Wahoo Wednesday!

Happy hump day and I’m so happy I actually got all of my assignments for next week done in a day! I’m just getting good at this so of course it will change.🙄


Last night I finished a Hotshot Doc by RS Grey. I really enjoyed the book as it had some twists in it and it made me laugh out loud several times.


Today went well, probably partly because I have high speed data back so I didn’t have to go looking for WiFi .

I got all work checked, all assignments created and uploaded for next week, and then more work checked.

Two of my students who haven’t done much, did stuff today so thankfully I don’t have to send them emails tomorrow. I also got an email from a parent complaining about the format of my work and suggesting I get this fancy printer. I decided to actually set him straight that all the help I get from my school or district is being handed my classroom laptop and told to go teach. I’m using all my own resources and having to figure it out as I go! I got an email back thanking me for what I have provided online.

Rant: be kind to the teachers in your life- most of us are doing jobs we aren’t trained for with little to no support and having to find and use our own resources. I know one city is making their teachers go into school starting next week to teach (students are home) because “the general public thinks teachers aren’t doing anything”.

No I’m just working longer hours than I do when I go to school!😖😖


I met up with Sarah this evening for a run. It was a lovely six kilometers, though boy was it busy out there! It’s funny how my definition of crowded has changed.🤣

I also got in another BeFitDavis workout tonight. This one was using the small band which seriously works your body. I do wish she had included some upper body moves. I realize I could add my own, but I actually didn’t think of it until this very moment.


I sat myself down and did the next section of my sweater which was 18 rows. They were much simpler as the pattern now is just a slip stitch. I need to do a bit each day!


I was still good but I did treat myself. I had:

Yogurt & granola

Cheese on cucumber

Avocado on toast 😋

Cinnamon roll mug cake 😋

It’ll be back to veggies tomorrow:)

Well I think that’s it for me today. Sorry about the rant:)

Have fun!


An Adventure

Well I had a lovely day and I still have two more days of weekend!!!😀


I headed out this morning for a trail run with my friend Sarah and Kula. We thought we had picked a good place that would have been protected from snow by the thick forest, however, the run was one big icy, slushy mess. We tried to extend it along the sidewalk a bit, but that was also icy and slushy:(. I think my calves are going to hurt tomorrow!!!!

I also got an hour walk along our local sea wall. It was super busy out there today probably as it was sunny and no snowing and 8 degrees!

I will also try to get my squats and crunches done today too!


I got picked up at 11am this morning and headed out for fun with two colleagues. It was an awesome day of doing whatever took our fancy! We were going to stop for lunch, but the restaurant didn’t open for another twenty minutes so we headed to Platform 7 for coffee. I had a almond milk chai latte and we all shared a vegan, gluten free double chocolate cookie. It was lovely!

We walked down the block to a cafe I’ve been wanting to try called Chomp. It is vegan comfort food. It was cool as they bring popcorn to the table to start and then I had Mac n cheese as that is something I don’t get very often. My friends had burgers with Beyond Meat patties. The burger and fries were very yummy too!

We carried on to downtown and had a lovely walk on the seawall and then sat and had a cider at a local brewpub. We couldn’t believe how many people spend Saturday afternoon in a brewpub!

All in all it was an awesome day with two good friends!

My day in one picture.


Last night I finished Anything You Can Do by RS Grey. This book reminded me of the RL Mathewson series Neighbors From Hell. This is a good enemies to love book, though I have to admit I found RL Mathewson’s version funnier.

Today I have been making progress on The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper. So far so good!


I am trying to get this vest finished so I can move onto anything with an easier yarn!

Have fun!