Thank Goodness For Friends!

My friend saved the day and got me to do what’s good for me!


I finished Delectable by RL Mathewson this morning (when I was supposed to be running). This is the 9th book in the series and they are very similar. I liked the humor of the book and the premise, but who starts a renovation knowing nothing and who can’t keep their hands to themselves? These two things drove me crazy, but otherwise I enjoyed the book.


I had finished knitting the body of the vest and only had the trim to do when I realized I’d better text my friend to see if she wanted to run as I sure wasn’t getting out on my own!

I did manage to finish the vest today and it is cute. No idea what size it really is though🤣. The patterns in Timeless Knits for Kids are great, but the gauge drives me crazy! So the question is, do I keep the book?


We ran the famous sidewalk again as it was safe and clear. It was so much nicer to have company! Sarah even dropped me off at the grocery store so I finally got my groceries, but still managed to forget the vegan butter:(

I went out again this evening to get my Squad Runner mission for tomorrow. This 45 minutes seemed to take way longer when I was on my own. It definitely wasn’t my fastest run, but it got done.

I also managed my 200 squats, but skipped the crunches as my stomach wasn’t happy.

I’m back to knitting as the vest didn’t finish the skein:( I sure hope an adult toque will!

All in all, a nice quiet day off to regenerate before it’s back to work tomorrow.

Have fun!


An Adventure

Well I had a lovely day and I still have two more days of weekend!!!😀


I headed out this morning for a trail run with my friend Sarah and Kula. We thought we had picked a good place that would have been protected from snow by the thick forest, however, the run was one big icy, slushy mess. We tried to extend it along the sidewalk a bit, but that was also icy and slushy:(. I think my calves are going to hurt tomorrow!!!!

I also got an hour walk along our local sea wall. It was super busy out there today probably as it was sunny and no snowing and 8 degrees!

I will also try to get my squats and crunches done today too!


I got picked up at 11am this morning and headed out for fun with two colleagues. It was an awesome day of doing whatever took our fancy! We were going to stop for lunch, but the restaurant didn’t open for another twenty minutes so we headed to Platform 7 for coffee. I had a almond milk chai latte and we all shared a vegan, gluten free double chocolate cookie. It was lovely!

We walked down the block to a cafe I’ve been wanting to try called Chomp. It is vegan comfort food. It was cool as they bring popcorn to the table to start and then I had Mac n cheese as that is something I don’t get very often. My friends had burgers with Beyond Meat patties. The burger and fries were very yummy too!

We carried on to downtown and had a lovely walk on the seawall and then sat and had a cider at a local brewpub. We couldn’t believe how many people spend Saturday afternoon in a brewpub!

All in all it was an awesome day with two good friends!

My day in one picture.


Last night I finished Anything You Can Do by RS Grey. This book reminded me of the RL Mathewson series Neighbors From Hell. This is a good enemies to love book, though I have to admit I found RL Mathewson’s version funnier.

Today I have been making progress on The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper. So far so good!


I am trying to get this vest finished so I can move onto anything with an easier yarn!

Have fun!


Happy Day

All I can hear today is the Happy Days theme song in my head😀 It’s been a great day!

I met up with my running buddies this morning out in Osprey Village at Stomping Grounds and ran the river walk there.  Just kept going, stopped for some pictures and it turned out to be my second fastest 5k, woohoo 🎉 It was interesting though because the run starts I never a shady forest and then proceeds onto the dyke where it was blazing hot!

Had a lovely tea and they had a gluten free breakfast bagel that didn’t have any dairy on it!!!! I usually don’t get anything but tea and the breakfast bagel wasn’t on my eating plan for today but I figured I’d better eat something as I planned to grocery shop on the way home.

Grocery shopping went according to plan. I actually managed to buy only what was on my list. I got all my food prepped for the week and the kitchen tidied.

I have to show off my FO – the Reyna shawl in Indigo Moon is officially done and I am very happy with it. It’s such a light shawl that it will be great during the summer!IMG_7296.JPG

Finished the book Christmas in Hell by RL Mathewson. It was a quirky read, but it’s fun for the summer. I must have enjoyed it because I started the next in the series, Fire and Brimstone.  The Bradfords sure do seem like a weird family with their eating problem and kidnapping habit, but it makes for perfect reading.

I started my retro sweater pattern today. I should have looked at the pattern more clearly Sekt because the entire back is ribbing- 18″ of boredom coming my way. Oh well, I’m hoping it will be a nice warm sweater to wear with my leggings this fall.

I had to face reality this morning and get on the scale:( 101.8😞😖 I hate being three digits!!! Definitely need to deal with this right away because I know how quickly it can get out of hand and I’m NOT going back to where I once was!

I started the right way though- 37 minute run, 27 minutes of “running and weights” workout and an 75 minute walk this evening. I even did the ten minute complete relaxation lie down and eight minute ice bath that was recommended to my friend! Yay me!!

I’m going to end this Happy Day with a Hallmark movie.

Have Fun!


Bittersweet Homecoming

Today was the day; after 19 days of lazing around my parent’s boat, I had to come home.   It’s always bittersweet for me coming home from a holiday. On one hand, having 860 peaceful, fully stocked  square feet to myself is bliss, however, I enjoy spending time with my family, being on the water, and coming home means unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, in other words, work:(

I worked on my Reyna shawl on the ferry while my nephew played on his iPad. I was actually very surprised that no one spoke to me about my knitting. I’ve always avoided knitting in public because I thought tons of people would ask questions and my shy personality didn’t want to deal with that. I wonder if that’s the normal experience or if I just had the sleepy Saturday morning crowd?

My condo was in one piece, and other than being slightly warm, quite lovely.  Before I left, I had put water bottles with holes in the lids in a few of my plants. It worked for one but not for the rest:( My lavender and chives may never be the same again:( Is there a better holiday watering solution out there?

I have finished my Reyna shawl but it is being blocked so I can’t share a picture quite yet.  My shawl turned out to be 12 rows shorter than the designer’s as I just didn’t have quite enough yarn. I got smart and measured the yarn I had left when I got near the end by taking an arm measure, knitting a row and then taking another arm measure. This way I knew exactly how many arm lengths it took to do a row and I knew exactly how many rows I could do. I thought I was so smart until I started to do the bind off. It was a new technique for me and made a pretty edge (though it had the tendency to roll on me), but it took double the yarn I had planned on. I ran out of yarn thirty stitches from the end and had to tink the bind off and go with my usual bind off.  With this bind off, I had success and have less than a meter of yarn leftover😀 I dislike having yarn leftover and feeling like I could have done another row and then there’s the question of what do you do with that tiny bit of yarn?  I am very happy with the Reyna shawl! It’s gorgeous!!!!img_7281.jpg

The Indigo Moon yarn in Hollyhock red turned out to be beautiful! The variegation is quite subtle, but very pretty. The yarn was easy to work with, though it is definitely a heavier and slightly rougher than the fingering wool I have used in the past.

I managed to also do some reading today. I love Goodreads!!! I was looking through “my books” and noticed the Neighbours from Hell series by RL Mathewson and when I looked I saw there were some I hadn’t read yet. I’m working on Christmas From Hell and quite enjoying it. It’s a trashy romance or chick lit ( whichever you prefer to call it) so perfect for a laid back summer day!

With being back home, it’s time to get back on the healthy wagon! I was going to workout tonight but I have a shawl taking over most of my living room floor so I just went for my usual walk along the inlet trail. It was a lovely night!IMG_7282.JPG I ran into two families that I know from school, but I know this is a side effect of living and teaching in the same community:) I actually think it’s a good thing for my students to see me out and about so that they realize teachers are normal people with lives too!  I also noticed, that while I was away, the city removed the extra railroad tracks that were used for the handcar races during Golden Spike Days when I was a kid. I’ve noticed that Golden Spike Days has changed dramatically since I was a kid and I guess this is just the next step:( It’s kind of sad through as I think my childhood ones were better, but maybe that’s just nostalgia talking.🤣

Well I’ve finished my knitting project, so it’s time I went and started my next one. This one is a retro pattern from one of my Grandmother’s magazines and some recycled wool from a vest, but more about that another time.

Have Fun!