It was a nice day:)


Once again I got out for a run. I really do prefer it when I wake up early enough for a snack before I run. I also found out the 8-9 hour is way too busy on the trail. Once again I didn’t feel like I was having a great run, but my pace was decent.

I really wanted to get more exercise in, but then I realized I needed to get going on some things if I’m leaving Saturday! I washed my kitchen floor, swept, vacuumed, did laundry and dishes instead of working out.


I met up with Anna and Emily and Anna’s boys at a local park today. It was great to spend a couple of hours with old, good friends. We ran around the playground and the water park and then went to a cafe for lunch. The boys were awesome and were asleep before they got out of the parking lot!

This afternoon I had a peaceful hour picking blackberries. I got a ton and didn’t even make it all the way around the area. I decided to just pick one big bowl full and deal with those before I go back to pick any more.


I finished Hold On To Me by Jules Bennett today. I was so excited to be approved for this book as I have loved her others in the series.

The third installment in the Haven airport series.

Jade and Cash knew each other in school and became better acquainted when their friends paired off, however, they’ve never gotten along as they are opposites. One weekend in Nashville changes all of that!

I loved this third book in the series! The characters are complex and interesting and so well described. I definitely had a picture of them in my mind! The surrounding friend group is just as present and wonderful as it has been in the previous books. They really do round out the book beautifully.

The pace of this book is great! It’s definitely not insta love, in fact I wouldn’t say this perfectly follows any popular trope, but that just makes it better! There are no lulls you have to wade through, not any unrealistic moments.

I would highly recommend this book, though I would read the first two books in the series before this one.

Thanks to Jules Bennett, Kensington Books and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve had a weird eating day.

Breakfast- cheese and tomato omelette

Snack- vegan orchard cookie- the only thing the cafe had that I could eat

Lunch- shrimp plate from Costco

Dinner- cheese and crackers- I just couldn’t stop eating the crackers. I’m going to be mad at myself tomorrow for this!

Well I’m going to go find another book to read:)

Have fun!



Walking, Walking, Walking

Sorry about no post yesterday. I actually fell asleep sideways across my bed and didn’t wake up until this morning!


I finished Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes yesterday morning.

What a great read! Lady Sophia Wyndham has schemed to have some time alone before joining all of her family for Christmas. Of course this alone time flies out the window when she finds herself with a baby and a man as houseguests.

I love how Lady Sophia is a strong, capable and sensible character who also has honest emotions. She’s a complicated character who is realistic. Com Charpentier, our hero, is also multifaceted and who can resist a man who is capable with a baby?!?!

The background characters are also wonderful! I’ve always loved the Wyndham family with their scheming. They seem so high and mighty until one of their own needs a nudge to have a happy ending:)

Vim’s family is just as sweet in this book though. His aunt and uncle have schemed to get him back to the family seat and they are determined to help him have a happy ending.

The characters take centre stage in this book and make it a wonderful adventure to read.

Thank you to Grace Burrowes, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I met up with two friends and we walked the seawall from downtown to Granville Island. This is just over 5km. We had lunch at a new spot on Granville Island called Poppino. It was good, but the only thing I was allowed was a cheeseburger without the cheese. Oh well, it was yummy and I was in a beautiful spot with great friends.

We looked around the market and the netloft but none of us bought anything.

As we were starting our walk home, we went by the water park and one of the ice cream places I follow on Instagram was there! I finally got to try Hello Sweets! I had really wanted to try their ice cream sandwich, but they were sold out so I had their most popular flavour of ice cream which is marshmallow. T was super yummy, but also super rich!!!! It’s definitely worth a tasting if you come across them.

After walking back, enjoying the sunshine I came home and fell asleep. Lol a nice day, but obviously not exciting enough to keep me awake!

Have fun!


Even Better

I was undecided what to do today, but it turned out great!


I got up for a loop of Burnaby Lake this morning with Sarah. We ended up running the whole 10.26km with one two minute walk at halfway. It was a gorgeous, but very windy morning, which I admit made me slightly nervous because Burnaby Lake is very treed. We got around without incident and were quite proud of ourselves. I have to admit I hurt more this week than I did last week and I am wondering if it’s because I changed my gait to keep pace with Sarah? I’d still rather have company than run solo!

Socializing/ Eating:

I wonder why these two things so often go together for me. I got invited to the Port Moody Food Truck Fest by Lyndsay and Brady today. As we walked onto the field we ran into our friend Cori and her family. We hung out together and ate, and I have to say it was way better than driving around to yarn stores alone:) company makes all the difference!

This was my first time at the festival, even though it is held a couple of blocks from my house. I checked out all the trucks and had about five choices, but settled on chips and salsa as I wasn’t hugely hungry.

The weather was odd- sunny, cloudy, hail- we had it all, but it was still a lot of fun. The kids got their faces painted, coloured sunglasses, we did a photo, and I bought a necklace!


I have been looking for a necklace that sits right at my collar bone but isn’t a choker and I found one today in the middle of the food truck fest🤣 It’s by Stella and Dot and is a little gold star. I’m super happy with it!


I did decide to go check out the yarn store closest to me as I was hoping for some inspiration for my next knitting project. I was surprised that the store had nothing special out and was only doing 10% off yarns. That isn’t even the tax! I thought there’d be better sales with it being Woolith Fair!

It was great as two ladies came into the store while I was there who had done 14 of the stores. They told me that Valley Yarn didn’t have their big sale table out this year. I’m kind of glad to hear that as I was unhappy thinking I was missing good sales there! They said Wet Coast Wools had the best deals so far, but I don’t really want to drive all that way! Oh well, I guess I will be behaving myself until Knit City in September.


I spent the afternoon reading and finished my newest NetGalley book in one day. I just didn’t want to put it down:) Just One of the Groomsmen by Cindi Madsen was a great, light, sunny day read.

Loved it! It’s a story of best friends to lovers with a twist. It’s fun, but emotional and satisfying.

It’s the story of Addie and Tucker. They have been part of the same friend group since childhood, but when Tucker moves back to town they begin to see each other differently.

I really enjoyed the characters as they weren’t the typical. Addie is truly a tomboy and just one of the guys. The whole town, including herself, believes this and it comes with worries when she’s starting a relationship. Tucker’s life hasn’t gone according to plan and for a change it’s the hero who is concerned about finances and stability. The friend group was also great! The characters are so well described you can see them in your mind (and I’m really hoping Ford gets a story).

Anyone who likes a friends to lovers storyline or just wants a book you’ll laugh out loud during will enjoy this book.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


This evening I ran out to Costco to get gas as I was running low. The price of gas is absolutely insane here right now so I’ll be trying to limit the trips I take!

Well I’m off to bed with my sneezing and coughing self. My cold seems to have come back with a vengeance today!

Have fun!


Not Enough For Lace

It was a lovely day filled with some of my favourite things.


I have to admit I laid in bed this morning, but did eventually get up and make it to my book on the couch.

I finished The Summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallery today. Thank you to Susan Mallery, Harlequin and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book follows fraternal twin sisters Margot and Sunshine as they both attempt to turn over a new leaf in their life. Margot is getting over a mistake of a man and going to concentrate on her work which is an bold actress who needs to learn to fit into the political world. Sunshine is going to go back to college and quite running off with the wrong men. She’s also going to be the best nanny she can be. Of course, things never go as planned.

I liked how the book constantly went back and forth between the two characters and there was lots of interaction between them. They had a fun and great relationship and it added to the book!

I also liked how the relationships surprised me. Margot’s was the one I expected to be tame, however it developed much quicker than Sunshine’s.

This book had great pacing in that it didn’t feel rushed and there was enough time passing to make the relationships believable.

I enjoyed the book and think people who enjoy reading about second chances and overcoming your own mental obstacles would enjoy this book.


Well I’ve sat in the couch for two weeks and my cold still hasn’t gone away. I decided that f not exercising wasn’t making me healthy, I might as well exercise and be happy. My running buddy Sarah wanted to do a lap of Buntzen Lake for her birthday so today we headed out. It was a gorgeous day and the run definitely improved my mood! We didn’t go fast, but for the first time in my life I ran the loop. Usually I just go to North beach and back.

This picture is from a cloudier day. It was gorgeous today, but none of my pictures turned out well.


I thought I was healthy enough to tackle my April Tank again, but I guess I’m not quit healthy enough to do lace. I made it to row 15 before I screwed up, but unfortunately I didn’t have a life line in. I’ve taken the row out, but will have to look tomorrow to see if I need to take more rows out. I’m supposed to be done by tomorrow:(

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Nothing Out of the Ordinary

The day was fine- nothing really out of the ordinary.


We did a journal on what the children want to be when they grow up as part of our community unit. There were a few who wanted to be teachers and one wanted to be a hockey player, specifically a goalie because his mom doesn’t want him to be a goalie. 🤣 oh my, those parents are going to have their hands full when he’s a teenager!

I discovered at lunch that my deconstructed stuffed pepper casserole was super yummy!!

We learned the commutative law in addition and this afternoon we brainstormed questions we can ask the parents who come to talk about their jobs. We are hoping to avoid the, “how old are you? Do you have a dog?” Questions this year.

After school was another painful staff meeting. It drives me nuts when people show up to meetings unprepared or who go off on unrelated tangents! Both scenarios waste everyone else’s time and I have much better things to be doing than sitting in that meeting!


I have to have a fiber optic cable installed in my place tomorrow and was told they needed access to my hall closet. I cleaned out the closet completely and then looked up and realized the panel is high on the wall and I probably really didn’t have to move anything. Ugh teach me to not look up! It was probably a good thing though as I pulled out a sweater the other day that had holes in it and tonight my favourite toque had holes in it. Two things is too much of a coincidence- something is eating my favourite clothing!😖


I really didn’t feel like doing anything tonight. I had walked to and from school and had walked a little further with Lyndsay, but then I got a double boost and figured I had better get my butt out the door. I got 4.6km done. It felt tough as I had just eaten and it wasn’t as fast as I have been lately, but I’m still pleased I got out:)


Late last night I finished my current NetGalley book, Love on Location.

The story of Delaney and Wyatt moving from friendship to romance. They’ve been friends forever, but they’re both afraid to ruin their friendship by taking a chance on love until a glamorous stranger is added into the mix.

I enjoyed the book as it had lots of details that depict that quintessential childhood camp experience. Some of the drama of the tv series was annoying, but the camp details made up for it.

The characters were interesting and I so wanted to work with that group of people! They seem like an amazing “family” of friends! It would be so fun to go to work everyday with them! They care about each other and look out for each other.

This whole book had a nostalgic feeling for me and it was a lovely read. Would be perfect for summer!

Thank you to the Cassidy, Hallmark and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Well I’m in my jammies and settled on the couch. My biggest question is whether I should knit or read:)

Have fun!


I Know Better!

I let it get to me:)


I wanted to spend some time on my sleeve before school, but I then realized I’m 90% sure it’s going to be way too big so I lost my enthusiasm:(


I let the fact that I say everything ten times get to me today! We had our first writer’s workshop lesson this morning. The children did pretty well, but I had already lost track of how many times I had the same instructions over!

Our math time was rushed as we only had twenty minutes and I was trying to start the assessment on place value. So far I’m pretty happy with how the four children I got through did, but didn’t like the flustered feeling!

This afternoon we had to leave gym early as there were just too many accidents and kids hurt. They just didn’t seem to hear the reminder that they needed to remain in their feet!!!

Ugh most days the fact I repeat stuff all day doesn’t get to me, but today it did!


Tonight, I came home to escape reality and I finally finished my current book, The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle.

This is the story of Andrew York and Kelly McIntyre. They were high school sweethearts who loved to cook and bake together, but became separated. The story chronicles their second chance.

I liked the characters in this story and that there was plenty of background interest too. Kelly is a strong woman who grows stronger through the separation. Andrew is a bit of a dud at the start, but definitely sweetens up.

Kelly’s pet pig steals every scene he is in and the story between Andrew and his father adds interest.

I have to admit I felt like I had read an entire book by the time I got halfway through to where the plot really picked up. I felt as though this could have been two books- their second chance and then their new adventure. However, the plot twist definitely sweetened me on this book! It was a wonderful and delicious twist that made me go awwww.

Anyone who enjoys a second chance romance or anyone who enjoys baking or cooking (like me) will enjoy this book! I loved the detail included about the baking! Made me want to go make something in the kitchen.

Thank you to Nancy Naigle, Hallmark and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


Sarah and I were supposed to go the run clinic tonight, but we were both home early so we went out by ourselves. It was a good thing I was meeting here as I wouldn’t have been going otherwise! It was dark, cold and the rain was literally bouncing off the sidewalk!

We did a warm-up run over to the park and then since it was hills night at clinic we did hills. I put a dice roll app on my phone and used that to determine we had to do 3 reps of the hill and then we ran back home. It was great to do this with someone as it actually got done!

Well I’m going to leave you and go tackle fixing my sleeve!

Have fun!


A Second Quiet Day

A second quiet day in December…how did I get so lucky?!


I headed out for my usual Sunday morning run, but it turned into a walk around the river as I couldn’t breathe through my nose and my running partner’s back was bothering him. It was actually really nice to just walk and catch up and amazingly it stayed dry!

I did get out for a run late this afternoon. It was just the half hour that was necessary for my Squad Runner mission for Monday, but it felt good. Again, I got lucky and it didn’t rain!


I guess I have read a lot today as I have finished two books! 🤣

The first is Patience for Christmas by Grace Burrowes.

This tells of Patience Friendly who writes an advice column for Douglas MacHugh’s publishing house in order to make ends meet. MacHugh has asked Patience to write extra columns for Christmas in a literary match-up against rival advice columnist Professor Pennypacker.

I loved this book! It starts with a scene featuring the Wyndham ladies before they were married so I have to assume this book was meant to be from before the Wyndham series. The inclusion of these beloved characters only improved the book more.

By chapter two I was laughing. This book contains humor, warmth and intrigue- a perfect mix in fact!

I also liked how the traditional roles were slightly altered and Patience was represented as a woman with fabulous business acumen and MacHugh was a strong enough man to allow that and even to encourage it.

This book is a lovely, quick read for the holidays!

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My second book of the day was Wrong Bed, Right Roommate by Rebecca Brooks.

This is the story of very organized Jessie Santana and very laissez-faire Shawn Lassiter. She is in need of a roommate for the summer, but doesn’t really want that roommate to be her best friend’s older brother.

This book had excellent pacing. The reader is never bored or just wading through parts. It is realistically timed and yet the reader doesn’t have to read each and every ho hum day.

The characters are very well developed and are multi-dimensional. In fact the characters are so well written that the male lead drove me crazy with his attitude towards everything throughout the book!

The book is very steamy and hot, but also had its sweet moments. I love that it ends on a sweet moment and the reader is left knowing what happened with the couple, though I do hope we get an update when it’s the friend’s turn to find her HEA.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I took a break from reading to do a little knitting. I had two skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky in a green and have found a pattern that claims I can make a vest out of that. Here’s hoping!


I watched Stop the Wedding tonight and quite enjoyed it. The characters are sweet and the premise was crazy enough to keep me entertained:)

Well I need sleep as I can only imagine how crazy my students are going to be tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


You Think You Are

When you’re wandering the triangle between your couch, bed and kitchen you think you’re healthy. That all ends within a half hour of having twenty two children ask you question after question!


The day wasn’t bad, though I had to retrain them after having had two TOCs in three days. It’s amazing what the kids try to get away with.

We didn’t get a ton done, but we did get the math assessment of patterning done which was the main objective of the day. It will be interesting to see what they look like tomorrow!

We had hip hop this afternoon and they looked pretty cute! I’m always amazed by how good they can get in just a week. However, I know that if it was me teaching it, I would deem it not ready and yet the parents are always so impressed! Maybe I put too much pressure on me and the kids.

I snapped this picture on my walk to work this morning- such a pretty street!


I got approved for a five more books on NetGalley but I see that some of them are dated October 23rd. I just got them yesterday!!! Can anyone explain if you can review a book after that date or what happens after that date. I don’t want a bad reputation just because I got the book late!


I had walked directly to the grocery store after work to get milk and yogurt as I wanted to try making yogurt in the Instant Pot and I knew that my mom wanted it back. I of course, bought the wrong milk and had to walk to the other grocery store to get some. Then I found out my instant pot didn’t have a yogurt program and the website I was following said the coconut milk I got with guar gum wouldn’t work. ☹️. Ugh later this evening, I finally found a different website that said guar gum was a good thing and gave directions of how to make yogurt without the yogurt program. We shall see in the morning how it turned out! I hope I won’t be throwing away all those ingredients!

Well I’m now off to bed so that I can be as healthy as possible for tomorrow.

Have fun!


Rainy Day

I went out for a walk to interact with people and saw not a soul! I guess the rain scared them away. I actually had several errands on my list today, but decided it would be more economically responsible to do them tomorrow when I’m out anyways.


It’s neat to be able to run whatever I want since I finished the mission on the first day. This morning I decided to find out exactly how long the path by my house really is. I usually start running as soon as I cross the street, but today I waited to hit the path. Well, of course by the time I came out of the first set of trees it was absolutely pouring! I figured I was already out there and wet so I might as well continue. I managed to run the whole thing with no stops which is good and something I’ll have to ensure I do often so I don’t lose my base. It’s way too easy to get into the habit of walking breaks. Oh and the path is 5.2km.

This afternoon I did a workout that didn’t look like it was going to be too bad.

However, those thirty burpees in the middle were killer!!!

I headed out for a walk this evening as the rain had finally cleared, but my headphones died halfway so it was half a walk for the second night in a row.


I am over halfway through my second rug square of the week and I have high hopes that I can finish it up tomorrow! It would feel so good not to be behind!


I made myself get caught up on my year in temperature cowl before doing any other knitting today. It’s interesting to see the bands of colours, but I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it.

I am working on the yoke of my sweater which is a top down raglan pattern. I am loving it so far! This is going to be the perfect spring sweater- light coloured, lightweight but also super soft!!!

I have decided that I really need to keep my eye open for stitch markers that have Bs and Fs hanging from them so I can keep track of the front and back of my project!


I watched Cooking with Love last night and then actually had it on while working on my rug again this morning. It is Hallmark so the acting isn’t Meryl Streep quality, but the storyline is cute and it’s not annoying or laughably bad:). I love the happy endings and people may say I’m addicted to these movies. I should take some ideas from the main character Kelly for my work wardrobe as I liked how she looked put together and yet not super fancy.I really liked the spaghetti scene as well!


I was on fire this morning and got my bathroom cleaned before I showered after my run. It will be so nice to start having a clean house again. Now I just have to try and keep it this way!


I finished my second NetGallet book and am quite pleased I am three days ahead of schedule!

When We Found Home by Susan Mallory.

This is the story of how dour people became a family. Malcolm and his grandfather live in a big house in Seattle and are soon joined by Malcolm’s new found half sisters. There are many bumps along the road, but the three siblings learn to be a family. Of course, at the same time Malcolm and Callie find the true love of their lives.

The family dynamic in this book is very different, but no less fraught with problems than a “normal” family. Malcolm drove me a little crazy at the beginning with his actions towards his half sisters, but in the end, he gets it right.

I liked the relationship between Malcolm and Delaney, though she was slightly annoying with her inner arguments. In the end however, it all made sense and was probably realistic.

Callie and Santiago are a cute couple and I loved reading their story!

I would now like to read Keira’s story!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Now for a chai latte and another movie:)

Have fun!



Another long day, but a couple of steps forward.


Wow! I have more than 500 followers as of today! It blows me away. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone! You’ve been a big help many times:)


It was really tough to stop reading last night and I put my time before school to use reading again this morning. I finished the novella,Medal Up I got from Net Galley.

This book contains two novellas set at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea.

The first story is about Arielle, a figure skater and Brady a snowboarder who used to be a figure skater. I really loved the pacing of this story. It was realistic and moved the story along appropriately. The characters were realistic and interesting, and it really felt to like they belonged together. Finally the sequence of events felt reasonable for athletes at the Olympics.

The second story tells of Maybelle and Bohdan’s relationship. They have been pairs figure skating partners for months, but are really no closer to knowing each other than they were the first day.

This story had a faster pace, but I really liked how the story concentrated mainly on the emotion within the relationship. The characters and situations were again realistic and these were also heart warming as the characters got to know each other and found they had more things in common than they thought.

One of the best parts of this duology is how well the two stories work together. The first story introduces all the characters and the friendship problem/situation that needs resolution carries through both stories seamlessly, almost as though one author had written both. Flockton and Marsden have done a fabulous job providing readers with realistic entertaining Olympic stories.

I reviewed it on both Goodreads, Amazon and here so hopefully I will be approved for something else soon! I really enjoyed this book and it was perfect timing as a pivotal moment in the first story happens on Valentines Day and that’s when I read it:)Until I hear something I am back to a book I’ve been meaning to read forever, Longbourn by Jo Baker. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan and often read the spinoff stories. I’ve heard lots of good reviews of this book written about the domestic help of the Bennet family. I’m only one chapter in and am already enjoying it:)Teaching:Today was a busy day as we had to plan before school and then prep in any free moments and then write three report cards after we finished the prep after school. All of this other stuff would be fine if I wasn’t expected to teach! Of course, all I feel like I’m doing right now is assessing the poor children to death for these report cards! I do wish we could move to having three conversations with parents a year! By the time they get these report cards they are out of date:(We did Writer’s Workshop and a little math today along with computers. The highlight of the day was the Rocks and Rings program which teaches the children about curling. Very cool! Finally a sport I know something about!Exercise:Tonight I had Athletic Yoga which was quite the challenge. Another instructor sat in and it was like our instructor went into overdrive because she was there. In the hour there was only one water break! It was a challenge, but in a good way. I can tell you I don’t love running on gliders though! My poor hamstrings!Knitting:Well I haven’t touched my sweater today:( I did get my Olympics Bootcamp from yesterday to count for the Headmistress’ challenge on HPKCHC! I really need to get going though as I only have 13 days left to get this sweater done!Well I’m tired so I think I’ll just take my book to bed.Have fun!AJ