the alphabet cards, then said a sound and he had to find the card that made that sound. It worked great, but he only knew 14 sounds:(. Definitely need to work with him more!

I did get to give one parent good news after school as her son has been super sweet playing with our new autistic boy. It’s been awesome to see! I like to try and get out just as often to tell parents good things as negative things.


I got out for a run after school. I love that this week I’ve had the time to run in daylight after school:) I got 5.79km in and had a decent pace, though my Achilles were both sore:(. I need to do some more stretching for them!


I had another good day, though this morning was definitely more difficult than the other days. I seriously thought of eating my recess early and having oatmeal in addition, but I managed not to:). I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j (I would like to get this back down to one)

Orange ( I find a banana more filling)

Sausage and kale pasta

Salad with sausage and cheese

I just arranged to take my nephew for ice cream on Friday so I guess that will be one of my four treat meals this week. Yes I did sit down and figure out that 80/20 meant only four “treat” meals a week. I’m going to have to plan carefully as I’ll also be having lunch out on Saturday. The rest of my days are going to need to be fruits and veggies based!


It was great to have knit night resume. I went to Brenda’s and we actually had a third lady join us which was great. Patti seemed awesome and will be joining us on Saturday too:)

I worked on my triple check knit pattern. I think I will just have enough to create a cowl. We all agreed it would also make a really nice blanket.

Have fun!


A Change in Routine

Today I was off for an appointment, so it was a very different day for me.


With this bonus daylight time off, I got out for a run first thing this morning. I had planned on a 10km, but only managed 6.5km. My legs were just tired from last night and I was definitely feeling the lack of recovery time!

This evening I got a 1:05 plank and 200 squats done too:)


I spent a lot of last night and today reading as I started a new book last night that seems to be really good! I’m already on page 180! If you get the chance to read The Alice Network, go for it as it’s awesome so far!


I was off for an oral surgeon appointment and while my dentist isn’t going to be happy with the results, I am!


After talking to my mom and telling her all my news, I met up with Brenda for knit night or rather knit afternoon. I had torn out my sleeve last night and so got started on it again. I went down to 50 stitches for the sleeve and it seems much better! I just have 1.5″ to go before I do the border, so I think I’ll get to it!

Have fun!


Try, Try, Try Again

I seem to have to take multiple stabs at everything today🙄


The new system for helping or struggling readers is an awesome idea, except I had to teach my morning lesson three times as kids were coming and going at different times:(. I don’t really want to say, don’t bother doing this, but there isn’t much that comes without a lesson🤔

We had an assembly today that wasn’t particularly amazing, but took up a half hour:)

This afternoon my students thought they were in heaven as they had silent reading, then centers and then outside playtime. Not a whole lot of learning going on today! I thought I’d have extra time to work with a couple of students during centers but spent the entire time dealing with sorting and separating the barbies into “fair” centres🙄


After school we had bootcamp with L. I have to admit it wasn’t my best bootcamp as my legs are still tight from what I’ve already done this week. We had to move to the music room as our principal scheduled the gym for an after school club, but we made it work. It’s just not as much fun without the sound system. We did: medicine ball burpees/iso squat with a front medicine ball raise, bench lunges, bench toe taps/rows, jumping jack to plank jack/reverse mountain climber, side plank with leg raise, inside foot touch/ upright row to lateral extension, frogger jumps/ mountain climbers, banded side steps to jump/ front plank. Hopefully it was enough to keep the muscle building!


After walking home and quickly getting my house tidied and grabbing some dinner, I had Knit night with a friend. I managed to sew in some more ends on the temperature cowl. I have five sections of ends still to do.

I also started my next sweater three times. This pattern is from a book, but my gauge must be way off as it calls for 150 stitches which is about 50 more than I need. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it yet:(

Well I’m as exhausted as ever, so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


1,2,3, 🛑

It has seemed like such a busy day with three things in one day, but thankfully they were all wonderful!


My friend Sarah had texted to see if I wanted to do a trail run this morning and it was super nice to look forward to running with someone! We had a forty minute, slow run and it was lovely as we managed to time it for a break in the rain:). Kula has fun too as there must have been some wildlife through that trail recently as he was going crazy sniffing!

Socializing/ Shopping:

After a quick shower, I was out to pick up two other friends and meet a third for “The Olde Farmhouse Sale”. It’s a big sale with tons of vendors held about an hour away. I absolutely loved the shirts by ” Brand Squawk” by was disappointed to find that their extra small was still too big. I actually got called dainty by three different vendors today!

I managed to only buy two small things for myself and finish all but one of my Christmas gifts.

The purple polka dots is a new snack container for work and the other is a microwave bowl:). I’m really excited to use it and thought I didn’t want to have to buy the materials to make either for what I paid for them!

On the way home we quickly popped into Michael’s for one of the ladies to look for some yarn she needed. I managed to come out empty handed🎊🎉

Knit Night:

I came home from the sale to quickly tidy my house before Brenda came over for knit night. I managed to get caught up on my temperature cowl. It’s hard to believe I’m just over a month from being done that!

I also figured out I didn’t have enough yarn to do a poncho out of my bulky green yarn either, so I’ve ripped it out and am making a bag and a bowl out of it. After all this, it must leave my stash!

After this busy, but wonderful day, I’m about to sit down with my knitting and a Hallmark movie.

Have fun!


A Quick Note

This has to be quick as I need as much sleep as possible to deal with tomorrow!


My students are getting crazier by the hour because of Halloween. Today we did a new poem – Skeleton Parade, in many spooky voices and we wrote about our favourite candy.

We looked at the Scholastic Book Fair and had computers. This afternoon we played Halloween games in gym and did some more of our pumpkin investigation. Tomorrow is the big day for counting seeds and carving faces.


On my breaks, I finished up watching Love at First Dance. I really liked this movie. I liked how at the start the female lead stands up for herself and makes the arrogant hero follow the same rules as everyone else! I wish I was better at this. I liked how the characters help each other grow. I also liked how they got to know each other in a non-romantic way for 90% of the movie. The ending was also super cute! I watched it three times!


After work I made pumpkin muffins to use up my leftover pumpkin, once I separated all the seeds out of the school pumpkin guts. I must have been on s pumpkin roll! I used this Recipe and the one I tried hot was really good plain, with vegan butter and with vegan cream cheese. The rest have all been frozen!


Tonight was knit night and I managed to get partially casted off for the shawl/scarf. Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow and able to share it.


I’m looking into blogging plans, but for $60 I only get 6g of storage- doesn’t that mean I’m going to be having the same problem in a year?☹️

Well I’m off to get some sleep so I am patient tomorrow.

Have fun!


Unofficial PR

It was quite the day!


Seven years ago I was knocked over by an SUV while I was out walking and I haven’t done any long runs since. Physically I wasn’t sure how my knees would do and mentally I wasn’t prepared to be disappointed by not being able to run or by being as slow as I used to be. I have, from time to time wondered if I could do it. A few weeks ago, after a 12km run, I started to wonder if I could do more. I often run Burnaby Lake when I need to do a 10km run and thought it would be interesting to see if I could do two laps.

I saw this the other day and loved it as I’ve often thought that! I just keep upping what I expect my body to do.

Well this morning I woke up, got dressed in my favourite running outfit, picked up my friend Brenda (who was willing to walk for 2.5 hours or more) and headed to the lake. Every half marathon I did I got the time of 2 hours,44 minutes. It was not the time I wanted and I dreamed of being able to do a half marathon in the 2:30s.

I set up my phone for intervals of six minutes and one minute. I usually make myself run the first half hour straight but with trying to go longer, I decided I should start the intervals right from the beginning. As I started off, I think I was running fast as I was afraid I would still be doing a 2:44:54. I did the first loop in one hour, nine minutes. I considered stopping, but my Squad Runner team knew what I was planning and had triple boosted me and I decided that a triple boost couldn’t be wasted on ten kilometers, so I turned around and started back the other way. It was a beautiful morning which really helped! I passed Brenda while I still had 8km to go, which was way sooner than I was expecting:(

I just kept thinking that I just had to run for six minutes each time. I also got to look forward to seeing the cute guy in the green toque who had a great smile:). I noticed on the second loop that I was getting more tired by the end of my six minute intervals, but wasn’t too bad. I hit 18km and thought, huh maybe I should try to do 21.1 instead of just the 20 around the lake, so I did! I skipped my last walking interval so that I could finish in 2:27:58. I surpassed my goal🎊🎉.

I know I can do even better since I skipped that last walk interval. I looked it up and the average for women my age is 2:09 which is not going to happen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 2:20:)


I dropped Brenda back off and then headed home. I parked on the road as I knew I’d be going out again, but then headed straight over to vote in our local election and pick up the groceries for dinner. While I was out, I decided to celebrate my run with a new running shirt from my local running store. There is a Smartwool top I really wanted, but $135 was just too much.

When I got back from shopping, I suddenly wondered that I hadn’t brought my headphones in. I went down to get them from the car and found them on the ground beside my car😳. Thank goodness I went down before they got run over or taken!!!!

Socializing/ Eating/ Knit Night:

After enjoying a lovely nap, I picked up turkey from a friend and headed to Brenda’s for dinner. We had amazing shrimp tacos with avocado and pico de Galla. It was so good, though I ate way too much!

We then enjoyed a lovely knit night. I am still working on the super boring bag, but am at least almost finished the second side! I’ll be happy when I’m done so I can start my scarf!

Well, I’m off to sleep as I have a run in the morning and Bookclub tomorrow.

Have fun!


Teacher Injury

My job is a dangerous thing🤣


Our day didn’t go to plan as usual, but I’d like to know when teaching ever does. We did a lesson on listening this morning with this super cute book, Howard B Wigglebottom Learns to Listen. He is just the cutest rabbit ever!

We were supposed to have an assembly today, but that was cancelled for some mysterious reason. It worked in my favourite though as we got another lesson on patterning done. I was worried about my students after Friday, but today seemed to go much better! One more concept of increasing patterns to go and we are done!

We were putting our sheets into our duo-tangs and I was helping the children learn how to 3 hole punch paper, when one kid pressed down really hard before I got my hand out of the way. My thumb is now black and blue and has a lovely indent in it. It better bounce back to normal quickly!

This afternoon we tackled why we have day and night. It seemed to go well, though I would like to find a video that explains why days get longer and shorter as I’m not sure I’m going to explain that very clearly!

The view at work. I love the colorful trees!


I hurried out of work today to get to a massage appointment with a new RMT.

But she had double booked herself:(. This was not a good first impression! I will give her a second try as a teacher at my school speaks highly of her, but I don’t know…


I wanted to go for a run, but decided I should be responsible and finish up my cleaning. I did, but I’m feeling very guilty for the no exercise today:(


Tonight was knit night which was a good thing as all I felt like doing was eating! It wasn’t the most productive night for me but I did get my afghan listed in my projects on ravelry and have identified the yarn I will use for my scarf to wear with t Shirts, and I started on a bag to use up some purple wool. It will be a great project as it will get rid of old stash and uses one of my new knitting books:)

Well, that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


Three in a Row

I’m almost afraid to see I had another great day in case I jinx myself!


We managed to get printing down, introduced patterns (probably my best math lesson ever), and did some wonder questions about Fall. I had one child away who was diagnosed with autism today, but it was just a great day!

I was super impressed with their “wonders”. I think this is the best it has ever turned out for me!


I finished The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 by Honest Lee.

This book outlines how the teacher and children of classroom 13 share a 28 billion lottery win and don’t learn anything.

The book is a very easy read and I think boys in grade three would find it funny. It is very surface with no deeper thinking required. There is minimal character development as you get just the main characteristic of each student and some are quite stereotypical. It is simply a listing of what each student does with the money. It does however outline what happens to many lottery winners.


I picked my mom up after work and she kept me company as I did my errands. It’s not exciting but it’s quality time and I actually get more done with her along than I do alone! I got gas, groceries, a cable I need for work and looked for shoes. Not bad for two hours. I am working on creating a list for when she gets home again.

Knit Night:

Tonight was knit night at Brenda’s place. She has sent me home with a huge bag of yarn from her friend so I will have to have a look through that.

I have been working on a cowl and got lots done on it tonight- only one skein left to do.

I also got a small, super warm cowl done, which will go to the Christmas market. Not super gorgeous, but super warm!

Well, I’m off to bed! I’m trying to keep the routine that is giving me these good days!

Have fun!