Are My Eyes Open?

I am happy with my accomplishments today, but I have been utterly exhausted feeling all day!🙁😫😏


I dragged myself out of bed this morning for a workout with Lyndsay because Friday doesn’t work for her. It was a tough workout where we did the floor weight work first and then the treadmill workout. I wasdefinitely sweaty by the end!! It was good to get this done first thing because I knew I had a meeting after school to prepare for Friday and then another meeting with my co teacherctoweite report cards.  At least I didn’t have to worry about getting a workout in!


We had a slow start this morning as we had a presentation on the CPR this morning. The kids loved it as the three guys presenting sang, danced, wore crazy costumes and hats! I had a hard time staying awake, but that was just how I felt all day!

I had a prep where we worked on report cards. My co teacher and I both have to write report cards for our own classes but we like to be in the same room when possible as it’s nice to be able to confer about assessments and wording. Company makes this horrible job a little bit better!

This afternoon we had buddies where we took the STEM boxes and did them with our older buddy class. The children were fully engaged again and having a great time. I plan on doing them one more time on Wednesday where I will take a picture of what they build to post in FreshGrade for their parents.

After school it was a meeting to prepare for the Friday curriculum day. All got done but thank goodness we planned it at the session a month ago as none of us had any recollection of the material!

I also found out after school that I get a new student next Monday who is an extreme behaviour category child. I always end up with the behaviour boys and now my class will be over in class size so I’ll be having to fill out forms for remedy, etc. I was just thinking how much I enjoy my class so I hope this boy doesn’t wreck the dynamics of the classroom!

Baking/ Eating:

Today we had a staff luncheon. We used to do birthday cakes, but the amount of treats was becoming g crazy so we decided to just do three luncheons a year. My group decided on an Italian theme which I was super inexcited about because it’s the most difficult cuisine for me to eat. There was only one dish I could eat out of everything, grrr! I was not a happy camper as I could have had a better meal bringing my lunch from home! The one good thing was that the secretary said my almond chocolate torte I made yesterday was the best part of the luncheon😀

Glad I grabbed this photo at lunch because there was nothing left after school!


I finished my ponytail toque. I adapted a pattern I use for my mother’s toques.


CO 84 stitches, place marker and join in the round.

Knit 2, purl 2 for 39 rows ( I would make this 50 rows next time).

Row 40: rib to the last five stitches, bind off four stitches. I would increase this to bind off six-eight stitches next time.

Row 41: rib to the end, cast on four stitches using backwards loop method.

Row 42: rib

Row 43: Knit 2 together, purl 2 around.

Row 44-47: rib k1, p2

Row 48: Knit 1, purl 2 together

Row 49-52: rib k1,p1

Row 53: knit2together around

Row 54: purl

Row 55: Knit

Break yarn and thread tail through remaining stitches.
I’m happy where the ponytail hole is, but I really wanted a turn up on the bottom of the toque so would definitely make it longer next time.

The wool was wonderful to work with! So soft and it didn’t split at all! I love the colouring!!

This also qualified for the November wand lore class on HPKCHC, so I’m doubly happy!

Well I think I’m going to cuddle into bed with a book and perhaps go to sleep early tonight so that I can try to be less tired tomorrow!

Have fun!