Vacation Day 15

I can’t complain as I’ve had a lovely time off, but unfortunately I know it’s coming to an end:(


Normally I run Bert Flynn Park with Sarah and Kula on Saturday mornings, but earlier this week Sarah had suggested a local hike instead. Sounded good to me:). To Kula too!

We headed out and I had forgotten how hilly that hike was, or perhaps it was just my super heavy legs! About fifteen minutes in I decided that this would count as my run for the day! With having run 89km this month, I’m okay with that:) It was a gorgeous hike- about 45 minutes each way with a stop at the beach for Kula to go swimming. I love any hike that ends at water or with a water view!

Kula decided he hadn’t had enough exercise doing the trail four times and swimming, so he decided to dig too. I only captured the last few seconds.

We need to put this digger to better use than excavating the beach 😂


My mom came to give me a hand with a couple of chores such as cleaning my gas fireplace and redoing my filing system. It’s just nice to have company while you tackle these mundane tasks. It has been a great feeling to get so many things done off my list during my holiday, though there are still plenty there. Maybe I’ll get to the sewing tomorrow:)


We hit Lee Valley as the treat for getting the mundane stuff done. I love Lee Valley as they have so many awesome items and some I just can’t imagine needing! I absolutely adore my measuring cups and spoons from there and my compost pail!!!! Last summer I had made a wish list for the store that I carry in my wallet and I’m just slowly picking away at it. I got some new magnetic reflectors to wear while I’m running and some new pastry guides. I should now have perfect thickness on all baked goods🤣. This means I get to bake to try them out, right?!


I got lucky and had a second knit night with Brenda tonight and managed to finish my March sweater with three hours to spare🤣. I know I’ve been asked for a photo, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when someone is around to take it as I’m seriously awful at selfies.

Now I get the fun of deciding what to do next, though I think it’s really been decided for me already! I need to work on my rug regularly so it gets finished- I’m thinking I might use Sundays for that and I need to get my parent’s boat Afghan done before they leave town again, which with them, could be tomorrow🤣

I’m off to bed! I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow:)

Have fun!