Trivia Tuesday #41

It was a good day, but with odd moments.


It was actually a pretty good day. We got through a community poem this morning and the printing of m. We got through the counting back strategy for subtraction and a community ABC mini book.

More important to me was that I got through all but one reading assessment and three more report cards. It is so great writing report cards in the same room as my friend as with the little people who drive me crazy in many ways- she is able to tell me what sticks out to her when she’s in the room and I comment on that.

A few years ago when I had older students I had a chart where they got a sticker for every 100 minutes of reading. I have been at a loss to figure out how to motivate my students to do their home reading as so far only two boys have brought in five home reading sheets (how many they’ve had time for). So today, I started a chart where they get a sticker for every home reading sheet they bring back. I am hoping this will light a fire under a few of my competitive children and get them to read!


After work I had a massage, and read some more of the kids Bookclub book.

I had a real hankering for protein and had some chickpeas in the fridge so decided to roast them up. I used a recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook which called for a little bit of olive oil and then garlic powder, onion powder, salt and cayenne. They were so good! I didn’t use precise measurements, but just sprinkled a bit of each on. I highly recommend this recipe. Back on parchment lined pan for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, shake the pan and hen bake for another 15 minutes.


It was tv night. I knew:

Which city did Cheers set in?


What was the cul de sac in Knots Landing:

Seaview Circle

Who was the teacher in Head of the Class?

Howard Hessman

What was the name of the boat on The Love Boat?

Pacific Princess

Where did Three’s Company take place?

Santa Monica

What were the two character’s names on Mad About You?

Paul and Jamie

What were the three girls names on Full House?

DJ, Stephanie, Michelle

Which show is Doogie Hauser now on?

How I Met Your Mother

Who played the Big Head on 3rd Rock From the Sun?

William Shatner

What character did Drew Carey play on Drew Carey Show?

Drew Carey

Who was Kevin’s girlfriend on Wonder Years?


Are Fred Savage and Ben savage related?


Who played the Nanny on The Nanny?

Fran Drescher

Which war is MASH set in?


What was the name of the father in Frasier?

Martin Crane

What was the name of the daughter in All in the Family?


What is the movie that continues Breaking Bad?

El Camino

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!



It was quite a nice day with a surprise:)


We were out on the dykes for the run this morning. Yesterday I had been thinking I’d go as far as the marina, but this morning I really didn’t think I’d make it that far (about 7km roundtrip), but surprise surprise, I did. I didn’t push the pace and wasn’t as fast as I would have liked, but I did it comfortably. It’s been nice to have a couple of runs in a row that have felt good!

I got out for a walk this afternoon to take care of the Monday Squad Runner mission and I managed a 1:20 plank and my 200 squats. A pretty successful exercising day!


I didn’t plan to spend the day in the kitchen again? But surprise, surprise, I did.

My friend was just told she had to go gluten free and dairy free, but she was craving chocolate chip cookies. I decided to test a new recipe before sending it to her to make sure it was good

I tried the recipe from Minimalist Baker and was super impressed! They were easy to make and quick, though they did require a half hour of chilling. They tasted good right from the oven and a few hours later. I’d definitely recommend this recipe!

I also had coconut milk left over from my mac n cheese yesterday, and instead of making hot chocolate with it, Sarah suggested a curry. I had a few veggies left over so decided to make the creamy vegetable curry from Oh She Glows. I have to admit Oh She Glows and Minimalist Baker are two of my go-to resources for gf/df recipes. You need to have all the ingredients recipe as the process goes super quick. I have done this before with the cashew cream it calls for, but it was just as good with the coconut milk too!

I really felt like I was cooking as I even made my own curry from this Minimalist Baker recipe.

All in all, a successful cooking day. Amazingly it was a successful eating day too as I managed to restrain myself and got the cookies into the freezer quickly. I have also frozen a bit of the curry to see how it turns out.


While I was out walking, I got a surprise text from my friend Lyndsay wondering if I wanted to go for an early dinner at the Green Mustache. I wasn’t super hungry so I had the powerfoods hot chocolate. It tasted good, but I have to admit that while their food and desserts have been amazing, I find their drinks a little powdery. Maybe putting them through a bit milk bag would help.

I do love having a friend who lives close and likes to do the same things I do!


After a nap, I went back to my knitting. I am down the front of the new sweater and am on the back, and hopefully by tonight I will be starting the sleeves. Sometimes it’s a really good thing to be small!

Surprise, surprise, I finished my temperature cowl today! I’ve gotten tired of having it hanging over my head, so I finished it. I really wasn’t thinking I’d like it, but I think I do😳. I’m going to wear it tomorrow to work, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

I don’t love the joins at the day breaks, but I did like how it ended up going in bands.

The yarn is Sweet Georgia sock yarn mini skeins.

Well, I’m back to the sweater now that I have my clothes ready and all my food prepped.

Have fun!


Curriculum Day

We have had a new curriculum to implement this past year and so have had a few days added to work with it.


I spent the morning exploring assessment with my staff colleagues. It was fine, but if the government thinks a couple of days are going to make me proficient with this new curriculum- they are crazy! I feel like I need a good month to just read it and try to understand it. Of course we don’t get that, we got to implement it before we even got to read it:(

At least we got the afternoon to start writing our report cards, which, surprise, surprise, are also brand new! 😫😖


Needless to say, I had plenty of energy to work off in a session with my friend L! I grabbed the bike to warm up to give my legs a break from pounding the pavement running. We then did three sets of sit ups, military press with squat and rows. Then we got to do three sets of knee tucks, deadlifts and sumo squats with military press. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. I’m really noticing how fast I lost the strength in my arms:(


I have family dinner tomorrow. My nephew wanted fruit so I’ve picked up a fruit tray and am going to try a new dip. My brother wanted the cake my grandma always made, but I thought it was going to be way too big but I just heard he’s invited two more people so maybe I’ll make it up tomorrow morning. I did get an apple crumble made. I used the Oh She Glows recipe that can be found Here. It is super easy and very yummy though I did end up doing it in two dishes so I could save my big rectangular pan in case I get to the white cake in the morning.

I wanted to do the brownies I had made this past summer, but I was missing too many of the ingredients. We will see if I also get to them tomorrow.


I finally finished my next NetGalley book, My One and Only Duke.

This book actually contains the full novel by Grace Burrowes and a short story by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Grace Burrowes introduces a new series to us which features the Wentworth Family. This first story is of Quinn who we meet while he is in prison. He marries Jane, a poor minister’s pregnant daughter, thinking that he will be dead in a matter of days.

I loved how this plot line was quite different from the normal romance novel. The start had me in tears as I definitely didn’t know what was coming.

The characters were great! The Wentworth Family is full of crazy characters and Burrowes definitely has me intrigued about what will happen to them all. I loved how Jane was not a doormat, but rather challenged Quinn and yet was also his equal partner when the need arose. She saves him a few times which is a nice change from the usual.

This novel is a great start to a new series and I can’t wait to see what more comes of it.

Thank you to Grace Burrowes, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

Now I desperately need to get to bed as all that sitting today wore me out!

Have fun!



It had its lovely moments, but overall, maybe I should have stayed in bed!


I got out this morning for a run so I could finish off the 7km mission. I only had to do 1.8km to get the mission, but ended up getting through 4.1km:). Then I got home to see that Squad Runner didn’t award me any points for my run, nor recognize that I had completed the mission. This new version of the app might be pretty, but it’s so buggy that it is driving me crazy!!!! I emailed the app contact so hopefully I will get the points. I know it’s good I did the run, but I WANT THE POINTS!!!😖


I had plans to meet up with friends for lunch and had said I would bring dessert. My friend loves chocolate so I knew I had to go that route. I decided brownies would be a good idea:) I chose to make The Ultimate Flourless Brownies from the Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook by Angela Liddon. The recipe, cut in half, can be found Here. These were very easy to make and my friends were amazed when I said they were vegan, gluten free and dairy free. One even said they were the best brownies she ever had. It made a nice presentation with the brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and sundae sauce. I also learned Hershey’s sundae sauces are gluten free and dairy free:). I’m sorry I have no pictures and I left the extras with my friend. This is definitely going to be my new go-to brownie recipe though as it was super easy to make and yet chewy and moist. I was surprised it cooks in a loaf pan, but it turned out great!


It was great to meet up with two friends from work for lunch. My one friend lives quite a ways out and has a lovely piece of country property! We had awesome bruschetta, then spinach salad with strawberries and egg in it and then my brownies. After lunch we hung out in her backyard

And with her other guests:)

Talk about cool, having two horses stick their heads through the hedge for carrot tops!


After lunch L and I headed out with her son for a bike ride. We planned to do the same 20km route I did with my other friend a few weeks ago. I was surprised when her son wanted to turn around at only 3km, but the 6km ride was probably a good thing as I took an unexpected dismount from my bike. No broken bones, but lots of cuts, scrapes and bruising:( I think I’ll just be taking it easy tonight!

I had some blood orange gelato from the Sweet Tooth Creamery to help the pain. I may not be chewing for a bit:(


Last night I watched the Hallmark movie, One Winter Weekend and loved it!!! The characters were funny and I liked how they didn’t like each other at first. It definitely didn’t hurt that the lead male was adorable! I think I’ll watch it again tonight to take my mind off my hurt.

Have fun!


Of Course!

A day off that turned out to be busy!


I was off for an appointment today so I actually got to go for a run in the daylight which meant with music too! It was a lovely day because the sun was just starting to burn off the fog. My run was nothing spectacular- just my usual thirty minute loop around the park. It just felt so wonderful to be out in daylight!

I also got a workout in this evening, mostly because I would like the scale to move a bit tomorrow! I did two minutes of skipping between each set and did each set twice.

Set 1: front raises, squats, bicycles

Set 2: rows, lateral hops, v ups, back extensions

Set 3: plank, right plank, left plank, reverse plank

It did feel good once I was done to have done it:)


Yesterday I read about blueberry pancakes on Emma’s blog and decided that I should try them out today as I had blueberries and I’ve been craving pancakes. I got busy this morning after my shower. They were quite easy to make, though I had to sub in Gluten Free flour, but that was the only change I made to this Recipe. Mine definitely aren’t as pretty as Emma’s, but they taste pretty good and the recipe made enough for a recess snack each day this week in addition to the three I ate today (breakfast, recess and lunch)🤣

I also finally got around to making the curry I wanted to make for this week. I am trying really hard to make one real recipe each week. I am definitely a snacker, so usually I just eat veggies and hummus or something on cucumbers. I had been wanting curry and decided to try the one from my Oh She Glows recipe book as it always looks so good. I couldn’t find the recipe on the Oh She Glows website, but I found it Here. It was super simple, though I would suggest having all the veggies chopped in advance! The only change I made was to use my almond milk instead of soaking cashews because I was much later getting home that I expected.


So I finally got in to see a dermatologist after waiting for a year! Of course, she could not find a thing on the bottom of my feet! They have not looked this good in three years!!! We figure it was probably my big dose of antibiotics before Christmas that cleared everything up. It’s a good thing I got some of my book read while waiting as that was a complete waste of time! We spent more time discussing her daughter going to kindergarten than discussing my feet😂


I decided to try out the Buy Low supermarket that was in the building I parked in. It was so quiet. All I could think was how nice it would be to always be able to shop during off hours. The store seemed quite nice and had two products that I hadn’t seen before so I bought them, but otherwise stuck to my list:)

I liked their sign at the front of the store best!

I also bought gas out at Costco today which is what made me late getting home. I did figure out how to stretch my calf while I was standing at the pump:) I love being able to multitask! An expensive day off between these two stops!


I managed to sneak in a visit to my friend Anna and her son today since I was off. It was perfect timing as her c-section for baby number two is booked for next week, but she had a few contractions last night😳. Her parents are leaving tomorrow for a prebooked holiday and her mother in law doesn’t arrive until Saturday so I’m on call for Ruben sitting if she goes into labour early! We had a quiet, but lovely day. Took Ruben for a walk and to play outside:) Once again I have to be thankful to have such an amazing friend in my life! We both couldn’t stop saying what a beautiful day it was- felt like spring!

I also managed to sneak in a visit to my nephew this afternoon. It just felt like it had been way too long since I saw him!! He showed me his new scooter that he got for Christmas. It appears that was the best present!!! I love seeing him and am already looking forward to Sunday when I’ll get to hang out with him, and his crazy little guy, again!


Last night I watched The Christmas Cottage which was very cute, but somewhat confusing. They really should have made the previous relationship clear!!

Tonight I have watched Christmas in Evergreen. What I liked best about this movie were the “storybook pictures”. Looks like where I want to live!

Well I have to behave and go to bed early tonight as I actually have to get up before the sun tomorrow morning! It was lovely to wake up naturally this morning!!!

Have fun!


Intense but Rewarding

My day was quite rushed at times, but really was lovely!


I forgot to check last night whether my Sunday run alarm was on. Thankfully I woke up only seven minutes late, but it was a rush to get out the door in time!  We ran Coquitlam River trail. Only two of us were running and the rest wanted us to get it done so they could get to coffee. I wanted to run all the way around so we set off at a pretty good pace (for me).  Forgetting to bring extra shoes and socks when running during a rainfall warning is not a good thing! I became one of those people I usually chuckle at- the ones who carefully run around puddles. I usually run straight down my side of the path and take mud and water as my badge of a run well done, but alas, not today. I tried to stay dry but it just wasn’t possible! One thing both my running buddy and I noticed was that we had to watch a lot more carefully as the leaves were good at hiding roots and rocks. Thankfully only two near misses and no catastrophes:). We did the whole loop in thirty five minutes which is unheard of for me and we were back before the walkers! I think my phone lost its signal as it says we were doing a 7:27 at the start and we most definitely were going faster than that! I am proud of this run because I was running fast for me and though I wanted to slow down, I didn’t and kept pushing myself:) It might have had something to do with the fact Dennis waited for me regularly and I didn’t want to hold him up. It was sweet of him to keep me in sight as this is a trail I don’t like to run alone!

I haven’t liked having to say repeatedly that I didn’t get any other workouts in so tonight I made sure I did! I warmed up and then did a tabata workout of: mountain climbers/push-ups, skaters/squats, high knees/ jumping jacks, burpees/flutter kicks. It was short but intense and I felt great!!!


After a quick tea with my running buddies I drive by my parent’s place. I had perfect timing! Just as I was starting up the stairs I heard their voices in the foyer. I helped my mom distribute everything my dad had piled in the doorway of the trailer and then got one last hug from both of them before they set off on their next adventure:)


I grabbed some groceries and finished up the tea food. I made open face cream cheese and cucumber on rye ( gluten free- Canton Bakehouse makes a good one) sandwiches. I got the cake writing done and I got scones made. This is the Recipe I made and they turned out fabulous! I used the cup 4 cup flour I used yesterday and they came out looking amazing. I had one when they were warm out of the oven and it was amazing ( truthfully better than when they were cold later on).  It only took about ten minutes to whip them up too so I was super happy! I’ll try a few more recipes with this new flour, but it might become my new regular flour. I just have to find a cheaper buying option!  My friends seemed to enjoy the spread and thankfully they kept most of the leftovers!

I’m sure the other visitor at tea would have enjoyed some too, but he had his own feast!

We told my friend she needs to get a mini heat lamp so they can get warm and dry!🤣

One thing I learned at the tea is that the fifth member of our junior high group was in town two weeks ago. Three of the girls got together but nobody bothered to let Em and I know:(. I have the feeling I know who organized this and I think it just gives me permission to stop trying. I had texted her about today’s meetup which she declined due to a family commitment, but I really think I’m done!

I also made the Oh She Glows Chocolate Hazelnut Torte tonight just because I already had the cashews soaking. I’ve made this recipe before and it’s always a hit:). You can find the Recipe on this blog. I’ll try to grab a picture of it tomorrow at the luncheon. I had planned this and a tiramisu but nobody at work really seems to appreciate my baking so I bought them lemon loaf and a caramel cake. They are only getting the torte because I had to use the soaked cashews. I don’t think it got very smooth though so it might not even taste good:(

Knitting/ Reading:

I’ve been having a lovely evening sitting here listening to Jane Eyre on Librivox and knitting on my toque. I thought I’d finish so I could show you, but it won’t happen tonight, so maybe tomorrow:)

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

Have fun!


Bake, Read, Bake, Read…

A day that didn’t go as I planned which is unfortunately common when dealing with my family, but was still enjoyable!


I slept in this morning but went with my plan to run regardless of the time. It was so nice to run in daylight that I went out with no plan! Somewhere in my brain perhaps I was planning a ten k because I went out the hilly way first, but it just didn’t happen. I wasn’t fast, or particularly strong, but I was out there! At one point I calculated I had to do an hour today and an hour tomorrow to make up for the runs I missed this week and I immediately knew, that wasn’t happening!🤣 I’m happy with my 6.? km:)

I had no other exercise today though. That is becoming a too familiar refrain so I’d better get on that!


I finished two books today, though I suppose one would be classified as a novella. I find it so difficult to tell the length of a book when I’m reading on my phone!

All You Need by Lorelei James.

This is the second book I’ve read in this series, though I don’t remember anything about the first! I didn’t even recognize any of the names in the book😞. This is the third book in this series. It tells the story of Annika, a PR executive at her family’s big company and Axl Hammerquist, a hockey player, new to the Minnesota Wild team.  All has a bad reputation and Annika is forced (through family pressure) to pretend to be his girlfriend to improve his image.

This is a relatively common premise in romance books and I was glad it didn’t follow the usual plot pattern.  I don’t want to spoil the plot, so I’ll just say there are some twists and turns. Besides the plot I enjoyed the two main characters. They are well developed and interesting. I can’t say I loved the background characters all the time, but it wasn’t horrible enough to ruin the story for me. I also liked how the timeline was more natural. In a lot of romance novels they seem to meet, fall in love, breakup and reconcile all within a matter of weeks, but this novel takes place over seven months, a much more realistic timeline, I think.

As I was reading, there was something that annoyed me, but for the life of me, I can’t remember it now. I’m going to have to start taking notes!🤣. I do remember that I didn’t like how the solving of one of the pivotal stumbling points was never explained!

I would recommend this book to fans of sports romances or hockey romances because that is a large focus of the book. However, readers who like a strong, business woman heroine would also enjoy it.  If I have the chance to read another book in the series, I definitely would!

The second book I read was The Christmas Fountain by Kait Nolan. It was a lovely seasonal short story. I have read almost all of Kait Nolan’s stories. This was an ARC given to me in exchange for an honest review that I will post on Amazon in a few days.

The story is of Mary Alice, a local grade three teacher in Wishful, and Chad, a new ER doctor in town. They meet after a friend’s drunken accident and there are instantaneous sparks and interest. A sweet romance ensues:)

I liked how Chad is a strong male hero who goes after what he wants, but isn’t a brute and shows a very sweet, caring side to Mary Alice. I didn’t mind Mary Alice, but I found it slightly unbelievable that she hadn’t even talked to friends after her breakup. She did better after her fight with Chad however, so I forgive her. I also really liked how this book intertwined the characters from Kait’s two series and gave an update on some of my favourite past characters.  The relationship, events and characters are very realistic for the most part, though the timeline is yet again, very quick!   I just don’t think I’d know I was in love within a few weeks, but maybe that’s just because I’ve never experienced that.   I really loved the character of Chad and would like him to be real! As well, the fountain sure didn’t play a central part which is what I was expecting from the title. I suppose it did its part when it was supposed to though.

If you like small town romances, medical stories or just a fun seasonal story, I would recommend, The Christmas Fountain by Kait Nolan.


I finally got a project finished this month. It’s just a simple child’s Cowl that I knit on my lunch hours and sewed up today.  I made it as a donation to the school’s Christmas Market which is a big fundraiser at my school. Hopefully it will sell! It did count for the Horcrux class on the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry so I got it entered on there:) My next project will be a plain garter knit striped scarf to use up all the ends of yarn I have at school.


I spent most of the day baking. I had planned to make a bunch of things for my friend’s birthday tea tomorrow and then remake the winners for the staff’s Italian luncheon on Monday, but I’ve changed my mind.  When I told my friends I would bring the food ( the birthday girl doesn’t know there’s a cake for her), their response was so sweet!

“Aw, thanks AJ.I’ll happily be part of your test kitchen 😁”

In comparison, when I take stuff to work, I often hear stuff such as, ” oh where’s the gluten, or imagine how good it would taste with gluten added.” I get that they’re teasing me, but it’s definitely growing thin so I decided to bake for my friend’s tea and then just buy two desserts for the staff luncheon. I love to bake, but I think I’ll save it for people who appreciate it or who at least say thank you!

The first thing I made today was the applesauce cake from Connie’s Creations. I am part of the Fabtastic Bake Along hosted by Tracey. This is my second month participating and I’ve enjoyed it both times, though today I seem to have completely misunderstood ( I thought we were to make the applesauce cake) and messed up my earlier post about it ( forgot to put in links to all the other blogs partcipating😞).  All I can say is I’ll try to do better next month!  Since I already posted about that recipe- all I will say is that it was yummy and easy!

From here I moved onto a chocolate cake by Oh She Glows. I know my audience and my friends love chocolate! Here is a Link to a blog that has the recipe. It is her Double Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake. It was simple to put together though I ended up just doing one layer in my springform pan.  I also chose to put buttercream frosting on it rather than the avocado simply because I didn’t have an avocado. 

I’ll grab one to

Oreos of it all decorated. I need to grab a tube of coloured icing to write on it. I was feeling pretty good about the cake until I saw a blog today with an amazingly fancy looking cake, now mine looks plain and boring in comparison😞🤣

From chocolate cake, I moved onto Maureen’s pumpkin loaf. It went together super quick and baked up beautifully!

Finally I made some custard. I cheated and used Bird’s Custard mix which means I used 3TBSP of that, 3 TBSP of sugar and 2.5 cups of milk and had custard in minutes. I love creamy desserts so I’ll enjoy the break from chocolate tomorrow!

They will be prettied up with some blueberries in the morning.

That was all I had time for today, but I’m hoping to make some open faced cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and some scones tomorrow. We’ll see how the day goes.


I met up with my friend Lyndsay to start my report cards today. Starbucks was crazy!!! It is taking me about 45-60 minutes to write each report card.  It’s a new report card to me and so far, I think I’m going to have a lot of parentscoming in holding it and asking, “so how is my child doing?”  One of my greatest pet peeves!! I’m hoping they speak up about not liking this report card as it doesn’t seem very parent friendly to me!


The rest of the evening I spent with my parents. Didn’t do anything exciting, just hung out and chatted. I’m still on the quest to get tired of them. I always hate transitioning! I understand my students so much better now!  I hope I get to see them tomorrow morning again, but we shall see:)

Well I’m off to bed as I have an 8am run in the rain.

Have fun!


Eat, Knit, Repeat

I thought I’d be writing early today, 😂


I met up with my running buddies at the Coquitlam River trail this morning. Unfortunately I was only one running again, so after agreeing to a half hour time limit I set off. I had been hoping to do the loop, you can use David Avenue to cross over the river, in order to take a photo of an area that’s super pretty in the Fall, but I knew with only a half hour I wouldn’t make it. I ran up the side and across the bridge and back. I felt like I was doing pretty good, despite the head wind and hills and I seem to have maintained the same pace the whole time. I got back to a message from runkeeper that I had set a record for how far I had run this week:) Yay! It was probably a good thing I only did a half hour run as my legs did feel a little heavy still from yesterday’s long run.

I thought my run would be my only exercise today, but Brenda and I went out for a walk after our meal around her neighbourhood which is also hilly. It was a gorgeous afternoon for it!


I thought I would have a finished scarf to show you tonight, but I don’t as I’ve had to rip it out five times now:(  It didn’t help that I was providing a bed with my lap!I wish I was the type of person who could put it aside and start something else, but I just can’t, so tomorrow will find me working on this scarf again:(

Eating / Cooking:

Yesterday I spent the day cooking and baking and today I spent the day eating!

After my run this morning we went for brunch. We do this about theee times a year and always hit up the Coquitlam Grill. It’s not fancy but the food is good and fast and the wait staff is amazing! I tried to go light as I knew I’d be having a big meal later but ended up having a slice of bacon, an egg, a piece of toast and hash browns. I think I could have stopped eating for the day then, but of course I didn’t:(

I’m going to include links to the recipes I made when I can, mainly for my own use,😂. I went to make bread yesterday for the stuffing and couldn’t remember where I had gotten the recipe and when I went back to check my blog entry, I didn’t say where😖😞.

I was excited to be sharing dinner with Brenda as I knew she would be willing to try out different recipes. So I went for it!

I remembered there had been a stuffing recipe in my Cooking for Isaiah recipe book by Sylvana Nardonne so I started with that. It called for cornbread and I had conveniently picked up a Bob’s Redmill mix that had been on sale so I started with that. The mix was super easy and it turned out great! So yummy!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I cut it up to toast it.  The Bacon Apple Pecan Cornbread stuffing was very new to me. A similar recipe (without the three pieces of bacon) can be found here:

It was quite easy to put together and the recipe is well laid out in the book. I think it tastes like what I think people in the south eat, lol. ( if you’re from there you’ll have to let me know😀).  Brenda and I both agreed that it seemed dry, even with gravy on it. I have to admit it also doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving to me. I looked online for what to do with leftover stuffing though and some of those recipes are going to be the perfect use for it I think. I’ll let you know when I make them, but the recipes can be found here:

I thought back to past Thanksgiving dinnners and decided to try to replicate a turnip- carrot mash that my dad does. It wassuper easy and yummy! Boil the turnips and boil the carrots, both until they are fork tender. I had cut them into small pieces prior to boiling to help with the mashing. It probably would have helped more if I actually had a good potato masher!😬 Mash everything up with some butter and milk ( or the fake equivalents like I use) and you’re done:)

I also wanted to make an apple crisp for dessert. I have come to realize that I really am a dessert girl. You could probably feed me anything as long as I got dessert, or even better, skip the meal and just let me eat dessert! 🤣. I had originally planned to do a pumpkin pie from Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon but when I asked Brenda what her favourite dessert was, she said crisp, so I changed to that.  I went with the Mother Nature’s Apple Crumble recipe in the Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon. The recipe can be found here:

It was easy to prepare and I made no substitutions except to use regular white granulated sugar. It was so yummy!!! Brenda is the crisp expert and even she said it was good and had two servings:) A success!

I had planned to make a carmelized Apple ice cream ( adapted from the recipe here:

But I thought it might be too sweet on top of the crisp, so I bought vanilla ice cream instead. They didn’t have any of my usual Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island at the store, so I picked up this:Brenda said it didn’t scoop nicely, just kind of fell apart and I found it had a very strong coconut flavour to it. I kind of wish I had made my own. I might still tomorrow:)

The last dish I made was a second type of stuffing. I texted my mom and she asked my dad and relayed directions on how to make the stuffing he always does. It turned out to not be that tough. I started by using the breadmaker to make some plain white bread. I still haven’t found the recipe I used before so it was a mush mash of three different recipes. I thought it hadn’t turned out because the top looked weird when it was done so I bought some white bread, but it turned out great! I thenboiled some pork sausage meat I had broken up into small pieces.  While that was boiling I sautéed (using butter and oil as directed) some onions, celery and garlic. When the pork was done I added it to the onion mixture and then I put in the bread cubes I had made from the loaf of bread. I added in the poultry seasoning and some salt and pepper as well. Please don’t tell my dad, but his stuffing was far superior to the other from the cookbook. It would just give him a big head! It might just be because that stuffing means Thanksgiving to me, but Brenda also said it was really good!
These are the two stuffings- the big bowl is my dad’s. We had enough food for at least six people! The one thing I really liked was cooking and baking the day before. It was so much more relaxed as I didn’t need to worry about having things done at the same time.  It was fun!

Well for thinking I’d be sitting at home alone crying, I sure ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving. We knitted and watched all three Hobbit movies (the scenery alone is worth watching the movies for) and made piglets of ourselves at dinner!

I’m off to bed now!

Have fun!



A lovely Fall day with equal parts fun and work.


My run this morning was fabulous! We were out at Hyde Creek which starts with a forest trail by the Rec Centre and then continues onto the dykes in Port Coquitlam. It was a gorgeous Fall morning and I had a gorgeous run! My running buddies have become walkers so after agreeing to a 45 minute time limit, I set off by myself. I didn’t feel like I was going fast but it felt great! I was floating along. I got back to the news that it was my fastest 6-8km run ever. Yay🎊🎉. I even felt stylish with my black tights, gray jacket and melon runners 🤣 My only disappointment was that I had forgotten to try running to a podcast rather than my music. Oh well, there’s always next week!

Over coffee, I added up my September mileage as I suddenly realized it was October 1st and for the first time I had made a mileage goal. My goal had been 80km for the month and I surpassed that by going 89.33km in September:) I think my running goal for October will be 90km. I know it’s not much of a stretch, but I don’t know how my morning running is going to go with the mornings being so dark now. We’ll see how I go:)

On my way home from my run I drove along David Avenue again and noticed one section of trees that were gorgeous. I knew I wanted to try and capture them in a photo but couldn’t play with my phone while driving, so this afternoon I walked up and got some photos. It was a great walk up the hill and I’m thinking that hill might be put into my running rotation for one morning a week.  I got only a couple of shots before my phone died, but here they are:

Unfortunately the photo really doesn’t do the sight justice:(

I didn’t workout today as I didn’t wasn’t to be sore for my tough workout with Lyndsay in the morning, but I haven’t heard from her so perhaps we aren’t working out and I should have gotten one in today. Oh well, two out of three activities isn’t too bad:)


I got all my food made for the week today. I haven’t been happy with the scale lately, but it’s my own fault as I know I’ve been eating more than what is necessary. I decided to nip that in the bud and got everything ready today! Cinnamon raisin oatmeal for breakfast, fruit salad for recess snack, spaghetti for lunch, veggie sticks and beet hummus for after school snack and veggies with chickpea salad for dinner. The chickpea salad is one of my favourite recipes from Angela  Liddon of Oh She Glows blog. It is super yummy and so easy to make!  You can find the recipe here:


I didn’t do as much as I wanted to as I was busy conquering the pile of laminating I had to cut out (I won the battle!), but I got some done. I speed read the Magician’s Nephew as that is the book this month for the kids book club at school. I read the whole Narnia series several years ago and loved it so I figured I just needed to reacquaint myself with it. It’s a great book for any 9-11 year olds and would make a good read aloud too!

I also started my adult book club book today. I figured out I need to read 21 pages of The Shadow of the Wind in order to be done by book club. The first 21 pages went quit quickly:)


I managed to get a bit more done on my razor cami today. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to make it the 17″ I’m supposed to as my ball of yarn is getting pretty small😳

I also managed to get all the yarn I had bought at Knit City yesterday entered into my stash on Ravelry. Now I just need to figure out how to use the queue feature! I woke up this morning wanting to put all of my yarn in the middle of my living room floor and sort it out so I’d have a better idea of what I have. I’ll have to do this big sort at some point and hopefully enter it all into the Ravelry stash as I go.

The only other thing I managed to do craft wise today to alter a sports bra so it fit me better. Now let’s hope I got it right!

Well I’m going to crawl into bed with a fun book:)

Have Fun!