Happy Weekend

It felt like this school week took three weeks to end! I think it’s just mentally getting to me that there are no days off in the month of June:(


I wanted to make sure that I finished off my monthly mileage so I went for a run this morning. I managed 4.93km and had okay times though, definitely not my fastest. There were so many people out! I met up with at least 12 people, including a father from my school. Of course when I got home I saw that I looked dreadful- all red and sweaty🤪.

This evening I decided it was too nice to not go out and enjoy the time so I went for a walk around the inlet. It was longer than usual because the trail is closed so had to take the road. Of course, I ended up frustrated when it didn’t count for my squad Easy mission. This app is driving me crazy lately!

I also did a short workout. I always worry that I’m disturbing the guy who lives below me so I tried to keep the jumping to a minimum. I did one minute each of the following and used 7lb weights where applicable:

Jump squats, standing crunch left, standing crunch right, reverse mountain climbers, hand release push ups, bicep curl to calf raise, banded monster walk, banded squat to curtsy lunge left, banded squat to curtsy lunge right, banded iso hip raise abductors, hamstring curls, toe taps, banded seated row, dumbbell double crunch, lateral lunge to upright row left, lateral lunge to upright row right.

I love doing exercises with the band!


I got a taste of what it must be like for most people as today all my friends at work were away. I only had one teacher who I’m friendly with there. It was really lonely!

We did our Friday newspaper and I noticed today how much more the students are writing! I may need to add in another page as it is getting difficult to get them all on one page. Some kids were even upset that I wouldn’t let them go onto another page!

We released the butterflies from Liane’s class. I did this with the principal. It’s quite nerve racking to teach in front of someone who controls your job! Especially when Liane is the expert who usually does the nature things!

This afternoon we had silent reading out on the field and then played with our buddies on the playground.

It definitely wasn’t an academic day!


Last night I finished the book, The Wedding Date Bargain by Mira Lynn Kelly. I found the start of this book a little confusing with all the jumping around in the timeline, but I’m glad I persevered. It had minimal drama and angst which is something I appreciate and the ending was so sweet:)

I have started reading another book in that series called Just This Once. So far, it’s okay, but hopefully it will improve!


Not great, not horrible, but I have no plans for the weekend so hopefully I’ll get back on track!

Product Review:

I had Amy’s Rice Mac and Cheese for lunch today. It was pretty good for a frozen meal, but definitely not homemade. If you’re GF and DF and need a ready made meal though- it’s not a bad option. I just found the portion size small for the amount of calories in it.

Have fun!


Fake Friday

Well it is kind of my Friday today as I have no kids tomorrow, but I do have to suffer through all day meetings.


Today we did an opinion response about Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson. I love this book because it highlights how one person’s good deed can spread to everyone.

We also did some more work on time which the children really seem to be getting well.

And this afternoon we started a directed drawing project based on Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows which is our art for Saskatchewan which has a lot of wheat fields. We thought it would be one day, but we’ll have to finish it next week.

We had a meeting at lunch about the three classroom moves that are supposed to happen. Two of them I completely get, but moving the music room to the portable, I don’t get! We have to go outside to get there through the rain we have continuously and it is going to take up instructional time to get the kids dressed and undressed for going outside:(. I guess my biggest complaint is that there is never any discussion and it doesn’t feel like any comments we make, make any difference:(

If only everyone had to agree with me!🤣

I ran out of work quickly to get to my doctor’s appointment. So annoying that he only gave me six months of my pills- it’s a pain to go there! The good news is that I have perfect blood pressure-120/60. I guess all that running is good for something!


Unfortunately no running happened today. I ended up having another unplanned nap and just didn’t have a run in me, so I went for a walk instead. Hopefully a one hour walk is equal to a run:)


I had bought some Sweet Loren’s cookies down the states last weekend as I had read a blog raving about them. I made them up tonight so that I can take them to work tomorrow. They are pre-shaped and took about 17 minutes to cook. I tried one cookie and it was chewy and too sweet while having too little taste. I can’t say that I will be buying them again, though I admit I always think homemade is better!


I had a good eating day! Though I am starting to wonder if I’m the only person who eats pretty well the same thing everyday?

Breakfast- hard boiled egg

Recess: yogurt

Lunch: 2 kid pancakes with 1 mini sausage

Snack: cinnamon raisin scone

Dinner: 1 tilapia filet, cherry tomatoes with hummus, pepper with salsa, cucumbers with fake cream cheese, 1 cookie

I would like to make it so that lunch was my bigger meal though!

Well, I’m going to go suffer through more of the book I am reading right now, though I really need to get back to knitting!

Have fun!


Monday Monday

How many more Mondays do I have before the holiday???


We started the day with a talking circle about our weekend and then the students wrote about it in their journals. While they were writing I was walking around selecting people to choose their jobs for the week based on how much they had accomplished (and of course helping). I have to remember this as even my reluctant writers got into it once they figured out what I was doing!

During my music prep we got our field trip notice ready and started on our report card template.

I spent a large part of the day dealing with track and getting the forms out to kids.

We also moved along in our run across Canada today and made it to Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina is the capital of this province. It is the fifth largest province. A third of the province is used for farming. It has the largest potash mine in the world and the largest jet pilot training base. Saskatoon is the largest city but then entire province has just under 2 million people and most live in the Southern part of the province. There you go- now you know something about Saskatchewan:)


Thankfully Sarah has texted me for a run tonight as I don’t think I would have gotten out by myself! We did a loop of Bert Flynn Park again and once again the run and nature did a great job of calming me down. I also managed to run a little more of the hill that is in the centre of the run.

This evening I also made myself do something as I had the scone I hadn’t planned on. I did 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, 50 banded iso monster walking, 25 backward lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 front lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 front kicks, 25 roundhouse kicks, 25 back kicks, 50 pushups, 50 dips, 25 upright rows, 25 bicep curls, 25 lateral raises, 25 front raises, 25 back raises, 25 dumbbell double crunch, 25 Russian twists, 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, and 25 bicycle crunches.


After a quick trip to Costco for gas, I finally managed to complete the Sally’s Baking Addiction Monthly Challenge this month for scones. They were relatively easy, but I have to admit they took me almost an hour start to finish. These do have fifteen minutes of refrigeration in the centre and while they took longer than my usual scones- they also look like they taste better:)

I have to admit I tried one- the recipe made 16 mini ones for me, and it was delicious! It was light inside but crispy outside and I used turbinado sugar on top which has a nice crunch. This may be my new go to scone recipe!


I did pretty good considering I had a staff appreciation luncheon today.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg

Recess: yogurt- today I had Trader Joe’s cultured coconut milk blueberry yogurt.

It had a good amount in it, but also was more calories than most yogurts I eat. This one was also thicker than yesterday’s and had a bit of a jelly texture. I did notice a strong taste that didn’t seem natural though. I don’t think I would buy this one again.

Lunch- veggie and hummus sandwich – they had lunch meat and cheese but I can’t eat cheese and the meat wasn’t labeled so I didn’t know if it was gf, tortilla chips and salsa, pickles and olives, and some vegan berry ice cream.

Snack: the smallest scone


I have started a new book today called, 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. So far it seems slightly confusing, but hopefully it will get better quickly:)

Have fun!


The Last Day

I tried to make it feel like it lasted a long time, but I suppose it was inevitable that my holiday come to an end.


I ended up just walking with Brenda this morning as it was just the two of us. I was okay with this because I made my goal yesterday and ended March with 300.7km ran. In March I did:

2km-1 run

3km- 8 runs

4km- 11 runs

5km- 4 runs

6km- 3 runs

7km- 1 run

I would like to shift the majority of my runs in April to 4 and 5km runs rather than 3 and 4km like they were in March, but we shall see. Most of the time I am just happy to get out!

I did get 100 squats done this evening and a short run to the park and back. I felt like I was bouncing along and when I went to turn off my app, it said I was doing a 5:46/km😀


After having coffee with Brenda, I went home and got a bit more done on the April Tank. I am much happier with the colour choice this time, but am a little worried that the neck opening will end up being too small. I probably should have added on when I had the chance, but oh well.


I had a new product to try – Blueberry Muffins from The President’s Choice line. I have to admit I wouldn’t recommend these. While they look good they were very dry and so light! It was like eating air:( It might just be my personal preference but when I bite into a muffin, I want dense, moist yumminess!


I yet again spent a lot of today reading. I finished Getting Hot with the Scot by Melonie Johnson last night.

I just couldn’t put down this story! The story of Cassie and Logan. Cassie is on her dream holiday with friends when she fulfills her mission to have a fling, however, one night was just not enough with the Scot.

I liked how the characters were multi-faceted and it was focused on them. There wasn’t a ton of information on the family or friends to distract from the main storyline. I also liked how both characters were flawed.

I was also satisfied when the story continued after Cassie got back home. I would have been sorely disappointed to have it end in London! It’s neat seeing how regular life is for Cassie and Logan.

Finally the teaser about Bonnie and Theo is making me chomp at the bit for the next book!!

I also managed to finish listening to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on LibriVox. I am happy I listened to it though it is definitely not my favourite Dickens book! I just found it dragged a lot through the middle and then finished up in a rush.

I have spent the day alternating between knitting the April Tank (I’ve joined in the round and have a lot of stockinette to go now) and reading Smitten With the Brit. It has been wonderful.


Of course I have also had to do my hand washing, get outfits ready for the weekend prep my food. I managed to mix cherry basil bruschetta mix with my yogurt and granola instead of berries, so we’ll see how this week goes🙄🤪

I’m going back to my book now!

Have fun!



I woke up this morning to cold!


I decided not to go out this morning as I had only brought capris and a t shirt to run in.

This afternoon I realized that I may have trouble tracking my run. I walked the 5km necessary for the Squad Runner mission, but unfortunately it disappeared completely when I got home, without giving me any points:(



I headed into town with my mom to drop a friend off to pick up her truck. We stopped in at the local IGA and I happily wandered the aisles. I brought home a nut treat that was truly awful and went to the hens!

Thankfully I also brought home Schar entertainment crackers. They are amazing!!!! They taste like real crackers!! I’m going to have to get my mom to bring some home for me!


I have been knitting away while enjoying the British Baking Show. I am up to the point where I need to separate for front and back, but I decided I will do that tomorrow when it is quiet and I can concentrate.

Well I’m just starting season 2 of The Great British Baking Show so I’m off:)

Have fun!


Dark and Rainy Must Be My Thing

I seem to do everything in the dark and the rain lately! I can’t wait for that extra minute of daylight to start on Saturday!


I can’t say that we accomplished much today, other than we did get the card made for our parent present. Once again, I was impressed. We gave examples and talked about what was easier and what would be the harder option.

This is one little guy who is always super creative and artistic and he put his own spin on it:)

We also learned about Christmas in Japan. It was our most successful learning yet as it had the simplest video, but the children seemed to pick up more. It was neat to learn that Christmas is completely non-religious there. They decorate with trees, lights and Santa’s. They celebrate in Christmas Eve and actually go to work on Christmas Day! Every family has their own story of how Santa gets into the house and it is often a romantic night for couples, like Valentines Day.

I just had to leap across the classroom to stop the video before they showed the single people partying.

This afternoon was what my students have been waiting for all week! We decorated gingerbread men! It was absolute chaos as there were five classes in the gym doing this at the same time and half of my parent volunteers didn’t show up:(. We all survived and the children still seemed to have a good time:)


I once again came home as quickly as possible to try and get to run in daylight, but it didn’t happen. I ran about 6.7km and had to walk the last few hundred feet as the sidewalk was teeming with people going to the CP Holiday Train. I was supposed to go with friends but it was pouring so we decided not to.


Still working on the green vest. At least it makes progress quickly because of the bulky yarn!


I finished Flare Up by Shannon Stacey late last night. It is the latest book in her series Boston Fire.

I loved this book as much as the rest in the series! Grant Cutter and Wren Everett dated and got quite serious before she disappeared into thin air. When Grant rescues her, they have no choice but to deal with their emotions.

I loved how the characters and situations were so real and yet there was no drama for the sake of drama. When Wren is scared, she talks:) When Grant is worried, he talks to friends. Wow these characters actually communicate!!!

I also loved the background cast of all the other characters and how strong a role they played in the book. Friends play a role in our lives daily whether we see them or not so I love that that was reflected in this book.

The pacing of the book is great as the action obviously takes place over a bit of time and yet the reader doesn’t have to read about every go hum day or get whiplash from insta-love. It was actually really interesting to read a book where the characters were dealing with that weird situation of dating someone you’ve already dated.

Finally, the ending was lovely, though I wish it hadn’t come!


I have been worried lately that my advent calendar from Twinings was just going to repeat after Day 15, but today I had another new tea. It’s called Pure Rooibus Red Tea. I found that it got strong very quickly, but that it also had a slight green tea flavor to me. It is definitely a Tea I would have again.

Product Review:

Last night when I was supposed to be buying a hamburger patty, I bought a new brand of egggnog instead: Earth’s Own So Fresh Almond Nog. This may just beat So Delicious Coconut Nog as my new favourite eggnog as it has a stronger flavor:) Yum!!!


I also watched A Very Very Valentine tonight. I guess I really should be watching Christmas movies, but this was the next one I had taped. It was a cute movie, but I think my favourite part was identifying all the places I know. I’ve had tea at that bakery! I’ve ran that part of the sea wall! Maybe I am just too easily entertained🤣


When I was a child the only Christmas Eve tradition I remember is that we got to rent a movie and have pizza on this night. This was the only time all year that these two events occurred so it was a big deal!!! Nowadays I don’t really have any Christmas Eve traditions. I admit my mom and I have spent many Christmas eves finishing last minute crafty gifts, but these days I’m usually just sitting quietly at home reading. I hope you all have more exciting Christmas Eve plans than I do!

Well I’m off to bed early because I can😜

Have fun!


Sit, Assess, Repeat

Yesterday was another busy day!


I showed up for my Sunday run group and stupidly told them I needed to do 11km for my Squad Runner mission. We weren’t positive so I laughingly said we’d run until Dennis turned around. Well at 2km I was ready to make it a 6km run and be done with it, but Dennis never even looked back until I caught up to him stopped at the 5.6km mark. I guess they really are the best running buddies as they make sure I get my miles in whether I want to or not🤣


After a shower and a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with my new jalapeño cheddar cheese I headed out to grab my mom.

We started at the furniture store my brother got his couch at. I found one I liked the shape of, but it wasn’t that soft and it was grey:(

We also hit Winners to look, but all I found was the last pair of boots I needed to replace.

These are all the shoes/boots I have bought over the weekend. I should be good for a couple of years. Oh and just to put it in perspective the youngest boot I am getting rid of is 8 years old!

We then carried on and tried another 8 furniture stores. I came home with nothing, though I did refine what I wanted with each store:). My couch needs to have legs, be a lower back, plain seat, tufted back, textured material, lower arms, not too big- just big enough for me to lay on for a nap, be comfortable for other people. Now I just have to find that!🤪

Eating/product Review:

I really wanted dairy free seasonal ice cream so we stopped at the cafe I thought we had the best chance with. They had regular pumpkin pie, but that was it:( My mom said it was really good!

We stopped at Pomme so I could check out the sales and they had a Daisy Pumpkin Spice cheesecake. I bought one, even though it wasn’t on sale. I quickly cut it up and put it in baggies for individual servings when I got home. I did half serving sizes as I don’t need 350 calories of cheesecake at one time! I tried some frozen and some thawed and while I like the texture a lot better frozen, the taste definitely comes out more when it is thawed. I think it would be a great dairy/ gluten free alternative, especially with coco-whip on top!


I spent the evening knitting and managed to finish my parent’s afghan!!!!🎊🎉. I just have to weave in the ends and I will share a picture.

Well that was my Sunday and now I’m off to start my day!

Happy Thanksgiving and have fun!


Just Another Day

There wasn’t anything super exciting today.


Our morning was long because I had to review all the classroom jobs and the children got to choose their jobs for the first time this week. I swear some of them have already forgotten to do them🤣

I got through labeling two more sets of books during my prep. I really appreciate the parents who just send the supplies and don’t put the child’s name on everything! I spend more time having to redo labeling than it would take to just do it in the first place!

This afternoon we started working on our bubble letter names. I sure hope we finish before Thursday’s open house!

The most exciting part of my day was probably coming home for lunch as I got to have tuna on carrot crackers:)


Several years ago my parents brought me home These Okanagan Rawsome Carrot Crisps. I absolutely love these crisps as they are so yummy! They have some spice to them, they are hearty enough to stand up to being dipped and they seem to go with everything! Definitely worth buying if you get the chance. I may just have to do some online ordering:)


I had a massage after school and then headed out for some teacher errands. I had a lot of things on my list but just got to Costco for playdough and the student pictures I took. I also dropped the stuff from the staffroom off at the donation centre. I miss having my mom for company on my errand circle. I ended up coming home when my stomach started growling.


I spent last night knitting a purple winter headband only to pull it out because I didn’t have enough yarn. Tonight I have pulled a new version out three times because it seemed too wide to me. I think I’m finally happy with it and just need to finish it off. Hopefully it will be long enough for a kid, perhaps my niece:)

Well, that’s it from me:)

Have fun!


Calm Within a Storm

My day was okay, but it was going kind of crazy around me!


Today was a fire alarm testing so I had to change routine to drop my key off with the building manager. She didn’t connect me to my text and so there were some desperate “where are you texts” right after I left her. She was much calmer as I came rushing in at the end of the day, with seconds to spare, to get my key back. This surprised me as I never survive fire alarm testing!!!


Another Day of every activity taking twice as long because I had to explain each minute detail!! I still feel like I’m forgetting routines I should be teaching! I wish the hamster would get moving on the wheel that is my brain!!!!!🙄

The day started with me talking a child with a “sore tummy” into staying at school. It all went great all day though!

We had our first sharing circle and talked about our names and then practiced printing our names properly. I noticed last year that it bothered a lot of parents that names weren’t done properly so we decided to start there this year.

We also did our first class book which was, “The Best Part of Me”. We were going to do black and white photos but had the children draw instead. I’m not really sure why a leg or a left arm is the best part, but it will definitely be cute!

While my class was putting along, there were kids being moved in the grade 4/5 classes. Really? The teachers should have been consulted on class placements and then this wouldn’t have happened!

As well, the third grade 1/2 class had hysterical kids! Oh my!

I had one child who was anxious today, but mom stayed in the foyer and hopefully that is all it will take.


Once again, I got home knowing I needed to go out for a 5km run. I sat down and started reading, but then realized I had to get up and going or I never would. The run went fine- 5km at a 6:42 pace. I can live with that! I’m so glad I went when I did as it started absolutely pouring buckets when I got inside! I had a video of it, but it refuses to upload:(


I have spent another night reading two books! I really don’t like reading more than one at a time. I am ahead of schedule for the Bookclub book and am mostly enjoying it.

I finished my NetGalley book this evening. No Kissing Under the Boardwalk by Kate Angell.

This is the story of Tori and Zane. They meet and fall in love as high school seniors, but are torn apart by life and non-communication.

I loved many things about this book and had to resist staying up all night to finish it in one sitting!

The book is written in two sections, 18 years apart. I was surprised that the first section was longer than the second. Usually it is the opposite, but I enjoyed this variation.

I was also surprised by Tori’s plot line in the second half, but again it worked, as it was very realistic.

I enjoyed the secondary characters and plot line just as much as the primary one. It was funny and enjoyable and didn’t follow my expectations either!

The pacing of the book was a little slow in the first part, but I think it emphasizes how much importance this stage of life had on these characters.

This is a second chance romance and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys that scenario.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley who provided me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve been asked what I buy at Costco and I’ll have to think about this, but I did pick up a new product on the recommendation of a running buddy.

This avocado salsa has been excellent. It has a little spice to it so it’s memorable and tasty, but not overwhelming. I have had it on shrimp, toast, veggies and taco chips and it has been great with all of them. I would highly recommend this one.

Have fun!


Another Day of Fun

I am so glad we didn’t have to rush home today as it gave us another awesome day of fun!


We went for another walk today. This time we hit Cliff Gilker Park which we had read online had a better waterfall than the one we missed yesterday. Well we walked every path in the park, which were much more technical than yesterday’s

And this is the only waterfall we saw!

Maybe I should give up on waterfalls for this holiday!

This was my only exercise for the day and I feel like I’m going to have to go home and run all day every day!!!


We hit another new restaurant today. Unfortunately we were hungry. I really wanted the avocado breakfast bowl with chorizo sausage, but they were sold out so I ended up with a beef burrito bowl with an egg on top. Along with this I had a glass of red sangria, which I had to doctor with simple syrup as it just wasn’t sweet enough!

The food was good, but I’m not sure it was worth the forty five minute wait nor the obnoxious guys sitting behind us.

The view was awesome though!


I spent most of the afternoon knitting on my scarf for my friend.  It was an awesome place to do some knitting, though I was under a blanket because the wine was cool!


I read a couple of short novellas last night so I could finish off a series I have been reading.

Rock With You was insta-love but for some reason it didn’t bother me. Maybe because it was set in a bakery or because how else could it be with a rock star. It was a short but enjoyable read.

I also finished this short story, All I Want For Christmas Is You which was like a little extra scene after the book ended. I loved a peek at life after the book ends and I wish more authors did this!

Product Review:

I found some Ben and Jerry’s dairy free Cherry Garcia almond milk ice cream today and I loved it!

It was incredibly yummy!!!! I got this because there wasn’t much non dairy voice where my friends got ice cream.


We’ve been watching Something Borrowed as we ate dinner. I had forgotten all about this movie/book since it’s been years since I’ve read or seen it.

I’m off to finish the movie and maybe another one.

Have fun!