A Busy Vacation Day

It seemed quite busy but that may have been just because I was dead tired all day. This cold isn’t doing much other than making me tired and sneezy; it can go away any time now!


The first thing I did was to get out for my run this morning. I did the 6km I needed to for the Squad Runner mission, but it was definitely slow as I had to stop for sniffles.

I also got my 200 squats and 100 crunches done this evening. I needed something after dinner since tomorrow’s weigh in decides if I get to pick the run route or not!


I was heading to a furniture consignment store with my mom this morning when I realized I needed gas, so it was a change of direction out to Costco to get gas.

I stopped on the way back to buy some unmentionables:). I can’t remember when I last bought anything new so it was time to do so!

I spent more time looking at Soda Stream machines. I often enjoy a carbonated water, however, I don’t enjoy dealing with all the cans! My mom mentioned this machine to me the other day so we had a look today. There are four different kinds!! If anyone knows anything about these or can offer an opinion, please do so!


The quest for organization continued today and I got my lounge wear sorted and organized and a lot given away and my spare room re-organized. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep all these organized spots this way!

Shopping Again:

I went to drop the lounge wear off at charity immediately before it made its way back into my wardrobe!! So easily done when two of the hoodies had sentimental value for me.

I took three garbage bags into charity and only came out with two items, so I consider that a win! Especially as one item was a new pair of pants for work as pants are my least favourite item to shop for!


I have finally picked up my sleeve again. I’m not loving how the stitches were added and may try a different way on the second sleeve, but I’m just not willing to frog this sleeve. I don’t think anyone but me will ever notice if the two sleeves are slightly different.

I think I was spurred on because I’ve already chosen my next project and can’t wait to start!


Fellow blogger Abbey has been exploring one cookbook a month for a few months now. I have really enjoyed her posts about this and decided to give it a try. If nothing else it will force me to pick up and use each of my cookbooks!

I was having a very difficult time choosing the first cookbook so I chose based on which one had a recipe that used ground beef as I had some that desperately needed to be cooked up!

The Best or Clean Eating 2 has been on my shelf for about 8 years! Today I made the Spaghetti and Meatball Casserole. I had a few of the ingredients, but had to buy some so the recipe cost me $15 to make.

This recipe had a lot of steps to it, which I have to admit is not my favourite for a casserole, though it was neat to make my own pesto! I also had to alter the recipe to gluten free and dairy free. I found the pesto was good, but as it was really the only item with taste, the overall dish was bland and the meatballs didn’t stay together well:(

Looking through the book, I have made other recipes (my notes are the quotes) including:

Turkey Pasta Casserole

Very yummy! Needs salt and pepper. I didn’t put the almonds on top and used Daisy cheese.

Pumpkin and Coconut Soup

Made it with water instead of veggie broth. Very good and easy, but definitely needs salt, pepper and the yogurt in top.

Tex-Mex Morning Pizzas

Good, must toast the English muffins first!

Pear-Cheese Quesadilla

Yummy and super easy, quite sweet so definitely a breakfast food. Could use some sort of spice.

I have a few more recipes picked out to try. I have to admit I’ve chosen them based on what needs to be used in my cupboard🤣 but going by the comments so far and tonight’s meal- the recipes in this book are quite bland:(


I’m still reading Playing For Keeps by Jill Shalvis, but am so close to done! I’ll just go alternate reading and knitting and see how much I get accomplished:)

Have fun!


My Buddy is Back

It was so great to have my co-teacher back today!!!!


I slept later again this morning trying to give myself as much rest as possible.

We had workout Wednesday which is when we walk, run, skip, jump, etc around the school. This morning, I think I crawled🤣

We started pre reading strategies with predicting today. We also did a pumpkin 100 chart picture, practice of number words and hip hop.

The children were a little crazier today and I had to talk a lot about self regulation and impulse control!😖

After school, my mom came up to help me decorate my classroom for Halloween as my class has been asking daily when I would decorate.

This is a little of what I put up. I try to concentrate items in a few areas so it makes impact and still allows me some visually quiet space. I hope the kids love it. I always like seeing their reaction!


After tea with my mom where she dropped off an amazing felted bag and a larger tv for me, I watched Love On the Slopes on my new big tv. I enjoyed watching that movie because it is filmed in Whistler! I can definitely relate to the main female character who is a klutz who is breaking out of her comfort zone. It’s so nice to actually be able to see the tv from the couch, even better that it’s a smart tv!


I dragged my mom out to pick up a birthday present for my friend C this evening. We hit Chapters and I found two really cute bags and a great scarf for her.

I spent way longer trying to find a new agenda for next year. My agenda this year has been all about goal setting and I find I don’t need that stuff. There are just too many options! I want something I can record plans in, record meeting notes and keep a running to do list or write myself a list for a day. I’ll take any suggestions you have!

Well, I’m back to reading, knitting and watching tv or maybe I should just get to bed and get some sleep!

Have fun!



It was a productive day where I actually got everything done I wanted to.


I got a day to deal with some administrative stuff. This isn’t normal in my district, but is way too complicated to explain, but I had a day with a TOC where I had to be at school, so I made it worth it!

I got the report cards copied, stuffed and the reports filed and collated. I officially don’t have to touch them again until I give them out on Thursday.

Between recess and lunch I got my students’ hallway writing books made up. After each event this year I have the students write about it and put it on their clip in the hallway. I have to admit I do this every year because I love being able to see the progress in their writing in the book.

After lunch I grabbed two grade four students and made up the children’s year-end gifts. It took longer than expected but is at least done!

With the hour I had left, I started on my co teacher’s report cards, but only got them stuffed and filed. She’ll have to collate them.


After work I had arranged to meet Lyndsay to do the crunch again. I made her promise to leave me if I couldn’t go fast as my quads are still killing me. I did better than I expected and we got through them four times. She also figured out it was the single leg bench lunge with 30 pounds of weights that did my quads in. I sure hope they recover soon!!!

Knit night:

Brenda cams over for knit night last night. I got caught up on the temperature cowl and I got down to the sleeves done on the baby tee I am making. I thought I would finish it off after she left, but only managed to screw it up so now I think I have to start over:(. I haven’t dared look yet today!

Well I’m off for a run.

Have fun!


It Comes to an End

It was a quiet day and tough not to be a little sad that my holiday is coming to an end.


My mission this week said I needed to run two hours between Monday and Wednesday. I figured I’d do an hour today, but when I headed out the door this morning, my brain just couldn’t come to terms with doing an hour! I ended up doing a half hour run this morning and another half hour this evening. In all I did 9km and was amazed that my evening run felt so much better than my morning run. I was a little slower, but only a few seconds per kilometer. I wonder why??

My view at the end of my evening run:)

One of the members of my team on Squad Runner left the team today without saying anything. I, of course, am worrying that she left because of me. Maybe I was too annoying on the group chat? It will all end now that I’m going back to work:). I really hope I’m not the reason!!!

With two runs today, I didn’t do any other exercise.

Knitting/ Crafting:

I got the next two rows of my parent’s afghan done today. It’s very odd as it has me adding 22 stitches after I’ve already done the border. I’ve made a lot of afghans and have never done that before! I had planned to do a lot more on their Afghan but spent the time finishing up a rug square. The square is done! Lol now I have to start working on this week’s.😏


A lot of today was spent getting my wardrobe app finished and it is! I am very happy that I will no longer need to work on that!


My cousin came and fixed his truck and my fireplace, so I am very happy😃

I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for work tomorrow. Running clothes are laid out, work clothes are laid out and food is ready.

That’s it for me!

Have fun!


A Little of Everything

A quite lovely day with a little of everything:)


I woke up this morning and it was lovely to be able to stay in bed for a bit and continue reading Ready Player One. It sure seems to be taking me a long time to get this book read, though I think it may speed up now that it’s getting more interesting:)

Photo Project:

I got another 100 pictures from my Boston trip labelled and deleted off of my phone🎊🎉

I also got my dishes done during this time so I’m not a complete slob 🤣


I met up with Lyndsay for a workout at 11am. It was busy in the gym so we had to modify. Started with a five minute warm up on the treadmill and then we traded off- one person running on the treadmill and one person either rowing and riding the spin bike. I actually enjoyed this cardio because with all the changing of equipment it went very fast, plus the bike and rowing machine seem to use slightly different muscles:)

We then hit the floor for a deadly combo! It looked easy, but was actually tough. One person held a position and the other had to do reps. We did push-ups, knee tucks, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, squats, and crunches. We then finished off with three sets of twelve reps of goblet squats, swing squats and supermen. Ugh! I was tired! The best part was the sauna after, we definitely need to do that again!


I tried out a new product I saw at Costco this last week. It was sweet potato and zucchini noodles already prepared. I made up a quick spaghetti sauce and had this for dinner. It was pretty good, though I think I’ll just stick with making my own!I am in need of a raspberry pie recipe if anyone has a good one:)


I met up with Michelle for a coffee as it had been forever! It was so great to see her and learn about what’s happening in her life! I had to laugh at myself that I have become one of those people who carry their agenda with them everywhere! It was actually because I had a whole list of what I needed to do while I had wifi (it’s the end of my month and I’m almost out of data, which explains why I’m so quiet on here this weekend). I stayed after Michelle left and got some stuff done.


I tried the Kusmi: St. Petersburg tea again today. I allowed it to only steep for about a minute and I added some milk to it. I actually like it this way so I’ll finish off the container.

I tried a tip I had read on Patricia’s blog about storing my tea bags in a big glass jar. I emptied all my packaged teas into a big glass jar and an hour later I put them all back into their individual containers😂. I liked how it looked and the fact it took up less space, but I came to realize that I really like finishing off a container of tea and getting to recycle the container. With the glass jar, I had doubts it would ever be empty:(


I was pretty productive in this area today. I read through the HPKCHC classes for February and have chosen some yarns to use for projects to fulfill a few of them.
doing it properly. Unfortunately I got completely caught up to present day when I had a brain flash that it would be so much better if I did it another way:(. 😞🙄😏. Maybe tomorrow I will look into this more!

I have to share the yarn organizer I created for this project. I realize I am probably late to the party and everyone already does this, but I was pretty happy with myself. 🤣 Well I am off to pack up my spaghetti and curl up with my book!

Have fun!


Fantastic Bake Along- Mary Berry Gingersnap Edition

I’ve had a pretty good day:)


I actually couldn’t go for a run today because my shoes are still drying from yesterday! Of course this just made me want to go for a run even more!!

I got a workout in this afternoon. I did each of the following exercises for 50 seconds with a ten second rest and repeated each twice.

Shuffle squat, plank butt kick, sprint, jumping jack with dumbbell press, back lunge with front kick, high knees, sumo squat to narrow squat with bicep curl, fast feet, moguls, front lunge with dumbbell press, twisting mountain climbers, dumbbell reach with curtsy lunge, single leg bench squat, squat, narrow squat, sumo squat, plie squat, dips, roll ups, v ups, bicycles, oblique crunches. I was a sweaty mess by the end, but felt great:)


Once again I am participating in the Fantastic Bake Along which is hosted by Traci at It’s a T Sweets Day. I was just starting to wonder when the next one would be and along it came. I’ve been craving ginger snaps so this one had perfect timing! I also love that it tells me what to bake:)

The recipe was a little different for me as it was all in grams, but I just pulled my food scale out and got to work:) It was great to use it again as it’s been a while.

The recipe can be found Here:). It was super easy to put together and it was such a lovely dough to work with! Literally it was four steps- put butter and syrup together and melt, put dry ingredients together, mix the two, put onto cookie sheet. How easy can it be?!?! The dough wasn’t sticky or heavy and I used my ice cream scoop to put it onto the cookie sheet so the cookies actually look pretty too! My cookies only took 12.5 minutes to bake though! They come out crisp and are a perfect dipping cookie!! I of course made them gluten free using a mixture of potato starch, xantham gum, white rice flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour and millet flour. I also used earth balance butter substitute. I really don’t think these made any difference to how they taste as they are yummy! My mom is going to be upset she missed them. They even remind me of the ginger snaps my grandma used to have in the cookie jar when I was little.

I’m sorry I have to cheat a bit, but I’m on a phone, so I’m going to use a picture to show you who else participates in the Fantastic Bake Along! Please check them out:)


I took my friend Kathryn to the ULS book sale first thing this morning. It was a bit of a wash for me as the picture book section of their big sale was gone the first day, but Kathryn had some success! There were of course books I wanted for my teaching, but I’m trying to behave myself! I also found a cookbook I liked and I’m now kicking myself for not buying it while it was 30% off!

I was supposed to take Kathryn her Christmas present but it only made it as far as the counter. I’ll have to make sure I see her again! She, of course, being the incredibly organized person she is, remembered mine.

A gorgeous agenda that I will enjoy every day for the next year! I was spoiled! I absolutely love the front cover and I know I’ll have fun setting it up later tonight:)


I’ve been listening to Wives and Daughters on Librivox as I was knitting today. I just can’t shake the feeling that I’ve either seen this as a movie or read the book as it seems extremely familiar. I just can’t place from where and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve stuck with it as I want wifi to download another book. Maybe I’ll do that at coffee tomorrow.

I’ve also started my free ARC of Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan. I’ve read all of her books and have enjoyed them. I’m only 20% done so far, but it’s already grabbed me more than the book I have been slogging through.


I got to start my new project today and it feels great to be using up yarn that I bought last year and to be working on a sweater!!!😀. It’s going well so far, though it did lead to some naughtiness.

I had to go buy new needles as the needles I needed were already in use for other projects. I decided to support my local yarn shop which was probably my mistake. I’m good at ignoring things in Michaels and Walmart, but my LYS has an amazing sale bin- 50% off!!!!! I got the three sets of needles which were expensive enough, but then I also picked up six more skeins of yarn. Don’t tell my mom or knitting buddy please!!!!!

I did manage to resist the silk yarn as there was only 240meters and I’m trying to avoid making more cowls this year!

I also got two more yarns into my Ravelry stash today:). I’m moving right along. My dream would be to have all of my yarn in my Ravelry stash and know exactly how many balls/skeins I have. I know I would be motivated to see the total go down, but I have so much yarn that I think this might just be a pipe dream:(

Well I’m up to knitting stockinette in the round so I’m going to throw on a Hallmark movie and get back to my knitting:)

Have fun!


Evil Cold

I feel like I’m continuously complaining of being sick lately:( This is not how I usually am and I don’t want to be that person here so there will be no more mention of the evil cold!


I didn’t run this morning but I did get a workout in this evening. It’s a Lyndsay special, a bodyweight challenge. 70 jumping jacks, 60 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 40 push-ups, 30 toe reaches, 20 high knees, 10 planks, skip for Five minutes and then repeat going up the ladder. It was a doozy doing it tonight, but I completed it:)


I don’t know if Christmas fever has hit early or what, but my students were a little crazy today!

We did a co-operative poem about peace and then choral read it. Peace seems to be very quiet to at least half of my class 🤣. Note to self: next time have students choose a specific sentence to write so half the poem isn’t the same.  We played a sight word game after that and it was really rewarding to hear one little boy say that it was “the most funnest game ever”🤣

Supposedly I had a flasher in the lineup at recess😳 so after recess I got to talk to one little guy about keeping his body private! As a teacher, I seem to wear a lot of different hats and teach a lot more than just how to read, write and do math!

Math was a bit of a bust, but the afternoon was lovely with a prep, planners, co gym and then the ADST bins. I finally got a picture of the children with something they created.  They really love those bins. I think it was quieter during ADST than it was during silent reading.

It’s been nice the past two days that I’ve had two parents comment that they enjoy the videos and pictures I send out in FreshGrade. I often wonder if I’ve crossed the line into annoying?? It was good to have the feedback and hopefully it will help there to be no surprises on the report card. Next week I want to video the children reading to me so parents can see that too.

I had my second parent meeting of the week, but so far they’ve been positive😀 Let’s hope they all go that way this year!

Thursday is plan and prep day so my co teacher and I stayed late and got ready for next week. I have one more thing to do, but mentally I was done tonight. Thursday is a long day, but it definitely makes the rest of the week much better as I don’t feel like I’m behind the 8 ball!

My mom very kindly proofread my report cards for me and texted me the changes to be made. I obviously need to give these people a pen!  I feel much better now that my mom has read them over and I’ll hopefully be submitting them tomorrow:) Yay free from reports soon!!!!

Knitting: nothing 🙁

Baking: My co teacher said the no bake cookies were really good. I just forgot to tell her to keep them in the fridge or freezer so they may all be one big cookie now!🤣


I have been lounging on my couch this evening watching the Hallmark movie, A Dash of Love. I’m a sucker for these feel-good movies and my mom said that as long as I didn’t start believing they were real, I could enjoy them. They aren’t the best by any means, but I like the guaranteed happy ending and it’s cool that many are filmed around here so I can recognize places in the movie:)

Ok I’m back to my chick flick!

Have fun!

Everything Crafty

A lovely day with my mom:)


I slept in this morning right to the 7:40 alarm!!! Wow!! Good thing I had set it so that I wouldn’t be late. I really felt non-energetic, but I had arranged to work out so off I went! We did a speed interval workout and then a hill interval workout on the treadmill. I wasn’t as fast as I usually am, but it will do. We then hit the floor work which was interspersed with elliptical minutes. I was definitely sweating by the end and the fact it kept changing actually made it seem to go faster:) I love working out with Lyndsay as she inspires me to challenge myself! I will never be where she is, but I definitely up the weights!!!

That is the only exercise I got to today, though I realized that the running I do with Lyndsay isn’t recorded on my runkeeper app:( I do all these extra kilometres that end up not counting towards my monthly goal:( Oh well…

One of my readers ( I still can’t believe I actually have readers🤣!) asked what the story is behind my commitment to running. It’s a long story, but the short version is that I spent my childhood overweight, lethargic, continuously feeling sick, with rheumatism and bad eczema. (Who knew it was all from food allergies that I would finally get diagnosed at the age of thirty!) I started running a bit in junior high. I’d go out really early in the morning and run out Back lane so that I wouldn’t meet anyone. That was going pretty good until one day I decided to do my run on the school track. A grade ten idiot boy walked beside me and jeered at me that he could walk as fast as I ran. Now I know I should have told my brothers, or at least not listened to him, but at the time I quit and didn’t run again for about ten years.  I really wish I had stuck with it and gotten i to running earlier! When I started to lose weight,I conquered  walking and then moved into running. I joined a local running group, hoping to meet new people, and ended up taking a learn to run clinic, several trail clinics, and two half marathon clinics as well as going back to lead the learn to run clinic. I joke that running gave me exercise and a life🤣. Today I can’t imagine not running! I love the high I get from it, the sense of accomplishment, the sporty way I feel, the awesome feeling of being able to wear anything I want, the feeling I’ve done something good for myself, and ensuring that I never go back to where I was!  There you have it- my running life in a nutshell:)


I got my food organized for this week. The scale has been creeping up a bit after all the good people made for us last week so I’m hoping to be super careful this week. Be warned, this will probably make me grumpy or hangry as I call it. I got all my food ready today. I have some friends who hate doing this but I find it saves me so much time during the week and then I don’t come in and eat a meal while I prepare my meal! I have toast and pub for breakfast, an apple for recess, yogurt, oatmeal and blueberries for lunch, carrots and peanut butter or hummus for after school snack and then chicken pasta bake for dinner.  Thank goodness I don’t mind eating the same thing everyday:) The toughest thing is going to be breaking my sweets habit I have right now, especially as I need to bake a birthday cake this week to try it and then make it again on Sunday.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I tried out a new tea today. It is a Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea I had bought at the same time as the gingerbread spice tea I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. 

My mom was sharing it with me so you’ll get two opinions. We both noticed that the tea stayed very light even though it was left to steep for at least five minutes. My mom’s comment was that it seemed weird that it was that light and that it really didn’t taste like much. I have to agree- if you’re looking for a tea that is very unflavourful, this will be perfect. The taste isn’t off- putting in any way- there’s just not a lot of taste there:( I also spent the whole time I was drinking it trying to figure out what I was smelling from it. I never did figure it out.  Overall I was very disappointed as I was really looking forward to sugar cookie tea!


I spent the day with my mom. ( I’m already dreading her leaving😔🙁). She tackled my seat cover again and I got ALL of my fourteen tea mug cosies finished for Christmas. Yay🎉🎊. This is rather late for me as I am usually done my presents in the summer, but I feel much better now that they are done. My house smells strongly of the essential oils I dabbed on them (I ended up using up three vials I had been given by a student last year- citrus bliss, lemongrass and lavender) and I can only hope they’ll retain that scent until I give them at Christmas!! I have them in plastic ziploc bags but if you have other advice for keeping the smell, please let me know!

This evening I watched Never Been Kissed, yes I am a rom com addict, while I worked on my toque. I think the fourth try might be a winner!! I’m loving how the colouring is working out! I’ll take a picture when it’s finished.


My mom realized this afternoon that she needed bias tape for the slipcover edges so we went over to the mall. We were hoping Walmart would have the bias tape, but they didn’t:( I did get my new earbuds returned, my three gift certificates transferred into one and some tea sachets bought to include with the tea mug cosy. My gifts are always homemade Christmas items, but they can include store bought items too. Maybe I’ll also make some cookies to put with them. Hmmm I’ll have to think about this!

I’m very disappointed about the earbuds as my run tomorrow morning is going to be very long without music! If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know:)


I have to ask if anyone knows how to solve this problem. I accidentally followed someone whose posts are in a different language, but when I press the ellipsis, and “unfollow site”, it says that I can’t:( Anyone know how to unfollow this blog???

Well I’m desperate to get some reading done so I’m going to go enjoy the last hour of my four day weekend (every weekend should be at least three days!) cuddled in bed with my book!

Have fun!


Maximizing the Day Off

I got an extra day off and I put it to good use:)


I had arranged to meet Lyndsay for a workout this morning and I’m glad I did so that it got done! I liked how this morning the floor work was interspersed with the treadmill workout so the whole thing seemed to go fast. It also helped that we threw some biking and the body in there as well! Of course, I got three quarters of the way through the treadmill workout and found out I had done the whole thing at an incline of four! No wonder it seemed so much more difficult today, of course I did it too so perhaps I should be upping the speed again.

Workouts with Lyndsay are awesome because it combines both running and weights so I don’t feel as though I need to do a second workout. Good thing as I wouldn’t have had time today!

Oh and just to let you know I did do my regular Thursday morning hill run yesterday, but I was feeling my legs so I didn’t add the loops on the way home and just kept it a short run. I’m hating the new headphones I bought, so if anyone has a suggestion for headphones, I’d love to hear it!


Last night I had knit night with my friend Brenda (at the end of a long and crazy work day). I started a toque with the pretty purple variegated yarn and got quite a ways in it before I tried to put it on my head and found out it was too small🙁 I ripped it out, came home and crashed into bed. Well today, I started the toque over again, with more stitches. I guess my usual toque pattern was written for heavier weight yarn.  It’s going well, but not done yet. I’m almost to the point where I should be trying it on again, so wish me luck! I also need to decide if I want to put a ponytail hole in it.

This morning Brenda and I headed out to buy the materials we needed for the My Year in Temperatures scarf that we will be starting on January first.  We had heard about this project about a month ago on the news and decided to do it next year. Each day you add one row to the scarf based on what the temperature high was for the day. When I thought about this project I realized it was the perfect excuse to buy the Prismatic Mini Mini Skein set by Sweet Georgia Yarns that I had seen at Knit City, but couldn’t come up with a reason to buy.  The shop is only open from Monday to Friday and is closed weekends and holidays so with the extra week day off, today was definitely the day to go! It was a little difficult to find and I realize from the store and hours that they seem to focus mostly on online sales. It turned out to be a small, bright and welcoming store!  The yarns were all gorgeous and the samples were inspiring! They had many samples on display and I just wanted to do them all!

They say they are all about colour and they definitely are!

They also had a wall of “seconds” as they do hand dyeing.  The “seconds” weren’t as much of a sale as I would have liked. The best was the red dots at $9 off, but I didn’t see any of them, most were a $1.50 off.  I think next time I would just order online. Brenda looked and saw you get 10% off your first online order which would cover the shipping so that’s a little bonus.

I decided on a gray to use as the division between the months in my scarf while Brenda chose saffron. Her scarf is going to be different as she is going to incorporate the date and the names of the months, while I am not.  I am going to get the header of the scarf done and then I have to put it away until January:(

My mom laughed when I told her about this project. She thinks it will be funny to watch me try to keep a project for a whole year. What can I say? I really like finishing things🤣

When I was little my mom was knitting a sweater for my dad. It never got finished and at some point she frogged it and gave me the yarn. I asked her today if she would want me to make up the sweater for dad or if she would prefer I use the yarn to make an afghan for the boat. She chose the afghan, as I figured she would, so I made her choose the pattern today as I probably won’t see her until March.   Thankfully she chose one I haven’t done before:)

It is from the “Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans” by Leisure Arts.

I love this book because all of the afghans are done in one piece. I have made almost all of the blankets in the book!

I also got two threads on the rued rug done today to make up for missing yesterday. I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with this so that I’ll be more inspired to work on it!


I finished the book, Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery today.

I have enjoyed most of the books in Susan’s Fools Gold series and this didn’t disappoint.

This book tells the story of Madeline who grew up in Fools Gold and now is part owner of the Paper Moon Bridal Boutique and Jonny Blaze, a Hollywood actor. The two are brought together through Madeline being asked to help organize Jonny’s sister’s wedding.  Madeline has had a celebrity crush on Jonny but learns a lot about the actual man through the process of planning the wedding.

I liked this book for several reasons. First, both Madeline and Jonny felt well developed and real to me. They had flaws and quirks and as the reader you really get to know them. I also liked how when, Madeline freaked at various times as the relationship developed, she realized it and dealt with it in a realistic manner. The drama was minimal which I appreciated.  As the reader you get a nice update on some of your favourite Fools Gold characters as well. I love he extended cast in these books, though I may need to start keeping a list, a challenghe of the book- keeping everyone straight!

I think that readers who enjoy a sweet romance, small town romance or a celebrity crush would enjoy this book.

What’s even better was that there was a bonus novella included in the book! A Kiss in the Snow was a satisfying short story about Shep and Nancee.  It was a neat story because it also gave some background about a Fools Gold legend- Gladys. It was nice to finally get to know a bit more about her. The story is a second, actually fourth chance at love for these two,and is again, a very sweet, romantic story.

I would recommend this story and you don’t have to read the whole series first, unless you’re me🤣

I am super excited that I can now watch the movie that is based on this book!!


I made chicken Caesar salad for lunch for my mom and I and chai tea (you can find the instructionhere.). It is my favourite so far! for out me tea later in the afternoon. Neither of which are an amazing thing, but I did use some new products.

I had bought a new Caesar salad dressing and both my mom and I thought it was good today. It tasted like Cesar dressing to me, though it was a little thicker than I am used to. 

It was almost double the price of the Daisy Caesar dressing, but it was nice to have Caesar salad for the first time in five years!

I also picked up some eggnog while I was at the store today because I saw it and it was my favourite last year!

It most reminds me of light eggnog because it isn’t as thick as regular eggnog, but it’s definitely yummy!

Organizing/ Life:

I got a lot of little things done today, but not what I was actually expecting to get done!

I got my truck taken in for a tune up (which it ended up not needing so it didn’t cost me anything😀).

I also got a new lamp dropped off into my classroom and my new schedule cards cut out and magnetized while I was there.

I got the new sweater hanger put up in my closet and my running gear transferred to it. They fit much better and I’m using the small one for my underwear.

I got one picture labelled in my friend’s wedding photo album. Hopefully this is enough to get me moving on this project.

I got my flu shot with my mom and some groceries bought, including a veggie platter for tomorrow’s family dinner.

I got two games cut out for my students as well.

Only about a million left to do, but it makes a good excuse to watch a. Movie and I decided on Sweet Home Alabama.

What was I supposed to be doing today?? Sewing my Christmas presents for my friends and colleagues! I have to get these done while my mom is in town to help if I need it!!!!! Well, I guess tomorrow is another day, but there is just still so much I want to do with her and so few days left:(

Well I’m going to do some yoga and continue on with my projects so…

Have fun!



I don’t know what’s up with me today, but can I be like this all the time please? 🤣


I did my run over to the park and back this morning and I didn’t meet any weird people:). Maybe I can go back to that run as I much prefer an out and back or a single loop over running the same loop multiple times!  I got to run a full thirty minutes and every kilometre was under 7min!😀🎉🎊. I started wondering how many times I needed to do that before I could check that goal off when a friend told me, “when it’s every time”. Lol I guess that answers my question. Amazingly I didn’t even feel as though I was running that fast!

That was all of my exercise for the day as I had a massage after school. I try not to ruin the effects too quickly. 🤣


Today was a pretty good day:) we got through a book review activity this morning that just happened to be on a book about being peaceful towards each other😂. We also finally got started on problem solving. I planned to work this into my math A/B week plan from the start of the year, but it just didn’t happen. We started with the strategy of drawing a picture to solve the problem. It is going to take a lot more practice, but we at least got started!!

This afternoon we had “collaboration”. All the children are in the gym with the principal and non classroom teachers and we get together in grade groups to work. My co-teacher and I tackled our report card template today and got it done:) we have a brand new curriculum this year that came with a brand new report card so everything is new, unfamiliar and difficult:(. We also got a list made of what we need to do with the children so we can write these report cards:). We are making progress😀

I actually got quite a bit done today as I got the rest of the sight word games cut out and packaged and I finished sorting the math concentration games. I only got two sets of the game trimmed (you should never have grade twos cut something out for you) and labelled, but tomorrow is another day:)

Another card today, maybe these two boys are in a competition to see who can make me the most cards. I thought this one was cute because the Li toe guy came over to study the letters on the end of my desk to make sure he got the spelling of my name right. Good thing he didn’t have to tackle my full name.🤣


I have eaten a ton of new things today, unfortunately I also feel like I’ve eaten a ton:(

For breakfast I tried a new type of cheese on my toast. I liked the simple packaging of the cheese and it smelled wonderful when I opened lithe package- spicy! It even tasted good, but boy is it dense and rubbery! I also don’t think it melts as it didn’t even soften up on my warm toast:( if you’re hiding the cheese in something, like a sandwich with lots of veggies, I think the taste would make it a winner, but if consistency is going to be noticeable, I’d give this cheese a pass.

I also tried a new bagel at lunch. We had the leftovers from yesterday today. The bagels were Udi brand. They felt dense like a bagel should, were not overly dry, split in half nicely and were a good size. I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for a bagel.

I have also done some baking this evening. My co-teacher has been fabulous lately and so I wanted to make her cookies. She is diabetic so I know not to use sugar and I have been trying out different types of “banana cookies”. I call them this as they utilize bananas for sweetness. I tried this Recipe by Foodolic for banana maple walnut cookies. I followed the recipe, but mine don’t look like hers:( We’ll see what they taste like tomorrow!

My cinnamon bun bread pudding seemed to be a hit at work as there wasn’t much left when I left the staff room at lunch. I love the idea of not having to throw out my failures so I’ll have to keep that recipe in mind:)


I made myself do three threads on the rued rug to make up for the days I missed this week. It just doesn’t seem to progress very fast:(

I also got my yarn wound into a ball in preparation for making a toque to go with my new jacket. I just want a nice simple toque so that the gorgeous colour variation in the yarn will be highlighted. If anyone has a pattern suggestion, please let me know! I want to start it tomorrow at knit night!


I got my house tidied this evening. I can’t say it’s clean, but it’s at least tidy:)

I have the best mom in the world as she didn’t say a word about how messy it was when she was here sewing today. I know she says she doesn’t care, but I want the place to be nice so everyone will like it as much as I do!

My mom also grabbed the BB cream I had been looking at on the weekend and a sweater hanger for my closet. I really wanted to move my running gear into it, but I made myself tidy instead so it will have to wait:( I can’t wait as I think it might be a system that will work really well for me!

Well I think that’s it for me tonight! I’m going to go finish the last ten pages of my book:)

Have fun!