Quick Update

I am going back to work tomorrow and figure I had better get to sleep early so a quick update and I’m sorry you haven’t had much from me lately.


Other than a walk with a friend today to test my fitness for work, I have been doing absolutely nothing!


Well Covid was three pairs of socks, a scarf and a sweater long. I am super happy with the sweater!

I had been wanting to make a second Love Note by TinCanKnits that wasn’t so bulky and finally got around to it. This sweater knits up so fast! I started Thursday night and finished Saturday. The yarn is Poppy Yarns: Paris Fingering held with Knitting For Olive silky smooth mohair in petroleum green. The only change I made to the pattern was to make it longer so that I used up the yarn.

I also finally got around to making Hermione’s Everyday Socks. This is a free pattern on ravelry and I was just trying to use up sock yarn. Of course, I still have some left of each. 🙄

I will have to add a photo when it is daylight. I got the idea of doing contrast cuffs, heels and toes from the Crazy Sock Lady podcast which I am now obsessed with watching (and quickly using up all my data)!


The big thing today was that I finally ordered a new dishwasher, washer and dryer off of the Costco app. I am hoping everything else will keep working for a while as that was a pretty big bill! I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as lots of things were out of stock, but… it included delivery, shipping and taking away the old machines! That convenience is worth a lot to me!

Well I think that’s my entire day and I need to get to bed.

Have fun!


Stretching My Skills With Sally

Baking (Stretching My Skills with Sally):

Last year I tried a few of Sally’s Baking Challenge items and quite enjoyed the challenge of trying new things. Most of the people in my life asked why I was doing this, thankfully there are people like Abbey! I was talking with Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl and we decided to both try these challenges and then link up to talk about our results, so please check out her attempts too. I was really interested in doing this because I knew she would be doing the recipes as called for while I would need to convert them to gluten free and dairy free. I should say that I change as little as possible and just sub in gf and df ingredients to see if the recipe will still work.

For March the challenge was crepes!

I have never made crepes before and I was a little nervous as they seem so fancy!

With the situation we are in, I hit WiFi and took pictures of the recipe, but didn’t get to watch any of Sally’s videos so that probably would have made a big difference! I found the recipe simple and easy to follow and I liked how it could chill in the fridge for 30 minutes or up to a day. I made the batter in the morning but then had the crepes for lunch.

My batter used Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, Earth Balance vegan butter, and Earth’s Own Oat milk that was unsweetened vanilla. Everything else was just normal ingredients.

My batter made six crepes and boy did I learn a lot between the first and the last. I started with a pan that was way too big so after the first crepe I switched to a smaller pan. After the fourth I realized it worked better to just pour the batter into the very centre and let it spread by itself. On the sixth crepe I figured out the crepe didn’t have to be the size of the pan.

Mine are probably more brown than they’re supposed to be, but they still tasted good!

I had no idea what you put in a crepe as I’ve never actually ordered crepes before so I did one with herb cream cheese, one with peanut butter and one with cream cheese and jam. I think my favourite was the cream cheese and jam.

One thing I definitely learned is that crepes are not a diet food! The batter isn’t bad, but the amount of butter in the pan is crazy!

It is so cool that when Kathy read about Abbey’s and my challenge she decided to join us so make sure you go read about her crepe adventures too:)

Thanks Abbey and Kathy for taking on this challenge with me:)

I obviously wasn’t finished on the kitchen after the crepes because I also made hearty beer bread from my book, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread. I used ginger ale instead of beer and it turned out great! I think I will make more tomorrow to use up more of the ginger ale, but I’ll know to only leave it in for the lesser time.


I forced myself not to run today and to do yoga instead. I spent about a half hour this afternoon and did feel as though I was stretching some muscles out. I know I need to do more of this right now since I can’t go for massages, but it’s really tough to not run since I don’t seem to be racking up the mileage very quickly this year:(


The whole rest of the day was spent knitting. I was very determined to finish my newest sweater and I did!

I did the Love Note sweater by Tin Can Knits. I had bought the pattern at Knit City last year. I love Tin Can Knits patterns because they come sized from newborn to extra large in one pattern.

This sweater is done in Ancient Arts superwash Blue Faced Leicester in Water Lily Blue and Georges Picaud Tricheuse. I quickly learned that my mohair was obviously not lace weight as it’s much thicker than the pattern pictures, but I was determined to finish this sweater because I loved the colour it was coming out! I had to switch mohair halfway through but I can’t even tell where I did it so I’m happy. The modifications I made were to do short sleeves and I didn’t do the high low hem. I just knit until I was almost out of yarn and then did the ribbing. The sweater only took two days with this thicker yarn, but I still want to make a finer gauge one too!

It’s back to the meditate cowl for me now.

I finished the evening off with a zoom conversation with my friends from work. Boy did two hours go quickly!!

Well I have a run in the morning so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Day 11

Wow this is going slow and yet my days go so fast!


I got out for a run quick when I looked out the window as it looked like rain. Sure enough, I got my 3.25km in, but it was raining the rest of the day. It was definitely not a fast run, but it was a bit more mileage.

This evening I did a quick countdown workout. I had plans to do go down and then back up, but I guess it wasn’t a working out day as I only went down.

I did: 100 skaters, 90 bicycle crunches, 80 squats, 70 crunches, 60 plié squats, 50 reverse crunches, 40 bridges, 30 dips, 20 froggers and 10 burpees.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!


After a quick stop at the bench at Starbucks to use their WiFi, I spent some time in the kitchen. You’ll hear about my yummy cooking on Saturday.


I have done a bit of my puzzle but have spent most of the day knitting. I started the Love Note sweater late this afternoon and love the combo of a turquoise yarn and white mohair, but have quickly come to the realization that I don’t have enough white mohair to finish and may not have enough of the turquoise either. I’m so disappointed as it looks amazing!! I’ll take a photo and add it to this post when I get on WiFi. I’m either going to do the turquoise alone or go back to the mauve.


We got an email today telling us that we will be assigned a time to come in next week to pick up a laptop and learn how to use Office 365 and we will then be expected to work from home. I have no idea how this is going to work, but I do see a phone call to the phone people in my future:(

Well, have fun!


Day 10

I never knew my running buddy was so obsessed with coffee!


We went out further on the dyke today and did 8km. I was laughing inside as I was literally counting the meters when Dennis decided we should check out a side trail. I was cursing him at the time, but it was probably a good thing as otherwise we would have been short.

It was a gorgeous place to run and busier than I expected though that only amounted to meeting 8 people the whole time we were out there, and yes a wide distance was maintained!

This evening I did another short workout. I find I prefer these and are willing to do them more often than a longer workout, so hopefully they equal out. This evening o did my regular minute of jogging between each of these:

Burpees, froggers, skaters, squats with weights, plié squats with weights, reverse lunges with weights, curtsy lunges with weights, Bridges with weights, crunches, reverse crunches, static lunge with scissor legs, bicycle crunches, plank, pushups, dips, pullovers and rows.

I feel like I should do more arms! As I write this I just remembered the countdown workout I used to do regularly and maybe I’ll try that to change up my workout a bit.


I got a picture of my spindrift shawl finally this morning. I am hoping that all these cowls and shawls will help keep me warm as we move into a season where I would look weird wearing wool sweaters.

This is a pattern by Helen Stewart that you can get free if you sign up for her shawl workshop. It only amounts to a few emails so I’m glad I did it. The yarn is once again recycled yarn from my stash.

I have been working on the Meditate Cowl by Elizabeth Doherty today with the Anzula Squishy yarn. I picked this pattern up for free this week and was excited to make it as the Yarniacs talk about this designer. The yarn is amazing- so soft and I like the looks of the pattern a lot, but it is moving very slowly.

I have been making so many accessories lately that I really want to make a sweater so I am thinking that I will break my rule and cast on a sweater to knit at the same time. I am going to do the Love Note sweater by TinCanKnits as I love their patterns and I already own it. I just need to decide between a very light purple or a turquoise. I think it will be cast on tomorrow though.

Other than knitting I have read a bit, but haven’t finished the book yet, and I have worked on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles but dislike when I get to the end and disassemble it and have nothing to show for my time. 🙄

I have to apologize that I haven’t been visiting any blogs lately. I never realized how small a data package I really had until I have to do without my work WiFi. I am hoping to remedy this situation in the next few days and will be back to catching up on your lives. I hope everyone is well!

Have fun!