Solitary Saturday

It was a very quiet day and I’m not sure how I feel about that right now.


I headed out for a run first thing this morning and realized quite quickly it wasn’t going to work. I was wearing the only runners that don’t hurt my toes, but every other part of my foot was hurting!

I came home, cleaned my house and then went and bought new runners before heading out again.

The second run went much better! I got a total of 4.8km in which is good enough for the first day of June:)

I also went for a 5km walk this evening, just because it was gorgeous!


After cleaning up, I headed out to do some errands. I was on my way to three towns over for strawberries when I decided to take my usual route. I am so happy I did as the farm I bought berries from last year had their sign up!!! I got a flat of strawberries and can’t wait to play with my new canner tomorrow! I may also use some for a fruit salad for my breakfasts this week.

I also managed to stop and pick up the last three Canada beach balls I needed for my student year end gifts. Now I just have to figure out how to package them for the kids.


I spent most of the gorgeous afternoon sitting on my deck reading. I finished the book, Just This Once by Mira Lynn Kelly. It was an enjoyable read, but I didn’t like the book as much as the two others I’ve read in that series.


I have been a knitting machine all afternoon and have managed to finish the body of the baby cardigan. I just have to tackle the sleeves!


Breakfast- turkey and cheese on a scone

Lunch- cheese on 16 corn tortilla chips

Snack- another 14 corn tortilla chips with cheese- they were just so good!

Dinner- chicken and greens

Not a bad day, but probably too much salt. I think I’d better try to limit my salt as I’m finding my hands and feet are swollen a lot.


I’ve just turned on The Dater’s Handbook. It’s cute so far, though I have to admit I’m distracted by thinking that Meghan Markle went from the to being a princess!

Have fun!


Happy Weekend

It felt like this school week took three weeks to end! I think it’s just mentally getting to me that there are no days off in the month of June:(


I wanted to make sure that I finished off my monthly mileage so I went for a run this morning. I managed 4.93km and had okay times though, definitely not my fastest. There were so many people out! I met up with at least 12 people, including a father from my school. Of course when I got home I saw that I looked dreadful- all red and sweaty🤪.

This evening I decided it was too nice to not go out and enjoy the time so I went for a walk around the inlet. It was longer than usual because the trail is closed so had to take the road. Of course, I ended up frustrated when it didn’t count for my squad Easy mission. This app is driving me crazy lately!

I also did a short workout. I always worry that I’m disturbing the guy who lives below me so I tried to keep the jumping to a minimum. I did one minute each of the following and used 7lb weights where applicable:

Jump squats, standing crunch left, standing crunch right, reverse mountain climbers, hand release push ups, bicep curl to calf raise, banded monster walk, banded squat to curtsy lunge left, banded squat to curtsy lunge right, banded iso hip raise abductors, hamstring curls, toe taps, banded seated row, dumbbell double crunch, lateral lunge to upright row left, lateral lunge to upright row right.

I love doing exercises with the band!


I got a taste of what it must be like for most people as today all my friends at work were away. I only had one teacher who I’m friendly with there. It was really lonely!

We did our Friday newspaper and I noticed today how much more the students are writing! I may need to add in another page as it is getting difficult to get them all on one page. Some kids were even upset that I wouldn’t let them go onto another page!

We released the butterflies from Liane’s class. I did this with the principal. It’s quite nerve racking to teach in front of someone who controls your job! Especially when Liane is the expert who usually does the nature things!

This afternoon we had silent reading out on the field and then played with our buddies on the playground.

It definitely wasn’t an academic day!


Last night I finished the book, The Wedding Date Bargain by Mira Lynn Kelly. I found the start of this book a little confusing with all the jumping around in the timeline, but I’m glad I persevered. It had minimal drama and angst which is something I appreciate and the ending was so sweet:)

I have started reading another book in that series called Just This Once. So far, it’s okay, but hopefully it will improve!


Not great, not horrible, but I have no plans for the weekend so hopefully I’ll get back on track!

Product Review:

I had Amy’s Rice Mac and Cheese for lunch today. It was pretty good for a frozen meal, but definitely not homemade. If you’re GF and DF and need a ready made meal though- it’s not a bad option. I just found the portion size small for the amount of calories in it.

Have fun!


Sent Home

Well I got up and went to work this morning, so I get any points for that?🤣


When I woke up this morning I acknowledged my throat was a little sore, but went off to work as it was the first day of track attack, which I am organizing. Unfortunately with living alone, I didn’t realize I had no voice until I went to say hello to the secretary. Supposedly they question my ability to teach with no voice, though I’ve done it plenty of times over the past 17 years!

I came home and promptly slept for 5 hours straight. I guess I was a little tired.


I did manage to finish Decoy Date by Mira Lynn Kelly. It was a nice, light read, though I really think it would be better to start at the beginning of the series as there were some references I didn’t get.

I also began the kids Bookclub book after my next nap. It’s called Flunked by Jen Calonita. So far I am enjoying it.


Still have 55 more rows of stockinette on the April Tank and only managed 5 rows today:( I feel like this knitting is going much slower than normal.


I took the failed buns from last night and made a quick bread pudding recipe out of them and walked it the 500m to Lyndsay’s house so I would quit eating it. I love this recipe from Joanne Fluke- so easy! Pour 1/3 cup of melted butter over your bread, put it in a greased dish, layer on the 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 cup dried fruit of your choice. Mix 3 eggs and 2.5 cups of milk and pour it over everything. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes. I had to put tinfoil over it as it was browning too quickly, but boy is it yummy! It was actually a good test for me as I learned I’m not as energetic as I thought and I still don’t have a voice. Guess I’m not going anywhere tomorrow:(

Night night!

Have fun!


I took the