Vacation Day 1

I had all these plans for my day, but nothing went as planned.

It was pouring rain so I had no ambition to go running since my running buddy is out of commission.

I decided to head to Michaels to get more yarn for my friend’s afghan, but though they said they had some, they didn’t:(. The store also didn’t have any pompoms or even pompom makers:(

I went into Pomme instead and spent way too much money. I was looking for some appetizers, but didn’t find any:( I guess I’ll have to add those to my list to make over the holidays.

The best part of my day was when my nephew texted me to go for lunch. I grabbed him and we went to Red Robin. I had the Tuscan salmon burger with fries and it was wonderful! I rarely get to have fries so this was a nice treat.

We then carried along to two different ice cream stores to get the ice cream for Christmas dinner. I spent way too much on ice cream and now really want to try making eggnog ice cream!

We also stopped at Michaels on the way home so I could get some red, white and black yarn to make G a scarf for Christmas. I’m glad he finally wanted something!

I came home and made myself go for a run! I really didn’t want to and probably shouldn’t have gone as running on burger and ice cream didn’t feel very good:(. It got done though!

I finally got my advent knitting done. I have been opening and knitting the advent from Wool Interrupted into the Land of Sweets cowl. I didn’t realize until today that I had opened and knit the wrong day yesterday so today I had to take yesterday’s knitting out and redo it with today’s. I am finally caught up.

I really need to get going on sewing a bag for my friend. I’d better get off the couch and get going.

Have fun!


Just a Nice Day

It was just a lovely day all around.


I stayed in bed this morning to finish my book. The Light Over London by Julia Kelly.

If you like historical fiction and double timelines you’ll like this book. I would actually recommend it to most people as it was a great read! It captured my attention quickly and kept it. It is also quite short at 290 pages. Both the 1940s storyline and the present day storyline were interesting and well- developed. I also liked that it was based on the gunner girls in the Second World War.


I did some baking today, but you’ll have to come back on Saturday to hear about it.


I took my nephew for lunch today. We went to White Spot which is no longer in the reasonably priced category! $50 for lunch for two and there was no alcohol involved! I had a teriyaki bowl with no rice, but extra veggies.

Gus had a double double burger that was there one minute and gone the next. I told him he must have grown again as I felt even smaller beside him.

We of course went for ice cream for dessert.


After dropping Gus off and having a nap, I met up with Sarah for a run at the river. It was hot and we were slow, but it’s another 4km done. I do so enjoy having company on runs!

I also did the NourishMoveLove 15 minute Power Yoga routine. I started doing some simple weights before this, but then thought that since I don’t know what’s called for tomorrow, I should just do the yoga. It felt good and I think my knee actually came closer to my elbow, even after just these few sessions.


I had ordered two books and one showed up the other day. I live chatted and thought I had arranged to have the other book shipped again, but then today I got an email telling me that they were shipping me the book I already had! I spent some time on the phone getting this sorted out and hopefully my second book will show up soon so I can show them off.

Well I’m going to do a bit of Scrabble and then head to bed with a book to finish up this nice day:)

Have fun!


Just One Email

My day was pretty good, minus one email.


It was my remote teaching day so after a quick run to the grocery store I sat down and checked and commented on the children’s work online. Then I found two appropriate books about the Coronavirus for kids and checked out the virtual field trips we will take next week.

It was a productive day though I didn’t really feel settled. I find it difficult to switch back and forth between being at home working and being in the classroom. I just never can get into a routine.


I took the opportunity of being home to spend my lunch hour with Gus. I grabbed him a bubble tea and a quick visit to a local park. I so love being with that kid! He then helped me vet virtual field trips. Figure the best way to know if a kid is interested is to get a kid to pick them.

I was having a pretty good day until I checked my email to find out that my principal has moved the report card deadline up to June 12th and the program we have to use will be offline for maintenance all weekend. I feel like lately it’s just a game of how can we make life difficult for teachers. My colleagues and I think that a requirement for being in charge and making decisions is a lack of common sense. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend. This provided a lot of anger to fuel my run!


I got most of a kickboxing class down that I followed off YouTube. I really do love kickboxing as I feel so strong, though I did unfortunately notice a lack of stomach muscles. I guess those Hallmark workouts were doing something as I definitely had a harder time with the sit-ups today than I have been.

This evening I met Sarah for a run around a local river. It’s a slow run for me, but I’ve come to realize that that’s okay as it lets me go faster the other days. I added another 3.94km to my trek to South Dakota. We did notice that it was super humid!


I wasn’t allowed a Hallmark movie today as I wasn’t in the school so I spent the evening knitting and reading. I have finished a toque. The pattern is A Little Lonely Cable by Joji Locatelli and it is free on Ravelry. The yarn is just scrap yarn I had laying around. I am hoping to have a toque in every colour for next winter, so this will take care of the light blue one. Please ignore the error!

I was thinking of Compassionknit and realized I hadn’t shown any knitting lately. So this is for you:)

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Hip Hip Hooray for the Weekend!

It was a pretty good day- amazing what a good book can do.


I sat on my couch this morning and seriously thought about taking the day off so I could read my book, but I didn’t and work wasn’t that bad, though I did sneak in reading every break I could!

We got through our self reflection for the report card, drained compliment rockets and did a kindness sunshine with our big buddies.

Not a lot accomplished, but no one got punched for a change so I’m going to count it as a success.


I quickly headed home after work to go pay my utilities bill and then went to pick Gus up at school. We went for ice cream and then looked for material for a new blanket for him. Finally we also hit Wendy’s for dinner. I do love my time with Gus!!!


Last night I started a new book, not expecting a lot because I’ve been in a reading slump lately. I read: The Two Date Rule by Tawna Fenske.

It was awesome! This is the story of Grady, a bush firefighter and Willa, a web designer. Both have a lot of baggage, like every adult does, but somehow they find their way to each other.

I loved how complex these characters were. Multi dimensional and interesting! Willa is battling demons from her past and Grady is scared of the future. Their problems seemed realistic and how they dealt with them was too.

The pace was great- moves along without a lot of head games and it had more showing than telling which I appreciate.

There were so many swooney moments, but my two favourites were the excuses he kept coming up with about why their meetings weren’t a date and the calendar he created.

This was a great book that I just couldn’t put down.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Well I’m going to go organize some knitting patterns and then head for bed.

Have fun!


5 Weeks Down, 35 To Go

Thankfully it was a better day today!


I didn’t sleep last night, but still got up for my workout with L this morning. We went up and down a giant hill on the treadmill and then did reverse crunches, two types of rows, up downs, shoulder press, and tricep extensions. I felt much better at the end of the workout than at the start!


We made it through calendar, music class and got a decent amount of the math words booklet done. This afternoon we finished our leaf art and played math word concentration. My students also got their first twelve minutes of centers. They didn’t do too badly, thankfully!


After prepping some sight word and number recognition games, I picked up my nephew at his field hockey game. I had no idea boys played field hockey, but I like him playing any sport! It was so great to see him! We went for pizza and then for ice cream.


After a quick trip to Costco to pick up more pictures of my students, I have spent the evening knitting on my scarf. I have been amazed at how far I’ve gotten as I wasn’t expecting to even get this much. I will finish it tonight, but not before I post this, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.


I’m really unsure whether I can colour a square for today or not. I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j


Kale and sausage pasta

Mini kind bar

I slice of vegan pizza ( southwest with beyond meat sausage and chipotle sauce. I was impressed they didn’t use Daiya cheese as their cheese actually melted) and one scoop of vegan ice cream (I had vegan caramel fudge pecan ice cream and it was amazing!)

Everything except for the pizza was planned, but maybe that’s too many treats in a day to count as a good day. 🤔🤔

Well I’m going back to knitting.

Have fun!


Trail Thursday

It was another great holiday day, though with a small worry in it:(


I headed out this morning and bought ten pounds of blueberries. I put them in the backseat so I wouldn’t eat them all before I got home, but I still put a sizeable hole in them. They’re just so good! I realized that I am very loyal when a place is good. I’ve been buying from Never Say Die nursery for a very long time. I’m going to have to try some of their eggs and other veggies as they looked so good!

I stopped on my way back from there at Amsterdam Nursery. I explained that my last cilantro plant must have come with a caterpillar and that he had eaten all but one leaf by the time I got home from holidays. I just wanted to know if it would regrow, but they gave me a new plant:). I also picked up a new lavender plant and got instructions on it too. I’m going to need to start putting labels on my plants as to when I’m supposed to water them! Amsterdam is definitely another place I am loyal to. There are closer nurseries but they have awesome customer service and are so helpful and knowledgeable!


I had just gotten home after dealing with construction in every direction when my nephew texted to see if we could check out another ice cream place. I had actually already taken him when he was a kid, but we went again. This is La Casa Gelato on Venables and it boasts 238 different flavors including garlic, wasabi, maple bacon, Caesar, and a whole ton more. They had a couple of freezers of sorbetto so I got to choose from them and ended up with orange crush and lemon iced tea. Gus had a triple scoop of three very yummy ones. We both agreed that it was neat to see all the flavors but was super expensive and the people weren’t all that nice. They had attitude:(

They did however have a lovely garden across the street where we could sit and eat our ice cream and they had a parking lot which I appreciated since parking in Vancouver can be tough to find.

I spent the afternoon after dropping Gus off reading, knitting, listening to a podcast and having a nap.


This morning I got out for a 4.85km run. It wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t wonderful either. It did help to keep in mind what I heard on the MTA podcast yesterday- you can’t be trying to lose weight and get faster at the same time. My focus is definitely on losing weight right now, so I’ll ease up on myself about being faster.

This evening I did end up going to the trail run clinic, but I viewed it as a hike rather than a run. We went 400m straight up and then ran down. Unfortunately even the running down was a little dicey as the terrain was super unstable. I found myself more relaxed with not thinking of it as a run:). The view at the top was beautiful!

Well I’m going to go back to veging on the couch.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #15

It was an unplanned day that turned out to have fun in it.


My run this morning was a struggle. I had decided to try walking over to Murray Street before starting to see if that helped my pace, but I don’t know if it helped, hurt or just messed with me mentally. I definitely didn’t like that I only clocked 4.2km, rather than the 5.1km I should have gotten! I think I’ll go back to just starting slow as I go across the street.

I also got a workout in this afternoon. It was a countdown workout.

50 jacks, 50 crunches

45 jacks, 45 squats

40 jacks, 40 lunges

35 jacks, 35 pushups

30 jacks, 30 high knees

25 jacks, 25 crunches

20 jacks, 20 squats

15 jacks, 15 lunges

10 jacks, 10 pushups

5 jacks, 5 burpees

I was definitely a hot, sweaty mess by the end. I’m really thinking I want to find a good weights workout though.


This past week when it was pouring, I found out that my Helly Hanson rain jacket had torn along the seam on the inside. I know I’m not tough on my clothing, so this morning I drove it back to the HH store where I bought it. They have sent it in to be repaired and it will be delivered to my home so I don’t have to make the 45 minute drive again. Yay!


I have gotten another three pattern repeats done on the blanket today. I really wish I hadn’t casted on so many stitches so it would go faster!!!


My nephew texted today to see if we could go for ice cream. I’m always happy to spend any time I can with that kid, so off I went. He actually bought me the ice cream this time. He’s growing up so much!! He also kept me company at Costco and helped me carry stuff. Of course it cost me a slice of Costco pizza, but it was a price I was happy to pay for spending time with him!


I finished Intercepted by Alexa Martin today. It was so good! I was captured from the first page! The characters were interesting, the plot had a good pace, and the drama was appropriate for the professional sports world. I would recommend this as another good beach read! I also immediately started on the next book in the series, Fumbled.


Rice cake with peanut butter and jam

Greek salad

Ice cream

salmon bowl over greens and some nachos (I’m way too full!)


Tonight trivia was a theme night about The Office. It was just my co-teacher Liane, her husband Eli and myself. I know absolutely nothing about this show, but managed to get two questions right.

In which state does The Office take place?


Who did they initially want to play the character that Rainn Wilson plays?

Seth Rogen

I have no idea how I knew those two things, but I did. Thankfully Liane had amazing knowledge and we sat at 4th for a while:)

I contributed my neat printing and Eli contributed knowledge of the show and the idea that I should go on a date between each Hallmark movie I watch🤣🤣🤣

Well, I’m back to reading.

Have fun!


Half Alive

Well I went back to work today though all I really wanted to do was sleep!


We had to do a lot of catch up as my TOC spent a lot of time singing with my class. Singing is great, but I really wish she had done what I had left first!!! My students were great though and we got through a lot!

Of course, first thing this morning I got the news I was getting a new international student today! It definitely made for a busy start and I’m nowhere near having everything ready for her:(

After school, I got home as quickly as I could so I could get a nap in. Totally necessary by that point!


I’ve had my nephew Gus tonight. We met up with my parents for dinner at Red Robin. I split a guacamole bacon burger with my mom, and it was okay. It was nice to see my parents finally since I was quarantined until this point

Gus and I continued on to play a couple of games of bowling. We were way better when we had them put the bumpers up🤣. I’m not sure bowling is ever going to be our game.

Finally we stopped for ice cream at Matteo’s and came home to veg. He is playing on his phone and I found a Hallmark movie:)


The Sweetest Heart is about a bakery owner who wants to expand, but just as her business has the opportunity to grow, her old flame returns to town. This movie has two very cute men in it and makes me want to bake!!!

I’m back to enjoying the couch with this cutie!

Social Butterfly and Half a ✅

It was a much busier day than I had expected!


My day started earlier than expected with a plea from both my nephew and SIL to see if his wallet was in my car. Sure enough it was (when did he get old enough to have a wallet?!?!). He wanted it this morning as he was going out for lunch, so I decided to combine dropping that off with a run on the dykes. It was such a gorgeous morning out there and not very many people! I got just over 5km in:)

This evening I met up with Sarah for a short run through a park. It was just the right amount to add some mileage and yet not to me in:). I need all the mileage I can get as I’d like to get up to 300km by April 1st so I’m back on track!


I had going downtown and having Umaluma ice cream on my spring bucket list and thought I would combine that with having a look at the Vegan Supply Store that is across the street. I even had my friend Kathryn lined up to come with me:).

The Vegan Supply Store was small, but neat to look through. They have an amazing selection of vegan cheese and I may have gone a little crazy. I didn’t buy any Black Sheep Vegan Cheese as I saw they were about $3-$5 more expensive than I can get them here at home.

I think I’m the future, I would just go when I need cheese for a cheese tray, and I may look into their online shopping:)

After spending time in there we walked across the street to check out the Umaluma, only to find it didn’t open until 5pm😢. The owner was coming out and offered to sell me a pint, but I knew it wouldn’t make it home. I did suggest he open a location further East!


We instead ended up at Virtuous Pie. It is always good. I was planning to share a Stranger Wings pizza with Kathryn, but after ordering realized it wasn’t automatically gf. As it had already gone into the oven, I had to order another pizza and so got the chorizo and artichoke pizza. It was good, but not quite as amazing as Stranger Wings.

I brought most of it home as I was full after two slices and then took some to my friend Sarah for her dinner.

After a long skytrain ride home I walked in the door to a text inviting me for Happy Hour at my local Earls with Michelle and her boyfriend who is here from Amsterdam. I couldn’t resist so headed over there to enjoy some water and garlic fries with them before my run. I love hanging out with these – their relationship so so great!!! I’m thinking I’ll try to catch up with them tomorrow for Games Night too.


I’ve been home reading for the rest of the night and think I’m heading to bed now!

Have fun!


Spend Time With Gus✅

It was so lovely this morning to lay in bed reading for a while!


I picked up my mom and we wanted to stop at a furniture store, but couldn’t get there, so we went to my place and she helped me tackle a couple of cupboards in my kitchen. I am so loving having organization in my life!!! I’m pretty good at staying tidy and organized if an item has a home, but as soon as it doesn’t, I’m a wreck:(

Family Time:

I had planned to hit a new restaurant for lunch today, but the organizing took longer than expected, so we went directly to pick up my nephew. He had texted me the other day and asked if we could go for ice cream😍Awww! I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing and we even got Nanny B to come along:) We went to Matteo’s Gelato which definitely has the most dairy free options in my neighborhood. It didn’t have quite as many as it will during the summer, but I still had choice:). I picked mango and coconut and wasn’t disappointed!

Afterwards I dragged G along to look at two furniture stores, but I still didn’t find a couch:(


I finally had to admit midafternoon that I wouldn’t be doing my 70 minute mission all in one run today:(. I just don’t have the energy or the lung capacity for it. I did however go out and get 35 minutes done and I’ll do another 35 minutes tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get some longer runs in soon though so I can get my mileage up for my yearly challenge! I didn’t push myself on tonight’s run and was hampered by having to dodge and weave around the crazy busy park! I was still happy to see I was under a 7 minute km:)


I have to admit I’ve spent most of the evening laying on my couch in the sunshine reading:) it’s been lovely and may have been interrupted by a short nap😀

I finished One Perfect Kiss by Jaci Burton. This is the latest book in the Hope Series and I’ve read every single one of them! I love this series because of the friend group featured in it. I want to be part of that group as they seem to have so much fun!!! This is a cute, fluffy fun read:)

Well I’m going to go start my next book or maybe work on my sleeve.

Have fun!