Jam and a Great Book

I’d love to say I was as productive as yesterday, but it just wouldn’t be true. I’m blaming it all on the book!


It’s hopefully the last week that my morning run turned into a walk as I didn’t want to leave Brenda alone. We did the entire Coquitlam River so it was a good way to start the day, especially as Brenda walks very briskly.

I worked out this evening with another Lyndsay routine. After a warm up of running, skaters, jacks, side shuffle and skipping that wore me out, I did:

2 sets of: dumbbell press with squat hops, side lunges, plank taps to burpees, lunges to deadlift, bench push-up to leg raise, plank with leg raise up and to the side, squat jumps to pulsing squats, single leg hip lifts.

Then 2 minutes- first one skipping and the second jumping jacks.

Then 1 minute of each of the following: bench tricep press, wall sit, mountain climbers, band pull downs, and dumbbell swings.

Finally the torture ended with abs, 30 seconds each of: bicycles, Russian twists, right side crunch, left side crunch, full sit up

After that I ended the evening with a short run. I really didn’t want to go and had given myself permission to only go to the park and back, but surprisingly I felt really good. I still only did 3.75km🤣


After my walk and tea this morning I stopped by the farmer’s market and picked up my Black Sheep Vegan Cheese. I was so excited that they were close to home! I have to admit I bought one of each kind they have, though I was disappointed they were out of camemvert.

That’s my very large brown paper bag of cheese in the centre:)

I also went and picked up my friend Kathryn and we hit the Gourmet Warehouse. This is always a scary stop for me and I definitely require supervision. I really wanted to get an angel food cake pan, but they were sold out of it. I wanted to get wonton wrappers, but they only had rice paper. I also wanted to pick up canning jar lids, but they didn’t have the kind I need. I ended up being very good and only buying some sugar free vanilla syrup (I am on holidays so my tea should be special) and some butcher block oil for my charcuterie board. I was tempted by the Le Creuset and the cookbooks though!


I got another batch of raspberry jam made today. It went smoother than yesterday. I think I need to make one more batch to get me through the year. After that I will just freeze the rest of the berries. I have to stop tomorrow and get more jars though.


I spent a lot of today reading, I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting. From the first page this book grabbed me and it never let go! It was such a good read. The plot is very fast paced and yet it seems to suit the characters.

The characters are realistic and interesting and the banter between them is great! I laughed out loud a few times and I have to admit I always love it when the female lead isn’t a pushover.

There was enough background given to have scenes and dialogue make sense and yet we weren’t inundated with “head stuff” or character’s thoughts.

I also liked how the narrative switched between the two main characters so you got to know both sides of the story.

This is an excellent beach read and is highly recommend it if you want something fun.


What have I eaten today???

Breakfast- piece of toast with peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam

10 slices cucumber with cheese and 11 cherries.

Green beans with everything but the bagel seasoning on them

1 mini cherry tart

Raspberries as I was cutting them up for the jam

Not the best, but not horrible. At least my fridge is starting to empty out. I like it a lot better when there’s minimal food in there!

Well I don’t know if I’m going to start another book or some knitting, but I’m off.

Have fun!


Old Fashioned Day

It seems my old fashioned hobbies all made an appearance today.


I finished another book today when I didn’t jump out of bed. Changing the Rules by Erin Kern tells of an uncle who must take on the responsibility for his unknown 6 year old niece. Thankfully he has the help of his sister’s friend who delivers the child.

The story was okay, but it seemed too unrealistic to me. There were no government agencies involved with this child? I don’t think so! The male lead seemed very stereotypical to me. I also didn’t love how none of the characters were well-fleshed out. The ending also left me with questions which really annoys me! I guess I wouldn’t give this one a raving recommendation.


I decided to get my run in on my way to renewing my home insurance. I did another 3.5 loops of Como Lake today. It was nice that it wasn’t that busy:)

This evening I got a walk around the inlet done and 2 sets of ab exercises. I did: 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, 25 bicycles, 25 static crunch with scissor legs, 25 leg drops, 25 knee tucks, 25 side toe reaches. Then repeated them again. I really want to start doing more for my abs!


I got busy in the kitchen and finally got my raspberry jam made. I will need to do some more tomorrow when I get more jars and lids. I used this Martha Stewart recipe. I did decrease the amount of sugar I put in as it seemed a bit much! It was simple and easy to make and it smelled so good!!! I’m hoping to make enough that I don’t need to buy jam this year.


I finally finished the cardigan! I am so happy to be done that thing. I did end up having to detach the sleeves, rip back to the cap and remake them and then resew them in. I also ended up knitting the collar as I went as it had to be longer than the pattern called for.

I made a size 8 kids from Patons #104a Raglans from 2-12. It is shorter and boxier than I expected, but it is incredibly warm, so I am still happy with it.


I’ve been home by myself most of the day, very happily. It was only when it became evening that I started thinking it was pathetic that I was home alone on a Saturday night. I either need to get over this or make a list of friends and start making plans for my Saturday nights!

Have fun!