Maybe I Should Make Plans

Lol as I sat here tonight with a few more knitting projects done, I wondered if perhaps I should be making plans for my weekends other than sitting on the couch knitting.


I did start the day with a very brisk walk with my running buddies for 5.5km. After yesterday’s 10km run, I didn’t want to run again, so decided to just walk and it was a good decision as even with walking there was a horrible head wind!


After a lovely tea with the group, I stopped for groceries. I was hungry so picked up steak, extra milk, crackers, cheese, and luncheon meat, though thankfully I left all but the bananas, apples and rice cakes at the checkout counter. I shop at the same store every Sunday after my run so they’ve gotten to know me and a few of the cashiers were giggling at me today🤣


I have literally spent the rest of the day knitting. I have finished the Rose City Rollers, Littles Edition socks today and when that didn’t use all the yarn up, I also made a tiny hat. I keep telling myself to try a new sock pattern and I think i will after this one as I wouldn’t mind something with a leg. I do like how this pattern goes so quickly and fits well. I still prefer to knit the socks on DPN’s as the decreasing at the toe is also easier on the DPNs than on the circular – there is no counting required on the DPNs.

The little hat is probably too little to be useful, but maybe I’ll donate it to the Christmas market in December and some little girl can buy it as a doll hat.

I have actually started another knit, but it’s a test knit so I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about it. It is going really well and will be done soon:)

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!