Compliments, compliments

A pretty good day…


I tackled the hill this morning. I needed a day off from my regular route so I decided to attack the hill that I live at the bottom of. I couldn’t run the whole thing as it’s quite steep, so I used the lampposts as markers and ran one section, walked a section until I was about 2/3 of the way up when I could just run as it flattens out a bit. It took me thirteen minutes to get up the hill and I figure it’s a good goal to work towards being able to run the whole hill continuously. A picture on the way down the hill:)

I also like that it will help towards my Crunch challenge:) I’ll have to remember to assess how I’ve done at this goal at the end of October. It was a nice route as well as, even with the traffic, it seemed more peaceful than my usual route.

I got to walk to work today which was great on this beautiful day!

The path at the start of my walk home.

I even got a workout in tonight too( though I was tempted to skip it). I did workout three which was six sets of four exercises, 45 seconds on-15 seconds off. I had to do single leg squats, cross country skiers, wood hops, squats, squat with shoulder press, oblique crunches, frog crunches, fire hydrants, leg lifts, squats with leg lifts, skiers, and one other thing that I can’t remember for the life of me. I was sweating like a pig when I was done, a feeling I now love:)


Day two of no crying until after lunch. It really does make the morning lovely! I ran the assembly and survived:) we only had one mess up, not bad! The rest of the day was pretty routine, except for running around like a headless chicken on my half hour prep because my to-do list keeps expanding!!


My parents were at the Festival of the Grape in Oliver, BC last weekend brought me home some vegan cheese. Four different kinds!!! 👅 Tonight I decided to crack one open and try it. All of the cheeses are from Black Sheep Vegan Cheese which you can check out on Facebook here:

The cheese is made in Armstrong and I always love to support local, small companies.

I decided to try the pizza cheese tonight as it just sounded too good to ignore. I loved how it came wrapped in paper. I’ve always been a sucker for old fashioned and this put me in mind of how cheese would have come in the past. Simple, easy to open packaging was awesome!

The cheese had no awful aroma that sometimes comes with vegan cheese. When I smelled it, I only smelled the herbs that were in the cheese. It does have a rubbery consistency, but that’s pretty normal for vegan cheese so it didn’t put me off!

The taste was awesome! It tasted just like pizza! So much so that I was surprised it wasn’t red! I was able to eat it as cheese and crackers which is a great thing for vegan cheese! This is actually only the second vegan cheese I have found that I could do that with. Predominantly I tasted oregano, but there were other lighter herb tastes too.

I would definitely recommend this Cheese to anyone who is looking for a dairy free cheese!


The razor cami is blocked:)

And it might just get worn tomorrow:)

I ripped out my Canucks toque this morning and started on one a size larger. I’m back to where the decreases have to begin, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I had the chance tosuit my cami for detention on the Harry Potter: Knit and crochet house cup group I joined on Ravelry. I just hope I did it right! I also had the chance to check out the October classes and I think I have three projects in mind that will count. Now I just have to get them done before October 31st!


Today my principal told me I did a good job on running the assembly and a parent told me after school that I looked good today- my outfit and hair ( I was really pleased with my outfit today!). It didn’t take either of these women more than a minute to compliment me and yet they made my day! I smile even as I write this! It put me in mind of what I’m always talking to my students about- one little positive action starts a chain reaction and everything is positively affected! What a lovely world it makes to live in:) I read a book recently that said “to be the sunshine, not the rain”, what a great way of putting it! Rain is necessary to make us appreciate the sunshine, but I’d definitely rather be someone’s sunshine or rainbow than thundercloud!

I hope you all have had a good day too!

Have fun!


Awesome Beginning and Ending:)

A day with an awesome beginning and an awesome ending:)

I had a great thirty minute run this morning along my normal route. Passed a new guy in addition to my usual ones, I’ll have to get used to him I guess.  I would like to figure out a way to extend my running route as I’m finding I’m slowing down at the end as I know I’m running out of path before I hit home. I think tomorrow I’ll try a one minute on, one minute off, running up the hill and see how that works.

I also got a bootcamp workout in after school with the women from work. We had a teacher from another school join us who I have worked with previously, but I was immediately intimidated because she looks so strong and fit (kind of resembles a Barbie). I was ok after the first few stations when I noticed she was slowing and didn’t have perfect form. I have to remember not to let people intimidate me based on looks, I’m now fit too!!!! It was a great workout though, we did: burpees, v sit ups, donkey kicks, weighted punches, rows, tricep extension, suicides, side plank leg lifts, high knees, skipping, reverse lunge with a hop, plank hops, single leg squat, and planks. I should feel some of that tomorrow! It was funny that we all decided to start at the station we find the most difficult and we all picked a different station!😂. I do love the tabata workout structure though as it’s always changing so I don’t get bored and mentally I always feel like I can survive anything for twenty seconds:) Even with missing my walk today, I feel like today was a successful exercise day:)


The little girl managed to not cry and earn herself a sticker😀. It was amazing what a difference it made to the feeling in the classroom to not have that crying episode first thing. I noticed everyone was more sociable and seemed more positive and we got a lot more done this morning. She did cry after lunch when she got in trouble for hitting someone, but it didn’t seem so bad then.

I started the day on a high note with unpacking the new supplies I had picked up at the dollar store. Some things I use every day and yet I’m using items that I’ve found or am making do with. When I saw some cute stationary supplies at the dollar store, I decided I was worth the theee dollars it would cost to give me a smile every time I saw them. I even shared my cute new binder clips with the colleagues in my wing so we’ll all smile now:)

It was picture day so it’s always cute to see the children dressed up. We managed to have our photos taken before recess break so I didn’t even have the struggle of keeping them clean and tidy until after:)

We played an awesome game in PE today called Tails. Each child had a scarf/pint tucked into their waistband and then the taffeta run around trying to steal as many tails as they can. If your tail is gone you can steal from someone else and if you keep your tail, you’re running around trying to maintain that. The children started even before we yelled go and ran continuously for about twenty five minutes. It was the best part of the day for a lot of them:)


I ran out to my brother’s place to see him and my parents and this cutie, as my parents are leaving in the morning for a month or so.  (They refuse to plan, so we’re never quite sure lol).  It was nice to see everyone, but it always highlights how different my brothers and I are. I really don’t think my parents could have raised three more different children if they had tried! Thankfully we all love each other and get along reasonably well for being so dissimilar ( or maybe that’s really well when I hear stories of other families). I wish I had taken a picture of the smoker my brother has built! It’s amazing and beautiful!!!


Tonight was the first night of “Knit night” with my friend Brenda. We’ve both wanted to be part of a knitting circle and have t found one in the area so we decided to start our own.

I began by blocking my razor cami that I finished last night. 

Unfortunately, I think it’s going to be too big for me now that I’ve blocked it:(.

The pattern:

I made the smallest size available and the pattern was very simple. It starts with a 3:1 ribbing which was new for me, but I really like the looks of it. The pattern then consists of a two row repeat, neither of which was difficult. I read on Ravelry that some people were confused by the final K1, but I had just ignored it and ended on the yo and had no problems maintaining the stitch count or pattern. I just had to make sure that I always did an even number of rows so I didn’t leave my knitting at a yo. The only glitch I ran into was for the top after you divide at the armpits. It said to use half your stitches, but that wasn’t a good place to stop in the pattern so I stopped one early, but then my stitch count kept changing:( It all worked out fine, but it was annoying. I didn’t do the edging as I didn’t think it was necessary.

The Yarn:

I used Indigo Moon Merino Wool Superwash in Paradise Blue. This is the second project I have made with Indigo Moon wool and I was as happy this time as I was the first time. The yarn is soft to work with, doesn’t split and knits up beautifully, though I did forget how slow knitting goes with fingering weight yarn!  This yarn is variegated and I absolutely love the variegation. There is nothing extreme in it, just slight differences that make it so pretty. The colouring is probably my favourite part of this project!

This project is blocking right now and will hopefully be ready to be worn soon!

I started a toque for my nephew tonight in Smith & Ewe’s Maryanne’s Team Socks yarn in Vancouver Canucks colourway. The hat is knitting up fast, but I may need to pull it out and make a size bigger. I got to use my new Flock Harry Potter stitch markers tonight and it gave me a smile every time I got to Hogwarts:)

Oh and my friend brought me some yarn she was given. A friend was helping to clean out a house and was given yarn but she doesn’t like mohair and neither does my friend, so it made its way to me:). It was like Christmas!!😀😀😀o

Well, I’m off to sleep so that I’ll feel like running in the morning.

Have fun!


Happy, Frustrated, Happy…

It has been an emotional roller coaster of a day!


I got out for my usual loop run this morning and it felt really good. This morning was the first time since going back to school that I had as good a run as I had this summer. All of my splits were below 7 min. which is good for me. I actually physically could feel myself pushing and I was running with the right muscles and it didn’t feel like a slog! I felt like I could push myself to run faster and it was a beautiful morning for a run. I knew that I put my tracking at risk, but I had to stop and take this photo because it was just so beautiful!

While I didn’t walk to school today, I did have an awesome tabata boot camp workout after school. It was leg heavy again so I’m probably going to hurt for another three days, but I was totally into it and actually having fun! I felt a pep in my step and still had energy at the end. We did: jumping jacks, curtsy lunges, bird dogs, sit ups with punches, squat with overhead press, side shuffles, skaters, one legged hip raises, running, pop jacks, step ups, one legged squats, plank jacks, and two others that I just can’t remember.

It was a fabulous exercise day for me today as even at Workout Wednesday which we do first thing with the children, I felt like I had springs in my feet:) Can I please keep this feeling?


This was the frustrating part of the day for me. I had to speak to two boys who have been hitting each other. I had gotten an email from a parent, but it’s never one sided and sure enough both boys were guilty so I spoke to them, made them explain and apologize and told them what the consequences would be if it happened again.  Then I had a boy after recess who was pulling his pants down in the lineup (just a bit). When I asked him why he couldn’t tell me, but after a little thought he said, “well David did it”.  We had read the book, No David by David Shannon and the kids all love the page where David runs down the road naked. We then had to have a discussion about how even though this was funny in the book, it was not to happen at school!!! (Head shake, is there any other job that deals with this type of imitation? Lol).  Lunch was frustrating because we are trying to plan a field trip (what the children will really remember about their grade one year), but it just seems impossible to get a program and a bus on the same day:( Grrrr! If they want field trips, why don’t they make it easy to do then???? (And no I don’t know who “they” are.  Everyone!). The frustration continued after lunch when I felt like I spent all of silent reading nagging children to be quiet, not how I like to spend the time!  I finally thought for a moment and figured it was the children who aren’t reading yet so we discussed some strategies they could use during this time if they can’t read books yet.  This seems to have been where my day finally turned as our time outside drawing our adopted tree in Fall went really well:)


I managed to get almost everything I need for the STEM bins I want to make, including the bins this time!  I’m only missing the lego at this time.  It’s nice to see this project coming together quickly so I can get it going in the classroom!  Maybe I’ll stay late at work tomorrow night and get the materials laminated and the boxes assembled.

I stopped into Costco to pick up pictures I had ordered online through the app this morning (another frustrating experience), but it turned out they won’t be ready until tomorrow. Good thing I got vitamins and some cute new sheets or that would have been a complete waste of a trip!


I had my mom with me while I was shopping and I had suggested we try out Orrange, which is a restaurant right by Costco that I have heard good things about from three different people- two teachers and my nephew.

The parking was horrible, the decor was cute and the food was okay. I guess they have different standards or they ate something different from me. They had quite a few options on their gluten free menu.  I had the aloha tuna salad. It was six slices of sashimi tuna, a quarter of an avocado and a few pieces of mango on top of mixed greens. I found it to be very tasteless:(. I love mango and avocado and those parts were good, but the tuna and dressing were meh. Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I didn’t get a picture of my salad:( I wouldn’t recommend this place:(

The other Eating I’ve done lately was to try out a new gluten free, dairy free product from my local grocery store.  I tried the Ciabatta buns from Schar Foods. It was the first time I had seen them in the grocery store by me. They are quite small, but have a good taste. They are not dry and crumbly and do not need to be kept frozen. All bonuses and not typical of the gluten free products I know. I would recommend them, though they are not cheap at more than $2 a bun.  They are quite small so while one is fine for me, most people would probably want two which would be quite expensive for a lunch! I may use them as a treat on occasion, but I think I’ll stick with my breadmaker for everyday.


I got a couple of rows done on my cami at lunch, and I’ll go back to it once I’m done this post.

I’m absolutely loving the colour gradation in the wool! So pretty!  At least I am finally working on thee main body which is a very simple two row pattern repeat. I’m not even keeping track of my rows! Probably the first time in my life I haven’t!

Otherwise I sat down tonight to read up on the vendors who will be at Knit City this weekend. Lol I only found four that I don’t need to visit.  I think we’d better plan on being there all day.  Planning is definitely part of the fun though. At some point I think I’d like to try a knitting retreat. I just need to find one that won’t cost my arm and my leg. I’m sure I’ll find one one day.


I think the best part of my day was spending time with my mom! We are quite similar and have a good laugh over it regularly. Tonight we ended up buying the same sheet set from Costco as we both thought it was cute. I always find my mom easy to spend time with and uplifting to my mood.  My mood was definitely lifted when I came home tonight to find she had ironed and put back on my couch cover. So inviting that I now need to sit on it and do some knitting!

Have fun!


Well it was supposed to be busy…

When I looked at my phone calendar yesterday for what was happening today, it was so chock-a-block full it made me tired just looking at it, but it sure didn’t turn out that way.


I got over to the gym for a workout with my friend Lyndsay this morning. I love working out with her because she is in better shape than I am, but she always just assumes I can do any exercise she can. I don’t want to tell her I can’t so I end up pushing and challenging myself:) I could feel the swing lines holding a ten pound weight in each hand by lunch today!It’s a fabulous way to start the week!

It was the only exercise for the day however because I had a massage after school. I always try not to workout on the days I have a massage so that I get to enjoy my loose body for at least 24 hours🤣


Well we had tears again this morning, but at least I didn’t have to physically move anyone! My little boy with high anxiety is progressing so well! I think tomorrow he will actually be able to just line up with the class outside, like everyone else:)

I got my FreshGrade up and running today which makes me super happy. I’ve used this app the past two years but have never given parents access before. I just hope I don’t end up regretting that!!😳. I recorded the children at the end of the day saying what the best part of their day was. I hope parents want to see this stuff and don’t just find it annoying. In the past I’ve used it mainly just for assessment, but I want to provide information that parents can use to have a conversation with their children too! Wish me luck, technology is not always my friend😫


A colleague gave me her breadmaker today and I couldn’t resist trying it out. It is an older machine so it doesn’t have a gluten free setting, but I found a recipe online that didn’t seem to require that so we’ll see if it works. I will either have a loaf of bread or I’ll have the start of bread pudding and my mom will have a breadmachine for each one of her homes 🤣

It came out ok, can’t wait to try it!


I missed knitting at lunch today. All I managed to do was print off the marketplace map for Knit City that is happening this weekend. I absolutely can’t wait!! The friend I am going with was supposed to come over tonight so we could plan but she has a cold so she’s home resting to ensure she’ll be better by Sunday!! Instead I have managed to wind my Indigo Moon yarn ( yay me as last time it took me and my parents to untangle the mess I made. I decided to try out the Razor Cami pattern that a couple of people have used Indigo Moon to make. I didn’t want socks this colour and I don’t think I need another shawl right now so hopefully this will work! I’m just at the ribbing so I’ll take a photo when it’s more interesting.

My mom came up with a great idea for my New Hampshire yarn- a v-neck, sleeveless, front buttoning vest. Now I just need to find a pattern, anyone know of one?????


For me, September is more a time for goal setting than January. My job influences so much of my life that a new school year seems like the time to set some goals. I’ve talked about a few, Such as getting up early to exercise and trying to work just 8am to 4pm this year. Well another goal I had was to try to wear something I’ve made at least once a week. So far, four weeks and I’ve worn four of my handmade items. It makes me happy and piques the interest of the children so that when I start knitting club as the weather gets nasty, they’ll be interested. I figured I should share with you what I’ve worn as well:) Most things are slightly big on me now, but I’m just not willing to rip out yet!

Well, I’m off to try my bread and finish the ribbing on the razor cami.

Have fun!