Saturday in Ladysmith

A day spent hanging out with my mom in her new town.


We went to check out the very cute Main Street. It is about three blocks long and is the historic part of town.

I stopped in at the Otter’s Den which is a new and consignment kids store. I like how they have lots of good brands though their large kids clothes often contain adult extra small. I had bought a Bench hoodie here for $3.50 last year so knew I wanted to stop in again. lol and behold I found a new running top:)

We also hit Main Street Yarns. This store is bright and airy and I love the woodwork. It had lots of yarn, most of it Patons, Kroy, etc big names. For local, it only had yarn that is actually produced closer to me. Amazingly I ended up buying nothing.

We hit Forget Me Knot which is a clothing and shoe store. The clothing is all adult, but they did have kids shoes too. We were there so my mom could look at the Birkenstock’s as she has had sore feet. I’ve been trying to talk her into some, but this time I forced her in. Of course, once she found her right size, she wouldn’t take them off🤣. I was tempted by a pair of Arizona in navy, but I just bought them in mocha a couple of weeks ago. How many Birkenstock’s are too many Birkenstock’s?

Our last stop in Ladysmith was the Wild Poppy Bistro. It was crazy busy! I was excited as it is all gluten free, but unfortunately not much is also dairy free. I had my choice of a meringue, chocolate cookie, chocolate donut, morning glory muffin, gingersnap or jam thumbprint cookie. (I know it sounds like a lot, but if you had seen the other amazing goodies for sale- you’d understand my disappointment). Not being a chocolate lover, I settled on the thumbprint cookie and the ginger snap.

The thumbprint cookie was dry, and had too much cookie for the amount of jam. The jam was yummy though.

The ginger snap had crisp edges and soft in the middle. It tasted good! It definitely made up for the first cookie:)

We headed off to Duncan to visit their knitting shop. Thankfully it was in an area we had always wanted to visit called Whippletree Junction. The Loom is a small store, but very well stocked with a variety of yarns, lots of samples knitted up so you can see what yarn will look like, or in my case the more important, what it will feel like. The lady manning the store was awesome! She’s a weaver and had great knowledge and gave good suggestions. There were great sales and I was able to get yarn I’ve only dreamed of before:). This store is definitely worth a visit!

The rest of the day has been spent eating, reading and looking at patterns on Ravelry.

Have to go to bed early tonight as I have an early flight home tomorrow. Always nice to go home, but I’ll miss my mom’s company.

Have fun!


A New Start

Everyday little things happen that I don’t remember. I know I should and I started a “good things”  jar to help with this, but sometimes it’s tough to decide if something is big enough to put into the good things jar.  Does anybody else ever question this?

So this evening as I sat detangling the wool for my newest project, I decided that perhaps I should just record what happens on my days. I always think I want to keep track of what I wear, my new favourite things to cook, bake and eat, the newest project I’m working on, the cute things my students do, the places I visit, etc but I don’t have enough time or energy to have a blog or diary for each of those so this little site is going to have all my rambling thoughts on it:). So here goes!!!!

I’ve been visiting my parents on their boat for a few weeks, well actually we’re at 16 days now (can you say cheap holiday???) and so my life hasn’t been exactly normal, but I’ll take you through my day anyways.

I started the day well with a thirty minute run this morning in Ladysmith. Did I mention that my parents haven’t untied their boat from the dock in the Ladysmith Community Marina in a year? I love being out on the water, but this works too:). My run got done but my legs were screaming the whole time from the squats and lunges I did yesterday, obviously I haven’t been doing enough of those on this holiday 😫 The best things about the run was I ran up this hill two times in a row and it didn’t feel hard (yay!) and I saw the cutest lab running with a woman! I somewhat felt bad for dragging my mom out to walk while I ran a whole ten minutes after she got out of bed, but then again, it was good for her😛

I made myself face the scale when I got back from my run since I felt so pudgy yesterday and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I can live with 99.2 on a holiday. I’d better get back on track right away when I get home though so this doesn’t get out of control. I’m way happier at two digits!

Breakfast was awesome! Fruit salad with a dab of cocowhip and a chai latte with coconut milk. Much more decadent than I would have at home, but I am on holidays:) I found this Domo Authentic Chai stone-ground tea latte at London Drugs and it has done a good job of taking the place of a tea each morning since I’m without a tea pot here (insert gasp of dismay here).

I helped my nephew study the next chapter for his PCOC test. (Had I mentioned there are four of us sharing this small boat??) I’m starting to think that I should probably take this new test. I have a certificate from my safe boating course I took as a kid, but now that I’ve studied everything with him, maybe I should just update it anyways. I so have better things to spend my $50 on though!!!! Decisions, decisions… I don’t ever plan to actually drive the boat, but it would be cool to be able to say I have it when people ask. I guess I don’t look like the boating type as people seem shocked by my going on a boating holiday each year.  Can you call it a boating holiday when you stay tied to the dock?

Last night I had finished my latest knitting project so I had promised myself I could go to the local yarn shop and see if they had anything interesting.  I went to Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria last Friday and the awesome clerk there, Kate, had introduced me to some local yarn. I had never thought about asking for a store’s local offerings, but I definitely will from now on!!!  I hit Main Street Yarns in Ladysmith, BC at 10:30 this morning and finally at 12:30 I emerged. I knew right away I wanted to do something with the Indigo Moon wool from Gabriola Island, but I just didn’t know what. I had just finished a shawl, so I jumped on Ravelry to see if I could find something else, but ended up deciding upon the Reyna shawl I had in my favourites. The clerk was awesome! She was helpful when I had questions and offered opinions but also didn’t impose herself and let me take my time. It was a seriously tough choice choosing a colour out of all that gorgeous hand-dyed wool!!!

The fam and I headed out to Duncan after that. A quick stop in Crofton at my dad’s favourite second hand store (under the Brass Bell pub) netted my nephew a new reel for his fishing rod. Then it was onto the Pacific Northwest Raptors in Duncan, BC. I really wanted to see this place even though my dad and nephew didn’t. ( I don’t think I’ve ever met two such negative, grumpy people in my life! How can I possibly be related to them???). We got to the raptor centre  just in time to see the end of the flying session. It was amazing! I had to duck as a barn owl flew just over my head! I don’t love seeing animals in captivity, but it was still very cool and educational. Definitely a great stop! My nephew complained the whole time, but I think he’ll remember it. My mom and I loved it!  I certainly learned a lot!! Who knew that a stork was a real live bird, I always thought they were just a fairytale creature that delivered babies 🤔IMG_7231

A quick stop at Wal-Mart for more fishing stuff (don’t ask me what all those things are for lol) and fruit so I can enjoy my fruit salad again tomorrow morning and we were ready to head home to the boat.  Two things: I bough more fruit because if I take nothing else from this boat holiday I have realized that I can simply mix fruit together and happily eat fruit salad every day for breakfast. It gets really interesting when you add a new fruit each day. I wonder if there are actual recipes for fruit salad? So far I’ve been enjoying the random combinations.  Secondly, my mom and I were looking for board games for the boat and I can’t believe the price of them!!!! 😳$15 or $25 they all seemed to be. Maybe families would spend more time together playing board games if they weren’t so crazy expensive! Think I’ll just keep my eye open for a sale on Clue, Scrabble, Monopoly and Yahtzee.

It’s Wings Wednesday so my parents are out enjoying themselves. I promised my nephew pizza from the Roberts Street Pizza here in Ladysmith, BC. We had it the other night and it was good and he says he enjoyed the meat lovers pizza again tonight. I was going to get a gluten free veggie pizza with no cheese but it had to be a large and that is just too much pizza and too much money so I enjoyed a nice taco salad from last night’s leftovers.

So I’m heading back to detangling my wool so I can start my new shawl… If anyone reads these ramblings, feel free to comment or give suggestions. It’s been neat to be able to record my thoughts and questions.

Have fun 🤣