An Out Day

It was a nice combination day with some lazing and some outside activity.

I spent the morning just hanging out with my mom and reading blogs.


My dad got to choose the restaurant and we ended up here.

My dad had been here with my uncle for coffee and donuts and so wanted to try the food. He had the supreme cheeseburger and really liked it. It sure looked good. My mom and I split the cold turkey sandwich and coleslaw. I used the cranberry sauce to add some moisture and my mom used it and coleslaw. It was a very dry sandwich!! Sorry for no picture, it wasn’t worth it.


So last fall I went to the Gluten Free Expo in Downtown Vancouver and had tried some products by Bake My Day. I was excited when I heard they were located in Duncan as I knew that was somewhat close to where my parents dock their boat. Well today, I made them drive around until we found this bakery. LOL I didn’t expect it to just be someone’s garage. 🤣It was set up as a full fledge bakery though.I was excited because I knew they had things that were gluten free and dairy free. It turned out only their tarts were ready made and gluten free and dairy free. They had six kinds that were safe for me and I bought one of each to try.

The first I tried was the lemon curd tart (top right). The lemon was sharp and tangy. The pastry was a little heavier than I would like but definitely not the worst I’ve had. My dad (who hates everything gf/df says the lemon was good, but the pastry needed to be done more. My mom says the lemon curd was wonderful and she wouldn’t know it was df/gf.

The baked lemon with raspberry tart was a surprise because the lemon was sweet and the raspberry was tart. I was expecting the opposite and think I would have enjoyed that more than the combo it was.

The final tart, again with a cute heart, was a strawberry rhubarb tart. It was a nice surprise as it had a hint of an orange citrus taste. The rhubarb was still slightly crunchy and it was a very yummy tart.

The caramel apple was the next to be sampled. I loved the little Apple on top. My dad says it’s a very distinct flavor and he liked it. I liked that the apple was still a little crunchy and it had a good cinnamon taste that was present but not overpowering. My mom liked the seasonings and was impressed the pastry didn’t taste like typical gf pastry.

The chocolate caramel had a delicious sweet topping that was a little crunchy. It was definitely sweeter than the other two. I liked the contrast between the tarter chocolate and the sweet topping.

The pumpkin (the bottom left) was very creamy tasty. I was a little surprised it didn’t have more of a cinnamon flavor.

While it was super nice to have a tart and to have choice in tart, I have to admit that I would probably order the lemon curd tart if I could only have one as you couldn’t tell it was gluten free and dairy free!


After the bakery, my dad had a couple of errands to run so my mom and I wandered the tourist section of Duncan. It was a super cute area with lots of outdoor decoration!

We went to a couple of stores. The first was an antique store that was lovely, clean, bright and smelled great!

We hit another store that contained a bunch of arts and crafts from a variety of artisans.

It was in this arts store that I found the perfect sign that describes my exercise today.

The third and final store we went into was so cute! I really love stores that have space in them so I don’t feel like a bull in a china Shop.

I founded the cutest West Coast growth chart for my friend’s baby. I’ll have to get it wrapped up and mailed to Regina.

We ended the day with a drink at a brew pub. I think it is the first time I have ordered a drink that I just couldn’t drink. I didn’t like it at all, but the decor was awesome!


We had to be home by a certain time as my parents go for Wings Wednesday with people from the marina and we couldn’t possibly miss that.

I had tuna steak on salad as the waitress said that was the safest thing for me to eat. Most of the table had wings, but my mom had wonderful looking nachos beside me.

It was an awesome final day, but I can’t believe I have to go home tomorrow:(

Once again my dad has a boat full of people so I must go be social.

Have fun!



I actually got off the boat today, though thankfully we were back for the excitement!


I finished another NetGalley book today. If nothing else, this holiday is getting me caught up:)

October Kiss tells the story of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy has been drifting through her adulthood trying to find what is right for her while Ryan is completely focused on getting his new app sold, to the detriment of his relationship with his children. Poppy agrees to be Ryan’s nanny to prove that she can stick with something, but maybe she’ll do more than she ever thought possible!

I loved the characters of Poppy and Ryan. Poppy is the epitome of what I think all grownups feel at some point- lost and without focus and wondering what exactly you’re supposed to be doing and are you doing the right thing? She has a good heart and a good work ethic, but just hasn’t found her thing. I love how she interacts with the children and brings her zest for life to everyone!

At first I thought Ryan was going to be the quintessential workaholic, but he actually is trying to remedy the situation! He is able to have fun with Poppy and the children and he truly is clueless about what other people’s motives are. I like how he put the feelings of his children first!

This is the perfect book to read for the Fall and will definitely inspire my Fall bucket list. It is full of all that is best of the season and is like a how to for having Autumn fun.

I enjoyed how the book wrapped up, however, I wish we had learned whether the big presentation was successful! Otherwise, a great Fall read to get you in the mood for the season and cosy romance.

Thank you to Hallmark, the author and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Sight seeing:

My dad wanted to go for fish and chips at lunch so while him and mom did that, I looked around town. A gorgeous path they have around the community hall. There are benches and even a food truck in this little green space.

There was a cute little cafe where the lady was actually cooking a turkey to make her turkey club sandwich. I wish it had been gluten free as that sounds like a good sandwich! I checked out the thrift store and a few other stores, but finally found the…

Reading Centre! Of course I would find the library🤣 They had a bright, uncluttered and well-organized space. It is run completely by volunteers and they had a good selection. They also had books for sale, but I managed to restrain myself:)

Product Review:

I had fun looking through the local IGA to see if it had different products than at home. I have to admit that looking through grocery stores is something I like to do on holidays. Today, I found a few new things to try.

This peach flavored iced tea was light and refreshing. It really hit the spot during the hot afternoon. The peach flavor is very light and it is not overly sweet.

I wanted to have a different diet pop around for some variety, but there weren’t many options. This one was on sale and a man in the store said his kids love it, so I decided to try it. It tastes like cream soda, but isn’t as sweet as the ones I remember. So far, so good!

This was the final new thing I tried today. When I opened the package there was a slight strawberry smell. They mainly taste like granola with just a hint of berry. My mom said they were lovely and good. I liked that they weren’t really hard granola so it didn’t hurt my teeth to eat them. Again, a lightly sweet treat that will hopefully keep my sweet tooth satisfied. I bought a chocolate hip flavor to try too. I have to admit this product did make me want to go home and bake my own granola bites!


It took me a long time today to settle down and take out another row of my knitting in the hopes of finding my lost stitch. I ended up only having to take out one more row, so three total, to get my stitch back. It looks like I had forgotten to do the second stitch in a right twist. I set to work and actually got my first pattern repeat done! 🎉🎊


As I was sitting knitting, I looked up and thought we were getting closer to the boat anchored by us. A few minutes later, my mom yelled for my dad that we had to move!! With the wind that came up this afternoon, we were definitely too close!! We moved further into the bay and hopefully have found a better spot. It is definitely crowded in here tonight! I have the feeling we’ll all be up checking the anchor is holding tonight.


This afternoon I was catching up on Instagram and saw a workout, so I decided to try it. I definitely couldn’t do as many repetitions as Crystal Seaver did, but it did the trick on the boat. You can find the workout Here:)

The last thing I did today was my run to complete today’s Squad Runner mission. The mission was thirty minutes and I managed to get 32 in. My mom came out to walk so I kept looping back to her, unfortunately that meant I did this never ending hill several times:(

The hill continues up around the corner for about another 200 meters. It doesn’t look bad in this picture, but it felt killer!

Thankfully I was rewarded by a beautiful sunset on the dock while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up in the dinghy.

Its home sweet home again and I have to decide if I’ll knit or read:)

Have fun!


Quality Time

I like when my mom has an appointment and has to come into town! Nothing exciting, but still lovely:)


So thinking I’d be able to run this morning was crazy!! It took about 2km of walking before I could do so without horrible pain! Oh well, I got the 40 minute mission done and got some points for my team. I really can’t wait to be able to go back to running though!!!

I made the mistake of putting my regular pace into a pace converter and boy am I slow compared to all these runners I follow on here and instagram!☹️


I picked my mom up and after she had examined me (I really don’t look bad) we headed out shopping. My shopping goes slightly quicker these days as I mostly have to limit myself to the kids department. Who knew I would spend my childhood shopping in women’s and my adulthood shopping in kids?!?! It actually makes me smile every time I think about it!

I found a few things. The winter jacket is desperately needed as I shrunk out of all of my jackets last year. The sports gear will of course get used lots! The First Nations dress…well does it count as covering the First Nations content of the curriculum if I wear that dress???🤣🤪. I’m just kidding, but I’m pretty sure it will come in handy at work!


After an appointment which was twenty minutes late, and took all of five minutes, we finally had a late lunch. I gave my mom a list of options and she chose our regular. I love it, but I never end up taking her anywhere new.

It worked out though as in addition to sharing yummy fish and chips, my brother was able to stop by after work and visit with us too. It was nice to see him, but I think we may have shocked the waitress a bit. The owner knows us both, but nobody who didn’t know would guess my brother and I are related!🤣


I have to say that I have been obsessed with Polysporin this week. I’ve been consistently putting it on all of my cuts and scrapes and I’m happy to say that most are almost healed! I would definitely recommend having some of this in your house at all times, if you’re anything like me! Now if only they could create a product that works on bruising!


I feel like I haven’t been reading much lately, but it’s just because I started reading a book, found out it wasn’t the first in the series and put it down again. Of course, the book I ended up reading,It Started With a Kiss by Ella Quinn is actually the 4th in its series :(🤦🏼‍♀️

It was a lovely book and very true to the regency time period.

I liked how strong and outspoken the main female character was.

The Worthington family is lovely and crazy and makes every scene come alive. I can only hope the series will continue right to Mary!

The lead male drove me crazy with his need to “protect” his betrothed, but that is probably true to the time period.

The slight twist at the end was fun.


I did a bit more shopping this evening, but it was at Costco so not as much fun. My mom had told me her and dad love the shrimp plate at Costco and since I needed gas I decided to go in and get it. Well my $15 shrimp plate cost me $58! 🤣🤣. Can never get out of Costco without extras! At least I was limited by how much I could hold!


I’m just about to start work on my headband as I am trying to have it done before the end of the month! Abbey requested a picture of the charts for my headband.

Here’s the first chart that I am actually complete.

Here is the second one that I am halfway through.

And here is the third one I have to look forward to!

Well I better get to it or I will never get to that third chart!

Have fun!


On the 10th Day Of Holiday

Another good holiday day:) Do I have a Christmas song going through your head yet? Muhahaha


I actually had a timeline for my run today as I had places to be, so it was up and out the door for 6.1km. It went better than expected. I had given myself permission to walk at 20 minutes but actually didn’t have to walk at all:). I also came to a realization during this time. I’ve been upset that I’m slower than I usually am, but then realized it has also been hotter than it usually is. Hopefully this is the answer and I’m not slowing into old age already🤪


I met up with a teaching friend for lunch. It was so nice to see her and deliver the birthday and new job congratulations and gifts. We had a good catch up over some delicious mussels

Though they were very salty! She had invited a few friends from her new school to join us, and though I managed to visit for a bit, I bowed out early. I’m just not really great at talking to those I don’t know:(


After a lovely massage, and because I have to refrain from working out until tomorrow to enjoy my nice loose muscles, I managed to work on a new rug square for the duration of rewarding Sun sand and Romance. I’m a quarter of the way done already!! Hopefully I get this done before I leave as I don’t think I can cart the rug on my weekend trip!


I am almost finished my yoke- just four rows to go and I am hoping to finish it up tonight!

For Kathy so you can at least see the pretty yarn I’m using:) It’s Diamond Luxury: Foot Loose. I’m absolutely loving working with it as it’s so soft and I’m liking how it’s knitting up. The colours are definitely a departure for me!


I searched another store for my Schweppes diet gingerale and couldn’t find it again! I’m really not batting a thousand on finding drinks this week! I did manage to pick up an awesome hummus though! I’ve had this before and it has quickly become my favorite!

I managed to clean my hallway. I know it isn’t exactly a room, but it still needed dusting and the floor needed to be washed and now it’s done. As of now, I don’t have plans for tomorrow so I may just tackle the living room or kitchen, ugh:(


Tonight I am watching Frozen In Love.

I have to admit the main woman was very annoying at the beginning, but maybe she was supposed to be. It’s a cute movie:). I loved the book chats and wish there was a local bookstore that did that! I also have to admit this movie definitely benefited from having not one, but three very good looking actors in it! (I often wonder if they admit to doing Hallmark movies in real life🤣) I didn’t really love how they ended this movie though. It was just too abrupt and they needed to carry on with the story. Hallmark seems to have been doing several sequel movies lately so I’ll just keep hoping this is a story they’ll continue to tell in the future.

Ok that was a very quiet day overall!

Have fun!


Holiday Day 1

Don’t worry I won’t call every day in sequence!!!


After sleeping for 11 hours, I got up and out the door for my run. It was raining and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s workout, but I got 5.91km done, enough to complete the mission:). I say it was a bad run, but the fact that I ran 5.91km and didn’t think twice about it shows that it couldn’t have been that bad!

I am quite happy that I also got a workout in as one of my goals this summer is to get back to weight training more. I am definitely noticing the lack of muscle I have right now! I did 8 circuits of two exercises each and did each twice. It was a good whole body workout as it included: high knees, mountain climbers, single leg bench squats, shuffles, dips, plank jacks, skipping, woodchops, up/downs, cross country skiing, butterfly crunches, oblique crunches, squat pulses, push-ups, burpees and v sits.

Amazingly, I also kind of got a walk in this evening, though it was more of a stroll than a “walk”. I’ll take it for the first day of holidays though!


My first priority after my run today was to finish the baby tee in time to get it entered for the potions class in HPKCHC. I ended up calling it Sunflower and Sunshine and I’m super happy with it! It also used up another random skein of yarn out of my stash🎉🎊

I followed the free Composite pattern off of Ravelry, although I did the whole sweater on size 4mm circular needles rather than switching needles for the edging. It was super quick and easy and I love how cheerful and cute it is!


I have been working on my rug square, but haven’t quite managed to finish it yet. Hopefully by tomorrow night.


I’ve been working on the same book for a while which is odd for me, but I’ve also been listening to Great Expectations by Charles Dickens on LibriVox . It’s good so far:)


I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading as I’m currently three days behind. I apologize! One of my goals for summer is to catch up and stay caught up!!!


Lyndsay texted earlier tonight to see if I wanted to join her at the Local Canada Day celebrations. We walked over with her son and it was pretty cool. There were some booths set up and we checked out the paint balling one (you have to be ten) and some clothing ones. Her son got ice cream and Lyndsay got a delicious looking baked potato topped with chicken and avocado. It looked really good! We played bean bag toss which was fun

and listened to a live band- Famous Players out of Vancouver. It was cool because one of the band members is the brother of a parent at my school.

Product Review:

The last thing I have to say for tonight is that I’ve been really enjoying this dairy free, gluten free tzatziki alternative!!

It tastes just like tzatziki and is super yummy. It has the consistency of cream cheese which worked great to spread on sandwiches, put in celery and for dipping chicken into. It was delicious in all three instances!

Well I’m off to work on my rug a bit:)

Have fun!



It was so nice today to wake up before my alarm, feel rested and actually have time to work on my rug before school. Maybe I’m back on schedule finally or maybe it’s just the effect of summer arriving:)


With my crazy trip through the natural foods market, I have some new food products to tell you about:). The first is an apple streudel

The first cut through the pastry was a little tough and it seems a bit thick, but the taste is okay. The Apple inside is a little bland and could use some cinnamon and other spices included.

I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think I need to buy it again. Not that I needed to buy it this time either🤣

I’ve also tried a caramel cake.

It tasted good and I liked the different textures in it, but it was way too rich for me!!!! Another thing I don’t need to buy again. I find it so funny that there end up being very few products that I feel the need to try again once I’ve tried them.


It was a busy day. We wrote about our field trip yesterday. It will be our last hallway writing for the year so I can now make up the booklets. I love doing this as I can see the progress the children have made since the beginning of the year:)

We went and watched the talent show from the other grade one class and since most of their children decided to pull out, some of my children performed a second time. There was a violin player who was amazing!

This afternoon we went searching for rocks and coloured on them with our felt pens. Thank you to Linda for having some awesome painted rocks pictured on her blog a few weeks/months ago. I showed them to my students and they went to town. I have to admit my favorite was the one that said, “Be The Nice Kid”. I meant to take a picture of some of them, but I see I forgot, so I’ll try to do that on Monday when we hide them for others to find.

We also worked on finishing Charlotte’s Web, but haven’t quit made it yet:(


After school I helped out with Lyndsay’s son’s birthday party. A few months ago he was begging for a track meet party and I helped come up with a few ideas during a workout one day. When he invited me to the party, I told Lyndsay I would come help out. I’m not a very good guest though as I forgot a gift and he had a smash cake, which I forgot to take three toothpicks out of😣. Poor kid! I think they all still had fun though.


I have to admit I did my half hour this morning and haven’t done anything since- just too tired!

I am going to head for bed as I got an upsetting notice in the mail today and though I am trying to tell myself not to worry, I continue to do so. Hopefully I’ll forget about it soon as I can’t do anything about it!

Have fun!



Not all parts, but the good outweighs the bad.


I couldn’t believe my class today- they were horrendous at times! We changed our groups for the new month and I actually threatened to put them in rows because they were so loud. Grrrr. We all survived and got most of our work done.

We are working on probability in math right now and made a flip book of likely, unlikely, certain and impossible events. Some of their ideas were crazy! It is thankfully unlikely that a meatball meteor will hit spaghetti land today🤣. Thankfully it is certain that Miss B will drink tea today 🤣


I headed out to visit my brother, sister in law and niece and nephew. It was a trip that took longer than expected, but had awesome hugs at the end:)

I went shopping with my sister in law and niece and learned that I now wear the same size clothes as my eleven year old niece who is taller than me! I’ll have to remember to check out her closet!🤣

Product Review:

I have been loving this Nestea half tea, half lemonade drink!

It has no caramel colouring, so no gluten and it has less calories than most things that come in these containers. It made a great addition to my apple and peanut butter, though I did learn there is a definite difference between natural and Kraft peanut butter!


I was reading a blog today and it was talking about a Hogwarts mini skein advent calendar.

I am so tempted!!!


I got a short walk in, but that’s it:(. Hopefully I’ll accomplish more tomorrow!


I have been working on my rug today, but it might be a challenge to get an entire square done by Sunday!

Who said a steering wheel is only for driving!

Well I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Feeling Better

My co teacher makes all the difference!


I got up this morning and did a run to finish up my mission. I only had to do 3.5km, but managed to squeak out 3.9km before it was time to get ready for work.

After the staff treats again today, I decided I shouldn’t skip this mission and went out and did another 7km this evening. My later run was better which is usual for me, but both were beautiful.

I was beating myself up a little bit because Squad Runner shows that my speed is slower this month than it has been the past two months, but then I realized that I’ve been using my walk home from work for some of the multi day missions, so of course it would be slower🤦🏼‍♀️


I had the chance this morning to sit down quietly with my co-teacher and discuss the class placements. We managed to hash out the placements we weren’t happy with and both walked away feeling much better about the classes for next year. We also took pictures of the boards as we feel like the classes changed this year without our input. It drives me nuts that other people think they know my students so well and yet I’m the one who spends over a thousand hours with them!!!!

My day was pretty good, though my students seemed particularly huggy today! Thankfully a parent had sent me an email explaining her son had an off night last night. That always makes such a difference as then I know something is up and I’m just that little bit more patient with him.


Lately, I’ve been enjoying a change from just plain tap water.

There are many flavors of Perrier, but I’ve been really enjoying the pink grapefruit and the strawberry. It’s fizzy and has taste, but isn’t sweet:)

Well I’m off to knit like crazy on my sweater!

Have fun!


Shaking My Head

Are my students really ready for grade two???


A pretty normal day except for lunch. I came back from lunch to three boys bruised and with ice packs. They had decided to wrestle instead of eat. I’m not sure how many times I can say, ” keep your bodies to yourselves, no wrestling!” Grrrr!!! It’s always the same three boys, and it leads me to wonder if I’ve got through to them at all this year????🙁

The one good thing today was that my students who work with me during silent reading on phonemic awareness and sight words are really progressing. One little guy asked if we were going to play today. I always love it when children don’t realize they’re learning as they play a game!

They redeem themselves by looking so cute and playing nicely together.


I spent the evening with my parents. We started by watching NCIS which we used to watch together every week.

The show sure has changed since then!!! I have to admit I think I liked the old cast better. My dad managed to talk through the entire episode!!! Then he stops talking when it’s a commercial!!!!🙄

My mom and I then went for a walk. This was my only exercise today, but I’m okay with that as I’ve been doing a lot of running and exercise lately so I think a day of rest was right. I did do my 45 second plank challenge though.

My uncle came in to visit while I was there and it was nice to catch up with him:) I wonder if all brothers grow more alike as they age? My dad and uncle look identical and they have similar personalities. I got to hear all about how I should take up wearing suspenders 🤣


I got my ten rows done on my rug square today. Hopefully this will help me not to have to do so much on it this weekend!

I also took my knitting to my parent’s place with me so I got another twelve rows done. I don’t think it will be much longer before I’m done the front and then I just have to knit another rectangle for the back.

While at my parent’s I took advantage of the WiFi and chose my next pattern that will use the sparkle yarn I need to for a HPKCHC class. It is called Cucumber Sea by Linda Allegra and was a free pattern on Ravelry. Hopefully knowing my next project will get me moving faster on the tabard!


I’m working my way through What You Need by Lorelei James. I’ll let you know what I think when I get to the end:)

Product Review:

I tried another honey stinger waffle before a run yesterday but forgot to tell you about it.

I was very happy with how this one fueled me for my run. I felt satisfied but not stuffed so still able to run. I did feel like it had less taste than the cinnamon waffle however. I’m going to need to check their website to see if they have any other gf/df flavors.

Well I need to get to sleep as I have to get up at 6 to run in the rain:(

Have fun!


Whistle Blower

Not a bad day, definitely better than yesterday!


We had to do all our new month jobs like changing desk arrangements, counting group points, and making new group posters. Oops I just realized I didn’t do the home reading draw today- will have to do that tomorrow! It is amazing how much time all of this stuff takes!

We got through two printing letters and I was super happy that I had the opportunity to have the two boys who need my help the most come and sit with me to do it. They both did great.

We then reviewed the vowel team rule and watched a quick video on it. The children really do love when I find a video about a topic- talk about addicted to screen time! I don’t feel guilty though as it was only 1:46 long and I made them tell me every word they saw in it that had a vowel team🤣. I again got to pull the three children who needed the most help and guide them through the worksheet:) I love that my class is calm enough to do this. Of course as I write this I realize that they were horrifically chatty today, but it was a full moon… it affects tides and children!!!!

This afternoon I spent the whole afternoon blowing my whistle every minute during track attack. It was the last of these sessions so outside of school practices will start next week! I enjoyed my two week hiatus from early morning practices, but it is fun to see how excited the children are!

After school my co teacher and I tackled amending our report card template based on what I learned from the session yesterday. It took about an hour, but made these report cards even more “not parent friendly”. I feel so sorry for our EAL parents-these reports are so pedantic and use way too much jargon:(


Well, I just checked and I ran 28 times in April for a grand total of exactly 150km!!! This is definitely the most I have ever ran in a month:). So I was capable of more than I thought😂

Today the mission was to run for 50 minutes so I headed out the door around 6pm to get it done. I decided to just do 4 and 1 intervals as this week seems running heavy. It went well and was a gorgeous day for a run! I did notice that there seemed to be a ton of guys running today! I wonder what’s up?

I really want to get back to my usual workout routine because I’m feeling like I’m a little flabby right now. Just running is not enough! I need to figure out when I can do this! Maybe after I finish knitting this bag, my evenings won’t seem so busy! To work on this problem though I am supposed to be starting a plank and squat challenge today. We’ll see if my friend gets back to me!

Knitting/ Crafting:

The rug and bag are both on schedule:)

I just realized I can go check what the classes are for HPKCHC and start planning my knitting for the rest of the month. Now I really want to get this bag done!!!


I’m on chapter 15 of Age of Innocence on LibriVox and am quite enjoying it:)

I am thinking that a few months ago I got tagged for a 100 books you should read tag- I should go see if any of those are on LibriVox when I am done this book:)


Last night I watched the Hallmark movie Eat Play Love. It was so cute!!! This might have been helped by the fact that there were lots of cute dogs in the movie, but I also just enjoyed the plot and the characters. I would recommend this one for a couple mindless hours of watching:)

Product Review:

This evening when I came home from work I thought I’d be heading out for a run immediately so I tried my Honey Stinger Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle.

I have to say it was much more dense than I was expecting, however it didn’t leave me with a stuffed feeling or a lump in my stomach- both good things when I’m running. The cinnamon flavor was slight, but again, that’s a good thing when I’m running. I would definitely try this again to fuel my run:)

Well, I’m off to knit more;it’s starting to feel like a knitting marathon on this bag!

Have fun!