Wednesday wahoo

I made it through hump day!


Wednesday isn’t least favorite day because I have no prep time and my teaching buddy is off:( I did get a report card written this morning before school. I also realized I could write notes on the board as I go and the kids can’t read handwriting. This will be super handy as I often notice things but then forget them by the time I get to my desk to write them down.

We did McCracken Spelling this morning and for the first time in twenty years of teaching, I got to doing sentences with the kids. My lowest little guy is getting good at three letter words, but struggles after that. He’s better during this activity than during free journal writing. I’m hoping on Monday to sit with him do he’ll get that he has to do the same thing.

I had talked to the kids about having todo two more reading assessments and sight word assessments before I could go back to doing reading groups. I was amazed when kids came over after they were done eating their snack and volunteered to do their sight word assessment. What an amazing group!

We did tag in gym as the kids requested it. We then did our addition drill and an introduction to subtraction.

I had planned to go outside and do hands on subtraction practice, but we ran out of time. I love how one of the little boys came up and suggested exactly what I planned to do. We’ll hopefully have time tomorrow.

This afternoon I managed to finish the reading assessments and then we worked on our Fin’s Friends booklet. It’s not going great, but I think I’ve come up with a better plan for next week.

We ended the day with entrees since we weren’t allowed to go outside because of a cougar in the area. 🙄

I have to admit I left right after school as I just wanted to be home!


I made myself at least do a ten minute NourishMoveLove HIIT workout. I used heavier weights so hopefully that counts for something!


I got home to happy mail!

This is a cotton, linen, nettle and silk blend from Small Bird Workshop. I am hoping I can make a summer top out of it. I ordered the heathered soft rose pink just to make my mom happy. I dislike the colour myself, but she always laments that I don’t wear much pink. (I really do, but she doesn’t see it cause it’s my running gear)

I spent this evening working on my newest sock for the SPY21 KAL. It took me three tries but it knit up pretty fast once I got going. Maybe I’ll have a sock to show you soon!

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!