Raining Rats

It was definitely not my typical day!


This week my students have definitely taken about three giant leaps backwards. We’ve had at least one violent incident each day and they’ve had to practice lining up and walking multiple times:(

I told them today that I would like them to come back as the kids they were last week! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I spent the morning worrying because I couldn’t find my keys anywhere so I ran home on my prep and found them in my knitting bag🤷🏼‍♀️

After school I ran to the dollar store to grab a card for my friend. I don’t usually do cards, but I only had a small gift so needed a card for them to go into.

On the way to the dollar store I was walking along when suddenly two birds started fighting in the tree beside me and the dead rat they were fighting over dropped to the ground about six inches from my shoulder!😳


I at least got a few minutes to read this evening before heading out and managed to finish Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen. I had heard about this book on Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub Podcast and had found it to read it. It was a fun read, but seemed really familiar. It was a cute story, but I think it could have been a bit shorter as it seemed to drag a bit at times.


I had plans to meet up with my close friend Em for dinner to celebrate her birthday. We went to Meet which is a vegan restaurant by her. It is always a good time with Em and the food was wonderful as well. I had the spicy chili cauliflower bites.

It was yummy and thankfully not a late night!


I have felt very slug like all day so when I got home I managed to do:

50 squats, 50 back kicks, 50 high knees, 50 hamstring curls, 50 roundhouse kicks, 50 bridges, 25 crunches, and 25 reverse crunches.

Now I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Another Late Night

Sorry I crawled into bed immediately and was out!


I had quite a quiet day and so managed to finish another book.

No Other Duke Will Do is the last book in the Wyndham Brides quartet for me. I have really enjoyed this series as the women are strong and independent. The whole series also has a very strong family presence. I do find the latitude taken with history bugs me a bit, but that’s probably only because I was a history major. This particular book, I also found the hero lovely, but a little unbelievable. I can’t quite believe he hadn’t come up with the solution himself!

I would still recommend the series for anyone who enjoys historical romance.


I did work away some at my rug squatters as well. I’m not halfway though so a little nervous about falling behind!


I had promised my co teacher I would make the curtains for her, but I didn’t get to start yesterday. I actually went and did some measurements though so I’ll be able to start this morning!


My big event for the day was going back downtown to meet up with a friend. We went for a big walk along the seawall-about 11km. It was the perfect day for it as it wasn’t super hot and there was a lovely breeze!

Then we walked through the city trying to find dinner. I wanted to go back to Meet as it was relatively close, but after walking 3km we got there just to see that it was closed for an event:(

We ended up at Tacofino which was fine with me as their food is good. We thought the wait might be interminable, but just as we were thinking of going elsewhere we got called. Ten minutes isn’t bad. I just asked the server what I could have and ended up with one of these tacos.

It was a lamb barria taco. It was a really good taco- good flavor and spice! I was laughing at myself as I had just been telling my friend that I keep eating Mexican but am yet to have the guacamole and chips that I’m really craving! The server didn’t mention them as an option so I went with the lamb.

We had to walk back through the city anyways so decided to stop at another Meet location for dessert.

I had the lemon tart which I think may have been the same thing I had last time too! At least now I’ve written it here so hopefully I’ll have something different next time!

It was an absolutely great afternoon with my friend! Our seawall walk has become a bit of a tradition for us. I did feel bad though as her foot started to hurt:(. I think I’m really going to have to do my full seawall walk on my own as when I’m with someone and they get tired or start hurting, I feel really bad!!!😢😞

The drive home took forever because of the construction detour and then there was also a bad accident. I would still say it was worth it!

Have fun!


Happy Canada Day!

It turned out better than I thought!


It doesn’t matter if it’s a national holiday or not, I still had my usual Sunday morning run. Unfortunately I seemed to twist my knee weird when I was getting out of my vehicle:(. I managed to run and walk on it, but I’ve been icing and elevating it this evening. I did manage to get 6.8km in this morning. Of course, I got to the furthest point and the skies opened and we were running where there is absolutely no tree cover:(. Thankfully I went with the hat and vest this morning, but I was worried about my phone! Lol I made Dennis go out in front of me as I told him in no uncertain terms that I was NOT keeping up with him today! Run ✅

I got lots of walking in today, but decided to do without the workout in order to give my knee a little break.


It was a very quick tea for me and then I was home to shower and out the door again to meet up with two friends. We met at my friend’s place downtown (thankfully in sunshine)and then started on our Canada Day festivities. It started with lunch at Meet:)

This is a vegan restaurant that I had only been to once before. I ended up having and orange cream soda and a Mighty MAC Burger. Definitely not my usual fare, but I’ve been craving a burger so figured this was my chance. We actually all ended up having a burger.

It was extremely yummy, but I haven’t eaten since and am still full from 9 hours ago!!! My burger was a black bean burger with Mac and cheese and crispy onions on top. It was extremely good, but I still think next time I will have an appetizer so that I have room for dessert!

The view from the restaurant was cool too:)

We walked across town to where the official festivities were being held. I love that walking across my city takes a whole fifteen minutes:). We were commenting that there seemed to be less people this year, but maybe we were just earlier as it was crazy later in the day.

This was the quiet area as when we walked back to the other side it was wall to wall people! The funny thing was that we actually ran into someone we knew!! I managed not to run into another person when we walked by his place of work, which made me happy!

We saw some cool Canada day stuff

But I have to admit that while my friend was enjoying the crowd, I was enjoying this view even more!

We left about five o’clock and I have to admit that I once again felt that something was missing. I don’t know what it is, but these festivities never live up to my expectations. I am starting to wonder if I would enjoy a small town celebration more as I feel like these big ones there’s nothing to do but edge your way around the area and then go home. Oh well, it was still super fun to spend the day with my two friends and be out in the sunshine:)


I got back home to a gray day so I’m happy I left here today. It did give me permission to work on my rug square (after a short nap). I managed to complete the square:). That leaves me only one week behind and hopefully we’ll have a gray day at some point where I can make that up!

Well I have to go read for an hour as I have two book reviews due by the 10th and figure I had better read these books for an hour a day! The rain has just started back up so I’m okay with being inside reading:)

Have fun!