Weekend Wrap Up

I’m ending the weekend with a bath and writing this post will hopefully keep me in here for at least twenty minutes. That’s always a struggle for me.

I have to admit my weekend was very quiet!

Friday was a ProD day which we now do from home. I really hope this continues after the pandemic. I got lots of research done on STEM and outdoor education and thought out some plans for the last nine weeks of school, but I got to be warm and comfortable while I did this!!!

After work, I met up with my teaching buddy and we got plants for our school garden boxes.

My ProD days have always included a bonus run in the morning. Since I never have to arrive early it gives me enough extra time to get a run in. On this ProD I got just over 4km in and it was a lovely way to start the day. Unfortunately, I am still way behind in mileage:(

The other tradition my teaching buddy and I have implemented this year is a walk and Ice cream at the end of the day. This time we went back to Vashti Rose and I had mixed berry cheesecake, however, they had also put aside a container of mojito for me when they were about to run out earlier in the week.

Does this mean that I am at the ice cream store too often????🤣

Friday night I spent trying to get some projects off the needles as I was feeling overwhelmed at having five projects on the needles. I got the latest dishcloth off the needles so I was down to four when I went to bed.

Saturday I was determined to not leave the house as it always makes my day seem longer. Besides the more I stay home the more I find people really stupid when I go out🙄

I spent the day knitting. I got my meta socks finished. This was the latest SPY21 KAL sock from the book Operation Sock Drawer. While I will probably do all the socks out of this book at some point, I will probably quit doing the KAL as I can’t stand watching the ladies on the podcast. I just find them so annoying!

The navy in this is Sandnes Garn Sunday and the colours are leftovers of Sweet Georgia Yarns Tough Sock from my temperature cowl. The socks took no time when I finally sat down to them, but when they stopped using up skeins, I had found it tough to stay focused on them. I also wish I had gone down to a 2mm needle because this sock pattern had more stitches in the smallest size they had and I do find the socks slightly big. I am happy with how they turned out otherwise and they used up three skeins from the stash.

My FitOn classes for Friday and Saturday were yoga so that was quite nice, though the class today had one pose that I just laughed at trying to do🙄

Sunday started with my usual run with Sarah and Dennis. We did 7.5km out on the dyke by the river. It rained the whole time Whig makes me feel like that 7.5 should count for 15! My heart rate is still going way higher than I think it should. I keep thinking that maybe my heart rate has always done this but today I came home and checked my exercise diary for last year. On my runs I always record my average and highest heart rate. It has gone up from the 146-164 range to the 180-200 range. I guess it’s not just in my head. I did call on Friday and make an appointment with my doctor for the start of May.

The rest of the day was spent prepping my food, working on the Alicia Plummer test knit of her Kids Flannel sweater I started yesterday and watching knitting podcasts.

I started the test knit with an acrylic/wool blend I inherited from my grandmother. I was using it just to use it up, but I’m actually loving it and have been knitting like mad to finish this sweater so I can wear it!

The podcast I have been watching is the Little Big Knits and I have been enjoying it.

Well I made it to twenty minutes so I am going to bed to read my book:)

Have fun!