The saying if it rains it pours was true for me today.


My run this morning was awful:( I felt nauseous the whole time and then the route I picked turned out to only take 24 minutes and had too many stop lights. Both of these were good today, but wouldn’t be usually! I sure hope tomorrow’s run is better!

I walked to and from work and then also walked up the crunch after work with a friend. We needed it after our day. Fresh air and exercise seems to solve all manner of problems:)

I didn’t get the chance to stretch though:( Since I got knocked over by an SUV several years ago, recovery has become a big part of my life. I was always battling stretching and rolling because it seemed to take so much time! Lately I have been stopping at a picnic bench on my way home and doing four simple stretches and it’s been working amazingly well! I’ve noticed that not only do I stretch further, but I’m not in as much pain or becoming a “rusty robot” as often:)

I wish I had gotten an actual workout in, but maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.


I’ve been so discouraged lately as my scale hasn’t been as nice a number as I want it to be, but then I realized tonight that I’ve been eating way too much. The school ordered in Indian food for lunch. I got lamb curry with no naan bread. Paying $12 and then being sick didn’t seem like the best value:( I was stuffed all afternoon and I didn’t even eat all the rice, but when I ate all the lamb, I realized at one point that would have been three meals for me. I need to go back to that! I wasn’t planning on having anything more, but then my parents called and invited me to meet them at St. James Well for dinner. It’s always great food there and I try to see my parents as much as possible when they’re in town ( so I’m tired of them and don’t miss them as much when they leave again), so I met up with them. I shared the nachos ( with no cheese or sour cream for me) and had a glass of sangria. Both were excellent as the chips were homemade and were like potato chips, but I still feel stuffed and sick:( I just seem to do better when I stick to homemade food.

I did stop at the grocery store to get food in case my brother gets hungry. He’s staying here tonight as he’s at his 20 year high school reunion. It wasn’t the healthiest food, but hopefully it will give me the chance to eat less!


It was a ProD day today and while it’s great to learn new things, I prefer having students over having ProD! Both presenters overwhelmed me as they gave too much detail and didn’t really give it in small, easy to digest steps. I think ProD would be more successful for me if a presenter was incredibly explicit about their lessons and timing and then gave the materials so I’d be able to implement it immediately. I need some spoon feeding, but while these ladies were doing amazing things, by the time I figure out how to apply it to my age group and gather all the materials, the year will be over and it will be forgotten:(   We did some very cool activities in both seminars, but none were really appropriate for my grade ones:( A friend I work with probably gave me the best ProD today when she was telling me about and showed me these STEM (it’s called ADST here) boxes the children use. I want to make them immediately as they are just using dollar store materials and she has all the components necessary to get started!  Even if my ProD had just been one presenter and then getting the afternoon to implement what I had learned, it probably would have been more valuable. Instead I come home overwhelmed and discouraged:(


I made up a packaged brownie mix this evening. Mostly just to make my place smell good for my brother, but of course this time it turned out well! I’ll need to find somewhere to take it so that I don’t eat it! The mix was from Xena’s Gluten Free Bakery in Maple Ridge. It was incredibly easy to make up and it turned out great! I’m not even sure I can call it baking as all I had to do was add fake butter and warm water, stir and put it in the pan to bake.  I’ll distribute it among the family tomorrow or maybe take it to the family gathering on Sunday.


I have spent this evening looking at patterns. I had bought Madeline Tosh Merino light in Granite State when I was in New Hampshire this summer along with two deer horn buttons and I had thought I would make slippers out of it, but it turns out I have way too much yarn for slippers. I will need to come up with a different plan for this yarn so instead I am using some random stash wool to try a pair of slippers, called Rapunzel by Drops.  I’ve never made slippers before so  we’ll see how it goes:)

Well I’m exhausted and am still hoping to run tomorrow even with my brother here so I’m heading to bed ( at a completely pathetic time for a Friday night)!

Have fun!