Tuesday Trot

I need to rethink my blog. It has always been so that my mom knew what had happened in my day, but now that I talk to my mom on the phone each night, I find myself not writing and then I feel bad. Hmmmm🤔


Today was quite the day. My behavior kid was unmedicated and my assistant was away:(😢. We got through calendar, our phonemic awareness warm up, and printing in the morning quite well.

I hear recess and lunch was nothing but troubles outside.

We tried counting by 5s for the first time as my class is amazing at 10s- both forwards and backwards. It was a learning process, but they were already starting to improve.

We also had our hip hop dance lesson which was very interesting😜

This afternoon we had planners, reading group, chalkboard spelling and then the kids went to music. I got some more posters organized. This feels like the never ending project.

After school I had a phone call with my doctor that was pretty useless. I get to try a different form of iron and go for another blood test in February. Oh yeah🙄

I picked my mom up and we went to Michaels where I finally found yarn for my friend’s afghan and some more floss for my project. As I sit here I realize this is the first day where I have missed stitching.

I then had run clinic. We did five long intervals of three minutes. I did four of them hard – challenged myself to keep up with Karen and then went and hung with Sarah for the last one because she wasn’t feeling great. My stomach wasn’t feeling great either since I left school. I hope that goes away quickly!

I am now home, ensconced on my couch very happily:)

Have fun!


Tuesday Changed Up

It was a busy day, but better than yesterday! We had a new owl poem, and tried to get as many students done the owl mini book as possible. There was some impetus for finishing by the idea they got to make a bat for the classroom when they were done!

After recess they did a science assessment on solids, liquids and gases, otherwise known as a cut and paste.

We also got back to our McCracken Spelling. I was going to go to sentences for the grade twos but when I went to get the McCracken book I realized there was still a lot more to cover so the grade two’s just picked up where they left off in June while the grade 1s started at the beginning.

We also had seven minutes to start a math game called Roll a Monster. They just got started and were super into it so I will try to fit it back in tomorrow.

This afternoon we actually got ten minutes of Centre time before they went off to music. My pre was super productive as I finally got the Halloween books out, got the duo-tangs ready for November/December and got the special helper calendar made for next month.

There was a meeting after school but I had already given my regrets as I had a long standing massage appointment, but then it was cancelled and I decided to just go home anyways. It was lovely!

I had spent my morning reading and finished Last Single Girl by Bria Quintana which was a cute, fast read. So after school I spent my time knitting. I had finished my Second Chance Shawl yesterday and today I have been working on my Halloween socks. I really want to work on shawlography, but the socks have to be done by Friday! I have about 36 rows to go so it shouldn’t be a problem to finish them tomorrow.

Finally tonight, run clinic returned🎊🎉. It was awesome to get out and run with other people. My group actually only had six people in it (and we all had to be double vaccinated to join). We did intervals- 60 seconds hard/60 seconds easy, 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy and we did that for about twenty minutes. I stayed in second the whole time and it felt good to push myself to stay there!

It’s also nice that run clinic ends earlier than trivia did. I am home, showered and ready for bed at a decent time:)

Have fun!



A better day…


I got up this morning and did another deck of cards workout- this time cantering on the abs. I had to do crunches, leg raises, flutter kicks and sitting twists.  I just keep telling myself it’s a good thing I’m doing🤣

I didn’t walk to work today as my friend Lyndsay needed a ride. Her husbands car broke down yesterday so he was taking hers.

I really fought going to run club tonight, but I ended up going. This is strange as I usually love Tuesday night clinic. I’m going to blame the cold! It was leader’s choice and we ended up doing a follow the leader where you run in a line and the last person has to sprint to the front.  It was a bit of a challenge as I got two curves every time!!!! Grrrr! It’s done though and another run:) One of the women I was running with gave me a good idea though to sprint the last 100m of every workout to build up my speed. I may just try this!

Now I just have to decide if I’m going to run tomorrow morning or work out as I will only get one done???


First thing this morning I asked for five volunteers to make another poppy like we did for art on Friday, to complete our wreath for the assembly.  I was really surprised by who volunteered- two of my most boisterous boys!!! They didn’t do too badly and the wreath is complete and ready for Thursday. I’ve even selected the children who will carry it up- yay me! Ready ahead of time for once:)

We started our new science unit on sound and light today- I’ve got to get hustling as I need to comment on it for the report card😳 It seems as though, no matter how much we cram into every day, it still becomes a rush at the end to cover things:(

I had one little guy in my class make me two pictures today. I have no idea what they are, but it was a sweet gesture, especially as I put him in the hall first thing this morning to think about why we don’t lay on the carpet! LOL

I found out this morning that the little girl who spent the first two months of school crying (and who hasn’t cried for two weeks!) will be gone for two months!!! All I could think was that I’ll have to go through this whole process again and it was painful enough the first time!! My mom, the ever optimist, says she’ll be two months older so maybe she won’t cry. I’m going to hold onto that hope!!


It was almost like Christmas at work this morning as my co-teacher was given some hand-me-downs this weekend and there were three items that she thought would fit me. I’m too cold to try them on right now, but tomorrow I should have time to do that and enter them into my clothing app.

Some of my friends and family think I’m crazy but I use the Stylebook app to keep track of my clothes. I’m nerdy enough that I enjoy the stats it gives me about price per wearing, etc but it also lets me make sure I’m wearing all the clothes I have or getting rid of them. I love having it when I’m out as then I know exactly if I already have a similar item or if I have something I’ll be able to wear with a new purchase. It’s a free app and I would totally recommend it for anyone who likes to stay organized, forgets what clothing they already own, or is nerdy enough, like me, to enjoy the stats🤣


Learning Services at the district made us lunch today and I could even have stuff. We had vegetable pasta soup with gf pasta, gf bagels, chips and crackers. There was also cream of potato soup, buns with cheese, Chicago mix, jelly donuts,timbits, chocolate bars and muffins but I couldn’t eat them. I’m thankful I got to participate and it was yummy!

My cinnamon buns last night turned out very dry, unfortunately that didn’t stop me from eating them:(. I am such an emotional eater😞. This evening I’ve gotten the rest broken up and the bread pudding is in the oven right now. I sure hope it’s good enough to take to work!  


This is the recipe I tried and I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turned out.  I really don’t like making something that I can’t taste test before I serve it to other people:(


I met up with one of my oldest and dearest of friends- Emily tonight for coffee, well tea for me:). It seems to be Christmas at Starbucks already!

I’ve known her since I was in grade eight and I don’t want to count up how many years that is! She is just one of those friends that has always been there and we still never run out of things to do. I managed to get her birthday present to her within a week so I’m pretty happy! Her birthday was on the 2nd so this may even be a record!🤣. I’m just always thankful to have her in my life as she’s definitely a highlight!  It was also great just to get out of the school at a decent time!

I had given Lyndsay a ride down the hill when I went for tea so she could get a workout in at the rec Centre across the street. After tea, I was going to head back up to work as I was taking Lyndsay anyways, but fate intervened! As we got to school, Lyndsay realized she didn’t have her key so we went back down the hill and retraced her steps until we found it, thankfully quite quickly! I realized she must be a good friend as we had fun even looking for a key in the dark with our phone flashlights! LOL we did have to explain ourselves to a few people!  By the time I ran her back to work, it was time to go to run clinic so no more work for me.  I’m sure it will all still be waiting for me in the morning!

Well, I think that’s all I’ve done today and I really want to finish my current book so I can have fewer on the go, so I’m off to snuggle under the covers with it:)

Have fun!



It’s been a day of assessing myself and my students.


The other day, Marina @ Happy Healing mentioned a boxing class and it made me remember how much I loved my kickboxing class, so this morning I got up and did a twenty minute kickboxing workout. I loved it and felt that my arms really got a workout. It’s only as I write this that I realize I didn’t do the abs that I had planned to:(

I walked to and from work and tonight I got out the door to Run Clinic at the Runner’s Den. We did a pyramid workout. We did two repeats of the pyramid and had thirty seconds of rest throughout. It went – 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec, 75 sec, 60 sec, 45 sec, 30 sec.  it was a quick workout- just over 5km but it was fun. You just start running and it’s over! Two women were bugging me as they were pulling the group and still able to talk during the intervals- move up!!! Grrr! I had to assess whether I was going out with the right group tonight, why can’t they? However, the great thing tonight was that I finally quit saving my new Asics running shoes and got them onto my feet!

Aren’t they shiny and clean?? Lol, not for long😜


We had a day with no tears!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 I think it’s the first time this year! I’ll have to think about the day to determine if there is anything special that contributed to that.   Nothing too exciting today, but we made thankful hands this afternoon. Each student got a traced hand and had to draw and write what they were thankful for on it. I was really impressed! Many years I’ve had to dig deep to get students beyond being thankful for their toys, but this year I didn’t have one who said that:). They were thankful for trees, the world, pets, parents, family, Granny, their house, water, being able to play outside, being able to go to school. It was great to see the children really get the concept:)

The only other interesting thing today was that I wrote my student’s interim report cards today. These are a checklist of social behaviours and work habits that we send home on Friday to let parents know how their child is doing. It sometimes feels as though this is way too soon as I don’t really know the children yet.  As I wrote them, most were good, though two were the worst I think I’ve ever written, I realized that I’ve only had my students for nineteen days so far. Wow! Maybe I shouldn’t expect so much from these poor little five year olds😂. Thankfully most of them rise to the occasion.

I left the staff room early at lunch today as I was tired of listening to the complaining. We have a new report card this year, and we have to use it so let’s just accept it and move on. Some of my colleagues are spending way too much time complaining about it. This negativity starts to get to me! Why complain about something we can’t change at this time to people who can’t do anything about it? I’d rather just start dealing with it as best we can!


You’ll notice in the exercise paragraph I mentioned another blogger. That was where I was attempting to practice linking to another blog. Thanks for all the instructions, but I must have missed something:( I found the paperclip or chain and pressed that, but there didn’t seem to be a way to highlight the URL on the other blog. I am working on an iPhone, can anyone tell me how to highlight and copy a URL?? Please🙏🏻

And to Abbey, I’m not ignoring the post you tagged me in, I just figure I need to know how to link before I do it:(

I so dislike the feeling of not being able to do something that I think I should be able to do!!!!!! I think my 94 year old Grandma was better with tech than I am!


I am yet again the only single person on staff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I’m married and then had to endure either the awkward silence when I say no or the “oh I can’t believe you’re not taken- you’re so cute” speech.  I’m not sure which is worse! I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this situation yet. I have a good life- a career I love, my own place, a vehicle, independence, etc, but I’m also surrounded by these great marriages in my family and I can’t help wanting that too. Hmmm this is going to require more thought🤔


I am still furiously knitting away on my nephew’s scarf. I had forgotten about run clinic when I said it should be fine today, but hopefully tomorrow!

I’m just sitting here listening to the rain start, boy did we have perfect timing for our run tonight as it stayed dry the whole time after pouring all day and starting again now!

I’m off to knit more in the hopes of being done before I go crazy from using the same yarn for too long!

Have fun!


Sorry,Just Another Day

It seemed like just another day…


I worked out this morning as I was trying to make myself go to run clinic tonight. I did the dirty thirty workout. It wasn’t perfect as I didn’t want to be stomping around at 6:20 in the morning, so I went low impact but tried to go deep into the moves. It was at least something! I was sweating, but not like I usually am after a workout:(

I walked to and from work which I’ve decided has to count for my walk, even though it’s only 27 minutes total.

I did get my butt out the door to run clinic at the Port Moody Runner’s Den tonight. It was tough as I was nervous! I used to be a loyal clinic attendee but somehow I got away from it. I’ve decided that I need to get back to it!! I went with the ten minute group as that was the one a friend was leading. It was a challenge, but I managed to maintain a spot in the middle of the group.  We did intervals of 90 seconds hard/60 seconds rest, 60 seconds hard/ 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds hard/2.5 min rest and we did the set four times. It was a good challenge, but I didn’t feel hopeless and I think it will really help my running to be forced to try new things! Adding 7km to my monthly total was nice too!


Well the honeymoon period is waning. I had a little boy who made it to his third warning for putting his hands on others and had to step out into the hall and I had to re-organize the carpet seating to split up some problematic groups of children. It’s only the second day!! I can’t be that mean of a teacher though as I got four hugs and a picture today:) We are making progress in knowing the routines, though I really need to get on memorizing the “special order” as right now, I have the worst time figuring out if they’re in the correct order 😂 We have definitely been planning too much as I always forget how young they are when they come into my classroom in September. They really are just kindergarteners still! We’ll get there though:)


I’ve managed to get four rows of my afghan done tonight. It’s great that I am knitting this right now as it is cooler at night now and the afghan is keeping me warm as I knit on it:)

Healthy Living:

I have to admit that I’ve been slacking on the careful eating and consequently I’ve been ranging from 98-101 pounds. Tonight though my friend noticed and commented on the fact that I had lost weight. That has definitely given me the impetus to be more careful, I didn’t even have a snack when I came home:) I better come up with some healthy meals from my cupboards and I need to remember how little I actually need to eat to survive!

I often think that people avoid commenting on weight loss as they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing or making the person feel bad, but sometimes it’s just what the person needs. I’ve worked hard and nobody says anything. I didn’t lose the weight for anyone but myself, but it is nice to have it noticed on occasion, that I look better than I used to!

I’ll have to work on having more exciting days do that my blog is more interesting:) 🤣

Have fun!