A Pretty Perfect Saturday

It was a pretty great day, but nothing like my usual.


After being so tired last night, of course I was up super early this morning. I was super ready by the time my colleague Liane picked me up. The city next to ours had decided to do a Fall city wide garage sale, like the one in May, so of course we had to partake in it. We hit about 16 garage sales but definitely weren’t as successful as we usually are in the Spring. I ended up with some items for the price bin at work, along with an Ivivva tank top, a pair of shoes, an aloe Vera plant and a bankers lamp for $9. I think that’s decent:)

We are hoping that it was just slow because it’s the first time it’s been held. It was an absolutely perfect day for garage sales!


After a quick stop at home, I met up with my friend Anna for a walk to the park with her two little boys. It ended up being a longer trip than I had planned, but was still awesome. It was such a perfect crisp, sunny, Fall day and I couldn’t have asked for better company!

We couldn’t get over their stamina!


I have managed to finish one sleeve completely and am ready to start the fancy hem on the second sleeve. I have had to use the extra skein of yarn as I only got to row 73 on the second sleeve and I ran out of my original skeins. I’m so glad I had the new one sitting there waiting! I had actually already started the hem of the second sleeve, but messed it up and had to rip it out. I figured I had better wait for tomorrow and a clear head to tackle the last 32 rows.


Since I didn’t have the brain power to knit, I decided to read instead and finished another NetGalley book. I do wonder why my percentage stays at 80% when I have provided a review for every book I have been given. I wonder what else it is based on?

Today I finished the book, An unforgettable Christmas by Ginny Baird.

The story of Sam Singleton, a jewelry store owner who is a workaholic and bordering on Scrooge. He doesn’t even recognize how amazing his accountant Angie is until he falls and hits his head and suffers from amnesia. This was a very sweet, romantic story that surprised me. I wasn’t expecting Sam to become such a different person during his convalescence. It was a neat take on a classic Christmas story.

I greatly enjoyed the story and thanks to Ginny Baird, Hallmark and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I think I get to colour in another square on my calendar. I’ve had:

2 rice cakes with Pb & j ( I should probably get this down to one)


Mac and cheese

One scoop of vegan maple walnut ice cream

Red peppers and dip

Anna had warned me about going for ice cream in advance so I tried to make the rest of my day healthier so it would make up for the ice cream. It wasn’t unplanned so I think it’s okay. If anyone disagrees let me know. I don’t want to be too easy on myself!

Well, I’m done and going to sleep.

Have fun!


Happy Thanksgiving

There was way too much work involved with my holiday!


I had the Monday Squad Runner mission of 5km to do, but decided to walk it and give my legs a little break. It was so quiet when I set out and nobody seemed out yet. This didn’t last long though:(

I also got out this afternoon for the 45 minute Tuesday-Wednesday mission. I miss summer where I could just run the mission on the day it was for! I did run all of this and had a consistent pace so that was good. Hopefully it helps to counterbalance all the eating!


I sat down first thing this morning to get the ends woven into the afghan so it would be ready for my parents today. I know there are mistakes in it and it is 1.5 inches shorter than I wanted, but I’m still happy with it. The pattern is called Courtly from the Leisure Arts Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans. I really love this book because all of the Afghans are made in one piece so there’s little chance of them coming apart:). I bought the book when I was in junior high and have made many of the Afghans out of it. It has certainly paid for itself many times over!


On my way home from my run, I stopped in and grabbed the groceries I still needed to make my food for the week. I got Greek salad made for my dinners and yogurt and granola made for my breakfasts. I plan on turkey and cheese sandwiches so I’ll have to make them each morning for lunch.

I got started on cleaning my kitchen after this. I have book club at my house next Sunday and have been stressing about getting the place clean enough by then! My lovely mother came to the rescue and helped. She got my spare room tidied enough for the sewing table to go in there. I will just need to mop floors, clean the bathroom and vacuum during this week, much more manageable. This evening I even managed to get my sheets changed and my new pillows put in my bed:)


For getting the kitchen deep cleaned, I decided I deserved ice cream!

I grabbed the vegan pumpkin pie and the vegan everything but the kitchen sink from Rocky Point Ice Cream. It was okay, but I may have to make my own as I didn’t find them very creamy:(

I also had dinner out with my parents at the Coquitlam Grill. They offer a turkey dinner which both of my parents enjoyed. Of course it wasn’t dairy free and gluten free so I had a turkey and cranberry sandwich with a side salad. It was still yummy and nice to get a last minute visit in before my parents leave in the morning!


I finished the book a parent at school had lent me, way too long ago. The War That Saved My Life was an excellent book, though definitely written with a sequel in mind. Good for kids who want war books but are too young for anything too scary. I think a boy or girl aged 9-11 would like this book.

I have now begun my Bookclub book for this month which I need to have done by Sunday. Thankfully my mom and friend Michelle have both said it was a quick read. So far, that is proving true thankfully!

Well, I’m off to sleep off all my eating!

Have fun!


Play in the Sunshine

The labour day weekend is always tough for me as it signals the end of my freedom to do anything and everything I feel like each day:(


I spent most of the day at The Fair, aka The PNE.  It is not my number one way to spend a day, but a close friend loves it and I count it as quality time with her:). I think my problem with it is that I don’t love big crowds (being short and in a crowd is not a good time!) and the Fair is all about the food- mini donuts, cotton candy, fudge, deep fried everything, etc, none of which I can eat:( Oh well, I survived another year:) We started off in the barns where I saw chicks, ducks and a beauty of a horse who is called Manley.

We grabbed food. I found a Pad Thai that was gluten free and dairy free at Saltspring Noodlebox. Thank you!  I actually did research this year and had four choices I was looking for. The wraps all had cheese on them, I didn’t find the salmon salad until much later as it was over in Playland and I unfortunately also missed seeing the tacos I could have had:( The Pad Thai had good flavour and I watched them use a new pan and utensils to make it, just wish the ingredients had been a little more mixed. I ate through layers- cilantro, bean sprouts, rice noodles and finally some chicken on the bottom. Lol.

We watched the Superdogs show. It always make sense me want a dog for about five minutes until I remember how much work they are and how little I am actually home.

We went through toytopia which is advertised as the history of toys. It was interesting, but I found it very unorganized, and you had to pay a $1 each to try the arcade games!!!

I tried to have dairy free frozen yogurt, but they were sold out so I settled for the vegan vanilla from Rocky Point Ice Cream.  Not the most exciting thing.

When we were going through the pop up market tents right after, I wished I had saved my money and calories for the ice cream marshmallow combo item that was for sale in those tents. It sounded very interesting.

We also checked out the Marketplace and the History of the Hockey Hall of Fame. I’m a huge hockey fan, but neither of these was all that interesting:( I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it.  Overall it wasn’t a bad day, the only part I really didn’t love was walking through Playland at the end. I don’t ever need to see that many people or hear them shrieking on rides.


Before I left this morning I made a batch of Apple Chai Scones so that there would be something in the house for my mom to eat if she ended up at my place sewing today. The recipe is from a new cookbook I got called, The Allergy Free Cook Bakes Bread by Laurie Sadowski. The recipe was very easy to follow and quick to pull together. The baking time was accurate and the scones were moist! They were very delicious! The only problem I had with them ( which was completely my fault) is that they were too thin to slice open and put butter on, but that’s only because I patted them out too thin, forgetting that they wouldn’t rise!IMG_8787

The only change a I made to the recipe was to use turbinado sugar on top and next time, I’d probably just use normal.


I did not run this morning because I slept in and my knee was still a little sore.  I ended up being very lazy and don’t work out either so with these two fails in mind, I decide do that my walk had to be more difficult than my usual inlet walk.  I decided to do the Coquitlam Crunch.

The second section of five has 437 stairs. I can never remember how many there are but today I counted back from 475 and that strategy worked well. The trail is wide and well groomed, but very steep! I used to run this trail both ways before I got hit, but haven’t yet gotten back to doing so. I’ve mostly avoided trying to run it for fear that I won’t be able to:(. I’ve decided that tomorrow morning I should try because the worst thing that can happen is that I will need to walk and that will give me a starting point for improving. I figure by putting it in my blog, I now have to do it! Hopefully it works!

Exercise wise, I’m going to try something new in September. Kathryn @ Dancing to Running has inspired me to set a distance goal. This goal will only be for my running and since I have no idea how far I run in a month, I’m going to try for 80km this month.  We’ll see how I do😳


I’be been working on the afghan for my parents and have finished one pattern repeat and the bottom border which has taken one and a half balls of yarn!  I went with the needle size that was called for on the yarn package and I considered ripping it out for the second time and going with the larger needle called for in the pattern, but have decided to go forward with what I’ve started as i don’t like big holes in my afghans.  This just turned into a very heavy and expensive Afghan however! I had better get it done before they leave on their trip because I definitely wouldn’t be able to ship it or put it in my luggage when I visit them!

Well, I’m going to go start one of mtn been library books:)

Have fun!


Today’s the Day!

I had another good day! I know I’m trying to be consistently positive, but I do wonder whether it’s that or the fact that I’m on holidays that keeps giving me these great days? I  guess we’ll find out soon enough, though my fingers are crossed that they continue!

In case people actually read my posts and are interested in only certain things I’ve decided to put in headings. I see most people only talk about one thing, but I have lots of interests and things to record and I don’t want to do more than one post a day! But I do get that not everyone has all the same interests as me so hopefully the headings will help:)


The best that can be said for today’s run, is that it occurred. Today is a holiday at home however, so I went out and did thirty minutes but I was hungry and thirsty and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s 10km. Its a quandary though as I try to do the 10km runs the day after my massage because my legs feel great and I’ve had a rest day, but then I don’t want to take another rest day the day after I do a 10km run because I just had a rest day. I wonder how other people solve this problem? Maybe I’d better make my next book a running book:)

I got my walk in by walking over to meet my friend for dinner and surprisingly I so got an “Arms On” workout in when I got home! I think it was motivated by my dinner and having to admit on here that I hadn’t done everything, 😂


Last summer I had a gorgeous garden going on my deck and then when I got back from my holiday on my parent’s boat, everything was dead and I was super upset at the death and the waste of money, so this year I didn’t let myself plant anything as I knew I was going away on two trips again, but I did promise myself that I could plant when I came home. Well today was the day!  I called up my friend from work who also likes wandering the plant store and headed to Amsterdam Nursery in Pitt Meadows. It is by far my favourite nursery in the area. The people are very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy, it’s always clean and well organized, the plants are healthy and the prices are reasonable. I ended up getting pansies to add to my perennial pots for some colour in the next few weeks, some herbs and some veggies. Can you tell I like to eat what I grow?? For herbs I got lavender, rosemary, basil, cilantro and parsley. For veggies I got Kale, spinach and turnips and a full size tomato plant with tomatoes on it for $10!!! I got everything planted and the deck cleaned up. I miss having the third of an acre I had growing up, but this little bit of green makes me smile every time I look outside:)

Sorry a lot of the plants are inside so they don’t show in the pictures.


A few weeks ago, I was talking with a vice principal friend about how much I love Tacofino and figured out the food truck was at one of the local brew pubs tonight, so tonight was the night! We met at the Parkside Brewery which is still he only brewery I have been to on Port Moody’s new brewery row. I don’t drink beer (gluten), but I like to at least see the places. I’ll have to try and remedy this soon. The food truck wasn’t here yet, so I got a cider as I kind of felt like one of us should get something since we were sitting on their patio. There was an immediate line up when the food truck pulled up. Tacofino started in Tofino,BC and now they have eight locations which include both restaurants and food trucks! I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t have the fish tacos that I’d been craving because the fish is battered ( I’ll have to go to the restaurant where it isn’t), but my friend had those and I had the pulled pork tacos without the cheese and on a corn tortilla. It was so yummy that I was done before I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture!   The lineup moved fast and the food came quickly so I would even do Tacofino with kids!

As if the two tacos weren’t but enough, my friend overpaid me for her share of the dinner so I took her to Rocky Point Ice Cream for dessert. It was obviously meant to be as we didn’t even have to stand in line!  There are only a few dairy free options, but I don’t mind their vegan vanilla so I got that. At least I resisted getting it made into a milkshake 🤣  My friend got  matcha ice cream and said it was really good!


I have been madly knitting in all the moments I could today and I am slightly closer to being done the retro Nubby Knit as I finished a sleeve today and will start the second one before I go to bed. Hopefully this means that I will make my goal of Sunday! I just really want to be done this. It has been a tough slog as my instagram feed is full of people making cute projects with gorgeous variegated wool. Then on here, there’s people like MyTangledYarn who has the most gorgeous, cheerful socks finished. Here I am using rather plain wool to make a rather plain sweater:( I know I’ll be happy when it’s keeping me warm in the fall breeze, but right now, it’s just tough! It’s just another example of my goal orientation. I inherited a bunch of wool and patterns from my grandma and it’s a goal to use up that wool!

Well, yet again, I am off to knit like crazy so I can make my goal.

Have fun!


Active, Active, Tired…

For months I’ve been saying that I want to walk the entire Vancouver seawall from the convention centre to Granville Island. Most people laughed when I mentioned this in conversation, but one friend decided to join me. Today was the day. Lol unfortunately events derailed the plan, but we got three hours in which took us from the Convention Centre to English Bay, not bad.  The smoke from the wildfires kept the temperature down and it wasn’t crazy busy, so all in all, a good first effort. I now know that I need to schedule about six hours to do it all. Maybe I’ll get to that after I get back from Boston:)

Unfortunately, I let myself get hungry which meant that I couldn’t decide on where we should eat and I ended up just coming home and inhaling everything I had planned for the rest of the day:( Grrr so mad at myself because I was a lovely 97.6 this morning and I actually liked a picture I took of myself when I was trying to decide what to wear. Positive self image isn’t my strong suit so this is a very rare occurrence!IMG_7319

After inhaling my veggies and hummus, fruit salad and dried fruit I decided I’d better actually accomplish something. The first was that I scored a new cowl knitting pattern for free on Ravelry! After visiting Beehive Knitting in Victoria I had followed them on Instagram and tonight it paid off when they offered a coupon code for getting a pattern free. Score! Someone would probably think I’d won a million dollars for how excited I was! I now highly recommend following them on Instagram (@beehivewoolshop). Though I’d also recommend visiting the shop as it is truly full of yummy yarn:)

I also managed to pick up my pictures from Costco along with a rotisserie chicken ( I truly think theirs are the best), grab blueberries from Ankars farm in Port Coquitlam, and get a couple photo albums from the dollar store.

This evening I decided that I should at least see the Port Moody Friday Night Market at least once this summer since it’s new this year. My friend and her son were willing to join me so we walked over and had a look. It was small but there were some neat booths, like custom mugs, jewellery that disperses essential oils, books, clothing, beer soap(made with our local Port Moody brews), candles, and food trucks. The best part was that it was just a fifteen minute walk away.

I caved and had a vegan vanilla ice cream and cola sorbet one scoop ice cream with B on our way back at Rocky Point Ice Cream. The cola flavour was so good! Next time, I’ll just get that! Hopefully my three hour walk will counteract this;) I took the long way home to help with this😉

On arriving home I realized, I just didn’t have it in me to work out tonight. I figure everyone is entitled to a night off. In all I managed a three hour walk and my regular walk today. It will just have to do!

I did manage to get all the clothes laid out that I’m getting rid of. I have a friend coming to see if she wants anything tomorrow so I needed to at least be organized as I changed the time on her.

Im going to give in to the sleep fairy now as six am is going to come early:(

Have fun!