Tuesday Trot

I need to rethink my blog. It has always been so that my mom knew what had happened in my day, but now that I talk to my mom on the phone each night, I find myself not writing and then I feel bad. Hmmmm🤔


Today was quite the day. My behavior kid was unmedicated and my assistant was away:(😢. We got through calendar, our phonemic awareness warm up, and printing in the morning quite well.

I hear recess and lunch was nothing but troubles outside.

We tried counting by 5s for the first time as my class is amazing at 10s- both forwards and backwards. It was a learning process, but they were already starting to improve.

We also had our hip hop dance lesson which was very interesting😜

This afternoon we had planners, reading group, chalkboard spelling and then the kids went to music. I got some more posters organized. This feels like the never ending project.

After school I had a phone call with my doctor that was pretty useless. I get to try a different form of iron and go for another blood test in February. Oh yeah🙄

I picked my mom up and we went to Michaels where I finally found yarn for my friend’s afghan and some more floss for my project. As I sit here I realize this is the first day where I have missed stitching.

I then had run clinic. We did five long intervals of three minutes. I did four of them hard – challenged myself to keep up with Karen and then went and hung with Sarah for the last one because she wasn’t feeling great. My stomach wasn’t feeling great either since I left school. I hope that goes away quickly!

I am now home, ensconced on my couch very happily:)

Have fun!


Heat Wave Starts

I live where I live so I don’t have to put up with hot weather and this summer I’m having to do just that:(

I started the day with a quick, short run as I slept much later than I have been lately. It felt good to get out and get a few kilometers in, even though I didn’t really want to go.

I was then picked up by my friend Em and we went downtown. We had plans to go to a very popular restaurant called the Jam Cafe and I was prepared for at least an hour wait. Well, we lucked out and walked right in. I quite enjoyed my vegan bowl and cup of tea!

It was way too much food of course so I haven’t had to eat much for the rest of the day!

After brunch we did some looking in stores. We were really there to pick new glasses out for Em at Warby Parker so we did that first. I like the pair she picked:). I managed to not buy a thing, not even a Lucky’s donut. I hear about these donuts all the time, but they only had chocolate sprinkle or chocolate pistachio that were gluten free and dairy free and I don’t really like chocolate. I guess I saved myself those calories.

I also got a sock finished on the way home and the toe of the second done. I love it when other people drive!

It was a quick turn around for me as I headed right back out to my massage and then some grocery shopping. I made myself an awesome greek salad when I got home and got the ingredients for chicken Caesar salad and fruit salad too. Lol I’m definitely craving lighter food after the past four days!

I have spent the rest of the day holed up in my bedroom in front of the fan. I watched This Nanny Knits’ newest podcast episode and have been listening to Knit to Kill while working on my brioche cowl. Brioche really is easy and I think this will turn out pretty. I can’t wait to take another four skeins off the stash count!

I ended the night with a yoga sequence off of Pinterest. I did it, but ended up deleting it as the pictures were way too small!

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!



I just had to go straight to sleep last night.


We spent a lot of time looking at our new butterfly larvae and talking about them. It was cool to see the kids so excited and enthralled.

Besides this we managed to get to plant a few things in our garden, do chalkboard spelling, practice our skipping, do a math drill, and learn about germs. Of course we ended the day with outside playtime.


I left right away and met up with my teaching buddy for some retail therapy. I think I have everything I need for summer teaching now:)


I did my band workout from FitOn. It was fine and over in half an hour.

Knitting:‘I worked on another dishcloth at lunch and my test shawl at night, though there just wasn’t as much time for knitting as I would like!

Well I’d better get moving!

Have fun!



I know that the next two days will probably be busy, so I was quite happy to enjoy a quiet day.


I spent the majority of the day knitting on my Bentley cardigan. I am back up to row 50 and so have 16 rows left before I separate for the sleeves again. Let’s hope for better sizing this time!

I also started a crochet blanket this evening. I’ve been feeling bad that I had no projects that used stash on the go. I had yellow acrylic that I know I will never use so I decided to see if I remembered how to crochet. It seems I do have some muscle memory. I chose a very simple pattern and so should be done in no time. I will probably just pass it along to my running buddy’s friend who crafts for the homeless. I’m sure someone could use it.


I did go out as I needed a longer 3mm needle for my sweater. There was no way I was doing the whole thing on a 16” needle! The yarn store was busy so I didn’t linger, but just grabbed the needles. I did look at the Laine 52 weeks of Socks book. It is a gorgeous book, but I will have to look more closely because it’s $70!

While I was out I tried the two new flavours of vegan ice cream at my favorite store. The apple pie and cherry cheesecake were wonderful, but this afternoon my stomach put in its request to go back to my usual healthy fare.

I did eat my ice cream at the park. My grandma used to take us to the park and we’d sit facing the water and have car picnics so that’s what I did today. It’s odd sometimes to think how much of my life is dictated by what my grandma did, it’s definitely the best part though!


I have tried to take it easy today to see if that contributes to the bottom of my left foot feeling better. I did do my FitOn workout though. I got smart and every time it buffered, I knit.🤣. At least my thirty minute workout only took 45 this time.

After working out I realized I hadn’t stitched at lunch time so I quickly sat down and did a little bit. I wish the same technique worked on my taxes as I need to get them done too. Usually I make my mom sit with me while I do them, but this year I’m on my own and am procrastinating big time!

Someone knocked on my door tonight. I hate when this happens, which thankfully it doesn’t happen often!

Well, I’m going to go crawl into bed and enjoy my book.

Have fun!


Very Short

This is going to be short because I’m tired and I have an early run, but my mon hates it when I don’t post.

Today was very mixed up. The ant people were supposed to be here around 9, but then I was told 11, then 12 and they finally showed up at 1:20 because I texted the strata president🙄

I did get my sweater ripped out and had bonus knitting time which was nice.

I thought I had a massage at 3.15, but that was cancelled so I went and met up with my teaching buddy for a little retail therapy.

The pile of stuff I bought. This is what happens when you don’t shop often.

I got home and was starving and craving cookies so I made myself a mug cake- figured that was better than having a dozen cookies in the house, but it was nothing to write home about.

My friend texted that she was across the street so we had a quick outdoor visit with her cute new puppy too:)

I spent the rest of the night knitting on my London socks and I am happy to say that they are done!

Tomorrow I will try to restart the Bentley cardigan. I will swatch again with smaller needles, though I’m bot sure that’s going to make enough of a difference as I was 5” too big!

I also got happy mail today. My stitch markers from whimsy and sassy came in. At first I was mad at myself for getting some of them as progress keepers, but I’ve actually already used one today to tell me the front of my sock when I was doing the toe. It made me smile every time I saw it. I will get a picture of my sock tomorrow and give more details.

I did do my FitOn workout but the 22 minute workout took me 54 minutes because of my lack of high speed Internet 🙄😖

Have fun!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It was a crazy day!


The kids came in like maniacs this morning. I haven’t had a St. Patrick’s Day at school since my practicum and all I can say is thank goodness!! All they could talk about were leprechauns.

We did finally get through chalkboard spelling and gluing all of our artwork into our scrapbook. We did relay races in gym and completed our math drill. This afternoon I got a reading group done and the kids worked on their community building project. Not a bad day, but I’m glad it’s over!


I did my FitOn workout again today. It was an ab blast. I wonder why I keep getting an workouts?!?!


I worked on my sweater this morning, and was actually ten minutes later than usual leaving for school and then did some more after school. It is looking very large right now:(


It was my monthly Costco trip tonight. I didn’t buy anything too exciting and mostly limited myself to what was on sale. I did get every size of ziploc bags:).

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Little Things

On Thursday I came in from supervision to find the teacher next door had boiled my kettle and left me a hot, fresh cup of tea. It really are the little things that make all the difference.


Thursday night I went to my second to last yoga class. I’ve been enjoying this as there are very few people in the class, it has gotten me to do a lot more yoga and I go with a friend!

That being said, that friend also talked me into trying the FitOn app so I’ve done two workouts there. One option is the featured workout and I’ve just done that Thursday and Friday. It’s probably good for me as it’s definitely more than what I’ve been doing.


Thursday and Friday have been typical days except that we’ve been in lockdown at school for most of them. Thursday supposedly there was a cougar two streets down and Friday there was a coyote. I maybe in the minority but personally I don’t think any wildlife is coming near a school with 220 kids out screaming and playing.

Friday afternoon I have the kids an extra long playtime as they hadn’t gotten to go out at lunch. It was interesting that the play became much calmer as the time went on and it became more creative. Maybe this group needs longer play.

Thursday we did outdoor Ed for math and the kids used natural elements to practice subtraction to twenty. It worked really well. I like teaching in the sunshine! Not so sure I want to be out there in the pouring rain though!


I was supposed to have a run Friday afternoon but it ended up needing to be postponed because the guys coming to fix my door showed up at 3:30 rather than 9am! It only took them about twenty minutes to fix the door though I have to admit I hadn’t realized it needed fixing. I just thought it was harder to close and lock now🤣


My right thumb thinks I’ve been doing too much knitting🤣

I have two pairs of socks on the go which I don’t really like, but hopefully I’ll have one finished soon. The good thing about having tiny feet!

I’ve also been working on a hat at school and am ready for my second colour as I’m making this one reversible.

I had a set of mini skeins arrive that were a sale from a local dyers. They are pretty because they have stellina in them so there’s a hint of sparkle. I think they’ll go well with some basic colours for heels, toes and cuffs. I do want to get a garment on the needles though! I should probably stop buying knitting stuff after my yarn store trip this Sunday!

Well there’s my last two days- nothing that spectacular, but the little things have been nice!

Have fun!



I don’t know what is happening. I have written posts but they seem to have disappeared.


It’s been very busy with trying to get everything finished and assessed. We did finally have everything done by Friday afternoon.


I went for a run tonight with Dennis. We got 6.5km in. It still feels hard and everyone is saying it is going to take 3-6 months to get back to normal. I don’t think I’m patient enough for that!


I forgot to take my knitting to school with me today but this morning I got a little bit more done on my Bonny top by TinCanKnits. I wanted to knit in the Costco gas lineup but it was crazy out there!


Well anyone who said 2021 was going to be better is not living my life. Three appliances and tonight I had to special order closet doors as my closet is 1.5” short of being a typical size. I get to pay all this money and now have to wait two months:(. I feel like I have done nothing but spend money this year:(

Well I’m going to curl up with my Cindi Madsen book and ignore my life for a bit.

Have fun!


Shopping in Billings

Since I finally get to stop somewhere larger on my trip to see Kathy, I decided to do some shopping.

My first trip had to be the Yarn Bar! This shop is open as long as you wash your hands and have a mask, which thankfully I did. I loved how many project ideas the present.

Yarn is my usual souvenir when I am traveling and I always aim to get something that is local to the area I am in. Montana is obviously the place for mess they had tons of local options! I had to try some Western Sky Knits because I’ve heard so much about it on the Yarniacs podcast. Then I saw the local shawl cuff and knew I had to have that too. They have some local kits, but I think I’ll stick to single skeins. I picked up some Mountain Colours and some Polka Dot Sheep Yarn which is fromWhitefish,Montana. I can’t wait to get busy knitting!

I decided to stop in and see what the local running store, Time Out Sports had too. It was fun to read clearly about what kind of foot strike I have. this store was great for finding some fuel,nutrition and a new outfit:)

I wanted to stop in at a local used bookstore, but there were just too many to choose from, so that will have to wait. Probably better to not carry books anyways

I stopped in at Rae Raes Gluten Free bakery, but I will have to wait until I can ask what is dairy free too.

It’s been fun to be in a big city, but I’d better get back to running (quite literally).

Have fun!


Day 1

Sorry i think life is going to be pretty boring for the next two weeks as I’m just home.

I really wanted to sleep in today but was up at my usual time:(


In the back of my mind I’m thinking I’d like to see if I can run everyday if the holiday. I started off well with a run last night with Dennis and another 5km this morning on my own. I went right away because it wasn’t raining and that seemed to be a popular thought as it was quite busy on the path.

This evening I also got a short workout in. I was going to do a Hallmark, but had to knit so couldn’t keep track of the different elements.


I finally got out to get my nephew’s gift and the cord I needed for work. I also went out to a little shop to check out their puzzles, but the one I liked was $18 and only 500 pieces:(. I did come home with two new to me knitting books so it wasn’t a wasted trip.


Oops I’ve finished a few books I’ve forgotten to mention. I read the Mistletoe Trap which was super cute! I really loved the family and supporting characters in this book.

I also have read Her Halloween Treat. This is the first of a three book series so of course I had to start with it. I am now onto the second book.


I had to laugh or I would have cried! I laid out my brother’s scarf to measure it as I thought I must be done, only to realize I had accidentally added a stitch 4.5m back. I guess that’s what I get for knitting while chatting in the lunch room. I ended up ripping it right back to the start. I have made up 30 of the pattern repeats and think I have 66 to go. I hope I can get it done by Christmas!

Holidays:’speaking of Christmas I am trying to compile a list of one thing I can do each day to be festive and take my mind off the fact that I have to be alone for the holiday. So far the list is comprised of: baking cookies, looking at lights, going snowshoeing, but I need two more ideas!


The awesome Abbey came up with the idea for Blogmas of doing would you rather questions.

Today’s question is: would you rather star in a popular holiday single or in a popular holiday movie?

This one is quite easy for me as no one wants to hear me sing! Besides, I watched two Hallmark movies today and I think I could do as well as some of those actors! 🤣🤪😜

Have fun!