From Full to Empty in Moments of Waking

I was expecting to have a very busy day, but within moments of waking up, 2/3 of my plans were cancelled. Thankfully I managed to be productive anyways and have ended the day with a nice treat.


The one plan that wasn’t cancelled was my run. I did an 8km run with Dennis out on the Dyke. It wasn’t my best run and it wasn’t my worst. I think I just went out too fast. It was nice to have the jump in mileage though!

I also got another NourishMoveLove workout done this evening. Can you tell I am enjoying these workouts. This one was a twenty five minute booty, cardio and core band workout. I do like how she does the whole workout with you and that the workouts seem to go very fast. It is a little tough to watch a woman who just had a baby, beat your butt though!🤣


I seemed to have a lot of energy today and got my dishes done, all of my laundry done, and my living room tidied up.


I let myself do an hour of knitting on my new Weekender project this morning. However, I didn’t know her entire hour would be spent casting on. I had never done the tubular cast on before so didn’t know it took six rows! I guess it’s good to learn something new.

This evening I have gone back to the project and am just at the boring rib stage.


I want enough progress that it can be seen on Sunday, so I spent an hour stitching this afternoon while the sun was out. I don’t know if I’ll quite make my goal, but I should be close.


I had bought material for four tank tops yesterday and I don’t want to be the person who has the material hanging around for years, so today I got busy and made a second tank top. I managed to make many mistakes on this one too, but also managed to fix them, so I’m taking it as a win.

I wore the tank for my workout this afternoon and it was super comfy so there will definitely be three more. I did buy enough material for two in each fabric, but I think I will look for a different pattern for the second in each.


It was also on my list to make up my second Fresh Prep meal today and I actually managed to do so. Tonight it was Lemongrass Chicken with Nuoc Cham and Romaine Salad.

It was supposed to be a barbecue recipe, but I just did my chicken on the stove. I also learned that Nuoc Cham refers to an Asian style dressing. The meal was quite yummy, though I don’t feel like it was worth the cost with it being mainly salad.!


This evening I got a text from my running buddy asking if I was busy I was immediately concerned and thinking she needed a ride to emergency as I have had this text in the past and I knew she had been experiencing abdominal pain for about a week.

It turned out she had just come from emergency and was waiting for a prescription to be filled and wanted me to meet her for coffee. A way better circumstance!

It was a lovely treat to get to finish my day having tea with a friend and talking knitting!

Well, I’m going back to knitting as I try to decide if I should run tomorrow or not?

Have fun!


Finally Something to Share

I finished one project yesterday, but fell asleep, so you get two today.


I did a 5km run this morning. It was actually 4.65km when I got back to the house so I turned around and did one loop to the end of the street and back to get to 5km.

Other than stretching after the run, this is all I did today.


Yesterday I finished my second test knit. This one was for Alicia Plummer for her Wyeth Kids. I made this sweater out of Estelle Worsted in a dark navy blue and I think it will be a very handy sweater come Fall and Winter.


Today I tackled a new project. As a teenager I made some of my own clothes, but I really haven’t done a lot of garment sewing since. A couple of weeks ago I had seen some fabric on sale that I really wanted to make a tank top out of, so I bought it and today, I got to the project.

I used a free pattern online from SewMuchAdo. It came with instructions that were quite good, it would have helped if my printer had done as good a job!

I had the top practically made when I slipped it on and realized it was way too big. I have learned the hard way that I need to hold the pattern up to myself before I start cutting fabric so I can alter it right away.

This top took way longer than it should have, but I now have a tank top pattern that works for me and I’m thinking there will definitely be another one in my future.

Well that’s all for my day. Have fun!


All By Myself

I spent a lot of today working on the curtains for my co-teacher and I accomplished them all by myself:). I also had some fun though!


I got up this morning and realized I needed to get going on these curtains. I called my mom, because isn’t that what you do when you need to talk through something, cane up with a plan and went for it!

I got the first one almost finished before I had other commitments, but came right back to them when I got home. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the design lined up, but I’m happy enough with it:)

On the second one, I was almost done when I realized they couldn’t be the same length as the first curtains, but they should have been able to be!!! I had to regroup and figure out where I had gone wrong. I ended up ripping out two seams, but in the end, I finished and the two sets of curtains are the same length.

I decided to stop with the two, even though there are four total, so that Liane can try them out when they go camping. If they work, I now have a list of steps to follow to finish the second two sets:)


My morning break was meeting two girlfriends for time at the park with two cute little boys. My friend will be leaving at the end of August for time in Mexico with her husband’s family so I am trying to get my time and snuggles in while I can! We had a great time at the park and actually managed to stay dry- pretty amazing!

Anytime with these four people is amazing and fills my heart!

We took a break from the park for a walk around the block which put the youngest one out long enough for us to grab lunch. There were no sandwiches or salads I could eat so I had the vegan orchard cookie and my Buccaneer tea. It was a lovely treat and the catching up made it even better.


After finishing the curtains I realized that I needed to get out for a run! I really didn’t want to and it was tough to get out the door, but I finally prevailed and managed to do 6.64km. I had forgotten that I had turned off the audio cues, but it seems to be working for me as I ran slightly faster than I have been lately:). The cooler weather may have also helped with this!


I have watched two Hallmark movies as I’ve been working on my rug this evening. The first was Love on the Slopes.

I really enjoyed this movie! It is about a woman conquering her fears which is something we should probably all try to do. It also touches on the idea that we are all good at different things and that we can help each other. I loved that these messages were present, though they weren’t in your face either:)

I also realized while watching this movie one of the reasons I so enjoy Hallmark movies. I do love the happy endings (there’s enough sad in the world!), but I also love the fact that I recognize the scenery! Most of these movies are filmed here in BC so it’s cool to be watching and realize that, “hey, I’ve been there!” In fact, one movie was filmed in the shopping village across the street from me!

The second movie I watched was Love Once and Always.

I enjoyed this movie, not only for the attractive male character, and the banter between the two characters, but also because the main character is a history buff. It links to my love of history:). The sheep does steal the show at times😂

Well, I’m off to read my book.

Have fun!


Another Late Night

Sorry I crawled into bed immediately and was out!


I had quite a quiet day and so managed to finish another book.

No Other Duke Will Do is the last book in the Wyndham Brides quartet for me. I have really enjoyed this series as the women are strong and independent. The whole series also has a very strong family presence. I do find the latitude taken with history bugs me a bit, but that’s probably only because I was a history major. This particular book, I also found the hero lovely, but a little unbelievable. I can’t quite believe he hadn’t come up with the solution himself!

I would still recommend the series for anyone who enjoys historical romance.


I did work away some at my rug squatters as well. I’m not halfway though so a little nervous about falling behind!


I had promised my co teacher I would make the curtains for her, but I didn’t get to start yesterday. I actually went and did some measurements though so I’ll be able to start this morning!


My big event for the day was going back downtown to meet up with a friend. We went for a big walk along the seawall-about 11km. It was the perfect day for it as it wasn’t super hot and there was a lovely breeze!

Then we walked through the city trying to find dinner. I wanted to go back to Meet as it was relatively close, but after walking 3km we got there just to see that it was closed for an event:(

We ended up at Tacofino which was fine with me as their food is good. We thought the wait might be interminable, but just as we were thinking of going elsewhere we got called. Ten minutes isn’t bad. I just asked the server what I could have and ended up with one of these tacos.

It was a lamb barria taco. It was a really good taco- good flavor and spice! I was laughing at myself as I had just been telling my friend that I keep eating Mexican but am yet to have the guacamole and chips that I’m really craving! The server didn’t mention them as an option so I went with the lamb.

We had to walk back through the city anyways so decided to stop at another Meet location for dessert.

I had the lemon tart which I think may have been the same thing I had last time too! At least now I’ve written it here so hopefully I’ll have something different next time!

It was an absolutely great afternoon with my friend! Our seawall walk has become a bit of a tradition for us. I did feel bad though as her foot started to hurt:(. I think I’m really going to have to do my full seawall walk on my own as when I’m with someone and they get tired or start hurting, I feel really bad!!!😢😞

The drive home took forever because of the construction detour and then there was also a bad accident. I would still say it was worth it!

Have fun!


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Well it’s slightly back to reality today.

I had decided to stay one more night on the boat last night as it was so nice and cool for sleeping. I was a little worried about how busy skytrain would be this morning, but it wasn’t bad.

Socializing/ Shopping:

Yesterday my shopping was downtown and covered my need for new workout gear. I love Ivivva which is the kids version of Lululemon. There wasn’t a ton on sale, but I got a pair of shorts and a pair of capris sweatpants. I think I will get lots of use out of both!

I met up with my co teacher today for some shopping. She has bought a cute little Bowler trailer and I promised to make curtains for her. We got lucky and found some ready made curtains on sale that I will adjust to fit the Bowler windows.

My co teacher is so accommodating that we wandered over to the local quay which contains restaurants and shops. I checked out the knitting shop I have been wanting to. It had some beautiful yarn, but the clerk seemed more interested in socializing with a friend than interacting with a customer:( I was hoping to find the tank top that L has, but that kiosk wasn’t there:(


We wandered over to a Mexican restaurant I went to a few years ago. El Santo was awesome and I love the decor!

I ordered the fish tacos which were very good, though I really wanted the guacamole and corn chips. I’m going to need to just go buy some as this is the second time I’ve gone for Mexican and haven’t gotten any:(

We remembered to go back and grab some thread from the store to match the curtain material and I may have dragged her to a gluten free bakery.

We unfortunately have no pictures of the bakery as we had to make a dash across the busy street. There were a lot of choices at the Cloud 9 Bakery that were both gluten-free and dairy free, but I went with the clerk’s suggestion and got a coconut bar. I had it as a treat after my run:)


The last few days my exercise has just been walking this cutie!

She is a Louisiana Catahoula and an absolute sweetheart!

With being home, I wanted to try out a run today as it has been a long time since I ran. I set out along the inlet trail as I figured it would be decently shady. I tucked my left arm into my side and off I went.I had forgotten that I had turned off my audio cues so I ran with music, but no idea how I was doing. It turned out to be a little better than normal, though boy did my arm hurt by the end. Honestly though it probably won’t stop me from running.

This evening, I got a short workout in. It was:

70 jumping jacks

60 mountain climbers

50 squats

40 push-ups

30 toe touches

20 dips

10 planks shoulder taps.

5 minutes of skipping and then work back up the list.

I had to modify the moves that used my arms, but still felt good getting a workout in:)

Doing laundry, reading and working on my rug have taken my evening. It’s been lovely!!


I am watching Home By Spring.It’s a Hallmark movie with a couple of good looking men in it. I am enjoying it, especially the scenery! I also appreciate how the lead female is portrayed as being very capable at both traditionally male and female tasks. I really love the ending though!!!

Have fun!


Oh So Not Exciting🤣

It hasn’t been an exciting day, but it also hasn’t been bad:)


I met my running buddies at a nearby Starbucks. They starte the morning guessing why I had driven when I usually walk. Brenda thought I’d had too good a time at my brother’s last night and had stayed. Dennis thought I had a really good date🤣, alas neither was right as I had driven because I was being given some heavy supplies by another of my running buddies. These people obviously think I have a more exciting life than I actually do!

I opted for another short run today as my legs were feeling quite heavy after yesterday’s quick, short run. 

It turned out not be that easy going a run and I was going too fast and it was too gray to get a good photo:( I managed to stay on Dennis’ heels:) It felt good to make myself work hard for the second day in a row!  It felt even better that the rain started as we walked in the door of Starbucks! 🤣. However, I did opt for no workout this evening. I might even take a day off from running this week, but we shall see. I need to remember to give my legs a massage tonight and I should do the yoga routine I printed out!


I really wanted to bake more cinnamon buns or oat bran muffins today, but I don’t like how pudgy I’m feeling right now so I resisted!

This is my week to not go grocery shopping so I will become quite creative with my meals. I love how it cleans out my fridge and cupboards though so they don’t become filled with “old” things!

I am right now boiling up my chicken for chicken stock which I think I’ll turn into chicken and rice soft lunches this week.


I finished the kids book club book this afternoon.

This book, Fish in a Tree tells the story of Ally Nickerson. A student in middle school who has managed to bluff and humour her way through school as she feels completely downtrodden and weird because she can’t read. Finally the new teacher who arrives recognizes that she is dyslexic and provides the help she needs after school.

I enjoyed this book for many reasons. First it was quite realistic about the classroom. When I’m reading a book that has perfect children in a perfect classroom or something else that is highly unrealistic, it drives me crazy! This book unfortunately, has all the usual stereotypical characters represented in the classroom, but I suppose it serves the author’s purpose. I liked how the social interactions between the students was realistic. Allies are always changing and the dynamic is never stable in a classroom and that was definitely highlighted. Ally makes friends with two other “misfits” in the class and it was great reading about how they come to care about and for each other. What I loved best about this book is how the teacher recognizes Ally’s difficulty and helps her. It is definitely what I strive to do in my classroom each day, but this was on a grand scale!

I would recommend this book to families who have dyslexia within their members as I think it explores the emotions of these sufferers really well. It would also be a good book for a reading group as it offers lots of opportunity for discussion. If I had older students, I would probably use it as a read aloud and to trigger discussion about some of the elements explored in it.

Overall,a good read:)


I got busy at the sewing machine today and got four of my Christmas presents made. This summer I saw these in a little art gallery in Freeport, Maine and I knew I wanted to try making them. The picture is very poor and there are actually five stacked here, but they are mug cosies. Quilted squares with scent inside so that when you set your hot cup of tea on them, it smells good and protects the furniture.

A far away shot so one of the amazing sewers on here and can see how out of practice I am!  Thankfully none of these are going to sewers! Each is slightly different as I tried out different seaming options.  It sure doesn’t take much to make me want to sew! I’m adding to the list in my brain as we speak!

I’ve also finally gotten to restart my toque for the fourth time. Lol I hope the fourth time is the charm!  I want to wear this thing when the weather turns cold again! I would also like to submit it to the potions class on HPKCHC for a project that brings me joy, however, if it takes any more tries, this may no longer be true!!!

As I sat and cut out the pieces for ten sight word games that my students will be playing this week, I have been watching Persuasion.  I love this Jane Austen book and was super excited to get the movie! I watch the movie regularly even though there are parts that drive the history major within me crazy!!! She runs in public! He goes out in his shirt sleeves!  They kiss in public!!!!! I could go on, but I won’t. Talk about artistic license! I’d really love to also find the A&E version of this film so that I could alternate between the two movies:)


I went to meet everyone at a local field to watch my nephew play lacrosse. I have been feeling like a bad auntie because he’s been playing field lacrosse for the past two winters and I hadn’t seen him play yet. Unfortunately today probably didn’t help matters as I left after the first period. It was raining so hard and was so cold! Too cold for metal bleachers, that’s for sure! Even after I convinced my nephew to sit on my lap so I could take advantage of his furnace like quality, I was still cold. It was nice to have one more visit with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew before they left. When the kids were born I promised myself I would be present in their life, so they’d never have reason to say, “who’s auntie Ali again?”  Im unfortunately not as close as I would like because they live on the island. I always want to visit once a month but between their busy life and mine, months go by between visits:( I’m glad they have another auntie who lives close by and I just try to give them lots of hugs while they’re here and I hope they always know how much I love them! I’m hoping to have they come for visits now that they are older.

Well that is my oh so not exciting Sunday🤣

Have fun!