Better Than Expected

The day actually went better than I was expecting:). It started with seeing these signs on my way to work which was super lovely!


It was an early dismissal day so there wasn’t a lot of time. We finally finished off our big problem versus small problem work by completing a worksheet. I also talked to the boys who were involved in hitting, actually there was a lot of hitting today. However, the one boy hit the other because he was breaking branches off trees. Thankfully we have that cleared up!

We also finally got to math this week. We are working on a booklet about numbers 11-20. I am aiming for these kids having a solid number sense in this first term. I’m sure not getting through as much as I usually do!

Finally this afternoon we only had time to read a story after our lunch.

After the children went home, I spent three hours calling and talking to parents. I feel like most of the calls were really positive and went well. I had one parent who had the child with her. I always hate when parents do this as you then can’t have an honest discussion about the child. 🙄. There is a time and a place people!


I quickly got my condo tidied as there is a fire alarm inspection tomorrow- don’t want anyone looking at my laundry drying🤣.

I then got a pumpkin goat chocolate loaf made for my friend Cori and her family as she had surgery on Monday. I stopped and bought normal chocolate chips as they are much cheaper and thankfully I managed not to have to touch them, it unfortunately, now I can’t try it. I sure hope it tastes good!

Well that’s it for me. I think I’ll go curl up in bed as I’ve been super tired lately.

Have fun!


More Zucchini Baking

It was a good day, made even better by leaving school quickly:)


We seemed to have a productive day at school. We did calendar, students practiced their names or their sight words, we tackled learning how to print the letter t and we did some chalkboard spelling with the sound s all before recess.

We just got started on our numbers 11-20 booklet, but I’m okay with that because we played mystery number and they are getting better at giving clues and guessing.

This afternoon we had silent reading and then Fin came to visit. The kids were so excited, actually too excited. We all noticed that our kids seemed really heightened today and it isn’t even a full moon!


After getting out of work really quickly, I went for a run with the kindergarten teacher again. It was such a beautiful Fall day for a run and we were fast. I got exactly five kilometers in so I was happy:)


Came in and immediately cleaned my bathroom while the milk was warming for pumpkin chai latte (my new obsession).


Since I was already in the kitchen and needed to use up more zucchini, I made the zucchini walnut muffins out of my new Minimalist Baker cookbook. They look and smell super good, but I have not tasted one yet.


I finally got up the nerve to try and tear an my shoulders after screwing up on Tuesday night. I think I have it this time and now just have to decide if I’m going to stay up later to Sean the sides. I’m thinking that might be a bad idea however🤣

I think I’ll go to bed instead.

Have fun!


Zucchini Baking

A good day interrupted by a very stupid meeting.


It was a pretty good day! We got through calendar, a turkey poem


Turkey in the barnyard

What does he say?

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Gobble all day!

Turkey on the table

What do You say?

Yummy, yummy, yummy

Yummy all day

Turkey in my tummy

What do I say?

I ate too much turkey on

Thanksgiving Day!

We also got a journal written, wrote about our Terry Fox run on Friday and went on a nature walk.

I really am enjoying my class and the new kid today looked shell shocked, but told mom he really liked it👍🏻

After school we had our regular monthly staff meeting on teams that was painful!!!! Our principal was visibly flustered and if she says one more time,”I don’t care what’s happening at other schools”, I may scream. Most principals go by what is happening at other schools!🙄


I was a little nervous but finally went for a run with the kindergarten teacher. I figured she would run faster than me and she does, but she’s an attainable challenge so it’s perfect. She is just building her stamina and takes walk breaks so I know I just have to keep up until her walk break and then I’ll also get a break. We did 5.34km at a 6:30 average. It was really nice to be running faster!


After quickly doing my floors and having my dinner I did some baking as I have a giant zucchini to use up. I made the chocolate zucchini bread and the zucchini cake from Minimalist Baker and both were very successful. I really love how both used only one bowl too.

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


A Lump on the Couch

I slept in until 9am this morning which is almost unheard of. Unfortunately this extra sleep doesn’t seem to have helped as I was super tired all day:(

I started the day by heading over and getting my iron checked again. I just checked and my iron has gone from 6 this past August to 2. I don’t think any iron stayed in me long enough to help, but I guess this explains why I’m asleep all the time!


For my snack this morning, I made the homemade eggnog recipe off of Minimalist Baker. I made a third of the recipe as I definitely didn’t need eggnog in the house. It was fine, but I can’t say it really tasted like eggnog to me:(


Since I was on a roll I called about the bands I need for my winder and got assured that they would send it out today! I sure hope it shows up soon!

I worked on my sweater a bit, but have to admit that the short rows are confusing me right now. I think I need more brainpower for that!

I have also spent some time working on another market bag. I need to get going on these!


I finally finished The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary. I loved the premise of two people getting to know each other through sticky note messages. This book also tackled a very tough topic and did a great job. I have to admit the epilogue was the best part for me!


I dragged myself out for a run today as I was hoping the fresh air would help. I just went to the park and back so only 2.8km. It was slow and steady, but got it done. Thankfully I’ll be doing 10km tomorrow to help with my lack of mileage lately.

This evening I did another Hallmark workout as I watched Picture a Perfect Christmas. I ended up doing:

5 squats

40 jacks

10 plié squats

5 pushups

20 pulsing squats

5 burpees

15 curtsy lunges

35 crunches

35 reverse crunches

40 front kicks

In between each of these I did a minute of skipping or jogging.


I also watched Recipe For Love today, but have to admit it definitely isn’t my favourite Hallmark movie. I found the lead guy really annoying as he can’t control his temper at all.


I’ve had eggnog, roast beef slices with cream cheese, mustard and pickle slices, cucumber with cheese and half of an eggnog cupcake.

My friend Melissa and I ordered from Pikanik which offers food that is top 8 allergen free. I went to Langley today to pick up my half of the order. I got eggnog cupcakes, butter tarts, and sugar cookie and gingerbread dough. I had half of the eggnog cupcake tonight and have to say, I still think homemade is better!

Well I’m off to sleep again, as usual.

Have fun!


Terry Fox Run

It thankfully was a better day that started off well.


I got up before the sun today to meet L for a workout. It’s always tough to get up and out the door, but on the way home, I felt so great that it makes it worth it:)

We did a half hour on the treadmill that combined speed work and hills. Ugh isn’t one of those at a time enough?? I did get 4.18km out of it though. We then moved to weights and did bicep curls, squat jumps (mine were much smoother than usual), squats, hip bridges with skipping intervals regularly. I pushed myself to use more weight than usual and was more successful than I was expecting, so it was all good:)


My students were much better today. We started the day with the Terry Fox Run. I got to attend the assembly with my students but the run was during my prep. I was super torn as it’s such a fun event to do with the children, but I get so little prep time that I always feel like I need to take it. Thankfully the prep was super productive and the kids still had fun with the music teacher.

We wrote about the run after recess and then after lunch we had our first buddy meetup. It was cool to see how well it worked out.

My students were all much better behaved today, though I spoke to one little guy first thing this morning about interrupting and so later in the morning he waited his turn to talk to me but ended up having a slight accident. We will definitely be discussing when and how to interrupt on Monday. I just really hope I don’t hear from the parents about this!


I bartered with myself and decided against an afternoon snack, but I stopped and got the ingredients for Mac and cheese. I made the sauce based loosely on this Minimalist Baker recipe and used Miyokos mozzarella cheese. It was dairy free and gluten free and tasted wonderful. It made a lot so I’ll be having several meals of it over the next few days.

I had some frozen chicken noodle soup for lunch and realized that pasta doesn’t seem to freeze well for me, so I’ll just eat this pasta dish for the next several meals.


I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Chicken noodle soup

Mac and cheese

I have decided that each day I eat an appropriate amount with no unplanned snacking or treats, I will highlight the day in my planner. After five of these days I get to have a treat (non food) and when I hit my goal weight I am going to order the Lululemon crops I want:). Hopefully this will motivate me as the holiday 87 days from now is too far away to do the trick!☹️


I have spent a lot of this evening knitting and have finished my first sleeve and am a quarter of the way through the second one now! I have to admit I’m enjoying the plain knitting right now as then I can listen to podcasts:)

Well I’m going back to my second sleeve.

Have fun!



I don’t have a ton to report today and feel like I might be asleep early so thought I’d write.


I managed a slow 4.76km this morning with Dennis. His allergies are bad so he wasn’t breathing any better than I was. It wasn’t the eight I wanted to do, but it’s something.


After coffee, I stopped in to do the weekly shopping and got what I needed. Why is it when you think you’ve bought less, you’ve actually spent more?

I made the granola from Minimalist Baker. It tastes good, but unfortunately I forgot to spray the pan so had to pry it off the cookie sheet which means it’s not in big chunks how I like it. Oh well, not the end of the world!

I also tried another recipe from The Best of Clean Eating 2. This was for crustless quiche. It was quite easy to make, but called for ingredients I had to buy such as roasted red peppers and artichokes in water. I think next time I would just put in whatever I wanted. It called for and I used Herbs de Provence, but once again, I found this dishvery bland. We’ll see if it ages well this week.


I finished reading Until We’re More by Cindi Madsen. It is the story of Chelsea and Liam who have been friends since she was 12. She is a chatterbox and he’s a guy of few words, but they find they can be themselves when they’re together.

It was a cute friends to lovers story, but not as good as Just One of the Groomsmen, Cindi’s newer book. I found the balance of this book was off and the friends section went on forever while the relationship part seemed rushed.

It’s an okay beach read:)

Well I’ve just woken up from a nap and I think I might go back for another one!

Have fun!



It was a quiet day, but I found out I don’t do well with no knitting project. I probably should have read or done something productive!


I got out this morning for a run to and around the park. It was nice and quiet on the trail now that it’s raining. Does anyone else picture themselves tripping and falling flat on their face? There are certain spots I slow down as I can see this happening! I still got 4.23km done so I was happy.

This evening I got out again in the hopes of making up some of my monthly mileage. I find it easy to get out when I tell myself I just have to run to the park and back:) I remember when I first started running and that was a long, tough run. I’m glad the just over 3km feels like nothing now:)

I also got my 100 squats, 100 crunches and 50 pushups, 50 dips done. I’ve been feeling quite lumpish today and so wanted to make sure I could remind myself I am regularly doing something about this!

I think I need to find some extrinsic motivation though!


I did make the carrot cake no bake balls from Minimalist Baker today.

They are okay, but not really worth the calories so I will take them to work.


I decided that I was 60 grams short for the tank top I started yesterday and that I wouldn’t bother playing yarn chicken, so frogged it. I then tried a smaller version of the socks I was making yesterday, but really need to print and highlight the instructions as there are so many sizes. I have been out of sorts all afternoon with not having a knitting project:( Please someone suggest something! Please! Please! Please!

Well I’m going to go curl up in bed and read.

Have fun!


Smashing Sunday

It was a really nice day! I seem to say that a lot about the days I have off🤣


This morning it was up for my usual Sunday morning run. It had just started snowing when I left home, but I figured I could get a run in before it got bad. I ended up just walking with my two buddies who now walk, as I don’t like doing that particular run on my own. It’s just too isolated and there were definitely not a lot of people around so early! We got a 45 minute walk in though at a very respectable pace.

About 4pm it finally stopped snowing and I looked out and saw the sidewalk by the rec centre had been cleared. I hoped it was clear right over to the park, but figured I could do laps around the rec centre if I needed to. Thankfully it was clear right to the park and I had an awesome run! I had splits of 6:31, 6:36, 6:54, 6:40, and 6:29. I realized these are slow for most people, but it’s definitely the fastest I have been in a long time! Maybe my muscle is starting to come back!!

This evening I also did my 200 squats with the light resistance band and 100 stomach exercises- reverse crunch and double leg drop today.


After a nice tea with my running buddies, I came straight home to get my food prep done for the week. I prepared everything and got my daily bins out again so I could just reach in and grab what I need. I only have two eating events this week, so hoping I can be super healthy this week!

As I was prepping, I realized I need more breezy wrap as I have one the perfect size for a full sandwich, but only one that is good for a half sandwich. I don’t really want to cut my big one! I’ll have to get on ordering this and more reuseable bags this week!


I finished my Net Galley book, Slow Ride by Lori Foster today.

This book has the perfect balance!

The book features Jack Crews and Ronnie Ashford. From the first moment they are attracted to each other, but it takes longer for them to work out how to be in each other’s lives for the long haul.

The characters in this book are super interesting. Ronnie has been through so much and has adapted to her circumstances. She keeps all interactions with men short and meaningless, until she meets Jack. I pictured Ronnie as a take off of a Japanese Manga character.

Jack is the perfect balance of a smooth, slick man who can take care of business when he needs to. What’s even better is that he has a soft side for his family and animals.

I, of course, also enjoyed the family dynamic in this book. I really like books that have strong supporting characters and I’ve loved getting to know this family over the two books in the series. They raze each other, but also have each other’s backs:)

This book features a thriller side that kept me reading. I knew I had to finish the book tonight or I would not be sleeping well, but once the climax came, it was swift and over quickly. I love how Lori Foster has that perfect balance. You read the hints throughout the book, but she never gives away too much while still keeping you in suspense. Then she always solves the mystery quickly and efficiently. It makes for the perfect romance!

Thank you to Lori Foster, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for n honest review.


After a nice nap, I got busy on my knitting and finished the second sleeve of my sweater. I have also picked up the stitches for the hood, though it may not turn into a full hood! I only have about 2/3 of a skein left so it may turn into a fold over collar. The yarn chicken game is getting intense now!


I decided to try the Sally’s Baking Addiction February challenge today. The challenge was for truffles and since I’m not a big chocolate fan, I figured I could take whatever I made for staff meeting tomorrow. I did manage to find an awesome dairy free, gluten free truffle recipe at Minimalist Baker. These were super easy to make and if they go over well tomorrow I will add them to my page of successful recipes. One thing I did learn was to re-roll the truffles in my hands before dipping them into the coating. It definitely helped the coating stick better!

Well that’s it for my day and I’m heading to bed!

Have fun!



It was quite a nice day with a surprise:)


We were out on the dykes for the run this morning. Yesterday I had been thinking I’d go as far as the marina, but this morning I really didn’t think I’d make it that far (about 7km roundtrip), but surprise surprise, I did. I didn’t push the pace and wasn’t as fast as I would have liked, but I did it comfortably. It’s been nice to have a couple of runs in a row that have felt good!

I got out for a walk this afternoon to take care of the Monday Squad Runner mission and I managed a 1:20 plank and my 200 squats. A pretty successful exercising day!


I didn’t plan to spend the day in the kitchen again? But surprise, surprise, I did.

My friend was just told she had to go gluten free and dairy free, but she was craving chocolate chip cookies. I decided to test a new recipe before sending it to her to make sure it was good

I tried the recipe from Minimalist Baker and was super impressed! They were easy to make and quick, though they did require a half hour of chilling. They tasted good right from the oven and a few hours later. I’d definitely recommend this recipe!

I also had coconut milk left over from my mac n cheese yesterday, and instead of making hot chocolate with it, Sarah suggested a curry. I had a few veggies left over so decided to make the creamy vegetable curry from Oh She Glows. I have to admit Oh She Glows and Minimalist Baker are two of my go-to resources for gf/df recipes. You need to have all the ingredients recipe as the process goes super quick. I have done this before with the cashew cream it calls for, but it was just as good with the coconut milk too!

I really felt like I was cooking as I even made my own curry from this Minimalist Baker recipe.

All in all, a successful cooking day. Amazingly it was a successful eating day too as I managed to restrain myself and got the cookies into the freezer quickly. I have also frozen a bit of the curry to see how it turns out.


While I was out walking, I got a surprise text from my friend Lyndsay wondering if I wanted to go for an early dinner at the Green Mustache. I wasn’t super hungry so I had the powerfoods hot chocolate. It tasted good, but I have to admit that while their food and desserts have been amazing, I find their drinks a little powdery. Maybe putting them through a bit milk bag would help.

I do love having a friend who lives close and likes to do the same things I do!


After a nap, I went back to my knitting. I am down the front of the new sweater and am on the back, and hopefully by tonight I will be starting the sleeves. Sometimes it’s a really good thing to be small!

Surprise, surprise, I finished my temperature cowl today! I’ve gotten tired of having it hanging over my head, so I finished it. I really wasn’t thinking I’d like it, but I think I do😳. I’m going to wear it tomorrow to work, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

I don’t love the joins at the day breaks, but I did like how it ended up going in bands.

The yarn is Sweet Georgia sock yarn mini skeins.

Well, I’m back to the sweater now that I have my clothes ready and all my food prepped.

Have fun!