Busy but Better

I never seemed to sit down!


My day started early with our first running club practice. In years past there has only been two teachers running this, but thankfully this year there are five so hopefully it will be slightly less work. We have also limited it to grade 4 and 5 students. Running club happens three times a week and is to get the children prepared for the Como Lake Relays where teams of 4 compete. Each child will run 1.2km. It is quite the commitment for the children, but we’ll see how many stick it out. Today we had to do it all in the gym as it was too snowy and slippery outside:(. I hope they stick with it as I really wish I had started running much earlier than I did.

Today we had writing today about the Rocks and Rings program. I seemed to spend the whole time reminding the children of capitals and periods; figure I’ll be saying that in my sleep tonight!

On my prep we wrote the weekly email, and I got one report card written.

For math we started the addition drill booklet. The children took it so seriously and only three of them did the wrong page. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do about that yet.

This afternoon we read with our buddies and then did the last lesson on migration. Most of the children can now name four to six animals that migrate, but I’ll have to test that for sure tomorrow. Their pictures of geese, whales, seals, fish, butterflies and reindeer were really quite cute!

I teamed up with two other teachers after school to write more report cards. We can’t write them for each other, but we can keep each other company, commiserate and provide the odd synonym when you can’t say what you really want to. It does ease the pain of report card writing slightly.


We had a staff luncheon at work today. It was Greek. My co teacher very kindly made potatoes and chicken that I could eat so I stuck to that. I really wanted Greek salad!!!!

I know every workplace has that one person, but ours was a real doofus today. He was asked to bring drinks and six skewers. What did he show up with, nothing! Then, after two emails were sent out last week, he tried to ask if this was a sign up and pay luncheon. Ugh I so dislike having to deal with him- one of the reasons I moved to primary!


I picked my knitting buddy up at the bus station this evening. It will be nice to have her home!


I was about to let the weather get to me like I did yesterday. The high was only one degree and it was already back in negative numbers by the time I got home, but I did get out for a run. It was just a quick half hour, but it was at least something and it felt good to be active!


I’m thinking I’m going to put my sweater aside for a few days and work on a pair of socks for myself with my New Hampshire wool. My goal was to make a sweater a month, but this may not happen in February, we’ll see how the socks go. I’m going to try a new pattern for short socks as I prefer to wear those, but never make them. Obviously a situation that needs to be ameliorated!

I’m off to cast on it maybe read another chapteršŸ¤£

Have fun!