What?! Another Week Gone?

Today was a very non routine day, but it went pretty good regardless of that.


I got a bit of time to knit this morning:) I was very determined to finish my cowl so I could deduct another three skeins from my stash before tomorrow’s event. I managed that tonight and I’m surprisingly happy with the result. Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do with it! I wanted to show you, but it is a white cowl blocking on a white towel right now so it will need to wait until it is dry.


Today we had another assembly right at nine am for orange shirt day. It was fine, but I tuned out so I can only imagine the children’s response.

We got our Friday journals written. It is neat to see what the children remember for the week. Playing outside, the Terry fox run, writing about the run, and writing our Fall bucket lists were some of the highlights.

We also had our first fire drill where I had three little people who needed to be corrected:(

This afternoon we decorated a Terry fox shoe with our buddies and had a compliment circle. There was marked improvement in the children’s ability to give compliments:)


I had my last berry kale shake this morning as the kale is all gone. I had two tangerines, a veggie sushi roll (lunch lady very kindly dropped this off to make up for yesterday), my southwest chicken salad, and a ton of appetizers! I need to eat healthy this weekend to make up for that!


We had a staff social after school at a local Boathouse Restaurant. A lot of the staff were unable to make it and it was a weird vibe. I was only able to eat edamame off the happy hour menu so that’s what I had.

Slightly disappointing when I thought I’d be having dinner. What was even more disappointing was the service! It was atrocious!!! The only thing that came quickly was the bill and for the first time, I left no tip!

I get the impression that some of the people left to go elsewhere with other staff members. I actually ended up doing that as well as I had carpooled with two women. We stopped at Brown’s Socialhouse and shared a lot more appetizers!

I hope that our staff is not fracturing already, but it wouldn’t really surprise me:(


I didn’t get much time for reading today, though I did get some more of Great Expectations by Charles a Dickens listened to on LibriVox 🙂


Finally, I made 1000 followers today which amazes me. Thanks for following me along in life:)

Have fun!


They’re Home

It was a pretty great day right from the start to the end:)


My day started with being busy getting the special helper calendar and printing books ready for both grade 1/2 classes. My co teacher is home ill and she was worrying about these two things so I got them done so she could quit thinking of them and start getting better!

When I went to pick up the children at the door, one of my grade one boys gave me these:)

It was such a lovely start to my day!!!

We wrote out Fall bucket lists today. I have to say thank you to Mildlygranola as her Fall passport post was a great example for my students. I’ll have to take some photos to share with you as they came up with some good ideas:)

This one is mine:)

This afternoon we wrote out what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the Fall. All but one group did really well. The fifth group was too busy poking each other to get anything done!🙄😖

As we were heading out the door to play this afternoon we saw the principal showing a student and parent around. This usually means we are getting a new student. One of my little boys turns to me and says, ” don’t worry Miss B, they aren’t our problem cause our class is full.” 🤣🤪🤣🤪

We did get a new fridge today, but we were all super disappointed that it didn’t come in a box:(


I’ve had a berry kale shake, a hard boiled egg, southwest chicken salad, larabar and seafood marinara today to eat. Can you tell I am a creature of habit when it comes to food? Actually I just get full so quickly that one dish lasts me all week!


I heard the best noise at 11:15am, my mom’s text alert- they had landed at home! I was super happy they were home and arranged to meet them for dinner. I did end up picking them up and we headed to a local pasta house- Pasta Polo. I like this restaurant because it is nice and quiet. You can actually have a conversation with people!!!! It also has a good selection of food without having a novel for a menu. There are starters, salads, pizza, pasta and dessert. Thankfully they also offer gluten free pasta and pizza base so I have some choice:). I forgot to take a picture of my seafood marinara

But here it is from a different trip to this restaurant in March. Talk about creature of habit! I should really try something new!

Actually I did try one new thing tonight- a lavender lemon drop martini. Not really my thing, but neat to try:)


I am yet again back to my quest to use up stash yarn. I have started a bowl of my own creation. We’ll see how it goes. I wish I could stay up knitting, but I should go to bed so I’m patient again tomorrow. See how long I can keep this “good day” streak up?

Have fun!


ProD Day

Today was a professional development day which makes for a change from the regular routines.


I got to sleep in a little bit today and still got a run in before school. It poured down rain the entire time I was out there and of course stopped as I got home.

While it was a super slow run for me, it also turned into an obstacle course as there was a tree down from the wind we’ve had lately.

It was weird to only see three other people as usually the path is busy at any time of day, regardless of weather. I guess everyone was taking it easier this morning. I got t done and that had to be good enough for today!


After walking up the hill in another torrential downpour, I spent the morning listening in the library. We had a man come and talk about inquiry based learning. It was super interesting and I really want to do some with my class, but first I have to gather a ton of “loose parts” (collections of small items hat children can create and build with). It can be anything from bread tags to wooden dowels to rocks to fabric. I’m super excited, but worried I’ll forget everything about how to do this before I’ve gathered enough stuff:(

One of the activities was to represent how learning takes patience and time. This was my group’s project🤣


I have spent a good part of today eating it seems like. We went for an Indian buffet at lunch. I had seen Lazeez’ Grill before, but hadn’t been there. I would definitely go back as the restaurant was clean and bright. Nothing to look at from the outside, but the food was very good and there was stuff I could eat:)

I then ended up going with Brenda for Pho for dinner as well. I wasn’t even that hungry to start with so I was super full by the end and I didn’t even finish my pho. I usually get the hot and sour seafood pho with rice noodles, but today I tried the beef stew dish. I really didn’t like it as much as the broth was greasier and it didn’t have enough veggies:(. Hopefully I can spend the next two days not eating!


Tonight was knit night which gave me something to look forward to all week:). I have started a simple shell with the red cotton/alpaca/silk yarn and I think it will be a nice Fall top:) I also have a plan for a headband for myself out of some sock yarn. I am hoping to get both of these projects done this week, but we shall see.

Well, I’m off to veg as my brain is done!

Have fun!



Another lovely day spent with my mom. Can’t believe I only have four days left of her company and my holiday!


I knew I had to get my run done early or it wouldn’t get done, so I went out the door this morning for my 6km. It again, wasn’t pretty, but it’s done!

This evening I thought about skipping my workout, but didn’t want to admit to doing that so I did a ladder workout.

Six exercises: burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats, bridge with toe taps, plank shoulder taps and alternating side lunges.

Round 1: 20 seconds, 10 second test

Round 2: 30 seconds, 10 seconds rest

Round 3: 40 seconds, 10 seconds rest

Round 4: 60 seconds, 10 seconds rest

Round 5: 40 seconds, 10 seconds rest

Round 6: 30 seconds, 10 seconds rest

Round 7: 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest

I was sweaty by the end which of course was the goal. My arm didn’t like the planks, but I survived and moved slightly closer to my goal:)


I met my parents at my classroom as my dad delivered my chair back. It works so well now!!!! My mom and I tackled the containers so they are done and look so much better!! I actually managed to get rid of a few and the rest got organized and colour coded, of course 🤣


We managed to only spend 45 minutes in my classroom and then it was off for some shopping. My mom likes to shop when it’s for me ( I seem to be her Barbie doll), but she hates it when it’s for her and today was for her. She needs clothes for her trip!!! Amazingly we both found a lot of stuff! I probably didn’t need anything, but I bought it anyways. More than half was new workout gear which always inspires me to get active so that’s good!

I have my mom’s stuff all washed (she would have to pay to do it, but I don’t), and I will tackle my stuff this weekend as I don’t have the time crunch she does. I did get all the tags cut off and all of it entered into my Stylebook app:)


After all that shopping, my mom and I were starving. We hit the Coquitlam Grill for lunch. It’s not fancy at all, but boy is it good, fast and cheap! I had the jambalaya rice bowl that was so good! I still couldn’t finish it though!


I’ve lived in my place for ten years and for ten years my bedroom has been driving me crazy! My place was built during the time that overhead lights weren’t popular so my light switch turns on a little lamp in the corner. Grrr I just want to be able to see something!!! A while back I had bought a hanging fixture and asked my brother to wire it to a plug in for me. Well actually, I just left it on his dining room table🤣. I will now do this with everything I want done as my sister in law was after him and today he came and put up the light for me! I love it😍😍😍😍😍😍. Let there be light!

Knitting/ Crafting:

I promised you a picture of the scarf I made for my friend Kari. Here it is and I just hope she likes it and it’s long enough!

I have gone back to working on my rug as I am just 1.5 squares away from being done. I would still like to be done before school starts, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen:(.

I’ll get to it or it really won’t happen.

Have fun!


Not As Bad As I Thought

Today was full of things that were better than I thought they’d be.

I had to start the day by finally getting on the scale and finding out how much my month of holidaying cost me. I was quite happy it was only five pounds and hopefully they’ll be gone soon! You may see more pictures of what I’m eating so that I stay on track and feel free to “yell at me” if I’m not exercising consistently.


I dropped off my library books and started my run from the opposite side as I usually do. I hadn’t gone far when I knew it wasn’t going to be a great run. I actually turned around at one point and then thought, no I’d better get it done first thing. It ended up being a combination of walking and running. I suppose I had it coming as I have been eating unhealthy food and and can tell you I haven’t been drinking enough water. I guess it all caught up to me.

On my run, I was thinking about upcoming workouts. Last year I started the school year running before school at 6am, but it really only worked until it got too dark so I am thinking that I am going to stick with after school runs. I think it might serve as a good way to clear my head as well as get some exercise.

This evening, I wanted to do something to continue to get back to being healthy but I’m still slightly sore from last night’s workout so I decided to do an ab workout as it is the first day my stomach isn’t sore. I did: 10 weighted sit ups, 20 crunches, 30 twisted mountain climbers, 40 static crunch with scissor legs, 50 reverse curls, 60 toe reaches, 70 weighted Russian twists, 80 bicycles, 90 leg drops, 100 dead bugs.

At this point I am thinking that I will alternate an ab workout with a regular workout. We’ll see how that goes.

I guess it was my day to make active decisions🤣


I had made plans to meet up with my friend Brenda to go to Gourmet Warehouse. Neither of us are allowed in this store without supervision so we go together a couple of times a year. It was fun to poke through for a couple of hours and there were lots of things I wanted, but I just came home with this:


Another part of the fun of Gourmet Warehouse is that there is a fabulous restaurant nearby. It is called Scandilicious. It is horrible to find parking around there, but is definitely worth the search! The other two times I’ve been to Scandilicious I’ve had the Veganessa which is a gluten free and dairy free waffle with peanut butter, jam and berries. This time, the girl at the counter said that three other dishes could be made gf/df. I was a little nervous after my recent dairy problem, but went for it and had the Westcoast with lemon dill sauce rather than hollandaise.

It was amazing!!!!!!! Waffle with smoked salmon, capers, lemon dill sauce and two eggs! Oh I could eat that for every meal!! Their chai latte with almond milk was really good too!

Brenda had the ABBA which she was raving about as well. It is Brie, bacon, apple and avocado on a waffle with balsamic drizzled on top.

On the way home I saw the Chomp Eatery I have been wanting to try but don’t know if I can give up going to Scandilicious to try Chomp🤣


I haven’t knitted yet today, though it is on the agenda for after I get this post done, but I wanted to finally show you the scarf I made last week.

It is more purple than it shows in the picture, but I like how it is reversible as the pattern is the same on both sides. It knit up fast and will now go in my basket to be gifted or donated as it is not long enough for my friend Kari. It is the speed bumps pattern on ravelry and just made with red heart yarn I had in my stash.


Instead of the knitting I was supposed to be doing, I sat on my deck reading all afternoon. I finished my last library book, and I’m not allowed anymore until I get caught up on ARCs and the loaned books.

I really enjoyed Moonlight Over Manhattan as it’s the newest in the series. I liked how it brought two different Sarah Morgan series together so I got a little update on the characters from the O’Neil series. The characters were interesting and I especially liked the main woman as there were lots of things I could relate to. I also liked that the book was about self-growth a lot and yet it was laugh out loud funny in parts. A great summer read!


So I caught up on my blog reading today and realized you all are who I should ask. The other night, WordPress told me photos couldn’t be uploaded as I had used all of my 3G. I deleted a few pictures that were duplicated which has solved the problem for the moment, but I am wondering how other people have dealt with this problem?

Well I’m off to knit!

Have fun!


Another Day of Fun

I am so glad we didn’t have to rush home today as it gave us another awesome day of fun!


We went for another walk today. This time we hit Cliff Gilker Park which we had read online had a better waterfall than the one we missed yesterday. Well we walked every path in the park, which were much more technical than yesterday’s

And this is the only waterfall we saw!

Maybe I should give up on waterfalls for this holiday!

This was my only exercise for the day and I feel like I’m going to have to go home and run all day every day!!!


We hit another new restaurant today. Unfortunately we were hungry. I really wanted the avocado breakfast bowl with chorizo sausage, but they were sold out so I ended up with a beef burrito bowl with an egg on top. Along with this I had a glass of red sangria, which I had to doctor with simple syrup as it just wasn’t sweet enough!

The food was good, but I’m not sure it was worth the forty five minute wait nor the obnoxious guys sitting behind us.

The view was awesome though!


I spent most of the afternoon knitting on my scarf for my friend.  It was an awesome place to do some knitting, though I was under a blanket because the wine was cool!


I read a couple of short novellas last night so I could finish off a series I have been reading.

Rock With You was insta-love but for some reason it didn’t bother me. Maybe because it was set in a bakery or because how else could it be with a rock star. It was a short but enjoyable read.

I also finished this short story, All I Want For Christmas Is You which was like a little extra scene after the book ended. I loved a peek at life after the book ends and I wish more authors did this!

Product Review:

I found some Ben and Jerry’s dairy free Cherry Garcia almond milk ice cream today and I loved it!

It was incredibly yummy!!!! I got this because there wasn’t much non dairy voice where my friends got ice cream.


We’ve been watching Something Borrowed as we ate dinner. I had forgotten all about this movie/book since it’s been years since I’ve read or seen it.

I’m off to finish the movie and maybe another one.

Have fun!



Today I learned that I am not a particularly friendly morning person. I need a few minutes of quiet to get my brain going.


We headed out first thing this morning for a hike that my friend’s sister recommended. She would be a great Airbnb hostess! We parked at the end of a road with the expectation that we would walk in to see a waterfall. I texted my mom the details and then realized that it was going to be less than 5km round trip! Obviously my definition of exercise is different🤣. It was a lovely walk.

I have to admit we were a little underwhelmed by the falls.

It turns out we didn’t see the “real” Falls. 🤣. Oh well, it was still a nice walk.


We headed into Sechelt after this to a bakery. It was super cute and had a good menu, but the wait to order was about fifteen minutes and then we had a forty-five minute wait for our food. Good thing it was good, though there was a hair in mine:(

I also had a treat from the Cheeky Monkey bakery.

This was just a few doors down from the bakery. It’s a very small space and I have to admit I am a little confused about exactly how many stores are in the space as there was also Seafoam smoothies and talk of salads. I ended up choosing the chocolate caramel shortbread bar. Only their bars were gluten free and dairy free and they all had chocolate in them.

This was not as sweet as I like as the chocolate was dark chocolate. My friends both chose the earl grey cupcake and said it had a good earl grey taste but the texture of a muffin more than a cupcake.


I finally finished another book for NetGalley.

One More Moment is the story of Charlotte Clark, an overworked social worker and Julian Grayson, the drummer for the band Shaughnessy.

I loved lots of things about this book. There are laugh-out-loud moments, especially the first meeting of these characters.

I loved the band members and how they stood by each other and provided a support network.

I loved how it highlighted charities and simple ways everyone could volunteer and help out.

I loved the pacing of the book as it doesn’t lag or rush. There is a whiff of insta-love but it’s not overpowering. I liked how the characters dealt with this.

I loved how realistic the characters were. They had their problems and had to work through them in their own way. They stayed true to their characters, even the parts of their personalities that drive me crazy!

I would recommend this book for anyone who has enjoyed Samantha Chase in the past or the Shaughnessy family series as they make an appearance. Anyone who likes music romances or those that start with a hilarious misunderstanding would enjoy this one.

Thank you to NetGalley, Samantha Chase and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for the honest review.


I spent some time this afternoon working on a scarf for a friend. She requested a long, purple scarf. I had started an entrelac scarf, but didn’t like how it had a good side and a bad side. It seemed like you’d be forever adjusting to try and hide the “bad” side. I found a new pattern “Speed bumps” on Ravelry and have just finished the first pattern repeat. So far so good!


This evening we are watching Like Father, a Netflix original movie. So far, I have to admit it’s slow, but maybe it will pick up:)

Edit: the movie got way better with some very cute scenes!

Well I’ll leave you now.

Have fun!


Late Night

I got home last night and did nothing but fall into bed!


I decided to take it easy on myself and I just went for a walk in the morning. Nothing exciting, though it was nice and cool out. Actually it was too cool for me, I came home and drank tea wrapped in a blanket!


I got another little bit done on both of my sleeves. I can’t believe these sleeves are taking me this long!!!!


I didn’t actually touch my rug square yesterday, but thankfully I had already finished it on Thursday😀. Maybe today I will start another one!


After a short nap I set out on the skytrain for downtown. This is only about my second or third time doing this alone so the hour trip is still an adventure. It all went fine:)

It was such a great afternoon with friends! There are just some friends I am so comfortable with and these ladies happen to be done of them.


We started off with Nordstrom whom I didn’t even know were having an anniversary sale! I found they have kids Birkenstocks, but I want to look online and see if they have a better colour selection, otherwise I’ll go back and get them. It was great to have friends there though as I’ve been wondering if I should go with the original or new style. They’ve both made that mistake, so original it is!🤣

We tried to hit Lululemon, but their hours were different than what it says online so they were already closed. It was a nice walk and took us back to where we needed to go anyways.


We had decided to go see Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. I didn’t realize that it was just opening yesterday, but with our 4pm showtime it wasn’t crazy busy! This movie turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting! It was fun and I loved how they did the flashbacks. I also thought the young characters casting was well done and of course, any movie with Colin Firth in it is good in my book!!!!🤣


On the way from Nordstrom to the movie theatre we happened to pass a donut shop which is quite famous. I had six choices for a gluten free, dairy free donut! My salted caramel donut made a lovely movie treat!

My friend had made a reservation at a restaurant that none of us had been to before, though I had heard lots of good things about it! Chambar was good! We showed up an hour earlier than we expected and they still seated us. I’m glad we were there early as I can see it just becoming busier and louder and it was already pretty loud. We had a lovely corner though!

Three of us decided on the mussels and M had the duck with gnocchi. Other than the fact I had five mussels that didn’t open and they put butter on my plate with the bread, it was super yummy!

I also had this yummy drink called a Letter 23.

After dinner, even though we were all stuffed we weren’t far from a vegan ice cream place, so my friends indulged me!

There were so many choices! I’m used to only two choices and the fact I could have a waffle cone made my day!! I ended up having Umaluma love which is raspberry with caramel and fudge and drunken cherry which is like a cherry and vanilla ripple. They were so good! I ate the whole concoction and felt like I needed to waddle home! I may never eat again!!!

I had a quiet trip home after an awesome afternoon and fell straight into bed!

Now for a run to work off all that food!

Have fun!


Busy, Quiet,..??

It seemed busy, but as I write, it seems quiet!


I got up and went for a short run as I was still feeling my legs. It looked like I had run a half marathon when I was finished, I was so sweaty! It was so hot and humid, but at least I did something.

I also got a walk in at night. It was a much more enjoyable temperature! I was planning on just a short one, but an hour and a half later, I returned home. I had my first student sighting of the summer!


I have been craving Mexican food lately, so Brenda agreed to meet me for lunch at a new place. It was the Mexican Gourmet.

It is in a strip mall and absolutely nothing to look at, but the food was good. I had the wet chicken tacos and a kombucha.

They were both good, but I have to admit I probably won’t get either again. I think I like my tacos dry. Brenda had the fish tacos and they looked amazing! I’m starting to think my craving is actually for chips and guacamole so I may have to break down and have some.

Knit Night:

Knit night got turned into knit day as I went to Brenda’s after lunch. I had every intention of starting a sweater, but then found out I had forgotten the needle I needed to start with😖. I ended up winding my yarn and calling it a day!


Well I finished my weekly square already so hopefully I will get another one done this week too and then I’ll be back on track!

I did some reading and rewatched some movies, but nothing too exciting. We’ll see what today brings!

Have fun!


One Down, Three to Go!

A crazy busy day!


My students were off today! I think the fact they were expecting our new student and she didn’t show up threw them off.

I got through the assembly I had to run and the rest of the day was pretty normal, except lunch. Now I just have to survive the relay race tomorrow, the new student tomorrow and get the track package out tomorrow.

At the end of lunch, I had just sat down, the bell went at 12:44; the staff was all grumbling thinking that it was too early. I mentioned it to our secretary who said, nope we’re all good now ( we’ve been having problems with our bells), then halfway through my gym time, my principal comes into my gym class to yell at me about this. It sure wasn’t a nice way to end the day and I was grateful I had boot camp after school to work out my frustration!


Lyndsay switched up boot camp today on us. We usually do tabatas but today we had ten stations and we did 3 rounds, but between each station we did an equal amount of running around the gym. It was a lot of cardio, which is always good, but it also went super fast which was nice too!

The exercises we did today were: planks side hops, Burpee to step up, upper cuts, lying frog leg raises, hand release pushups, weighted punch, side to side crunches, hip thrusts, weighted kneeling get ups, and squat shoulder presses.

It was definitely a good workout, but also fun!


My girlfriend is here from Boston for a week. We were supposed to meet on Sunday but the snowstorm in Toronto delayed her flight so we met tonight for dinner. It definitely made me hustle out of school! We tried a restaurant that’s super popular, but that none of us had ever been to. Vij’s Rangoli. We had really good timing and didn’t have to wait:). The waitstaff were very nice and we had a great table in the window with no immediate neighbors:). My friend’s food all looked really good. It was neat that they had one menu labeled with gluten free and a different one labeled with dairy free so I had to compare the two. There weren’t a lot of options. I ordered the lamb popsicles.

I should have just stuck with this, but I decided to order something else. Of course everyone else was done by the time it came and I am stuffed:(

I didn’t eat it all, but it was still lots more than what I needed! I wish they had just added the salad to the lamb popsicles!

It was neat to go, and try it out since I hear about it all the time, but I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon.


Have done my half hour on the rug for today so will try to do a row on the afghan street tonight before bed:)

Have fun!