On the Road Again

We were off again for another road trip around the island.

Our first stop was Boutique de Laine in Oak Harbour. It’s in a lovely little strip of stores amid a residential area. The shop is bright and airy and lovely to spend time in! The owner was friendly and helpful without being overbearing. I found little samples of Eucalan which I had been hoping for along with some buttons, a pattern for an entrelac bag and Berroco Folio on sale! It is so soft!

Mom says it’s bright, nicely laid out and she liked how the yarn was well organized in plastic boxes. The owner was pleasant but not in your face and yet still interested in you. It was a pleasant experience. Even better, everything was soft!

We stopped for a quick coffee/tea in a pretty patio garden and then carried on.

Our next stop was Knotty by Nature. My mom and I both agree that this store was interesting. It definitely catered to spinners and weavers and “earthy” people. I have to admit, I won’t make the trip just for it again.

At this point I was starving so we made it way to the Fan Tan Cafe which is in downtown Victoria, in Chinatown, two blocks from Douglas and Blanchard. This place looks a little dodgy on the outside but is quite sleek inside. My mom and I shared the GF Funn Noodles dish with prawns and it was amazing!

I was super excited about finding gluten free Chinese food as Chinese food was the one meal we went out for each year when I was a kid, but I haven’t found any I could eat since discovering my allergies. This was an excellent stop and I would recommend it to anyone looking for gf Chinese food.

We then went back to Beehive Wool Shop. This is in the neatest building that has a tower you can see for several blocks. The store is quite large with a wide selection of local and international yarns. They were advertising their sale and had several yarns 30% off. I found it interesting that their needles were kept behind the cash desk, though I did notice they had an extensive selection of needles!

My mom says that two of the personnel were super helpful and very knowledgeable. They helped without being in your face. The store was airy.

After this stop, we ran over five blocks and down one to another store called Button and Needlework. This store is the place to go if you need buttons. They had an incredible variety and a lot of beautiful cross stitch items, in addition to knitting items. The store is smaller and darker than some knitting stores, but came across cozy rather than dank. It had some awesome yarns, a small sale section and was well organized.

My mom says she would definitely go back to this store and she loved the variety of buttons.

This may be my new favourite part of town- gluten free Chinese food, two knitting stores and an amazing new and used bookstore within a five block radius, sweet!!

After this we stopped in and visited my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. It was so great to get hugs and a nice cup of tea! I also managed to grab a shower here so I feel so much better!

It was a quiet evening and I got all my new yarns put into my Ravelry stash along with the new book I bought yesterday, The Knitter’s Handy Guide to Top Down Sweaters.

Well that’s it for me. I am trying to schedule this to go up at 2am/6am so we will see if it works.

Have fun!


Food-2, Yarn-0

Well after a quick meeting with the plumber, my mom and I set out for Sidney.

We stopped by mistake in Duncan, but it turned out well. My mom thought I had another yarn store in Duncan, but The Garage is an awesome cafe and bakery that offers lots of gluten free and dairy free options. We had a bunwich that was so yummy! I may be biased however because it had guacamole on it.🤣

We got on our way again and it was very cool as we took a ferry from Mill Bay to Brentwood Bay. This is only a 25 minute ferry ride, but saves having to drive around the Saanich inlet. It’s much more peaceful and relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone. It does have pretty BC scenery for those who aren’t familiar with it.

I was wanting to go to Sidney because there is a yarn store there and the Sidney bookstores have been on my bucket list for years.

We started with the knitting store, In Sheep’s Clothing. I was super excited when I saw they had two sale bins on the sidewalk, but less excited when I saw how little they were discounted. A $1.50 discount isn’t what I get excited about. The shop had a lot of samples and lots of yarn, but as I looked around (with my fingers) I discovered that most of the yarn wasn’t very soft:(. It also seemed as though they had a lot of only a few types of yarn. The shop was bright and I liked how the clerk wasn’t hounding me or trying to be super “helpful”, but I have to admit, I don’t think I’d make the drive for this store alone.

My mom says she thinks they bought the wool for the colour combinations but there was no touch test to determine if it was soft or scratchy as it didn’t seem very comfy. The yarn seemed to be bought without any sampling.

Of course we both realize that not everyone shops with their fingers like we do.

After the yarn store, we proceeded to wander along Beacon Street which seemed to be the main tourist street in Sidney. We started with Beacon Books which was slightly overwhelming with towering piles of books that weren’t overly organized😖

We hit Tanner Books next which was a lovely, open, airy bookstore. They had an amazing selection of magazines, but the other topics were quite limited. It was neat that they had both new and used and a good selection of journals and puzzles too.

After that we hit the Haunted Bookstore which I felt would have fit into the Harry Potter world perfectly! It had very old books and the proprietor didn’t even look up from the book he was reading.

The final bookstore we hit was Galleon books which had an amazing selection of naval and military and local history books. I was surprised that it also had lots of tea cups and little tchotchkes for sale too. I thought this would be their perfect place to buy a present for my uncle!

We managed to hit all of the bookstores that I knew about and if I had to pick my favourite it was Tanner Books. My mom says that was her favourite as well.

After this we were desperate for a bathroom and some food. We stopped to look at the menu of the Pier Bistro right on the water and while I said I was willing to just eat salad so we could enjoy the view, my mom said we should go somewhere else. We ended up at Fish on Fifth. It was amazing!

I had a gluten free blonde beer- Glutenberg Blonde along with onion rings to share. Then we shared the two piece cod fish and chips with yam fries and coleslaw. All of it was gluten free and dairy free. My mom said she wouldn’t have been able to tell if she hadn’t been told. I ate way too much and enjoyed every bite!

We stopped at The Loom at Whippletree Junction in Duncan on the way home. I had been Here the last time I visited and had found tons of things, but this time I came home empty handed.

Thank goodness I ate well today because I sure didn’t shop well!

Now I’m going to relax with my book!

Have fun!


Where Does The Time Go?

So another early morning for me for no apparent reason:( I stayed in bed and did some Boston trip planning as I’m meeting my friend later today.  I was researching knitting stores in Boston and along the coast to Maine and gluten free and dairy free dining options. I found a cool app called Find Me GF which I’m hoping will help with the dining situation this time. I always seem to lose weight when I go on holidays as so often we stop where there’s nothing I can eat.

I did pretty good on getting my house tidied up as Thursday and Friday I won’t be home and Saturday morning I’m having company. It’s amazing how much I can get done when there’s a time limit! It works almost as well as a list for me! 🤣

My friend and I were pretty productive at trip planning- we got our side trip to Maine organized and have some solid ideas for what we want to see in Boston. It’s a little tricky planning as we’re staying with a friend so don’t want to make concrete plans so we can take into account what she wants to do or suggests we do. That’s a tough concept for two teachers who love to plan, lol.img_7307.jpg

I’m happy with our ideas though and will spend some time organizing my notes a bit more on another day.

This evening I decided to go have a look at Value Village for some navy blue clothing as that’s the colour I’ve chosen to wear on my Boston trip. I find I do a much better job packing when I choose a colour. It was great as I found two dresses, two tanks, a pair of shorts and a skirt and all but the skirt were half price. That was a nice surprise when I got to the till!

I did manage to get my three workouts in today:) A run this morning which was good. 

I am very proud of a 6:42/km as though it may be slow for other people, it’s fast for me:) The end times were slow because I stopped to visit with my brother who was in the park on his coffee break. I love seeing my family, even if only for a moment!

I did a burpee/ squat brawl workout and tonight I got out for my regular walk around the inlet. For the second day in a row you can’t even see across the inlet because it’s so smokey here from the fires to the North of us. It’s amazing it has travelled this far. The smoke has given us an interesting sun perspective the past two days.IMG_7310

This isn’t even as orange as it was yesterday! It sure has made the trails quieter! I think lots of people are avoiding being outside because of the poor air quality. I wonder if the smoke will affect the fireworks display in Vancouver tonight?

Well I feel like I’ve accomplished enough today to be able to go to bed, lol

Have fun!