Don’t know where the week has gone

I’m not sure where the week has gone. I think I spent most of it watching knitting podcasts while throwing a ball for an anxious, sad puppy. We survived and I am back home.

Today was very quiet. I slept late and still got a run in as it was cool. It seems as though our Fall weather has arrived. It’s been gray and cool all day here. My run was an easy 3km and it felt good. I spent the second half really trying to concentrate on pushing off my toes. I’m going to need to do some reading on how to engage my butt while running.

I came home and immediately did my workout too. It was a thirty minute push workout from Nourish Move Love and I can tell you that I’m going to feel it tomorrow. That’s a good thing in my mind.

I have to admit that other than doing laundry I have done nothing else today. I have been reading a series of books by Lea Coll called All I Want. It’s a good series and I’ve been enjoying them even if they are just fluff. I always seem to get sucked into the series that revolve around a friend group- they seem so fun. I would recommend the series even though I spend some of the book yelling at the main female character 🤣

Well I’m on the last book so I’m going back to it.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

I have been meaning to write a post about my very busy weekend, but I’ve been falling asleep instead. Just know it was super busy!

Today I started the day with a run with Dennis. We did a different route which started with a walk up the big hill beside my house. I found my legs were super tired and my butt was sore from my butt and back workout yesterday. My Garmin still says I got a PR for my 5km time which is cool. I think I could still go faster.

I quickly showered and headed over to the medical clinic as I had to go for another test. I was so annoyed as I was there early and yet they still took me late:(

I am taking care of my brother’s dog and so have been trying to build in time between each outing to go home to see him. He hates when his people are away so he always looks so sad. Banks actually refused to go for a walk this morning because he wouldn’t go out of sight of the house.

After lunch I picked up my friend Liane and we hit Costco. It felt like a bit of a waste because I didn’t want to be buying any fresh food as I will be going back to visiting my parents. I found a few things including a pair of shorts which will hopefully fit.

After Costco I laid down and had a little nap and then spent a lot of time throwing the ball for Banks.

It was then time to head for trivia. I really didn’t know anything tonight. I think the only question I knew was:

Which country’s women’s soccer team just won the Olympic gold medal?


I did leave early so I could get home to walk the dog.

Well Banks and I have been out for a walk and are now heading to bed.

Have fun!


Resting Up

It was another hot day here today and I have three things happening tomorrow so I decided to lay around today.

I started the day with my minimum run and then immediately did my ab workout and yoga that was called for in the Nourish Move Love workout plan so that I would get them done!

Other than that I have done a little knitting. I had finished a sock but it was slightly long so I pulled it out and am almost done it again. I also got about two inches of body knitted on my current sweater.

I have spent the rest of the day reading. They have all just been fun books so nothing really to report.

Oh I also ordered some mail product. I am hoping that it will help strengthen my nails which are so incredibly weak, but I guess we shall see when it all arrives.

I’m going to bed now as I have a early run in the morning.

Have fun!



It was a busy day!

I started the day with a run with Dennis. We went around a very hilly local park but I had a pretty good pace. The best part was the cute guy behind us for the first little bit.

I went directly from tea to a bike ride with my friend Em. It was a lovely day out on the dykes. It was just a leisurely ride, but lovely!

I came home from my bike ride and had a nice nap.

I actually spent most of the day reading a book. It was Real Kind of Love by Sara Rider. I really enjoyed this book and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book in one sitting. It is light and fluffy and a great summer read. I may just get the second in the series.

This afternoon I got my workout done- another NourishMoveLove. It was the 15 Minute Total Body Strength that I think I’m going to feel tomorrow!

Amazingly, for the first time since February, trivia was on. We still aren’t allowed to move from our table, but it was nice to have some normal.

From the first round:

Who has played the grumpy guy in The Odd Couple?

Walter Matthau,Jack Klugmann, Matthew Perry

Name the number one brand in Canada of Ket Chu up, Mustard and Relish.

Heinz, French’s, Bics

Finish this phrase:



What does HVAC stand for?

Heating, ventilation, Air a conditioning

What two states other than Washington border BC?

Idaho, Montana

Name the three tenors:

Pavarotti, Carreras, Felliciano

What does HMCS stand for?

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship

In the music round I only knew the country songs:

Big Green Tractor by Jason Aldean

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off- Joe Nichols

In Kahoot I was pushing the buttons with my back to the screen so I don’t even know the questions that were asked.

In the fourth round:

Put these shows in order of when they came on the air:

Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends

What does TNA in wrestling stand for?

Total Non Stop Action

Well I have to go home to bed cause I have a busy day tomorrow.

Have fun!



It was another nicely balanced day, but I can barely keep my eyes open.

I got up and did my usual 3.12km run, but today I really concentrated on pushing off with my toes. I don’t think I’ve been doing that so I guess I’d better practice.

I also got my workout for the day done before 8am. It was another NourishMoveLove workout and this time I got to use my new kettlebell. We shall see if I regret this workout tomorrow. It was legs and core focused and I have to try to keep up with Dennis tomorrow! I did some rolling and yoga stretching this evening to hopefully help with this.

I met up with Brenda for lunch today as she is leaving early Wednesday for her father’s and doesn’t know how long she will be gone for. We had a walk first since the restaurant didn’t open until noon and then had a lovely pasta lunch. I always get the seafood marinara as I love seafood!

I spent the afternoon, well except for my nap time, knitting on my everyday tee and on a pair of DK socks. DK socks seem to be all the rage right now. I find it really funny because my grandma always made us DK weight socks- I guess she was way ahead of her time. I was on the foot but pulled it all out because it looked enormous. I’ll have another go at it.

Well I can barely keep my eyes open so I’m going to sleep now.

Have fun!


Good Balance

I like days when there’s a balance of busy and quiet, productive and fun. Today was pretty good that way.

I didn’t set an alarm and figured if I was up, I’d run, but otherwise I’d just do my Sunday morning walk. Well of course, I was awake. It was nice and cool this morning and quite wet! Usually I see a ton of people but today in the rain, only four. I did my usual 3km and took it easy. It felt good:)

I then met up with two of my running buddies for a walk around a local lake. I had forgotten how fast these two walk so it ended up being a workout!

After a nice tea, I quick changed and met up with two close friends from high school for a coffee. We’ve been lucky enough to have two coffees this summer! I always love my time catching up with these two!

From there I was home for a nap and some knitting. I was working on a sock at coffee, but started on the everyday tee when I got home. I have had some Fortuna yarn by Classic Elite Yarns for several years and haven’t been able to find the right project, but this may just be it. I am almost done the yoke and then I’ll have to try it on. I’m a little worried because I’m using a dk yarn when the pattern calls for fingering😳

Around the house I have managed to do my laundry and clean my kitchen sink. That’s not much, but at least something.

This evening I got my rolling and yoga done. I definitely noticed yet again the lack of doing this yesterday!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


Out and About

My day didn’t go according to my plan of another quiet day at home, but it was lovely.

I started the day with an 8.39km run with Dennis. Sarah had called last night to say that she wasn’t coming. I knew this morning as I was leaving the house that this wasn’t going to be an amazing run and sure enough my legs were tired the whole time. I think this is the reason my heart rate was high (though not dangerously so this time), and it felt like a tough run from the first step. Note to self, don’t do a speed challenge the day before the long run. I want to try to challenge myself again, but maybe I’ll move that to Mondays. I had meant to do a kettlebell workout and some yoga, but it just didn’t happen today. It’s a good thing I meet people for most of my runs or they may not always happen either.

I came home and was working on knitting a brioche toque, but decided that I needed a nap instead. Since it’s summer, I went ahead and had one.

I was just finishing up getting the dishes done (my house job for today) when Brenda texted and invited me over for some knitting.

I didn’t get a ton of knitting done, but we did get a list made of the advent calendars that have been available this year so that we will be better informed for next year.

I stopped on the way home for gas at Costco and the process took an hour! It was insanely busy and I didn’t think about knitting until I was at the pump. That was really dumb of me!

I ended up ripping out the brioche toque as I wasn’t happy with it, but have started a pair of DK socks instead. I’m loving the yarn and will hopefully be able to show them to you soon.

Have fun!



Well it rained for about thirty seconds last night:( It’s looked like it could rain most of the day so let’s hope it does tonight!

I started the day with my usual 3km run to the park and back. I know it’s not long, but mentally it gets me out the door. Today I decided that I should see how fast I could go. I was about a minute and a half faster than my usual time, but I know I can do it even faster! I may make this a weekly challenge as I think it would be a good indicator of my running improvement.

I came home and immediately did the NourishMoveLove workout which was a quick abs workout. I had every intention of doing the workout twice, but then I got distracted.

Around the house I got my towels changed and washed. Knitty Natty calls it Fresh Towels Friday and I liked that. I see she has a YouTube episode about a cleaning schedule so I may watch that as I’m always looking for pointers. I also got my Christmas lights taken out of the window and put away and the recycling taken out. I’m going to call that a success for doing at least one thing around the house so far. Is two days in a row long enough to call the plan a success??

I packed up my sewing machine and took it over to the local sewing store as they have an agreement with a guy who will pick it up and service it. I have been trying to do this since Spring as my machine won’t go into zigzag but my timing is always off. Today I decided just to take it and it can wait over there as it’s not like I can use it anyways. Of course, now all I want to do is sew!!!!

After a quick ice cream stop

I have learned to just stop and eat an ice cream and not bring a container of it into my house!

I spent most of the day knitting and actually accomplished a pair of socks! I had gotten my latest Knitting Expat Tokyo sock pattern on the fourth but couldn’t start them until today. They just seemed to go very fast, even faster than normal. I really love Knitting Expat sock patterns and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. These socks were done in some leftover Sweet Georgia tough Love Sock yarn in beige. It’s a beautiful yarn, but I still have some leftover. Sometimes I wish for bigger feet so I wouldn’t have leftovers!

Sorry for the bad photo- it’s dark here.

And since I promised, here is my most recently finished sweater- the Rock It Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts.

I had been a little worried when I saw the yarn caked up because it was extremely bright, but it’s actually not even as bright as it looks in the picture. The yarn is a merino fingering and a silk mohair that are died identically. You simply alternate between the two. I don’t know why this sweater took me so long as it was very simple. I am glad I did it though!

This evening I did my yoga and rolling. I definitely noticed this morning the fact that I hadn’t done yoga and rolling last night. I guess this is one habit I’ll have to try my best to keep up. I actually ended up with my yoga and rolling being almost as long as my run🤣

Well I’m off to bed as I have an early run in the morning.

Have fun!


Not Sorry

I’ve been told I shouldn’t apologize for my quiet days so I will try not to from now on. In truth, I love having quiet days at home and it is only when I come on here to talk about my day that I feel a little bad that it’s not super exciting to read about. Oh well, I guess you all have the option to not read so I will just continue to have my quiet days and not apologize for them.

I started the day with my usual 3km run. I am hoping this will become a routine that I can keep up even when school goes back in. We shall see. I also immediately did my NourishMoveLove workout for the day. Well really I’m not sure if it was a workout or yoga. It was a 10 minute dynamic warmup. It had yoga moves, but also strength moves. I put it down as yoga since it was so short.

I actually ended up going for a second run this evening with Sarah and Dennis around a local park. We were supposed to do the same run we did on Monday, but it was just too hot to be on the sidewalks in direct sun so we took to the shaded path. We got 5.26km in which was great as my plan called for six today so I am now about 4km ahead of schedule. I like having that little bit of cushion.

This morning I also went and picked up three workout items from a lady in the next city. I love wearing Ivivva, but of course Lululemon discontinued their girls line so now I have to search for it second hand. I don’t know why they discontinued it when it seems to be extremely popular. I was happy to get a new pair of capris, a short sleeve and a long sleeve top. I also got a short walk in on this outing since I was early.

I want to do at least one thing for my house each day, even if it’s a tiny thing. Today I cleaned my bathtub drain. It took no time and I’ve been meaning to do it forever!

Other than a nap, I have spent the day knitting and watching podcasts. I made two more knitted dishcloths that used up five more skeins of the cotton thread. I also finished my Rock It Tee by Tanis Fibre Arts. I will include picture and details tomorrow as I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken any yet and it’s dark now.

I also found myself casting on the everyday tee but have decided that it isn’t the right yarn that I was using so I will be tearing that out.

The best thing just happened a second ago- it started raining! We have had a record number of days without rain and it has been so muggy so this is awesome!!!!

I also finished my current book last night. It is called How To Knit a Love Song by Rachael Herron. I enjoyed having a book that featured knitting that wasn’t a cosy mystery. It was an enjoyable read, though I really didn’t expect the secondary storyline of a stalkerish abusive ex boyfriend. There was one scene where he jumps out of a closet that I really didn’t like, but I liked the rest of it:)

Well, I think that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Knit knit knit

Sorry today was super quiet!

I got out for my run first thing this morning and then got my flute activation workout from NourishMoveLove done right away this morning too.

I decided that I desperately needed to get something done around the house so I swept and washed the bathroom and kitchen floor.

I then sat and knitted for most of the day. I made another dishcloth so that I could feel like I was actually accomplishing something and then I decided I needed to get this Rock It Tee done. I thought I would succeed but still have sleeve and neckline edging to do so you won’t see it until tomorrow.

I also am almost done my current book so you won’t hear about that until tomorrow too.

I’ve done my rolling and yoga and so am off to bed. Check back tomorrow for a hopefully more content-filled post.

Have fun!