Friday Fun

It was a nice day today as I had my mom’s company and got three things off my list:)


I only had to do 2.3km to finish my 100km for the month, and I managed to do a little extra with 2.85km. It was nice and cool this morning which definitely helped.

I also got out for a walk around Bert Flynn Park with Sarah and the dogs this afternoon. It was a nice walk, but once again, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was!


I had to undo a row of my knitting and really should do a second one as I had dropped two stitches and had tried to pick them up, but it didn’t work when I went to knit the row. Unfortunately my brother’s house is too dark to unpick stitches at:(


I grabbed my mom and showed her the couches I saw last week. We both agreed that I was right to leave them. We also stopped in at Lee Valley so I could learn how to load staples into my new stapler.

I got Costco for gas as well, but it was painful trying to get through that parking lot! I didn’t even go in for my shrimp plate and bleach.


My mom and I also managed to take another restaurant off my list called The Warehouse Cafe. It is an extremely tiny place with wraps, sandwiches and bowls. I had a wrap and a chai latte while my mom had a turkey avocado sandwich. It was good and nice to have real food.


As a kid, my family went camping every weekend and many of those weekends were at Rolley Lake. After seeing Bruce’s Market as an adult, I wanted to go see Rolley Lake as an adult too. Since it was raining this morning I figured it was the perfect day to go out as it always rained when we were at this lake. I used to drag my mom on the guided walk around the lake every time we went there camping there so today we walked around the lake again. As a kid it seemed so big and yet today I learned it was only 2.75km. I have to say I’m glad it wasn’t just 1km!

Since we were on such a roll, we stopped at Whonnock Lake as I thought this might be the location for some of the Hallmark movies I’ve seen. I’m not sure it was, but it was still neat to visit. On the drive in we saw three bears! Whonnock Lake is a very small area but has a nice beach area, a beautiful gazebo and an awesome playground. I was really surprised that it was so empty.


I am dog sitting and house sitting for my brother this weekend. This is my companion for the weekend.


I am watching Love and Sunshine and very much enjoying it! A couple of cute men, a super cute dog and a new premise really help this movie:)

I saw The Trouble with Mistletoe advertised and I so want to see it, but can’t figure out how to:(

I’m off to finish my movie.

Have fun!



Sunny Sunday

It was a lovely day, not just because the sun was out all day:)


My run this morning once more turned into a walk, but mainly because I wanted to hear the news from my friend with the broken foot and the two who just returned from holidays. They walk at a good pace so I didn’t mind a 5km walk over a run.

I did get another workout in this evening. It consisted of:

30 jumping jacks,20 lunges,10 plié squats

30 butt kicks, 20 crunches, 10 pushups

30 mountain climbers,20 bicycles, 10 reverse crunches

30 skaters, 20 high knees, workout supermen

30 sec front plank, 20 second right side plank, 20 second left side plank, 10 second reverse plank.

Then you repeat all of it again.

I liked this workout as I repeated each round twice before moving on so while it seemed to go fast, I also didn’t need to go back through it again:)


After a quick change I drove downtown to meet my friend Em who just arrived back from a trip to Ireland. We were supposed to be going to Festal, but was shocked to find they were closed! They need to update their website! So today I ate:

A kind bar

A Crispy Kalamari Caesar at Meet Gastown. This is an awesome vegetarian restaurant that has lots of gluten free and dairy free options. Their calamari was made out of oyster mushrooms and their Caesar salad also had kale in it. It was super yummy!

I highly recommend Meet if you’re in Vancouver. They have about four locations and I so wish they would open another one closer to me!

A red pepper with hummus, 2 crackers and some blueberries.


We shopped our way back to Em’s place. We both had the most luck at the Joe Fresh stand-alone store. I was super happy to find a pair of kids aviator sunglasses as I’ve been wanting a pair of sunglasses that are a little more dressy than the ones I currently have. I also found a new running shirt and a cute dress!


The rest of the night has been spent finishing up the blanket. This definitely ended up being a much bigger project than I had planned on, but at least it’s done and I think it’s a good size for a lap blanket.

I had to play yarn chicken and ended up taking apart a provisional cast on I had done for another project.

This blanket has 200 stitches across on size 4 needles. Four border stitches, 48 sets of 4 pattern stitches (knit 4, purl 4), and then another four border stitches. I did four rows of k4,p4, then four rows of p4,k4. Four garter rows at the start and end. The yarn used is just Red Heart Comfort and boy am I glad to get this out of my stash!

Oh and for those of you who wanted to see my stitch markers. They really aren’t that exciting, but I like them:)

I included my silicon stitch markers too as I now have about ten different colours. I like a different colour for each place so I don’t have to try to differentiate between them.

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!


Errands with a Side of Shopping and Eating

It was a day of errands, but it was nice to have company.


I got 3.86km first thing this morning to ensure it got done as I wasn’t sure when else I would get to it.


I dropped my car off for its annual physical so my mom was chauffeur today.

We did the drugstore, got her bloodwork done, got the broken pots moved off my deck, and donated two bags of stuff to charity.

We then went shopping which is always fun. For a change I didn’t buy any workout clothes, but did get some nice blouses for work.


I had a kind bar for breakfast and then shared nachos for lunch with my mom. They were very yummy, but way too much food, so I haven’t been hungry again.


This evening we watched two Hallmark movies. The first was with Paul Greene and Danica McKellar called Perfect Match. The premise was cute, but I find McKellar a bit of an awkward actress, or I hope, that’s just the type of character she usually plays. What I really noticed in this movie was the location of Paul Greene’s treadmill- what a view!!

The second movie we watched was So You Said Yes. We watched this mainly because I wanted to see Chad Willet as I hadn’t seen him in a film since Annie O. It was also a cute movie with a great ending!

Well there’s my day and I’m off to read Meet Cute.

Have fun!


Family Day

It was a day filled with family which is always okay with me!


I had plans to run in a different area today, but my parents arrived way earlier than I expected so I just went out for my usual and managed 3.86km.

I also got a quick walk in this evening, but it definitely wasn’t a super active day.


I had decided I wanted to make raspberry jam so headed to my usual farm only to find they were gone. I figured this was a good opportunity to visit Krause Berry Farms which I’ve been wanting to do forever.

I have to admit I was even more motivated when it was featured in a Hallmark movie I watched last night.

It was a very cute place with lots of kitchen gadgets and berry baked goods for sale. They did have three things that were gluten free and vegan- a vanilla cupcake, a chocolate cupcake and a lemon tart. I was a little disappointed as when I’m at a berry place- I want a berry product. This section was rather sparse so maybe they were just out of a lot of stuff. I have heard that the waffles are amazing!

I ended up buying raspberries and cherries and have been having a very difficult time not eating them all!

After a quick stop at Walmart and then at Canadian Tire, since Walmart didn’t have what we wanted- dish pans and pectin, it was home again.


Growing up I had a third of an acre to play with so it has been a very big change to go to one small deck. I’m not very good a deck gardening yet, but every year I learn something.

This year I’ve had to replace two of my big pots that I had gotten from Costco as they have disintegrated. My mom and I took care of that and my deck is looking much nicer! I don’t think I’ll buy plants for the new planters until after my holiday in August, though as I say that, I’m only away for a short while each time so maybe it would be okay to plant. 🤔

My mom and I talked about two options for our little holiday next week over a cup of tea:)



A kind bar

1/2 of an order of Singapore Curry from Noodlebox- so good!!!!

Italian pork schnitzel my dad made

A few bites of pork sausage and tenderloin my brother made.


This evening I took my parents over to visit my brother and his family. It’s always great to spend time with everyone! It’s funny to hear my dad’s stories- he once held up a nude Ann Margaret during the filming of the film Carnal Knowledge, that’s when he wasn’t above her shining a spotlight on her. He’s definitely had some interesting jobs and I’m doing my best to really pay attention to his stories as I regret not doing this with my grandparents!

Well I’m going to curl up in bed.

Have fun!


Thursday Trails

It was a busy day, but busy with fun stuff!


I knew I had trail clinic tonight so I started the day with just a walk. It was a nice way to get out and enjoy the clouds.

This evening we did a run to jug island. This is one of my favourite hikes, but I don’t think of it as a great run because you just end up having to hike a lot of it. There’s a lot of up and down hill that is super technical. We definitely weren’t going fast! In fact we were going so slow that Squad Runner didn’t even give me any points. Part of it is that the leader keeps stopping. It drives me crazy! I should have dug my phone out to pause it, I guess.


This morning I met up with the teacher who is next door to me at school and we went to Chapters to buy the Bookclub books for next year. It is amazing how quickly we can have a huge stack of books! We look for a variety of genres, nothing over 300 pages or $10 and make sure that the books are available at both of our local libraries. It was so much fun!


I finished another book off my kindle app, called Getting Wrapped Up by Erin Nicholas. It is part of the series I have been reading, but I have to admit that this one is my least favourite. It had some weird parts and was definitely steamier than sweet.


Yogurt and strawberries for breakfast

Avocado and lobster salad for lunch

Chicken and banana chips for snack

Fries for dinner


Between a late lunch with my friend and my next social engagement I managed to finish the front of my cardigan and start the first sleeve. I really need to look up how to do sleeves two at a time as I think it would be really nice to be done both at once!

I also had a lovely nap at this time:)


My friend Michelle is off to Amsterdam for the summer so I met up with her and another friend for Happy Hour. I was just drinking water as I knew I had a run, but was feeling uncomfortable when the waitress kept asking if we wanted anything. I ordered fries and knew it was a mistake!

My friend Katie did give me the good idea of dragging my mom to Leavenworth. I have been trying to figure out where to go for a short holiday and I have read about Leavenworth and had it been the setting in a book I’ve read and a movie I’ve seen. I’ll have to do some research.

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday Maintained

My goal is to do a lot of exercise, less eating and get back to liking my body this summer!


I did finally get my butt out of bed and went for a run. It’s tough when I’m not meeting anyone. I went out the opposite way as I usually do along the busy street, but I had discovered the auto pause feature in RunKeeper and needed to check it out. It worked great and I got 6.5km done. I was happy with this as I was of course, worried I’d be unable to run more than 3.5km as that’s all I have time for in the morning.

This afternoon I went for a walk. I was once again not feeling super energetic, even though I had just woken up from a nap. I was happy to get another 3.5km done:)

Finally I did a workout this evening. I went back to the first workout I had been given and boy did it have me sweating buckets!

Warm up: 30 seconds run in place, alternating with: jacks, cross jacks, side shuffle, high knees and butt kicks.


Skaters/ mountain climbers

Squat jumps/ squat with alternating side leg lift

Mogul jumps/ dips

Burpees/ up-Downs


Tricep push-up, Back lunge to front kick right leg, back lunges to front kick left leg, push-up to pike push-up, curtsy lunge right, curtsy lunge left, front leg lift right, front leg lift left

Core: front plank, right plank, table top plank, left plank, crunches

I haven’t decided if I’m going to repeat this workout or move onto the next workout.


I met up with my friend Brenda and introduced her to Bulk Barn as she had never been. I picked up some baking stuff, but shouldn’t have gotten the banana chips as I’ve already eaten more than I had planned.


Breakfast- yogurt

Snack- 20 grapes

Lunch- Freshii Kung Fu bowl

Snack- 30 banana chips

Dinner- shrimp plate


I have been knitting like crazy today and am almost at the neck decrease! I just hope it all matches up and fits when I’m done!

I always know when I’m getting close as I’m already thinking about what I’ll make next. My RMT’s wife is pregnant so I’m thinking I’ll do a quick sweater for him.


I have been binging on Hallmark movies as I’ve been knitting. I’ve watched When Sparks Fly, Summer Villa and now on Chance at Love. I’ve seen them all before, but they work for background noise as I’m knitting.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #13

It wasn’t as exciting of a day, but still nice!


I got out for 4.25km this morning. The plan was for a lot more, but I was overdressed and dying from the heat, so it got cut short. Thankfully I’m one kilometer ahead of schedule this month so I will survive the short run:)


I had a piece of toast cut into four so I could have four different toppings.

Then I had veggie wraps at Green Mustache with Lyndsay.

I had grapes and guacamole chips in the late afternoon.

For dinner I had a salmon bowl at the pub. It was supposed to be made with ahi tuna, but that’s marinated in soy sauce so I had them use that bowl, but put in salmon instead.


I didn’t teach today, but I did go into school to help Lyndsay with her classroom. I didn’t feel like I was much help, but at least there were a few things she didn’t have to do.


When we had had enough of school, we headed for Costco. It was insanely busy! We had both thought it would be quiet on a Tuesday afternoon, but not so! We also made the mistake of going in there hungry🤣😳😫


After a lovely massage this afternoon, I spent some time on my cardigan. I tinked back the two rows and did the buttonhole how I wanted it and have figured out where the other buttonholes will go, so it should be smooth and hopefully quick sailing from here!


It was great to get back to trivia after a week off. I wasn’t much help – I only knew:

Where did the Greek Gods live?

Mount Olympus

Name the next 8 words in Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock and Roll.

Don’t try to take me to a disco

Who sang Airplanes?


Who was Prime Minister of Canada during World War II?

William Lyon Mackenzie King

Which boy band is from Australia?

Savage Garden

Who supposedly said, “let them eat cake.”

Marie Antoinette

Which comedian was for rednecks?

Jeff Foxworthy

What two words were combined for the word muppet?

Marionette, puppet

What is it called when you rearrange the letters in one word to make another?


What was the first name of Three’s Company actor and his character?

John, Jack

I have to admit that sometimes I find trivia so frustrating as I am there with very social people who talk a lot, so on top of my bad hearing, I have to deal with them talking, and it drives me nuts when I miss the question or can’t hear the song!😖😖😖

Well, I should exercise more, but I think I’ll just head for bed.

Have fun!


Saturday 2.0

I heard this phrase on the radio this morning and loved it! It’s a long weekend here so it’s appropriate:)


My run turned into a walk as otherwise Brenda would have been on her own. I did manage to run 0.7km so that I could ensure I made my 100km for this month:)

I also got a short walk in this evening, just because it was too pretty out not to be outside.

I also decided a workout was necessary so did:

50 squats, 50 plié squats, 25 front lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 backward lunges, 100 front kicks, 100 roundhouse kicks, 100 back kicks, 100 standing crunches, 100 hamstring curls, 25 crunches, 25 bicycle crunches, 25 static crunch with scissors, 25 reverse crunches, 100 jabs with 2lb weights, 100 hooks with 2lb weights, 50 uppercuts with 2lb weights.

Socializing/ Shopping:

I had arranged to meet up with my Corianne as her husband and kids are away camping. She indulged me and agreed to hit Main Street with me as this has been on my bucket list for a number of years.

We skytrained down and didn’t realize we were so hungry until we had zero interest in looking around.

Bob Likes Thai Food was our first stop. I went here several years ago with a guy I was dating, but hadn’t been back. The interior has definitely been updated, but thankfully the food was still amazing. We shared Miang Kham bites which were several flavors wrapped in a lime leaf- amazing! And the green curry chicken which was as good as I remembered! It was great to be out with someone who would share:)

We started back and stopped to look in several shops. There are a lot of consignment stores in this area!!! I wasn’t impressed with their prices though:(. I tried on a t-shirt, but for $35, I wanted a better fit and more excitement.

We stopped in the Soap Dispensary and a few other places, but didn’t get excited until I came to Blue Heron Cheese. I had been told about this place from a parent in my class so I knew I needed to stop. I bought the four types of cheese they had left and got told I should come first thing Saturday morning for best selection. I can’t wait to try a recipe with ricotta as that is a cheese I haven’t found dairy free before. I will also be having a bocconcini,tomato and basil appetizer for a meal in the next couple days😀

Our final stop was Cartems Donuts. Neither of us are huge donut fans, but this was another place I had been told about so we thought we’d stop. I had a gf/df salted caramel donut, which I didn’t realize was a chocolate based donut and Cori had a London Fog donut that had cream filling, but the cream filling was lumpy and not creamy:(. We agreed afterwards we should have gotten the earl grey and salted caramel gf/df donuts and shared them. Oh well, they had four options I could eat which was nice and if I ever start craving donuts, I’ll know where to go.

On the way home on the skytrain, we got off one stop early and checked out Golden Spike Days which is my city’s Canada day celebration. Yet again I was disappointed:( First it cost money to get in. Second there was nothing there but advertising and food trucks:(. I think I need to find somewhere that does an old fashioned country fair for Canada day!

All I’ve managed to do since I got home was have a nice long nap!


Peanut butter on toast

1/2 miang kham & green curry chicken

Salted caramel donut

Salmon burger


I have started the ribbing on the right front of my cardigan, however I’ve decided that I don’t like that only one stitch was taken off for the buttonhole, so I think I will be restarting this part tomorrow.

Well, yet again, I’m tired so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


Learn Something Every Day

I got up this morning and really wished it was already Friday!


I got out for a 3.5km run first thing this morning since I had a massage after school. It was lovely and cool out, though I was still a little slow starting out.

I just realized this morning that I am probably slow in the morning because my muscles and joints aren’t warmed up. All I do is walk downstairs and then start running, whereas when I go after school I’ve had all day to warm up and loosen up. It’s only taken fifteen years to figure this out🤣🤪


We worked on finishing up our printing this morning, had a math drill, handed out some work and then this afternoon we did the “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” activity. We read the story by Charles G Shaw to the kids and then have them look at the clouds to figure out what they look like. It’s a lot of fun to do during this last week.


Today at lunch I learned that the search feature only searches the titles of blogs. I guess I’ll be changing all of my titles so I can actually find something. I don’t like this as sometimes I really like my title.

I have also installed google pics on my phone and will try to figure out how to get photos from there to show up on my blog. It’s times like this that I wish I was more tech savvy!

Which by the way, I was unsuccessful at which explains why there are no new photos in this post:(


Finally got the arm decreases on the left side so will hopefully keep making progress!


After a lovely nap, my evening took a downturn when I went looking for my angel food cake pan. I don’t seem to have it. I tried three different stores for it or the ingredients for some roll ups and came home empty handed:(


At least my Hallmark movie of the night was cute- My Perfect Romance was quite cute:)


Breakfast- my last chorizo sausage

Recess- granola bar

Lunch- Pb & j sandwich, Rice Krispie square

Snack- granola bar

Dinner- cucumber and cheese, popcorn

I’m off to bed as I need to change around my day tomorrow to allow for going to Walmart for a Pan after school tomorrow.

Have fun!



An odd thing for me- but my day didn’t have a plan. It turned out just fine😀🤣


A 6.3km run this morning. We ran Coquitlam River and I just trotted along at a slightly slow pace while Dennis did circles around me. We agreed to the shortcut on one side and then I took the longer route on the other end. We got to the bridge in 30 minutes so someone (not me!) had the brilliant plan to add on. I only needed 5.1km today, but I love how Dennis always pushes me. One thing I noticed was that I run much faster on concrete than I do on the trails! I’m finding since my last fall that I’m quite cautious when running the trails.


Hmm what did I do today- I went to Chapters and returned two things I had been gifted that were too big. I looked around, but felt guilty buying a new cookbook when I haven’t finished trying out all the ones I have. I’ll hold off until I think of something I really need.

We managed to stop off at the thrift store and I found a cute new outfit for work and a new pair of running shorts.


I’ve had an extremely good eating day- a homemade granola bar, 3/4 of a plate of fish and chips and cucumber slices with cheese. If only every day could be like these past two- the pounds would be gone in no time!


My mom talked me into cleaning the patio today. We started at the top and made our way down. It looks so great! I really need to put a quick cleaning on the calendar each month to keep it looking this good. I want to be out there all the time:). Too bad it’s supposed to rain a lot this week:(


My mom and I binged Hallmark movies on our last night. We watched the end of Ms Matched which we had started last night. This movie was cute, but the unrealistic ending really bugged me!

We moved onto a new Hallmark movie- Eat, Drink and Be Married. We both agreed this was a really bad Hallmark movie. The script, the plot and the acting were all bad:(

Finally we watched Love at First Dance which was super cute!

Well tomorrow is back to reality.

Have fun!