Up Late

Sorry I had this planned for last night, but my parent’s friend stayed late and I fell asleep immediately.


My mom is Avery sneaky, smart woman. As I was heading out the door for a short run at the field, she asked me how much more I needed for my squad runner mission. Of course once I looked and realized it was only 56 minutes, I had to do it.

I also did another NourishLoveMove workout. I have really been enjoying these workouts and definitely feel like my arms are getting more work.


I spent most of the day knitting and am on the last pattern section of the current sweater. This is where I get excited:)


For the last month my mom has been saying she has the backsplash and the fireplace left to do. Well both are now done.

My dad and his friend moved the granite mantel piece into lace last night.


I have still been baking lots. I have done blueberry zucchini muffins

And then I changed it up slightly to blueberry lemon zucchini muffins.

I have also done plum muffins, but they didn’t work out very well.

I was noticing that the top of my muffins would cave after I took them out of the oven, but after some research, I turned the oven temperature up and it seems to have fixed the problem. Baking with someone else’s oven is always tough.

I also made zucchini bites, but they were all gone before I got a picture. I am slowly making my way through a website called 60 Zucchini recipesšŸ¤£


The absolute best part of my day yesterday came at the end of it. A massage of my calves using trigger point theory. Wow I feel better than I have in a very long time!

Well I’m off to start my day, have fun!


Relaxing in the summertime:)

Today was quite a relaxing day. I started with a massage, which always hurts but is necessary if I want to walk since being knocked over by an SUV. I wish it was the relaxing kind, but it’s good for me.

I then ran a couple of errands,  picked up oil for my parents and drove downtown to meet my parents in False Creek. We had lunch at the Craft Beer Market, walked through Chinatown and had a really good look in Ming Wo, always a dangerous stop for me, shopped at Urban Fare, and then relaxed on the boat.

I have been to Craft Beer Market before on a date so I was kind of hoping to go to Tap and Barrell instead, but I’ll get there one day! IMG_7393.JPGMy parents and I split an order of shrimp tacos and an order of fish tacos and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. The tortillas and cabbage were nice and fresh but there was literally one little shrimp or piece of fish on top of each and that was it! Better to call them cabbage tacos! My parents both liked their beers so I would stick to going here just for beer!

Urban Fare was fun to walk through. I should go back when I’m not leaving the next day!

It was incredibly relaxing on the boat and the entertainment is built in as we can sit and watch all the people on the Seawall.  It was a lovely relaxing day and great to see my parents!IMG_7397.JPG

I have finished labelling all the photos I had printed and only have 433 photos on my phone now. That’s the best it’s going to be for now!

I seem to be a little nervous about my trip tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’m sitting at the gate. I never have anything to hide, but always am nervous going through security and customs. No good reason and I’ve done it enough now, or maybe I’m nervous about my ride to the airport showing up on time! I think that’s it!

Well, fingers crossed…

Have fun!