ProD Day

It was a ProD day today, but it didn’t really seem any less busy!


I spent the day trying to figure out our new report cards which have to be done online. I finally figured out how to input the curriculum points, but I have no idea how you see what you have put in so far:( Plus, you have to do one subject and then the next which is not how I work! I usually decide what I need parents to know about their child and then write that one report card ensuring I mention those points, but I don’t get to do that now. There is also an auto-full function they suggest you use, but I’m afraid I’ll forget to go back and change the children’s I need to😳

I suppose it was somewhat helpful and productive, but it didn’t really feel like it.


After a lovely late lunch with Corianne and Lyndsay (I inhaled a Browns tuna poke bowl), I went to take my friend Kathryn shopping. She had texted me last night asking to go to the Helly Hanson store. I managed not to buy anything even with their big sale. I checked out Aldo too and managed not to buy anything there either! I did get some raisins and pumpkin seeds( supposedly high in iron) from Bulk Barn along with some packaged items for Monday. I was pretty impressed with myself.


I was even more impressed when I came home and took a closer look at the oven door and managed to fix it myself!!!


I decided not to run today as I was caught up on my mileage, but felt like I had to do something so I did an L workout called Skip To It. It had a lot of skipping along with squats with shoulder press, burpees, reverse curls, bicep curls, reverse lunges, crunches, mountain climbers, twisting mountain climbers and Spider-Man mountain climbers. It ended up being 28 minutes long, so I was happy with myself:)


I have had a pretty good eating day! I had oatmeal with Pb & j, slice of apple bread, tuna poke bowl and that’s it since I’m still full from the poke bowl!


I am literally 6 rows away from being done my second market bag, but figure I had better get some sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow.

Have fun!


Make Up Your Mind🤣

I awoke to a text changing plans, but they changed two more times! 🤣🤣 I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee, but then I wasn’t until tomorrow, but then I was until finally this afternoon, it was again put off until tomorrow.


Today was fine! We got through our work and everyone survived. The most exciting part of the day for me was when I was assessing the children’s reading and several more of them moved up multiple levels. I love that!!!

I got a report card done before school, one on my prep and two after school for a total of 13 done so far. I have nine more to go!

We also had a luncheon at school today. We had decided on tacos so I took ground beef along with brownies and peanut butter cookies. The cookies and brownies are all gone so I guess they were a hit:)


I got out for a run after school. I often wonder why some days it’s easy to get out and other days it’s near impossible to convince myself to go for a run. I did 6.2km, not extremely fast or well, but I did it! The best thing was that I got to try out my new headlamp because it was so dark by the time I got out.

I had ordered the Black Diamond Spot Lite From MEC a week or so ago. It came very quickly which was great! I was cursing it at the start as I thought it was too big, but then realized I hadn’t played with the band at all and once I tightened that up I had no problems. This was one of the simpler models available, but I chose this one because it is waterproof to one meter for thirty minutes. With the amount of time I spend out running in the rain, I figured this was the most important feature. Okay the truth is, my mom thought this was the most important feature, but I’m glad I listened to her!


I have decided to frog my vest and make a poncho out of my chunky green wool. It will be warm for work and if I decide I don’t like it, I can donate it to the Christmas Market at school.


I have started a new book and it has me hooked, so I have spent much of my time reading. I am now going to go crawl into bed and continue reading:)

Have fun!


Almost Starting Over

Just when I thought I was done and going to celebrate, I realize I’m not:(


Today started off neat with a high school teacher coming to tell us about the differences between teaching high school and elementary. Smart woman, she brought pictures of a locker for the kids to decorate and they loved it!!!

We had another math drill, Library time, silent reading and science. We introduced our last element of the animals in winter unit- adaptations. The students listened to a story and then we brainstormed all the adaptations and the animals that do them. No amazing lesson, but the best thing was that the boy with behaviour issues in the other class nailed it!! He was giving one right answer after another:) I taught his sister last year and know that the family is very into science (Dad is a geologist). It was just so neat to see him shine and then to be able to give Mom this happy news after school was super too! It was a good reminder of why I struggle through teaching seven different subjects every day!

At lunch we had another meeting about report cards which I wasn’t super happy about. Then this afternoon I sent my reports to my mom to have her read them ( I know she just loves it when I do this!)🤣 and she called me on them:( Said they read like first drafts. If anyone ever wonders where I get my bluntness from….🤣. I sat down and gave myself forty minutes to try to improve them. I only got through five and felt like crying several times, but I did get a “great job” on those five. I guess I know what I will be doing for all my spare moments over the next few days as they are due Friday. It is report card time that I really notice that I always took speech therapy instead of English:(. I should probably just apologize now for the writing in this blog! I will try to fix them though as the choppiness is what I have noticed in other reports too and as my mom said when I complained it was taking forever, is that they’ll be around forever too!


I did leave pretty close to when I planned to and got out for a run. I’m hoping the snow will clear up completely soon so I will have other running routes available to me as doing the same loop every day is not exciting. I was not as fast as yesterday, but I noticed that my splits were within seconds of each other which seems like a good thing! It’s another run done. I won’t make my mileage goal for February but it’s a short month and we’ve had snow so I’m okay with that. I’ll try again for March:)


I really wanted to be reading and knitting but I needed to clean my place up first for knit night tomorrow night.


I have to admit I did the bare minimum for someone to come over and sat down with my needles. I got the second sock casted on and the cuff done. It’s going much faster than the first one, thankfully!

Have fun!


Not Enough Hours!

A good day, but there are just not enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do!


I got my butt out of bed and went out the door for a run. It was a tough go so I said I’d just do five minutes out and five back, thankfully it turned into my usual run, though I didn’t quite make thirty minutes. I was just glad to get out!

I did the workout Wednesday with the children and then also ran two laps at the start of gym with them. My legs feel very sore though:(

After school we had our staff bootcamp. It was only four of us today so quite quiet. It was lots of cardio today as we did: high knees and v ups, skaters and punch crunches, reverse lunge with lateral raises and donkey kicks, running and leg curls, reverse lunge with a hop and planks, bench lateral step ups and push-ups, side shuffle and plank shoulder taps. It was a good workout, but it’s funny that it felt like working out again when I got home.  On Sunday one of my running buddies was talking about getting addicted to weight training and I said he was crazy, but maybe he’s not.


We had a pretty normal day. We read a friendship book and made connections, did some work with base ten blocks and wrote about our hip hop dancing at the end of October ( I completely forgot about doing hallway writing about it!!). All throughout these activities I was busy getting all the children assessed on math. I really dislike when I have to do these formal assessments as I pretty well have to stop teaching to do them. I film the children in FreshGrade and that means I can’t stop and help or review work with any of the other children. I feel like assessing makes me a bad teacher:(. I think tomorrow we will do tons of game playing to make up for the past two weeks!

I finished my report cards this morning and have switched with Lyndsay for proofreading. I so hadn’t thought about the fact I would actually have to read hers when I suggested this🤣 I also sent mine to my mom to get her to proofread them. She’s an awesome editor and it will make her feel at home 😂. The goal is to hand them in on Friday so I don’t have to think about them this weekend!


I made some no-bake cookies tonight. My co-teacher shared her avocado and grapes with me today (she doesn’t think I eat enough) so I want to take something for her tomorrow. The recipe is from here:

It was super easy as it only had four ingredients: oats, peanut butter, coconut and maple syrup (though I used agave syrup instead).  I’ll let you know what Liane thinks of them tomorrow:)I think they took me a whole six minutes start to finish though I’m going to leave them in the freezer overnight as they still seem sticky!

I thought Of Maureen tonight as I had a baked potato for dinner. It was yummy ! I never think of having a potato but it was quick, warm and filling- perfect for this cold, rainy night!

I tried a new non dairy egg nog the other day. My friend had mentioned this one before so when I saw it I grabbed it!

It was thicker than the So Delicious one I usually buy but I found it didn’t have the strong egg nog taste I like. If only they could use this texture and the So Delicious taste!  I’ve decided that there will be no more egg nog! No wonder I’m feeling pudgy!

The other news in eating is that I found an aerosol can of rice whipped cream. I was so excited, but the can is broken and I can’t get anything out:( I unfortunately don’t have the bill anymore so I can’t return it. Anyone have any advice for me??? I am so disappointed as I was really looking forward to it as I had read a fellow blogger’s Review!


I have gotten the cuff done on one of my handwarmers but that’s it:(. There are just not enough hours in the day! Today a blogger mentioned taking a holiday day just to crochet. I’ve always wanted to stay home from work for a day just to knit, but unfortunately I just can’t bring myself to do that:(

Well I have to get back to reading Lyndsay’s report cards.

Have fun!