Day 8

Well another quiet day of the usual.


I got out for just my usual 3km run to the park and back. It was super quiet and it didn’t rain on me- both of which were a bonus!

On the way home I stopped in for some veggies at the grocery store. Yes I made sure I was there about the same time as last Monday when I talked to the cute, nice guy, but alas, I didn’t see him today. It seems as though flour is the new thing that everyone is hoarding. I am definitely not normal if this is normal behavior!

This evening I managed to get my butt off the couch for a workout using my stability ball. I did anminute of jogging between these exercises:

Adductor squeeze, burpees, pushups, sit ups, hamstring curls, froggers, pikes, reverse crunches, Russian twists, pullovers, mountain climbers and a plank.

It made it fun to try and think up moves to do using the stability ball:)


I have spent another day knitting and reading and thankfully I finally have a finished object to show off!

This is the jeweled cowl which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I was thinking it was too wide, but it turned out exactly 14″ which is what the patten calls for, but I’m 14″ short in length. I have no idea how that happened as I definitely don’t have a tight gauge. Oh well, hopefully it will dress up a black shirt:)

I am back working on my spindrift shawl by Helen Stewart as I’ve learned that I don’t like having multiple projects going at the same time I can’t wait to be done this so that I can start a sweater!


I finished Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc by Sarah Morgan only to have Goodreads tell me I had already read it. It was a good, basic romance. I saw it all coming, but it was just what I needed right now.

Well that’s another day of physical distancing (that’s what they’re calling for here now instead of social distancing).

Have fun!


The Perfect Gift

Thanks to Abbey for letting me play along on this Christmas Blogmas!

I had better get going on it though or I won’t be done for Christmas.

I have to admit that my books of the season are the sappy Christmas romances. This time of year is super busy with both Christmas concerts and report cards so I really just want something easy and happy to read!

I have already downloaded a whole bunch of these types of books to read on my holiday.

I have a few favourite authors for this type of holiday romance:

Shannon Stacey

Sarah Morgan

Debbie Macomber

All guaranteed to entertain me and leave me with a smile:)


Today was a slightly better day:) We has music, finished our Christmas mini book, did a fun, successful pattern math activity and had centres.

I really think the math activity was the highlight of the day. I paired up the children and gave the pair a card that had a pattern on it- composed of snaps, claps or pats. The children had ten minutes to practice and then presented their pattern to the class who then guessed what the pattern was. It went so great!! We’ll try it again next week:)


After a lovely nap, I dropped off some stuff to a friend. I was pretty impressed with myself that I could pull her Christmas present together that quickly!

I also stopped in at my brother and sister in law’s as they had told me they had a birthday gift for me. They got me a hoodie that says, run, knit, read, repeat. Obviously my SIL knows me well!


I watched Merry and Bright this evening. It was cute but I can’t say it was my favourite movie because the solution seemed so obvious right from the start and I found it annoying that it took until the last five minutes for Jodi Sweetin to figure it out.


I got a very slow and very short run done in the pouring rain today. I wanted to get my blood flowing as I woke up with a severely swollen left hand this morning. I was super worried I was going to have a Shrek hand for the rest of my life😳☹️. Thankfully the swelling is mostly gone now, just a bit left and the ladies at work figured it was just fluid from the amount they pumped into me last night.

I also did my Hallmark movie workout.

25 crunches

20 pushups

30 jacks

10 burpees

15 squats

10 plié squats

10 high knees

10 curtsy lunges

5 deep squats

10 front kicks

I know I should probably take it easy, but I’m tired whether I exercise or not so I figure I might as well exercise and be happy!

Well I’m going back to bed!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #22



I headed out this morning for my run but at just under 1.5km my left hip had a pain that was not the ordinary. I thought for a moment of carrying on and then decided not to be stupid and turn around. I only got 2km in and hobbled around all day. I actually felt better when my colleague reminded me we had that tough workout after school yesterday. Hopefully that is the cause of the pain and it will go away quickly! I took a long Epsom salts bath after school (I figured out to read blog posts during it so I stayed in longer) and then foam rolled as well. I’m hoping a few days of this and I will be all better!


I might see progress! This morning we got calendar done which is truly painful right now but teaches so many concepts that it’s worth the pain. We also did our first journal entry and got our first poem/song. Not bad for just the morning! After quiet time we did our first math- counted to 100 and played mystery number which they loved. I don’t get what’s so exciting about guessing a number covered by a sticky note on the 100 chart, but year after year, it’s a hit!

We went to the gym and played turtle tag. I am so glad that so far our classes can handle gym together as that gives them gym every day. So necessary when we have rainy weather like we have now. It was also hilarious that my colleague usurped the talking role and made me the turtle in the demo and the kids said, I was a pretty fast turtle🤣

Before recess and lunch today I had my three boys decide who they would play with and where. I made sure it was a wise decision and that they were separated. It worked! No reported problems at recess and lunch🎉🎊.

Unfortunately another little guy hit a Kindergartener with his jacket🙄

I never thought I’d be this teacher, but I think we need some external incentive and we’ll start using bee tickets early this year.

This afternoon we managed planners, 5:47 of silent reading and some work on tattling versus reporting. Hopefully it sunk in!


I have been reading A Wedding in December by Sarah Morgan. While I was not invested for the first 20%, this book has turned out to be great:). I love how Sarah Morgan is writing longer women’s fiction now that allows her to explore more relationships in greater depth in her books. This is the story of the White family coming together for the youngest daughter’s wedding.

I loved how realistic the characters and relationships are. Every member has their secret to hide, their own agenda and their own journey. The characters are flawed and yet completely lovable and the series of events keep you going at a great pace. My favourite line of the book was, “try it and I’ll let you know”. This is definitely another winner from Sarah Morgan. Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free copy in exchange for an honest opinion.


It was just Liane and I tonight. Last week we had great success just the two of us, but tonight, not so much…

What we knew:

Which character in Harry Potter was known as the Dog Star?

Sirius Black

Who is older out of the Sedin Brothers?


Which country is Steffi Graff from?


How much do you pay for a distracted driving ticket?


Put the bridges in order going West.

Port Mann, Patullo, Alex Fraser

Who wrote War and Peace?


Name three names in Mambo #5?

Sandra, Mary, Jessica

what is the last race in the Triple Crown?


Who won in Football on Sunday?

Indianapolis Colts

Which Olympic throwing event doesn’t start in a circle?


What craft is done on a loom?


What does the Scoville scale measure?

The heat of chili peppers

What is the most popular way for potatoes to be eaten in Canada?


Where is Old Faithful?


Which galaxy is nearest us?


How much of an iceberg is under water?


We came in third for the Kahoolawe round!!!!!🎉🎊

What’s the name of coyote?

Wily E Coyote

Which religion does the Dali Llama follow?


Put the people on Canadian money in order from 100,50,5?

Borden, King, Laurier

Well we didn’t win, but I think we made a pretty good showing for just two people.


Breakfast taco, granola bar, fruit yogurt cereal parfait, orange, plum, salmon with veggies, some fries.

Liane is obviously a bad influence on me as I was doing better today until we shared fries.

That’s it for me.

Have fun!


Month in Review

i can hardly believe that today is the last day of February!! How is it possible to be through two months already?


Ugh a child said something cute today and I don’t even remember what it was:(

We had an Aboriginal Education speaker come in and discuss community with out grade 1/2 classes today and I learned a lot! I liked how the lady had the children brainstorm parts of the community and then tied them to what existed in historical aboriginal communities. I like having AbEd come in for this type of lesson as I’m always worried about messing up all the Aboriginal content we now have in our curriculum.

We actually got to math today and practiced our doubles facts. The grade 2s loved that I referred to their work as level 2. It also helped that I had two new games for the children to play when done to practice their doubles facts.

This afternoon we brainstormed places and people in the community. It went pretty well and the children came up with a lot.

We also got to visit the K/1 class to see their science museum where they were displaying what they had learned about sound and light. It was a bit of a zoo, but my class learned a few things:)

My co- teacher and I were very efficient this morning and got our last report card written this morning along with our planning and the prep was done during the day so all we had to do after school was help set up gymnastics equipment. It’s annoying that a few teachers didn’t even bother to show up to help:(


I finally got out in daylight for a run. It felt like it’s been forever since I ran, though I suppose it was just Sunday. I think I do better when I run every day than when I take a break as today felt tough. It ended up being a fast pace though.

The park where I ran tonight, but on a nicer day:)

I just looked at my February calendar and I managed to exercise 93% of the days. I’m happy with that as I exercises 26 out of 28 days.

This month I have ran 81.2km, so I yet again didn’t make the 100km goal I had:(

I have done:

2km- 1 run

3km- 3 runs

4km- 7 runs

5km- 3 runs

6km- 2 runs

7km- 1 run

My goal was to not have any 2km runs this month, but last Sunday when I ran to coffee did that goal in, though I did find that I pushed myself a couple of times to get to 3km rather than stopping with a 2km run, so I guess it helped a bit. I think my goal for March will be to actually get to 100km as I haven’t made it yet!


This evening I finished my current NetGalley book, One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan. I am slowly getting through all the books that came in at once:)

This book tells the story of Grace and Audrey and all the people their lives touch in one summer. While Grace is a mature 47 and Audrey is only 18, they share a lot in common. Their paths merge for one summer and they are able to help each other immensely to become the women they were meant to be.

This book was lovely! It is all about love and all the emotions that surround it.

I love how both Grace and Audrey need to find out who they truly are. It’s neat that Sarah Morgan explores the concept that this self discovery comes at different times for different people.

I think this would be a good book club book as it explores so many relationships and the idea that we help each other as we need it and friendship is a lot of give and take and propping each other up. Audrey at one point says the friend with the greater crisis takes precedence. What an awesome way to look at friendship.

The book is well worth a read! Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

In February I have read 10 books with 4 romances, 2 chick lit, 1 general fiction, 2 historical fiction and 1 children’s novel. While I rue the fact there’s no non-fiction in here, I think it’s a better distribution than normal🤣

Well I think I’ll now tackle the next library book.

Have fun!


Well That Was A Waste

I went to bed early last night, really early, only to be woken up not once, but twice by the fire alarm and got to go stand outside both times in -8😫😖


The most exciting thing yesterday was the morning when we used loose parts to build a character in Writer’s Workshop. It was great to see the children working together and co-operating.

They managed to co-operate in the afternoon to do their penguin research book too. Unfortunately, in between I spent a lot of time reminding about kindness and that they need to have actions they can be proud of!


I got home to the message that my running buddy had to work late so instead of doing a pyramid workout, I just went out for a 7km run. It went really well and I was between a 6:33 and a 6:55 min/ km so I am happy!

I also got in my 200 squats and my 100 crunches- 50 regular and 50 reverse.


I finished my current book yesterday called French Kiss by Sarah Morgan. It was short and a nice read, but I have to admit the woe is me heroine isn’t my favourite!


Between my run and my very early bedtime I managed to finish my sweater. I don’t like the fit at all:(

I think this one is just going into the giveaway bag:(. The pattern is from Timeless Knits for kids and the yarn is Mary Maxim worsted weight. I think the best that can be said is that it got rid of four skeins out of my stash:)

Well I’m off to teach!

Have fun!


Bed, Couch, Bed

You are all welcome to say “I told you so”🤣

Exercise: nil

Teaching: none

I woke up this morning, booked a substitute teacher and went back to sleep until 1:30. I then moved to the couch to read for a bit, but fell asleep again. I then moved back to bed. Scintillating day I had, huh?!😂


I finished Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan today. It is a series I have been reading and I enjoyed this instalment as it gave further information about the background of the family that is at the heart of the series. The pace was quite fast, but I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps I just move slow:) Anyone who likes a series or a summer fling type of book would enjoy this one:)

I am three quarters of the way through another book, but I’ll wait and finish it before I report on it:)

Holiday Movie:

I watched Cookie Cutter Christmas in the moments I was awake. It’s the usual cute Christmas Hallmark movie but I didn’t like the competition aspect- it was cringeworthy! I just kept hoping the characters would get some self respect 🤣. I also would like to go live wherever they taught as teachers supposedly get paid enough there to drive a Lexus and live in a mansion! The cooking scene between the two main characters was pretty cute!


I can’t tell you about the Northh African Mint tea in my David’s Advent Calendar because I CAN’T GET THE LID OFF🙁 I’ll take it to work tomorrow and see if someone there can help me.


I’ve had a lot of ginger ale today. My stomach and ears are really bugging me. I stopped by my staff Christmas party this evening for a few minutes to drop off my secret Santa gift. Why do I always get sick just when I have something fun to do?!?!😖. I left when their food came out, but as I was leaving I noticed the restaurant had this greenhouse still going- so cool for an Italian restaurant!

Well I’m sorry my day isn’t more exciting to tell you about, but I’m going back to bed in the hopes of feeling good enough to go to work tomorrow!!

Have fun!



A pretty quiet day of recovering. I’ve had enough of saying I’m sick so by tomorrow’s post I had better feel more myself!


I got a short run in this morning along a local trail. I did loops around my running buddies who were walking because they were sick. I probably should have taken my cue from them, but I was going slow!

This was my only exercise as I spent the rest of the day on the couch.


I’m calling this section socializing rather than eating because I haven’t managed to eat anything but ginger ale and one tea today:(

We tried a new coffee place after our run called Creekside Coffee Factory. I don’t drink coffee, but their coconut chai tea by Mighty Leaf was lovely. What I liked best about this coffee shop was how quiet it was! You could actually speak in a regular voice! You didn’t have to yell to be heard. It drives me crazy how loud coffeeshops and restaurants seem to be. I’m sure this makes me seem old, but I’m usually out with friends and it would be nice if I could actually converse with them. The inside of the coffee shop was very nice and invitingly decorated too.

I had book club tonight which is one of my favourite events so I had to go. I usually love it because it also gives me the chance to cook something g new because our food is always based on the theme of the book. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even stomach the thought of cooking today so I just took chips and salsa. When I was sitting at book club not eating any of the goodies laid out before me, I came to the conclusion that I’m sick:(

I had some of the chips and some more ginger ale. I was hoping they would work like saltines but they didn’t.

I always love to meet up with the girls and hear about what’s happening. It was a small group this time and only two of us had finished the book, so it turned more into just catching up. We both had a hard time getting into the book, but ended up loving it!

I didn’t have much to say as the girls were discussing shows they watch on Netflix. Some of them sounded very interesting, not, more like I could lose brain cells watching them!  (Of course some people would say that about the hallmark movies I watch on occasion too). Lol it reminded me that I’ve never been a big tv watcher. I was always reading a book as a kid and now I actually manage to exist without cable or Netflix. The only time it somewhat bugs me is when people have conversations that I can’t contribute to, lol.  I think I can live with that though!


I’m working on the next Sarah Morgan book in the series, New York Actually, but haven’t finished it yet so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now:)


I loved some purple wool I found in my coffee table basket but knew it would be too scratchy to wear against my skin, so I’m making a pair of handwarmers out of it. I think it will be perfect and super warm for that! I haven’t finished this yet either.

Well, I’m going to go collapse on the couch with my book and knitting and try not to think about my stomach!  Maybe this would be one time it would be good if I had mindless tv to watch, but I’ll rely on a mindless trashy romance book instead:)

Have fun!


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

This day did not go according to plan!


I didn’t get my usual Coquitlam Crunch run in as my friend found herself without a babysitter at the last moment, so I went there at 6:30am instead of for a run. I was kept company by this cutie until her son awoke at 7:45:) I had every intention of going for a nice long run this afternoon, but unfortunately it was shortened by getting sick:( (at least it didn’t appear to be witnessed!)

I did not sit down with a bucket of ice cream, only a cup of tea, but I still ended up with a reaction that tells me I got dairy in my system. Yes the tea was called Cream of Earl Grey, but I checked that ingredient list about five times and examined the entire tin and nowhere did it mention dairy ingredients. It is the only thing I have eaten today that I have not had before:(. I sat down on a rainy afternoon with a book, a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs (a gift from my brother a few years ago)

the fireplace on, … a perfect Fall weekend day and twenty minutes later, I’m sicker than a dog:( I went for an easy run as it can often help me feel better, but it obviously didn’t this time! I have continued reading, but have stuck with ginger ale instead! Grrrr!!😖 I guess the good part is that my stomach took my mind off my head cold🤣

Let’s get to better parts of my day!


After leaving my friend’s place I met up with my teaching colleague to hit one of the three garage sales I do a year. This one is held at a private school near us as a fundraiser. It is always crazy and they prove things high, but seem to be willing to negotiate:) I looked through the games and toys for my classroom, thought about buying my parents the scrabble and monopoly games as I know they’re looking for them, but worried that not all the pieces would be there, so finally left them. I had much better success at the book table! I had picked out a ton of kids books for my classroom and then realized that they wanted a dollar each and I have a lot of books in my room so I scaled them back to just three. I am very proud of myself for this!!! 🤣. Unfortunately, I then turned around to the adult table. I found a cookbook that was both dairy free and gluten free, the only kind I’ll allow myself to buy these days, and a knitting book. I have never worked with Cascade yarns before, but I hear it mentioned on lots of blogs so I thought this book might be a good investment😂. I then found the Nora Roberts box. I know my mom has been enjoying her books lately so I scooped them all up. What they wanted for these books was crazy, but they accepted $15, so I was super happy!!!!


I celebrated finishing The Shadow of the Wind by reading trashy romances. I love reading series, but I have to read them in order! That meant I had to find, A New York Christmas Fairy Tale by Sarah Morgan before I could read the next book in my library pile. I found it as a short story on and raced through it. It’s the story of James and Roxy who work together. They don’t realize that they both have feelings for each other until the Christmas season. It was a lovely fairy tale that made me laugh, cry and sigh so a success in the world of trashy romances:)

The second trashy romance I got through today was Dare to Submit by Carly Phillips. I started this book a long time ago on the kindle app, but had to leave it for The Shadow of the Wind, so unfortunately I can’t say much as I don’t remember the beginning. It ended satisfyingly and the characters were interesting. The big “twist” wasn’t such a twist as I had it figured out immediately.

I’ve been working my way through the whole series, but not back to back so I’m probably not getting as much out of the series as I would if I read it uninterrupted.


This morning I discovered a bake-a-long and I was intrigued. Kathy Reeve’s blog is where I first heard about it though it seems to be hosted by Traci at T Sweets. I just couldn’t resit trying the recipe (even though I haven’t officially been added to the bake-along). It was a recipe for chocolate chili bread made in the breadmaker by Kristabella’s Hodepodge. It was very simple to throw together though I replaced the butter with Earth Balance non dairy butter and the flour with a combination of rice flour, Sorghum flour, millet flour, potato starch, Arrowroot starch and xanthum gum and the chocolate chips with non dairy bittersweet chocolate chips. The load didn’t rise much (not unusual for gf breadmaker bread, I’ve found), but boy did it taste good. It’s not sweet and I admit I’d like to try it with semi sweet chocolate, but it baked perfectly and was good both warm and cold! (Thankfully I tried it before I drank my tea!). I didn’t taste the chili much so I think I would increase the amount I used next time.  I think I’ll slice and freeze this so I can enjoy it again:)


I also got some knitting done today! I finished my Three Ring Cowl by Karen Holmes (free on Ravelry). I picked this to use up the ends of chunky yarns I had hanging around in the basket under my coffee table.


The pattern is simple- cast on 84 stitches, join in a circle and then alternate between knitting for rows and purling four rows, then cast off. For the next two rings you do the same but twist it around the first before joining into a circle. I did end up making some modifications. I tried it with 84 stitches and found it was just too long for short little me, so I cut it back to sixty stitches. This did make it a little difficult to get the first row done on a circular needle long enough to twist around the other rings. I also ended up doing twenty rows in each ring instead of sixteen simply to use up the yarn I had.

I am very happy with how the cowl turned out and I think it will be lovely and warm for the Fall and Winter, though I think next time I might try knitting three flat scarves and then twining them and sewing them into circles as I think I might be able to get the twists better spaced this way and it wouldn’t be so awkward to knit. All in all though, a success!

Well I’m going to drink some more ginger ale, read some more books and try to figure out a Spanish food recipe to take to book club tomorrow. If anyone knows of an easy one, I’d love to hear about it!!!!

Have fun!


The Long Awaited Day!

I’ve been waiting for this day since April and it finally got here:)


Absolutely none:( I walked across the street to the drug store today, that’s it. An epic fail! It all started when I woke up at 7:52 this morning when my friend texted to say she was picking me up earlier than 8:30 so we could stop for coffee/tea! I can’t remember the last time I slept that late, but I guess I needed it. I think I’ll try to make tomorrow’s run longer to make up for today.


I got two activities cut out of the laminating. It’s a start and I’ll try for one more tonight and then some more tomorrow. I’m trying to sneak it in between knitting and reading so that my brain doesn’t realize I’m working on the weekend, 😂.


I finally finished the book, Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan today.

It’s the third book in this author’s From Manhattan with Love series. I devoured the first two books really quickly, but this one took longer. I don’t know if it’s because there was such a long gap between reading the first two and this one that I wasn’t as  connected to the series or if it was just the characters I couldn’t get into. It was still a good read. The book is about Eva who is the third friend in a company called Urban Genie- a concierge company in New York. Lucas’ grandmother hires Eva to decorate his condo and fill his freezer with food while he is supposedly in Vermont. Of course, he’s not in Vermont and a relationship ensues. I love reading series, and I love Sarah Morgan’s books, but I just found these two characters hard to relate to.  I liked the relationship between them and the fact that the friendship still played a role in the book.  If you like New York romance books, you’ll like this one. I would suggest reading the other two books first though.

Now that I’m done that book, I have three “good for me” books that I need to get going on!! Plus all the ones I’ve read reviews of on here lately.


Since I did a knitting store shop hop (Woolith Fair) in April, I have been waiting for Knit City. Supposedly this is the third year this event has been held, but I had only heard about it last year and missed it:(

My friend picked me up at 8:15, and we arrived at the venue at 8:45, only to find a ten minute line up of cars and a line up of people that went around the building!! Supposedly people started lining up at 6:30 this morning! Why can’t I find anyone to knit with if there are this many knitters in the Vancouver area?!?!  Thankfully the line up moved quickly and we were in shortly after 9am. We saw lots of people wearing knitted garments. I had thought about doing this but then decided I didn’t need to show off my wares, but maybe I should have, (perhaps I would have been warmer!)

We decided to work out way around the outside and then do the middle vendors, this plan fell through though as the rows don’t line up and there seems to be booths everywhere:( Both myself and my friend were immediately overwhelmed, but we forged ahead 🤣.  We did one whole loop of every booth in about two and a half hours. We were both hungry by this time and had read that there were supposed to be food trucks so we decided to take a break and then go for a second round to make sure we hadn’t missed anything:)

There were about six or seven food trucks – Reel Mac n Cheese, Serious Sausage, Varinicey Pakoras, C’est Ci Bon Pastries, Namachickpea, and Melt City grilled cheese. I ended up with a small pakora and a chai tea, but really wish I had walked one more truck over as they had gluten free, dairy free grilled cheese sandwiches at the Melt City truck:( We got out there at just the right time as by the time we were done eating there were lineups everywhere!  The thing I noticed most at lunch was how friendly everyone was- two ladies joined us at our table and we had an awesome conversation with them (thankfully my friend is good at talking to strangers), and another woman overheard me talking about my purchases and gave me an awesome Ravelry tip- there’s a Harry Potter themed group!!! I friended her and joined the group immediately and a new project starts tomorrow so I’ll tell you more about it after I do some reading:)

Our second round was faster, but we realized we had missed a lot on the first round, though I think this is an instance where you would never be able to see “everything”!

We ended up visiting two booths multiple times as they both had sale bins that they kept adding things to!!! I love a good sale bin and these two were definitely my downfall!

Mini skeins were everywhere! I didn’t know what you could do with them until a woman suggested a sweater using them for stripes. It sounds really cute, unfortunately the box of minis I liked, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on:( The colours were amazing and there were twelve of them, but they seemd smaller than all the other mini skeins- only about 50 yards each. I just can’t figure out a project for them and without one in mind, I guess I had better leave them:(. They look like a jewel box!

So cute- a rainbow of minis, but so expensive:(

I also discovered that I absolutely love yarn that has silk in it. There was a booth where all the yarn featured silk and if you bought the yarn, you got a free pattern. I loved two of the patterns! I just wish I remembered the name of the booth as I’d look online and get them when my Visa recovers!

My suggestions or changes if I was in charge of this event would be:

1) a grid layout to the booths so that it was easy to navigate and keep track of what you had seen or not seen.

2) more space between the booths. We found it very crowded, especially after lunch!

3) a bigger variety of vendors. There was some variety but most vendors were predominantly yarn or patterns. I was looking more for the accessories, tools and some cool knitting jewelry and clothing. There was a bit of this stuff (though no clothing whatsoever), but not much and most was crazy prices!  I had really wanted a few project bags but they started at $45 and went to $130. I guess I’ll be sewing my own!

4) Have more skeins of the custom show yarn as it was gone in the first half hour:(

Ok so what did I buy?? I had pretty good control until the last stop, though I still came home with way more yarn than I should have and I think my Visa card is still smouldering🤣. Thankfully I have a plan for most of what I bought:) Here’s an overview:

The Woolith Fair pamphlet at the bottom is to remind me of the dates for my next shopping extravaganza. I will try to behave myself until then!

I bought Harry Potter themed stitch and progress markers. I just couldn’t resist as I love Harry Potter and I don’t own a progress marker or very many stitch markers! 

I bought the two tote bags as I am forever putting my projects into reuseable shopping bags and every time I do, I wonder what I had in them before that is going to get all over my yarn.  They were both so cute, I just couldn’t decide between them!  These aren’t project bags, but they will have to do until I can make myself some. One is going to hold a simple project in the staff room at lunch so I can quit taking my current project back and forth!  

The Vancouver Canucks skein doesn’t count against me because it is going to be used to make a birthday and perhaps Christmas present for my eight year old nephew who is crazy about the Canucks. It was also in the sale bin! I’ll now be on the hunt for a child’s toque pattern in medium.

The black and gray variegated wo that I managed to find two skeins of in a sale bin will become a wrap that I got the pattern for a few weeks ago.

I found some cool sparkle neutral variegated wool which I think would make a very cool entrelac project and I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, so now I just need to find a pattern I like (and that is simple enough for a begginer entrelacer).

The pretty blue lace weight yarn will become a Purl Soho pattern for a shell I printed the other day.

I should probably get this yarn entered into Ravelry and put the projects in the queue that nothingbutknit2 introduced me to:) A new project for tomorrow!

The other six balls of yarn, I have to admit I don’t have a plan for yet, though these ones have enough meterage for me to get a sweater out of them:)

The other three balls were just too pretty and too good of a deal to leave there!  I’d love some suggestions on what to do with them:)

Lastly, I got a free pin that was made for me!

Overall, the day was very fun though I didn’t come home with what I thought I would! 🤣

I spent this afternoon mainly knitting on my razor cami so I can get it done and be onto the next project as I now have several more!

I hope your day was as good as mine:)

Have fun!