SAL Update

I am continuing to work on a project that is more than fifteen years old. It sat for at least twelve of those years with not a stitch, but since joining this SAL, I am making slow, but steady progress.

The pattern is by Paula Vaughn and while I love it, it no longer matches my home decor style. This lack of purpose definitely slowed me down for a while, however, my mom had the awesome idea of using it on a project bag when I am done. I find myself stitching a bit faster once this was decided.

Then I chose my next project and that finds me hoping to finish this one as soon as possible. A friend of mine doesn’t think I can get it done by the end of the year so I am doing my best to prove her wrong. I’m just that kind of stubborn person!🤣. It would really help if I didn’t knit and read so much though!

Here is where I was last time:

And here is where I am this time:

Shucks my progress doesn’t look very impressive in picture form:(. Oh well, I will continue to work on it little by little. I know I’ll get more done today as I want to finish my audiobook🤣

Please make sure you check out the other people in the group’s projects. They are all truly spectacular and with such variety that there is sure to be something that strikes your fancy.

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