Today and Yesterday

The first day of holidays was lovely!


I laugh that I had to get up even earlier than usual for my run this morning, but that’s okay because I had company:)

We ran Coquitlam River which was really quiet at that hour which made it even better!

The one thing I’ve noticed was that I was very stiff when I got up this evening from sitting and I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t do the dynamic stretches this morning? I’ll have to do them tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.


I have to admit that I spent a large part of today cleaning and reading. I love the idea of having a clean house, but I have to bribe myself with reading breaks. I read Getting Worked Up by Erin Nicholas. Phoebe and Joe are working together to help each other get married to their best friends, but things quickly go awry.

I didn’t really love the premise of this book at the beginning, but the characters did grow on me. I think it was the small town background that saved this book for me. It also turned out to be on the steamy side, rather than the sweet.


I had scrambled eggs after my run this morning. A Kind bar and some fake cheese mid day and then the tuna poke bowl this evening for dinner. So not bad for the first day of holiday:)

Socializing/ Movie:

I had arranged to meet up with my friend Allison (who is here from Boston), Melissa and Suzanne for dinner and a movie. We had dinner at Browns Socialhouse and the tuna poke bowl was extremely yummy!

We then went and saw the movie, Yesterday. It’s about a world without the Beatles and then one guy remembers them and sings their songs as his own. It was really well done and interesting g right from the start. As Suzanne said, it’s great because it’s introducing the next generation to music they may not know. I would definitely recommend seeing it:)

Well my eyes keep closing…

Have fun!


Manic Monday

It’s been quite the day of work!


I slept for extra time this morning and then headed into work. This morning we got our journal done, we started learning about 3D objects, and this afternoon we tackled our Father’s Day projects. It doesn’t seem like much, but yet I was running all day! It really didn’t help that the children were called in at lunch because of a bear sighting:(


After writing another five report cards after school, I headed home and got out for a run! It was a beautiful night and I finally felt pretty good at the halfway mark. There’s another 4.5km covered for the yearly goal:). I am feeling the lack of my weights lately though so I did my 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, and 100 lunges. I need to do more so my running feels easy again, but it was at least a start!


I have spent the evening knitting endless stockinette while watching a movie.


I’ve been watching When Sparks Fly tonight. It was a cute movie, though some of the acting was truly awful! 🤣. I often wonder if July 4th is really celebrated how it’s portrayed. I’m always disappointed by the July 1st celebrations I’ve been to:(


Breakfast: 1/2 cup fruit salad, 1/3 cup yogurt and some granola

Recess: hard boiled egg and a chorizo sausage

Lunch: tuna snack kit, a snack size bag of chips (my team won the pizza party for jog a long, but I couldn’t eat the pizza so they gave me chips)

Snack: apple, larabar

Dinner: Thai salad

Not perfect. I have great weekends, but then I return to work and it all goes downhill:(

Well that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!



This is starting to be a pattern and I don’t like it!


My Saturday morning is supposed to start with a long run with my running buddy Sarah, but this morning I waited and waited and didn’t hear from her until 9:15 at which time I didn’t have enough time for a long run because I was supposed to meet someone at 10:30 (which also got cancelled at the last minute). This is not the first time this type of scenario has happened with Sarah- she’s the queen of bailing on runs. I just need to figure out how to stop this or find a new running buddy (which is tough when you’re not Boston qualifier fast)😢. I tried setting a time with Sarah, but that was even worse, so I’m just not sure what to do:(

I did get my 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, 25 forward lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 backward lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 Russian twists, 50 pushups and 50 dips done this morning before I headed out.

I also met up with Brenda for a walk through the new biking trails in the woods by her place. It was a gorgeous, cool spot for a walk today.

This evening I got myself out the door for a run by telling myself I could do as little as just one kilometer. I ended up doing 3.6km and seeing three of my students. It was fast for me though so I’m okay with the short length.


I picked up my knitting for the first time in a long time and got the heel done on my first sock.


yesterday the secretary at work was saying she wanted to see Poms, the new Diane Keaton movie. I told her that if she didn’t find anyone I wanted to see it too. I thought it was going to be just a fluffy movie, but it actually has quite a serious and sad thread running through it. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it. I also enjoyed the company and hopefully this will just be the first of many movie dates with the school secretary:)


I’m having to read two books at once, which isn’t my favourite. I’m making my way through Short for the kids Bookclub and through Josh And Hazel’s Guide To Not Dating. What is it with ditzy female lead characters? I’m going to need to find something with a strong woman lead character next!


It wasn’t the best day and I think it’s because I didn’t have a plan.

I’ve eaten:

A hard boiled egg, a mini cinnamon raisin scone, yogurt, an RX bar (won’t be buying another), celery with cheese, a cookie, a tilapia filet (with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s that is wonderful!!!)

Oh well, it’s not horrible, but it’s not great.

I’m off to work on my mom’s present again.

Have fun!


It Started With Fun

My day started off fun, and continued to be quite nice, though normal. Everything is always nicer with company.


I started the day with a forest walk with running buddies who were just in town for the day. I seem to have earned the nickname “Petri dish”.🙄🤣

I have refrained from any other exercise, but it is getting more difficult every day! I hope I get some lung capacity soon!


We had an awesome brunch at our regular place. It was great to catch up with everyone!

I read all the options, but got my regular still!


I grabbed my mom again for company and got going on the list. I looked at the second hand store for a canning pot, but there wasn’t any. I finally ended up getting a starter canning kit at Canadian Tire. My mom says I started canning at about age 2 and often made jam when I was around 9, but my mom had downsized the canning equipment, so I had to rebuy. I’m excited to get started ASAP! I think it makes sense for me to can as then I’ll know exactly what’s in my food!

We stopped at the mall and my mom returned her printer ink, I grabbed some tech items at Walmart and then it was time for tea!

First we had to have carbonated water.

Yesterday I bought the SodaStream, but last night I kept getting flat water. I’m not the best at this type of thing so it was no surprise that my mom immediately got lovely bubbly water. Of course tonight, I’m back to flat water:(

I got all my food made for this week while my mom shortened some running tights for me. It was nice just to have company around.


I made the Thai Style Chili Mango salad from Costco and mixed it with ground turkey again. It was so good last week, I wanted it again this week.

I also roasted a ton of veggies with chicken for my lunches.

I have coconut yogurt, strawberries and oatmeal for breakfast. I really wanted granola, but didn’t get around to it until this evening. Unfortunately, my regular granola recipe didn’t turn out:(


I’ve been knitting on the April Tank again and have 27 rows of stockinette left!


Of course, I was watching Hallmark as I was knitting and enjoyed the movie, All Things Valentine.

Have fun!



Well I put more polysporin drops in this morning and I noticed this afternoon that my eye felt better. Hopefully that will continue!


We had a quiet morning with printing. We tackled fact families after recess and this afternoon we worked on describing ourselves and learned about British Columbia. The children have ran 671km so far so we have made it to Kitimat. The students did great at remembering facts about British Columbia, such as we have 1/4 of the freshwater in Canada, our tallest waterfall is on Vancouver Island, 4% is the land is farms and we have about 5 million people in population.

We have even already answered some of their questions.


After a quick meeting with a parent I walked a few laps for jog-a-long with Lyndsay and then went to boot camp. It was tough to get going when I haven’t been working out much. We did: iso squat front walk/ lateral walk, banded toe reach/ squat to lateral leg raise, banded overhead press/ banded plank in-outs, 1/2 get up/ high knees, push-up to plank jack/ static crunch heel touch, bench lunge, stepdown to bicep curl, burpee with a bench hop over.

I was definitely tired by the end! However, I still had to finish my Squad Runner mission so went out for a 4km run this evening. I passed the learn to run group I took when I started running. It made me realize I still have some of the habits they taught me, such as having my thumbs brush my thighs.


I have been working on my April Tank some more. It’s going pretty good, though it takes a long time to make progress with fingering weight yarn.


I’ve been watching the movie Ed. It’s a cute movie about a baseball playing chimp. It has some bathroom humor so I think 8-10 year old boys would love it!

Well I’m off to sleep!

Have fun!


Getting Back To It

It’s been another quiet day, but that’s probably a good thing before the chaos starts again on Monday.


I met up with Sarah for a run this morning. We got a little lost, as usual, but it was fun!

This evening I managed to get out for a walk as well. It wasn’t running so I figured I had better get it while it was good:)

I also did squats and a plank for the second day. Need to start building up the muscle again. I swear they all atrophied while I was laying on the couch last week🤣


Well we finally settled on a place to rent for Christmas next year. It only took two days. It was a tough decision because there was one that was an amazing deal but required the kids to sleep on air mattresses if there was the gorgeous one with enough beds but double the price. We’re going to go with the amazing deal as we can do a lot of events for all that money. It’s tough to do group things as there are just so many different personalities in my family. It will be interesting to see if we survive our first family holiday together.😳


I grabbed a few groceries after my run and made a batch of Bisquick biscuits to use up the bisquick I had in the cupboard. They looked good, but were super crumbly. I think it was just the nature of Bisquick, or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I watched A Shoe Addict’s Christmas with Candace Cameron Bure this afternoon and loved it. It is such a cute movie! It follows the basic outline of A Christmas Carol but its shoes that move her through time. Most of the shoes were gorgeous so of course it gets my vote for being a good movie!


I also finished up the cowl I had started earlier. It used up three skeins of yarn and was a super easy knit while turning out pretty. It used Morena yarn and the free pattern off Ravelry called Cowl for Coba. This is a “no think” pattern that shows off yarn very nicely.

I am happy with how it turned out.

I have also spent some time weaving in ends on my temperature scarf. I feel like I may be old and gray before I get them all finished.

Well I’m going back to watch another Hallmark movie:)

Have fun!


A Few More Things

Well a few more things got marked off the list today. I googled lists last night and so my mom and I are testing out Wunderlist; so far, so good!


I got back to routine today and got out for my Sunday morning run. It wasn’t a particularly great run- slow and my legs definitely didn’t feel strong, but it got done:)

I wish I had gotten out for another run this afternoon as I will yet again not get my mission as I have a massage after school tomorrow:(


My cousin came and dropped off his truck. It’s a good thing I store this for him as it ensures I see him at least twice a year!


I got a baby present mailed away, wood picked up to hang my alphabet rug, a lightbulb bought, figured out my spare room light, and got woolite and a collapsible cart from my parents. I tell you shopping at the house of mom and dad has the best prices🤪. I’m glad the day started off with some success as I checked out another two furniture stores and didn’t find a new couch and I looked into Ting My Doorbell, but it’s $250! I’m going to have to do more research!

I checked out Costco and saw good planners for $10! Oh well, I will have to remember that for next year, but for anyone who hasn’t bought one- look at Costco!!

Cool Moment:

When I was at the store, the cashier recognized me. I taught her daughter in grade two and she is now starting teacher training. It was so cool to have this moment!!

On Friday, I also got presented with my 15 year pin at work. I’ve been working 16 years, but they don’t count my first year towards it:(


I had a lovely long nap this afternoon on my comfy couch:). Then I enjoyed watching several Hallmark movies on my new large tv. I so enjoy “Cooking With Love”, especially the moment where Kelly sends Steven a picture of her spaghetti as that’s something I would do. This movie always makes me want to cook!


I am working along on my 22.5 degree scarf. It really is taking forever and definitely doesn’t reward me with much progress:(


Ugh! I can’t include any pictures today as I have no space left:( I’ve already taken out all my book and movie pictures and so don’t really know what else to do:(. Any suggestions are welcome as I am getting tired of writing about this problem!

Oh and if anyone knows how to get to other people’s posts you’ve saved- can you please tell me🙂

I’m back to my Hallmark movies:)

Have fun!


Hurry Up and Wait

Today didn’t go exactly as planned.


Like anything good, my girls weekend had to come to an end. I ate the rest of my ice cream for breakfast, cleaned up the cabin and then we had to sit around waiting for the towels to dry! 😖😝. I got a lot of new songs added to my running playlist on Spotify🤣

Finally, about 12:30 we had to say goodbye to our lovely cabin and head for the ferry.

They obviously knew I was coming with this towel!

The trip in the car was fine, and the ferry terminal had some kiosks for us to peruse. I had seen this photographer’s work in Gibson’s and I’m going to need to look him up as some of his images were amazing!, I finished off my unhealthy food on the ferry ride, but then I got onto the skytrain and it was like playing sardines. It was absolutely stuffed!!! I did finally manage to get home, but it seemed to take forever and I was super tired!

I quickly got the laundry in and my bag unpacked.


The Squad Runner mission was a forty five minute run today, but we have an extreme air quality warning, supposedly we have the worst air quality in the world right now due to the wildfires:( Between this and being tired, I decided a brisk walk would have to do! I got that done and picked up a bottle of wine for my friends on the way home. I thought afterwards I should have put the wine in a bag before I walked down the street with it🤣

I have been eating junk all weekend and without much exercise so I wanted to make sure I got right back to clean living, so a workout had to occur tonight!

I had a picture on my phone of a Simply Susan HIIT workout. I’m not sure from where, but I’m guessing a blog, so thank you to whoever posted it! It was quick and easy and a good way to ease back into working out.

Do 5 rounds of:

15 push-ups

15 jump squats

15 squat thrusts

I was a little breathless by the final round!


Oh last night we ended up watching a second movie, a new one called “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. It is based on a YA novel and was a very cute rom com movie. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has Netflix and wants just a sweet, feel good movie. I’m sorry I don’t know how it compares to the book as I haven’t read the book.

Well I’m in bed with my book:)

Have fun!


A Little Cheeky

A day of meetings:(


I had to do 5km for my Squad Runner mission today and figured since I didn’t actually have to teach today that I could get it done before work. It was a spectacular morning for a run and the 5km actually went by quite quickly!

I find it amazing how many more people are out for a run at 6am now than we’re in January🤣🤣🤣🤣 Well, honestly, no I’m not amazed, most people aren’t as crazy as me!

I also got my plank of 2 minutes done and my 27 push-ups:)

A Lyndsay workout was necessary as well today. This was an interesting one where I had to skip for 30 seconds and increase by 15 seconds each rep (5 times) and do 10 jump squats and increase those by 5 each rep.

I then had to do weights- mountain climbers, squats, rows, high knees, shoulder press, push-ups, plank leg lifts and hip bridges.

Then it was back to the skipping and jump squats by working down from 1:30 skipping and 30 jump squats. It was only 27 minutes, but it was intense:(

I was supposed to do another 40 minute run this evening but it turned into a walk.


I so dislike sitting in meetings all day! I sometimes wish they would just take away ProD days. I have to admit I was slightly cheeky when I was getting dressed for work this morning and put this on:I wasn’t actually late thankfully:) This was the principal one where we make decisions for next year. At least I managed to put the sitting time to good use and got the parent drivers organized for the track meet and got all the labels made for the student’s events.

We got to meet our new principal today and the first impression wasn’t bad- much quieter and more serious than the principal I have now. I’ll wait to see how it goes in September as I wouldn’t want anyone judging me before getting to know me (even though I realize this is human).

I helped Lyndsay out after our meetings making a poster for her son’s lacrosse team. I have to say that no lacrosse team poster has probably ever gotten that much attention before! That’s what happens when you turn two teachers loose🤣


I took the raspberry rhubarb brownies to work today and it seemed like most people liked them. I really don’t know why I Bake for my colleagues when they never have anything good to say about gluten free food:( oh well, I guess I do it because I get enjoyment out of the act of baking and that way I don’t eat it all. I’m glad I took something as there was just fruit and bagels otherwise and fruit wouldn’t have been a very filling recess snack for me!

As a staff we had ordered Greek food for lunch and mine was guaranteed to be gluten free and dairy free, well… it wasn’t. I had no feta, no tzatziki, no flatbread, and even without these things within the hour I was sick and lying down😏🙁

I just shouldn’t try to eat out, but I so love trying new things. Think I might need to limit myself to just trying things at vegan, gluten free restaurants as I’m getting tired of feeling this horrible!


I got a ton done on my rug today as I again worked on it as I watched a movie . I might actually get this square done early this week:)


I watched the Hallmark movie, Moonlight in Vermont this evening. It was better than some of the movies in that I always like it when the characters bicker. It didn’t hurt that I also enjoyed the secondary storyline of the brother and friend. The only things I would complain about was the lack of information about the decision at the end- it came out of nowhere!!!

So, if anyone knows of any “good” Hallmark movies that aren’t Christmas themed, please let me know in the comments:). I’m on the search for some new ones!

Well I’m off to work on my sweater knitting for a bit before bed.

Have fun!


Better Late Than Never

Knit night really does do me in! I fell asleep immediately:(


We spent almost all of the day creating our Mother’s Day cards and gif wrapping. I got the idea from my nephew as he was making this card, but maybe I should have kept in mind that he’s in grade five, not grade one! On the other hand I was super impressed with what they created!

The only other thing we accomplished was a pre-test for our subtraction drills!


I met up with Lyndsay after school for a workout. I combined my walk home with my walk over and ended up with a few minutes to sit in the sunshine:) I love working out with her because she always pushes me to do more than I think I can! We did intervals alternating between the bike and the treadmill- boy was that tough! I obviously need to spend more time on a bike! We then hit the floor- three sets of everything-8,10,12 reps. We did tricep extensions two different ways, goblet squats, get ups, v ups, and lunge and press. I thought we were done and she pulled out one more set!

At least I got rewarded with a quick steam. We unfortunately had an annoying guy in the gym- banging weights, talking on his phone, talking to himself, and another annoying guy in the steam room! Grrrr!


I ran around tidying when I got home from my workout as I only had twenty minutes until knit night started. It’s amazing how much you can do in twenty minutes (and how often I waste that amount of time too!). I finished my rug square for the week, got caught up on my temperature scarf (which is actually starting to look nice as it kind of goes in bands of colors), and managed to knit two rows on the tabard and have to rip them out. I guess I better save that project for when I’m not visiting.


We started watching The Queen with Helen Mirren. So far there have been some funny parts and it’s been interesting. I just find myself keep thinking, “what does the royal family think of this movie?” I really like Helen Mirren in it though.

Well that was my whole day!

Have fun!