Run to Rapid City Update

At the start of 2020, with no knowledge of what was ahead, I was having a tough time getting out the door for runs. The awesome Kathy said that I could make a goal to run to visit her in South Dakota. Since Kathy always gives good advice and is so amazing at so many things, I was quick to agree!

Well after a year and a half of counting all of my running mileage, but no walking or biking, I have made it to Rapid City with 12 kilometers to spare.

Rapid City is in western South Dakota and is best known as being the gateway to Mount Rushmore. The cool thing is that the presidential theme has been continued through 43 life size statues of presidents on the street corners in the downtown core. The city was founded in 1876 by gold seekers who hadn’t found any treasure in the Black Hills Mountains.

This city that started with a six block downtown core has now grown to be the second largest city in South Dakota with just over 70,000 residents. That is much bigger than I was expecting! That may be due to the fact it is the banana belt of South Dakota and receives less snow and more sun than the rest of the state.

Dinosaur Park which is composed of 7 pipe, mesh and concrete dinosaur sculptures is definitely something I will be checking out while I am here. I will also be availing myself of some shopping as Mitzi’s Books intrigued me.

Of course the best thing about Rapid City is that Kathy lives here!! I would love to visit Kathy in real life one day, but for now I will have to settle for a virtual visit. Thank you Kathy for providing such an awesome goal for my running for the past year and a half- it has definitely kept me going.

Hmm now I just need to figure out the next goal!

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #15

At the start of 2020, with no knowledge of what was ahead, I was having a tough time getting out the door for runs. The awesome Kathy said that I could make a goal to run to visit her in South Dakota. Since Kathy always gives good advice and is so amazing at so many things, I was quick to agree!

It has taken me much longer than I was expecting as I have spent a large portion of 2021 sick or injured, but I am so close, I could cry.

I really wanted to get there for the Fourth of July as I have always wanted to experience a US July 4th as it seems so much bigger than Canada Day, but alas that just didn’t happen.

To date I have ran 1,940 kilometers and am standing at Crow Creek Road on the outskirts of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

When looking up Belle Fourche, it appears they are very proud of being the centre of the nation and Google also says that it is very near the georgeaphic centre of the United States when Hawaii and Alaska are included.

Belle Fourche was founded in 1903 and now has an estimated population of just over 5,000 people. It was named by French fur trappers for the beautiful sight of three rivers coming together and was a hot spot for fur trading. Farmers and ranchers took over from the fur traders and the railroad even came through this spot on the map. Seth Bullock is considered the founding parent of this city and turned it into the largest livestock shipping centre in the world. The city still provides support for the wool, cattle and bentonite industries.

Belle Fourche seems to grow athletic people as three athletes hail from this city- Lloyd Eaton, Jason Kubel, and John Strohmayer.

What I have learned mainly this month is that I wish I plotted my route as I did the mileage so I would know how long of a run I needed to get to the next city. Hopefully, barring issues, I will be at Kathy’s for my next update.

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #14

Well I am getting closer! It’s tough to think that it is going to take me at least fifteen months to do what others do in a matter of a few months, but I have to remember that comparison steals joy so I’m not going to think about that! Instead, I’m going to think of how I’ve run 1,852 kilometers and am super close to seeing Kathy!

I have been working on running to visit Kathy in Rapid City since the start of 2020. This virtual trip has provided a lot of incentive to get out the door for runs. Especially now that I am getting so close to the end!

Last month I was at Suicide Pass Road and I’m glad to be past there. I am currently in Hammond, Montana at the start of the Kaufman Trail.

There may be a campground down this road, so if I needed some rest I could stay there, however, with being only about 200km away, I just want to press on.

There may or may not be some awesome hiking in this area. From where I am standing it just looks like a road, and there seem to be a couple of places called Kaufman Trail- one of which I’m standing at and the other is in Butte, Colorado.

Let’s hope the picture above is from Montana and not Colorado or I’m definitely going the wrong way!🤣🤣🤣

Well I’m off to get some more of that 200km done!

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #11

I can’t believe another month has gone by!

At the start of 2020 I was lost as to what my running goal would be for the year. I had done speed, distance, etc. Then the amazing Kathy suggested that I run to visit her. So off I went to Rapid City. You can tell I don’t run as much as many people out there as it’s a new year and I am still working on this goal of visiting Kathy.

Unfortunately, January hasn’t been a great month for running because I fell on the first Sunday long run of the year and my body is taking it’s sweet time healing. The only good thing I can say is that I just managed to squeak out 81.22km this month to beat last January’s 77km. With this 81km I have made it to Maier Lane in Billings, Montana.

Billings, Montana is definitely the biggest place I have stopped so far with 109,000 people and is the largest city in Montana. Billings, Montana is located on the Yellowstone River and has been around since 1872. Billings was named after the president of the Northern Pacific Railway, Frederick Billings.

Billings has the nickname Magic City because of its fast growth and it is continuing to grow very quickly to this day.

There are many attractions and events in Billings and one is the Pictograph caves which are just five miles from downtown Billings.

One cool thing is that Billings was covered by an inch of ash from the 1980s eruption of Mt. St. Helens. I remember my mom talking about my dad coming home with ash on him as he was trucking in the area of Mt. St. Helens at the time.

Well, I think I will cool my heels here for a day as there seems to be a lot of new shopping area in Billings. 😀

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City #10

At the start of this year, I was having trouble getting out the door for runs as I just didn’t have a goal. I had already done a speed goal and a distance goal and I didn’t know what to do now. As a goal person, I don’t work very well without a goal.

Then the lovely Kathy gave me the idea of running virtually to visit her in South Dakota. Well that did the trick!

Last month I had made it to Big Timber, Montana and this month I am just outside Columbus, Montana.

I have not actually reached the town, so I have stopped at a local ranch/farm for a rest.

Columbus Montana looks to be pretty close to the centre of Montana when I look at the map. The estimated population is just over 2,000 people. This town was originally a stagecoach stop called Sheep Dip. I’m sure the people of the town are happy the name changed.

This town was home to a professional poker player named Annie Duke and the birth place of professional football player Dwan Edwards. I always find it amazing all the people who come from tiny, unknown towns.

I think I’m getting close to Billings so hopefully I will make it there in the next month.

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #7

I am so sorry this is late. I think I’ve avoided it because I’m mad at myself for how little running I did in September. Between a crazy return to work and an injury, my mileage is the lowest it has been all year:(

At the start of the year I was having a tough time getting out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had already done a speed goal and a distance goal and now I didn’t know what to do. Then the awesome Kathy suggested I run to visit her in South Dakota. Well there I went.

Last month I had just made it to the outskirts of Alberton, Montana, 933 kilometers from home.

This month I have made it to a tiny lake just before the Rock Creek Airport in Clinton, Montana.

This area was named for General Sit Henry Clinton and boasts just over 1,000 people at this time. I don’t know why this map route only takes me through small towns. A runner would be way less noticeable in a bigger city, but I suppose the air quality is better out here.

I can see that there is a quite modern looking building at the airport and it has a patio! I have just five more kilometers to run and then hopefully I can stop there and have a cold drink!

In 2017, this area had a small plane crash which killed two people. The plane appears to have been trying to land, but crashed into trees beside I90 due to engine failure . I really hope I am not standing anywhere near where that happened!

Well, I had better keep going as I would like to make it much further this month than I did last!

Have fun! AJ

Last time I was at

Run To Rapid City Update #4

Exercise Update for the Month:

I ran a total of 21 times in June for a total of 107.23km. I am slightly disappointed in this total, but as my mom reminded me, June was quite the month for me at work, so I guess I should be happy I got the 107km in. I also worked out on 17 days, and rode my bike once. Hopefully everything will increase during the summer!


So at the start of the year I was having a very difficult time motivating myself to get out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had done a pace goal two years ago and had done a mileage goal last year and just really didn’t know what to do this year. That’s when the amazing and wonderful Kathy of Sewing,etc on WordPress offered an awesome suggestion. She suggested that I virtually run to visit her. Now Kathy always offers so many interesting suggestions and I would dearly love to see her garden, bunnies and all her sewing and knitting projects, so this seemed a great idea. I immediately set off for Rapid City.

So far I have ran 674km and am in the Spokane Valley. This is the largest suburb of Spokane. It is a larger city of 99,000 people.

This is one of their tourism pictures. Unfortunately it’s not that colourful right now.

I am 17 kilometers from the Idaho state line and can’t stop wait to start working on a new state.

Run to Rapid City Update

At the start of this year I was having a difficult time getting myself out the door for runs. I just didn’t know what kind of goal I wanted this year and without a goal, I wasn’t getting the miles in.

Well then an awesome woman named Kathy helped me out. She gave me a goal. I am running from my house in British Columbia to her house in South Dakota. It is a very long way!! It may actually take me years to get there, but it does the trick and gets me out the door:)

At the start of March I was in Arlington, Washington and I have now made my way to Olallie State Park.

This Park is day use only and know for its waterfalls and rock climbing. It has lots of hiking trails and thankfully some are short as I just want to rest my feet!

A Great Learning Day

I had ProD today and normally I really resent having to sit and listen to someone lecture at me about theoretical things that I can’t apply in my classroom, by today was an excellent day of learning!

It was nice to not have to jump out of bed this morning, though of course I did at my usual time since I can never sleep in when I have the opportunity.

My ProD program didn’t start until 10am so I got done seriously lovely knitting time on the couch first thing this morning.

We then set out on a nature walk. I always want to take my students outside to learn about nature, but never feel like I know enough to do so. Then when I saw this opportunity I thought it might be the perfect chance to rectify this problem.

The walk was taking place at a place I run quite often which includes forest and dyke area as well as being right beside a river so it had a lot of diverse environment for us to look at. The talk concentrated on bird life and we were actually out for about three hours! I learned about the Northern Flicker that eats ants and then immediately grooms itself so as the formic avid from the ant will kill the parasites on the bird. I learned about robins, hawks, pillared woodpecker (we saw a female because it didn’t have a red mustache), the European starling that is not indigenous to BC,but is now present in huge numbers, the toohee which is like a zombie because it has red eyes and it’s a ground eater so it’s usually what I’m seeing on my walk to school when I hear rustling on the ground. I learned that an eagle’s wingspan is 6 feet- the size of one of my brothers. I learned lots more, including the six toilet papers of nature 🤣

It was an awesome ProD because I feel like I learned things that I can actually use when I’m outside with the kids on Monday😀😀😀


After the session was over, we stopped for lunch at a small cafe there. I actually had to walk half a block down to a soup place as there was nothing but sweets that I could eat at this cafe. I did end up having a wonderful vegan, gluten free chipotle corn chowder for lunch that was so yummy!


On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a piece of rotisserie chicken for dinner as we were much later than I was expecting, but I wouldn’t let myself have it until I had gotten out for a run. With writing report cards every day I haven’t ran since Sunday ☹️. I just did a simple run over to the park and it was crazy busy as everyone was trying to get some fresh air before the rain started. I had a pretty quick run which was good since it was short! I may need a specific running goal as I’m not getting much running in:(. If anyone has a good suggestion, please let me know.


When I got home I had to read the message from my financial advisor before I was allowed to start knitting, and yes I do make these bargains with myself a lot.

I’ve had a very productive knitting day! I finished the June Hat which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I had picked it just to use up two small balls of yarn, but I love it!! I decided not to put a Pom Pom on it do that it is reversible.

I want to make this hat several more times in several more colours!

I then used up another small ball of yarn by making this headband. This will just go into the donation basket, but I do think it’s cute.

Finally I have started another hat – the Kitimat- which is another free pattern on Ravelry, and which I think I’m going to love too! It has already used up another small ball so I am one skein away from being at my mid March goal.

Hopefully I’ll be fine this hat tomorrow! I am also thinking that I will keep stash busting and then only let myself buy as many skeins of yarn at the show as I am below my goal number. Maybe this would keep my stash under better control.

I have never been a huge hat knitter, but I am really enjoying it. I think my next project needs to be a three colour cowl or shawl.

Also, what would you make with this single skein?

I have about 165-190 yards.

Well I need to head to bed as I have an early run in the morning.

Have fun!


Made it!

All day, the teachers were cheering each other on with a countdown of how many hours we had to go until our four day weekend began. We all made it😀🎉🎊


We worked on being good readers today and visualizing as we are reading. I did the reading, of Matilda, and the children drew pictures of what they saw in their heads as I read. They didn’t do too badly:). The children are amazed that I don’t watch tv, but I explained that I do, it’s just powered by what I’m reading:). I’d much rather read and make my own pictures than have to put up with what someone else’s imagination came up with! I am really noticing that with watching the Harry Potter movies!

We learned our last addition strategy so now we just have to practice!

My amazing co-teacher came up with a way for us to cover coding (which we now have to teach) in gym. We play robots!! We started yesterday and the children requested it today:). Yay for multi-tasking!


I got in to have my eyebrows and eyelashes died this afternoon. This is something that I just started doing a couple of years ago, but it makes such a difference to my face to have eyelashes and eyebrows that can actually be seen!! It has also brought a fellow reader into my life. My aesthetician likes chick lit too so we have a good gab about it while she’s making me look better:) Today it was like Christmas as she had a big bag of books for me!! Actually it might have been even better than Christmas as I never get chick lit books for Christmas!🤣 This bag of treasures along with the sunshine that peeked out this afternoon made for a fabulous start to my long weekend!


I had athletic yoga tonight again. I didn’t feel like going, but was glad after that I had:) That class goes so fast. I look up and am always amazed that we are already at the stretch!

I’ve been feeling blue this week and while talking to my colleague at yoga, realized that I haven’t gotten a run in since Sunday- maybe this explains my low mood?!?! I think I better get back to my morning runs, even if it’s in the dark! I’m thinking I might buy a three month rec pass after this yoga class is over so I can run in the mornings and then do a class in the evening. I’ll have to think about it more…


I am giving my new sweater a second try this evening. I told my mom earlier that I was finding the instructions super confusing. It was disheartening as I’m not a newbie knitter! I’ll give it another go and see how it is as I really like this pattern!

Well I’m going to go curl up with my book:)

Have fun!