Wow Wednesday

It’s amazing how fast days can go and how fast I can go:)


Today was another pretty good day. Dare I say my students have turned a corner- nope, not going to jinx myself like that!

We got through calendar, music (when I went through my Remembrance Day box), math, and a new poem.

My best moment was during math. I have a low functioning autistic boy in my class and the EA was late making it back so we started math with no extra help for him. Lately we always start math with Around the World where the students stand around the edge of the carpet and we count by 10s and whoever says 100 has to sit down. The last person standing gets to be in the middle for the next game (pointing to who says the next number). Well R was on the carpet with us and the children were helping him with the answers when he needed it. It came down to just R and another boy. This other boy was still helping with the answers even though R was the competition, but the best moment came when R won and all the children started chanting his name and giving him high fives! It was so awesome to see them be so kind!!!!!

Definitely a moment that reminds me why I am a teacher.

It was also very funny to see my children when our new principal came on the PA at recess. The children were shocked as our regular principal never does that, plus he came and visited every one of the classrooms today to introduce himself. It’s a good start and I hope he stays for a while.


I managed to get out of school by 3:30 today (gasp that never happens!) but was having a tough time getting my butt out the door for a run ( I haven’t run since Sunday) and so I texted Sarah to see if she wanted to meet up. By the time I heard back from her I had talked myself into going so I ended up doing two runs. Maybe I should take two days off more often as I had my fastest 3km run ever. My average speed was 6:18/km and my lowest was 6:08- both of which are very fast for me!


I have to admit that I didn’t do my weights and instead knitted. Thank you for the suggestions and I will definitely be making some of them as you all know of some beautiful patterns! I have started the Triple Jubilee shawl and hopefully my friend will like it. I have gotten one pattern repeat done so far so I’m hopeful it will go fast.

Well that’s all my news.

Have fun!